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Family Discussion         March 9, 2005
From: Bruce
You have found the family discussion area. Keith mentioned to me that he thought it would be a good idea to have a discussion area separate from the estate area and I thought it was a good idea too. So, this is an open forum for any subject.

Family Discussion         March 11, 2005
From: Keith
March 14th is Jennifer's birthday. I am amazed by so many things on this earth but probably the most amazing is how these young people reach their 40s so much faster than we of ancient times.

It took at least 40 years for us to reach 21 now they do it before we can turn around.

Happy Birthday Jennifer and please slow down. You are dearly loved.

Family Discussion         March 13, 2005
From: Alonzo
Hi all, just found out Rhonda won't be able to make it out to reunion in May, cuz it is the same week Aimee graduates from H.S. I know what you mean PK seems like just a short time ago Aimee was born & Rhonda called & said it's a girl now she is eighteen. Bruce & Kathy, Kel just returned from Wash. DC & he said he enjoyed the Smithsonian museum natural history. Happy Birthday tomorrow Jennifer.

Family Discussion         March 14, 2005
From: Lila and Elaine
Hello all,
Thanks for sending me this, PK. I am back on line, but barely. I am still trying to unpack and
get settled. Things are coming together, but it is going to take a lot of time and engery! Both
of which I never seem to have a lot of. Happy B-Day to Jen. Must go to bed now----will write
more later-----------Lila

Life gets wierder with age. That's what I think. Just went to see Grease (the play) at Yuba City High School.
High School. Soo strange so strange.. Adorable children... but thinking back on my teen
years, it all seemed so serious. I think it probably seems that way to the young ones still. Am
now feeling awe struck at the convience of having a washer, dryer,stove and refrigerator
after a couple months without.. We are beginning to feel homey around here..thanks mostly
to Steve Gorham. He has done so much for us, don't know where we'd be without his help.
And of course, Lila is so grateful to all for the moving help. It's a continuing journey.
Happy Birthday , Jennifer. Elaine

Family Discussion         March 19, 2005
From: Lila
Hello you all,

It is a rainy, stormy day here in YC. Elaine has gone to Davis, and me and the animals are
staying indoors------all are sleeping except for me. I just may join them soon!
Our old school building is looking pretty good now a days----a lot has happened. Mostly, due
to the work of Steve (Bev's son). He has been a blessing for Elaine and me. We are getting
ready for Steve to paint the outside of the place----I know that will make a major change in the
looks of the place. Hope you all will come and see us in our schoolhouse home someday soon. There
is still much to do-------all in good time.

I am doing a little work for KHC now-------nice pace. Elaine is starting a tudoring job soon. I am
enjoying the slower pace here, after the bay area. Although YC has grown leaps and bounds
since I left here, it is still mellow compared to the bay area. Miss the hills in UC, but have the
Buttes, here. I do love those Buttes-----smallest mountain range in the world.

Looking forward to our meeting in May.

May Gathering         March 20, 2005
From: Dean Ross
Hi All:

Am looking forward to seeing everyone in May, and am pleased to be hosting the big gathering on May 21st.

Please let me know if there are any special needs that we should address. As we all know, age is taking it's toll on certain generations of our family. So, if we need to have a couple of wheel-chairs, or maybe a supply of Geritol on hand, please let me know ahead of time.


May Gathering         March 20, 2005
From: Keith
Dean: That geritol sounds good. I like mine with cream and sugar.

Who all is/are planning to go to visit Ruth on Sunday May 22?

Lila: Glad your place is starting to feel like "home" and glad Steve has worked out so well for you.

Jennifer is buying a house! Actually she and her friend Kim have done did it. They started moving in yesterday. Should be in the process of putting stuff away right now. She is not online but should be getting on pretty soon. Address is 2417 Watson Street 95864.

Dave: Sorry to hear Rhonda is not going to be making it. You know I was just kidding about Jason Richardson being ugly, right? However I was serious when I said he'd be a lot better looking if he were playing for the Kings.

May Gathering         March 21, 2005
From: Lila
Congradulations to Jen on her new home---very exciting.
I was thinking about going to see Ruth on that Sunday, but it will depend on Gail & Bobby
and Dan & Ginna. Not sure just what their plans are. Our place is right on the way to Gridley.
Do you plan on going, PK?

We are now having a root problem with our septic system! Have the Thrifty Rooter Man coming
tomorrow. My goodness, it really does seem to be one thing after another.

May Gathering         March 21, 2005
From: Bruce
I too am planning to go with Dave to Ruth's place.

Jennifer's Watson Street sounds familiar. I think I used to sell Fuller Brush products there. Nice area.

Ruth         March 21, 2005
From: Elaine
Hi, I am not on line ... just borrowing Lila`s line. Just to send you all a line. Don`t think
I will go to Ruth`s with youse. I am so close to her now I can easily go another time
to avoid over-crowding her little house. Finally started getting unemployment benefits
after a bad start of confusing the bureaucrats so they refused to send me money....
finally got it straightened out thank goodness. It really hurts to feel like a failure at
drawing unemployment insurance. Was interested in the Sutter Buttes article, Bruce.
Two hikes coming up next month...April 3 and April 9. Hoping to make the first one
as the second one is described as difficult. Anyone interested?

email problems         April 2, 2005
From: keith
We bought a new computer today and installed it this afternoon. Now it seems I cannot receive email. I called my ISP and they gave me some suggestions none of which has solved the problem. My email address should remain the same but until I get this straightened out please notify me on this site and let me know if you have tried to email me and gotten your attempt back at you.

Bruce: After I emailed you today I didn't get a response, but we are keeping our old computer and when I hooked it up in its new location I checked the email, even though it is not hooked up to the internet any longer, and was stunned to see a note from myshykn saying "Got your email, no problem." I cannot imagine how that could happen. Have not received anything more.

April         April 2, 2005
From: Lila
PK, is your computer working okay now????? This morning, when I turned on my computer
it tells me.......we have adjusted your clock for daylight savings time. I thought, I didn't know
we went to daylight time! Wait a minute this is Saturday morn----impossible! What a way to
start my day-------personally I think DLS time is ridicules anyway, and I didn't need to be dealing
with it now---yes? Since I moved, my computer has been doing all sort of strange things. Just
dawned on me------do you think that was an April Fools joke my computer pulled????????
Elaine's birthday is Thursday--the 7th. Number 62 for her. We are going on a Butte hike tomorrow
Our way of welcoming her 62nd year.
Septic problems still not solved here-----working on it. Today we have a fellow coming to tractor
mow the 2 and 1/2 acreas. I took pictures of the mess----wish I knew how to send them on the
computer for you all to see. It could really be a "secret garden"-----if we had a "Dave" here!
I stopped in and had a nice visit with Ruth on my way home from Chico the other day. She
looks just great, and she is totally alert. She gets upset because she forgets what she is saying
in the middle of saying it--------I've been doing that for quite awhile now. She has problems
with her balance and her knee gives her problems. Said she misses being able to walk the
neighborhood. I enjoyed the time, and Ruthie is pretty amazing.
Well, must get dressed, and be ready to help the mower man if need be.

email problems         April 2, 2005
From: Bruce
PK - That email from me was a response to your email questioning if I got your email of 3-31. I sent another one today so if you didn't get it, your email is still not working.

April         April 2, 2005
From: Bruce
Lila - Your computer might be set to the wrong date. Enjoy your hike tomorrow. Should be wildflowers out there with all this rain.

email problems         April 2, 2005
From: Bruce
Keith - here is the email failure notice I am getting from your server:

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. vpopmail (#5.1.1)

email problems         April 2, 2005
From: keith
Thanks Bruce. When I changed my email address I had a problem with Surewest, now it is happening again because of the new computer. I think they need to hire an email guru.

Septic Troubles/email troubles         April 2, 2005
From: keith
Lila & Elaine,

Sorry to hear your septic troubles are continuing. At least you have that one toilet working. I envy you Lila, having a computer with a sense of humor. Mine never does anything funny. Unless of course this email saga is also a joke.

I just spoke to the tech with Surewest, he thinks they have it scoped out and I should be receiving email soon now. He said he could not find my account with my new address bvk and still showed me as kandb. Weird stuff, I've been getting mail as bvk for a few monthes now.

Happy Butte hiking. Wish I was going, I think.

Butte Hike/DST---------YIKES-------YIKES         April 3, 2005
From: Lila
Oh my God, I don't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We missed the Butte Hike because of DST time change. Can you believe it?????? My computer
tried to tell me-------I even meant to ask-----is Sunday the day for DST? Just left my head. Did
not even think about it until I got home----put on the computer, and there it was again----Your
clock has been changed.........etc.........etc. I said, oh my God, we were an hour late----we really
are on DST. I called Marty's house---spoke to his wife. She was very sweet and had compassion
for our plight. She will have Marty give me a call today. He has another hike going next
Sunday-----a possibility (but Elaine can not go next Sunday). Things just get so complicated.
Just have to talk wth Marty------go from there. I hope not to hear any more from my computer
regarding DST and the time. Everytime I go in there it has a wrong month and/or a wrong
date, and always the wrong time. Now that the big day has come-----perhaps----my computer
will just calm down, and get on with business.

PK---did you receive the geneology e-mail I sent you? I did not get it back.

It is a chilly/rainy day today. If we do get to go on another hike, I am hoping for better weather.
Yes, Bruce the wildflowers should be out by now. Have you ever checked out Bear Valley
for the wildflowers? It is famous for its Spring beauty.

Another sad story............the mower man never showed up yesterday. I called him----he gave
me a bunch of "bull". I had given him a check for $200.00 to rent the mower-----long story
short, I called the bank----put a stop on the check. Have another guy coming to give me an
est. this afternoon. This is how our life is going-----what's going on??????????

Hey, Dave & Linda, how are things going with you all out in OK etc? Ruth is looking forward
to seeing you in May.

Love ya all.....................

Butte Hike/DST---------YIKES-------YIKES         April 3, 2005
From: Bruce
DST strikes again. When I saw your first line that you you couldn't believe it, I thought you were talking about the beauty of the Buttes. Alas, no wildflowers today. I have been through Bear Valley, but not when the wildflowers were at their best. I've never seen one of those massive wildflower displays in person. Here's to better timing.

Butte Hike/DST---------YIKES-------YIKES         April 5, 2005
From: Keith
Lila: sorry to hear you and Elaine missed the hike, sounds like you are in a downward cycle like I was. It will turn around. Yes, I got the geneology letter before my email went bad. Thank you.

Everybody: my email is supposed to be up now, but I have my suspicions. I sent myself an email hours ago and have not gotten it yet. They gave me a new email address (here we go again) it is:

Please write to me and if it doesn't work leave me a message here. Thanks.

email problems         April 5, 2005
From: Keith
My email is up and cooking. Everybody who reads this please email me because when I changed computers I lost all my contacts and must gather them back.

Thaks All

Septic Troubles/email troubles         April 5, 2005
From: Keith
I have only received one email so far since my last comment notifying everybody that it is up, and asking everybody to email me.

If anybody has tried emailing me by hitting "Reply" instead of typing in the new address he/she probably got it back. Bruce's email is the only one to make it and that is how I know the "Reply" avenue crashes on the highway, because he responded to both addresses and I only got the .net one. I just finished talking to the Surewest people again and it should be OK now for the reply tab.

So I am asking once more for everybody to email me so I can reestablish your address. Sorry to be such a pain in the butt.

Thank you.

PK email         April 6, 2005
From: Alonzo
PK just sent you an email 2pm 4-6-05. Everything here fine gardens all started this my favorite time of the year. Weather has been a little dicy the last couple days but tomorrow suppose to be ok so will hit the links for the senior scramble. Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow Elaine.

Elaine         April 7, 2005
From: Jennifer
Happy Birthday Elaine!
Hope you have a great one.If you come and visit I'll
bake you a cake!

update from YC         April 8, 2005
From: Lila
Just caught up on all the entries. PK I will send you an e-mail at your new address as soon
as I finish here.
Every morning I turn on my computer the date and time is wrong. This AM it said today was
April 15, 2015-------and the time was wrong too. Usually I fix it--hit apply--and then hit okay.
This time I did not hit okay----will see what happens. Any ideas out there?
We had our 2 1/2 acres tractor mowed the other day----what a difference it has made. Good
thing it happened when it did, because today is a rainy-rainy day----and the ground needs
to be a bit dried out.
Our septic problem has been taken care of for now. In the process of dealing with the problem
we discovered another septic tank. The half bath has its own tank----pretty weird. That makes
four septic systems on this property----that I now know of. I believe this one we just discovered
is probably the very original tank. When this house was build it probably had an out house--It
is pretty old. I remember when we lived in Gridley in '41 our house had an out house--any
one else remember that, and the black widow spider Dad killed out there? I had a fear of
out houses after that. I think I remember that Papa built that house. Anyway the septic man
thinks that tank will need pumping sometime this year. Oh, Joy!!
Elaine is hoping to do a Butte hike Saturday (tomorrow)----It is too much for me. I am wondering
if it will happen if this weather keeps on going. Perhaps we just were not meant to make
a hike this season.

OURS IS NOT TO REASON WHY.................................

Pero/Inka         April 17, 2005
From: Keith
Lila: I got your phone message. Have you gotten your email problem straightened out yet? I found the Inka at the health food store. The only difference between it and that Pero is the Inka has beet root. The taste difference is indistinguishable to me. Of the two Pero types, the crystals if the better in my estimation. Have you tried it as an iced drink? Delicious. The almond milk price at Trader Joe's is the same as the co-op minus the senior discount. Does Joe's give the discount?

DC Trip         April 22, 2005
From: Bruce
Kathy and I are getting ready to go to Washington. I'll try to post some pictures and comments on this web site:

We leave on the red-eye Monday night at about 11 pm the 25th. We'll get in to DC about 7 a.m. Then as long as we can go we'll check out the Smithsonian.

DC trip         April 25, 2005
From: Alonzo
Bruce & Kathy hope you have a great time in DC & the weather is decent so you can get some good pictures. Yesterday we had a freeze warning so I had to cover my tomatoes, squash & etc in the garden. Today Christian turns five. Kirk says he is already tearing up the T-ball league.

DC Trip         April 25, 2005
From: Bruce
They are predicting 60s to 70s with showers for DC tomorrow. On the bright side, I've heard that rain on some of the statues is an interesting effect because it looks like tears running down their faces. I just realized that Christian's age will always be the same as the year. That's easy.

DC Trip         April 26, 2005
From: Bruce
Just checked in to our hotel. It's 9:40 here, 6:40 PDT. Everything went smoothly, nice flight actually got some sleep. Weather is pretty nice, partly cloudy. Now it's on to the Smithsonian.

DC Trip         April 27, 2005
From: Alonzo
Hope the weather is as nice in DC as it is here today sunny & warm. My fruit trees are just about over with there blossoms, hope they are still in bloom for you to get some pics. What day do you folks head back to Sac?

DC Trip         April 27, 2005
From: Bruce
We head back Friday night. It's been great so far. Had a near miss today, thought we missed the Segway tour but finally hooked up. I put a couple of pictures on that web site if you haven't seen them yet.

DC Trip         April 28, 2005
From: Alonzo
Glad the weather good, I love the picture of the Smithsonian castle & flowers. That segway tour sounds like a blast. I think after Linda retires we will go to DC for one of our first trips. Did you know they had an alert yesterday & sent Bush to the basement cuz someone flew in no fly zone? Hope todays weather is as nice as it has been.

DC Trip         April 28, 2005
From: Alonzo
Linda said she just heard on the radio it was a flock of birds that sent Bush to the basement. LOL I guess they don't like the way he messing up the enviroment.

DC Trip         April 28, 2005
From: Bruce
I didn't hear about the scare until today. Wouldn't that have been something to have someone try to invade while we were here? We were at the National Geographic Society at the time, about a mile from the White House.

Back on Line         April 29, 2005
From: Lila
My computer has been down (Dean got it back on for me this week)------and then I went down. Last week end I started feeling sick (actually Friday night), developed into a full on stomach flu thing. Is much better now, but still have nausea and some cramps. Taking it easy and eating light. Elaine is doing okay----no flu. She is doing tutoring for the "no child left behind". That is just through May. I have been doing a little work for KHC. We are still working on the place a lot--inside and out. PG&E is here today----doing weather-stripping and replacing broken windows for us. What a great service!
Glad to read that you and Kathy had a good time in DC, Bruce. What web site did you put pictures on? I didn't see any-----maybe I missed something?

Back on Line         April 30, 2005
From: Bruce
Lila - hope you are feeling better today. We got back last night. Had a very good time.

Here is the web site for our trip:

D.C. Trip

Family Discussion         May 1, 2005
From: Alonzo
Rhonda & David were here Friday & Saturday had a good visit. I drove them to the airport dropped David off for his long flight back to Ak. Poor Rhonda cried most of the way back here, then she left to drive back Ft.Smith. David brought us a book on the Aurora Borealis wow really beautiful. Now we want to go there for a trip after Linda retires. We have all these places we plan on going & probably won't make any of them.

Family Discussion         May 6, 2005
From: Lila
Enjoyed the pictures, BL.It is great how you and Kathy do so much fun stuff.
I feel for Rhonda-----so hard when your children live so far from you. Hope you and Linda do make that trip to Alaska, Dave. Going to Alaska is one of the two trips that still appeals to me. The other is driving to OK. Now-a-days I'd be doing good to make it up to Wilbur Hot Springs!!!!!!!
Dan's wife, Ginna, is in Hawaii. They will be joining us for our May Gathering. I look forward to meeting her.
See ya all..........................

Family Day         May 10, 2005
From: Lila
Seems that is time for us to make some plans regarding our family day. As all know, we are getting together at Dean's place on Saturday, the 21st........being there by 1pm, and eating at 5pm. A pot luck, of sorts. Dean will be doing a bbq, and those who can may bring a dessert, a salad, or a side dish. Swimming is available, of course, might be a bit nippy but......
We were thinking of getting a plaque, in Mom's memory, for the tree we planted for her. Keith checked into it, and he learned that for an outside plaque it should be made of bronze. It takes 6 weeks to order a bronze that won't work for the 21st. It was suggested that we could get a wood one for now, and order a bronze one to replace it at a later date?????
What do you all feel about that? I would like to hear from everyone---as to what you would like this, our first annual, family day to be. Thank you.

Family Day #2         May 10, 2005
From: Lila
Forgot...........The other options mentioned regarding a plaque UC Davis where Mom donated her body.........and at the Asian Center where Mom was very involved while living in that area. Both good ideas.

Family Day         May 11, 2005
From: Bruce
I am thinking of bringing taro wraps if I can find them again. Anybody tried them or ever heard of them?

Doesn't seem like enough time for a plaque, unless someone has an express idea.

Family Day         May 11, 2005
From: David
I think the bronze plaque at the tree would be great for furture get togeathers. Lila that is great Danny & Ginna going to make it, last time I seen Danny was at the Grand Canyon "95". Bruce we don't know what taro wrap is.

Family Day         May 12, 2005
From: Keith
Lila just called me and asked me to post a note here letting everybody know her computer crashed and she will not be on line for a while.

From what I've read here and heard from people, everybody likes the idea of a bronze plaque in Mom's memory, and since we're too late for the get-together this month, we can do it later, maybe even next year.

Dave: What a bummer about the possible United strike. I hope it is resolved before they shut down any flights. I wonder if the flights from Hawaii are also threatened?

Family Day         May 18, 2005
From: Dean
Yes, I agree that a Bronze plaque would be a great idea for next year.........

Flights from Hawaii are on Hawaiian Airlines, so a United stike will not affect Gail & Danny. Hope United stays flying for Dave & Linda. Is Kirk coming out with you?

Taro wraps......sound great......making me hungry!

Elaine         May 22, 2005
From: Elaine
I am now on line... address is so now I hope to be more in touch with what's happening with family stuff. New phone # is 530-674-8011 address is 2918 Monroe Road, yuba city, Ca. 95993

Family Day         May 23, 2005
From: Bruce
Thanks to everyone for attending and helping out with our get together on Saturday. A special thanks to Dean for providing the facilities at Ross Resort. It was a perfect day! I forgot my camera all weekend until we took Dave and Linda to the airport so here is my only shot.

Family Day #2         May 23, 2005
From: Keith
It was really nice seeing everybody again at the family get together and meeting the two lovely ladies,Gina and Stephanie.

I too would like to thank you, Dean, for sharing your "resort" as Bruce says. Everytime I am at your place I am amazed at how you find the time to do all that you do.

Hey, Rhonda Rene, please send me your email address, I lost it when I got my new computer.

May Gathering         May 25, 2005
From: elaine
Hi, am having some fun with this new computer and some trouble too. Enjoyed the family get together very much. Thank you Dean for the hopitality. I really enjoyed the "tiki hut". It was so pleasant sitting near the pool in comfort and shade. Never ever, ever thought I would feel the need to stay out of the sun, but such is my state now, am hopeful it will change and I will again be able to enjoy sunbathing before I die. Thank you Keith for the touching sharing on Ellie's memorial... I had wondered why we did this for ellie and not for dad... you reminded me that it was Ellie's passion to keep the family together. So, so,so it makes sense to me now. I enjoyed sharing time with all who made it and I missed all who didn't make it. You know, I was thinking how Ellie enjoyed music and singing so much ...and so do most of us. Oh well, I'll let it go for now (but I was thinking of a family choir)! HA. Bye for now P.S. Nice picture of David and Linda, Bruce. Fun to see photos of others but I'm just as glad not to have to see myself in a photo.

email problems         May 25, 2005
From: elaine
Hi again, Did I hear a groan? This will be short, I hope. Lila's computer died a couple of weeks ago and she plans to get an address using this computer, but she lost all the addresses that were in her computer, and I don't have them, so if you would all send your email addresses we would be so happy.

May Gathering         May 26, 2005
From: david
Thanks to everyone for making it a great gathering. It was just what Mom would of wanted us to do. Was so good getting to see everyone hope next years is as good & all can make it.

email address to Elaine & Lila         May 28, 2005
From: Keith
Elaine, you asked us to send you our email addresses, mine & Bev's is

Plaque         July 18, 2005
From: Bruce
Dave thought of using some of the money in the trust to get a plaque. That sounds good to me. Any thoughts about that and what the plaque should say?

Plaque         July 20, 2005
From: Dave
I would like the plaque to say something like this--- Keeping you in our hearts until we meet again.

Plaque         July 26, 2005
From: Bruce
Kathy is off to a Yoga Farm in Grass Valley for a few days. When dropping her at the train station, I committed a major railway blunder. I carried her bag onto the train for her and before I even got a chance to put it down, the train took off. So I got a free train ride to Roseville, a free bus ride back to the Sac station, and when I exited the parking lot, the attendant was gone, so that was free too. I must be living right.

Here is a link to a memorial plaque site.

Plaque         July 27, 2005
From: Dave
I like the plaque, looks & sounds like a good deal. Glad that was you Bruce & not me on the train I would of paniced & been a nervous wreck thinking all the worse that could happen. We got some well needed rain & thunder storms last night & more rain today. Temp highs only going be in 80's & lows in 60's for couple days then back to the hot summer.

Plaque         August 3, 2005
From: Lila
I like the plaque very much---lets do it.
I had my computer back for a day or so----I have been told that the Norton program "crashed" it (whatever that means). Bottom line---sometimes I can get to my mail and sometimes I cannot. Right now I am using E's laptop.
I guess I have been hit by allergy stuff---no energy--sleeping a lot---head so spacy---just yuk, yuk. This too shall pass............and I shall return.

Poppy         August 9, 2005
From: Lila
Want to let all know that Elaine's sweet Poppy left us on Friday. She was pretty amazing---17 years old, and she was doing so well up to the last week of her life. We love her very much, and miss her greatly. She was ready, and is at peace now. Hoping that Omar, Bozar, and Trumpet were waiting for her.

I am using E's laptop again. Dean is coming on the 14th, and hopefully my computer will be running after that.

Poppy         August 11, 2005
From: Linda and Dave
So sorry about Poppy, but glad she was active until the last week.

Elaine sorry to hear about Poppy, she gave & received so much love with you.

Memorial plaque for Mom         August 22, 2005
From: Keith
Hello All,

I have not seen any negative comments and plenty of positive ones concerning getting a memorial plaque for Mom. So it looks like we're going to do it.

The site Bruce came up offers us three lines of up to 22 characters each to put a special message on the plaque.

I wrote out several and the first one I came up with was the only one I like. With spaces, commas and periods counting in the 22 it isn't easy to come up with something that sounds good.
Here is the one that I like:


If anybody out there comes up with something you would like to share please post it here.

Plaque         August 22, 2005
From: Dave
Everything here in Okla. looking good. Been getting some good rains which is not common for Aug, gardens are doing real good cuz of it. Aimee started college & will be moving into her own apt. soon as she gets it painted & fixed up. Christian started kindergarten, I think it was harder for Kirk than him. For the plaque I would like it to say (keeping you in our hearts until we meet again).

email problems         August 25, 2005
From: Bruce
I got an email from Keith, I think from his work computer, saying that his email has been out for the last two days. He is hoping it will be back soon.

Plaque         August 29, 2005
From: Keith
Hey, my computer is back up. Hard to believe how being without a computer now seems like a major tragedy.

I like your special message Dave. If we wanted to include "Ellie we're..."it would work so far as 22 characters per line. I like it either way.

Plaque         August 30, 2005
From: Bruce
I like all of the suggestions. It seems a little better with a name on it, but either way is OK with me.

Plaque         August 31, 2005
From: Dave
I like both suggestions for the plaque & if we use the 2nd one putting "Ellie were" is good. I guess all we need now is getting Elaine & Lila's input.

Input         September 2, 2005
From: Lila
I have a new computer! So I do believe I am back to stay. A gift from Dean. So good with me and this emachines computer. My e-mail address is:

The plaque inscription sounds good to me.

I think most of you knew Nana----she died the other day. She was 97. She died at Gail's house. Danny and Ginna were there, and Dean was on the phone. She had Alzhimers (sp?).....physically she was a strong women.

I would love to have some of D & L's rain. I am very tired of this hot-hot summer. So looking forward to fall.

We have a dead rat hanging on an electrical wire going to the little house. For 2 days now PGE has said they will come and remove the rat----it appears that it was electrocuted-----they have not done it yet. It is a depressing thing to see, but I am nervous to try and knock it down. This is our life, here on Monroe Road. We also have another BIG staying with us (suppose to be temporary). He is less than 2 yrs old----very large, lab, golden, whatever mix. The girls love him, but for me and Elaine-----he is a LOT of DOG. Don't know how this will develop............

Lahi is in college (like Amiee). She is in Colorado---she and a girl friend have an apartment. Micah is still going to Santa Barbara JC. Kainoa is back in Hawaii---working. Hard to believe---these gradkids are all growing up or grown up. Alani will grad next year!!!!!!!!!!!! I had Jaz for a week this summer. She is my baby grandchild, and she will be 13 in Jan.

This old grandma is tired, and going to bed.

         September 14, 2005
From: Elaine
Hi, Did I mention I am okey with either message? Anyway, I am. The BIG dog Lila mentioned has a new home and she got the rat down and things are pretty calm around here for now. I am happy with the cool mornings and warm afternoons But in Oct. I will be working full time again. Hoping I have the energy for it.

Plaque         September 16, 2005
From: Bruce

Hi everyone,

It looks like we have a plan for the memorial tree plaque. We have three lines of 22 characters for the wording. I think it works if we say:

Ellie we're keeping
you in our hearts
until we meet again

Check it out and let me know it you have any alternative wording or phrasing in mind.

Kathy just got back from galivanting around Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. She got a couple hundred shots with my digital camera so I'll attach a few once we go over them.

Dean's Birthday         September 18, 2005
From: Bruce
Stephanie organized a surprise party for Dean's 50th birthday. It came off without a hitch as Alani kept him at bay while we all gathered at his place.

Kathy's Trip         October 13, 2005
From: Bruce
I finally got some of Kathy's pictures from her trip to Yellowstone up on the web. If you want to check them out, here is a link: Kathy's Pictures

I received the plaque on Friday. Will try to get a picture of it and put it up here so you can check it out.

Plaque         October 13, 2005
From: Bruce
Here is a picture of the plaque.

In case anyone is wondering, Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, October 30.

Plaque         October 13, 2005
From: Keith
That looks good to me. Does it look as impressive up close as it does on the screen?

Checking In         October 16, 2005
From: Lila
Very nice, BL-----how big is it? Does it have a stand of some sort?

Your pictures were impressive, Kathy. Makes me feel like going----if only I could do it with a wink of the eye. Put me in mind of our time at the Grand Canyon. This is a beautiful earth we live on.

I thank you for the daylight message, Bruce. The "spring" lesson I learned is: never schedule anything on the Sunday of daylight savings time! Although for time to fall back would be a heck of lot better than for time to spring forward when one has an appointment-----yes?

Plaque         October 16, 2005
From: Bruce
The plaque is about 5" by 3 1/2" which is pretty close to the way it looks on my computer screen, but that will vary depending on the computer. It came with a screw-in stand which you can barely see in the picture if you look at the bottom of the plaque.

That is probably true, if you had been an hour early instead of an hour late, you could have still made your hike in the Buttes.

Pictures         October 16, 2005
From: Elaine
I enjoyed the pictures. YellowStone is quite impressive in the pictures....Can imagine it as breathtaking in reality. The plaque looks like something Ellie would appreciate, dainty and delicate.

Mortgage         October 17, 2005
From: Bruce

I received a call from the buyer of the Browns Valley property. She is inquiring about buying out the loan. My records in the file show that about $20,000 or a little more is owed. I don't think there should be any problem with the buyout. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

Mortgage         October 18, 2005
From: Elaine & Lila
Sounds good to us

Mortgage         October 20, 2005
From: dave
Whatever you think is best, ok with us.

Mortgage         October 22, 2005
From: Bruce
They decided not to buy out the mortgage at this time so it was a false alarm.

E-MAIL PROBLEMS AGAIN/STILL         November 10, 2005
Hello everyone, I am once again experiencing e-mail problems. I just resolved one problem a couple of days ago and now I'm not receiving any mail at all. I hope to get it fixed soon.

I will stay in touch with you about this ongoing odyssey.

E-MAIL PROBLEMS AGAIN/STILL         November 11, 2005
From: Bruce
Keith - I did get your email dated 11-10. Sent a reply today. Hope it makes it through. Also, hope the old vets have a good Veteran's Day today.

Family Day         November 14, 2005
From: Keith
I think you have all met my step-son, Steve. He was admitted to the hospital Friday the 10th. He has a severe case of pneumonia. It was kind of scary when the doctor said his condition is not good and could be life-threatening. They put him into a drug induced coma Saturday a.m. and he has improved considerably since then. He is at UCD Med Ctr. Will possibly be there for another two weeks.

My e-mail problems were simply with receiving not sending. I think they are now resolved. If anyone has held off on writing, write away.

Steve Gorham         November 14, 2005
After I submitted my last entry I notice the subject said Family Day. I was supposed to have said Steve Gorham so I thought I'd try again.

Melissa/Steve         November 18, 2005
From: Keith
I don't recall to whom I said what concerning Melissa, but I got a couple things wrong. First, Melissa was not with Judy when she was stricken. She was with her neighbor. Once she got to the hospital they sent her to San Francisco. Jennifer, Judy and Kim drove over and spent today (17th) with her. Melissa had a cat scan and it revealed bleeding in the brain. Then they did the dye in the vein thing and traced it through the brain and could not find any bleeding. So apparently she was healed because blood got in there somehow. Jennifer said the doctors told her that Melissa will continue to be in pain for up to two weeks. The brain had swollen a bit as a result of the bleeding and it will take a while for it to return to normal. She was on pain killers every four hours but Jen said that she refused her last dose, so that's good news.

Steve is continuing to heal. They expect to have the pus out of him in another four days. If that doesn't happen then they will have to perform surgery. Maybe.

These last four days have been a nightmare and nothing seems real right now. I know it has to be even worse for Jen having to go back and forth to SF. But as a wise 70 year old lady I know once said, "This too will pass."

Family         November 18, 2005
From: Lila
So good to read that Steve is doing better. Please keep us all updated.
Wondering what the latest on Rhonda is. Did she get a second opinion on the surgery?
I talked to Jennifer a while ago. She and Judy were just leaving SF----headed for home. The good thing, for Judy, was that Jennifer was just picking her up at the train station when she got the call that Melissa was in the hospital. So much better than being in Eureka, and receiving that call.
Sending love and prayers to all of you.

We got our roof fixed up today---it was not a big deal, but am glad to have it done before any more rain comes. Received the thousand today, too. Thank you---thank you, could not have come at a better time. Have a few little odds and ends to fix up before the end of the year (plus putting in a cat door!). Been a busy/hectic time for us, here in YC. Elaine's working full time now (yikes!), and I have been working more too. Hard on the animals, but a necessity for now.
Twice now I have had some bad luck----with some good luck. Twice driving home from Sac. I had car problems---the first one was pretty serious. The good luck was I was almost home when it happened. I had to have the van towed in to be repaired. The second one was not so serious----some sort of "belt" under the hood started shredding, and pieces of it came off (weird smell & noise). The good luck was that I had just made it into YC----made it to my mechanic, and he replaced the belt for me. Plus it did not cost a fortune, and I got there just as he was getting ready to close up. MORE GOOD THAN BAD, YES?

Melissa/Steve         November 22, 2005
From: Keith
We got good news on Steve today. He had his surgery and it was a 100% success. The doctor said he had a lot of "crud" in there and they got it all. He required seven pints of blood during the five hour surgery. He is expected to make a complete recovery.

The last I heard about Melissa is that she's had a slight improvement these last couple of days. Jennifer is still hoping she can bring her back to Sacto tomorrow.

Sorry about your bad news Lila, but glad there was more good than bad.

CompuServe         November 24, 2005
From: Keith
Bruce(AKA B52),

I checked into my e-mail messages today and had two failure notices. One was the letter I sent you yesterday (23rd) and the other was to another person who also has compuserve.

It makes me wonder if that is the problem, or is my server messing up again.

If the problem is with cs let me know.

Steve/Melissa         November 26, 2005
From: Keith
Steve is getting better every day. Today he had his eyes open and was able to communicate a bit. Wish he knew sign language so he could communicate better. I can see the frustration in his eyes as though he wants badly to say something but cannot get it across. It is frustrating for us too.

Saw Jen and Judy yesterday and they said Melissa has improved a bit and they were able to talk to her for a while on the phone. They went over there (SF) again today but I have not heard from them since.

CompuServe         November 26, 2005
From: Bruce
No probems that I know of with CS. We were out of town for a few days and I didn't take my notebook, so was just out of touch.

Looking Forward         December 27, 2005
From: Lila
hello you all,

Here we are coming up on 2006----seems incredible to me. I was just looking at an old picture of Dave, Elaine, and Jay (cousin) taken on Fuller Street in 1943. I am pretty sure I could see the old "hitching post" in front of Davies Apts. PK & Dave rememer that? Here I am looking backward----thought I said looking forward????????????? I am wishing us all a peaceful-joyful-happy year.

We have taken care of our septic problems----hopefully that is the end of it. Now our big (on the roof) heater is acting up. We are seriously thinking about putting in some sort of wood burner. Any ideas? Will start checking it out next year.

Micah flew up from SB to spend Christmas with us. I take him to the airport today. He is doing well. Working full time, and will get his AA after one more class.


Looking Forward         January 5, 2006
From: Dave
Hi all, wishing everyone a better 06 than 05 was but don't see much good coming as long as Bush & his co-horts are in office. We are still in a drought & extreme fire danger. The one good thing the temps above normal so poorer folks not having to use as much fuel to heat. Lila, Linda & I love our pellet stove it gives off a good heat & much cleaner than wood stove. Also you can set the auger to feed the pellets at different rates.

Looking Forward         January 6, 2006
From: Bruce
Wishing the best for 2006. Kathy and I spent the New Year in Solvang, seeking shelter from the big storm. We bought a little relief from it, but it found us after a couple of days.

The big news is that the people buying the Browns Valley property want to pay it off this month. The actual balance is $22,643.57. I think everyone agreed to the early buyout a few months ago so I will plan on proceeding with it unless I hear otherwise. Let me know if you have any questions.

Wasn't the Hitching Post a restaurant in the movie Sideways?

Looking Forward         January 9, 2006
From: Keith
I had not looked at this site for a while. Whenever a long time passes with no entries I tend to forget about it. Bruce alerted me to it today.

Lila: What is the Hitching Post? I don't remember it.

All: I have a feeling it is going to be a great year. The economy is booming, unemployment is down, but don't tell the news media, they don't know about it yet.

Things are looking grim in Iraq, but I pray there will be no civil war there and the Iraqis will be able to hold onto their democracy and new found freedom, I believe there is steady progress being made in that direction. I also pray that the terrorists that pay young people to sacrifice their lives via suicide bombings that kill innocent people by the hundreds will be exposed for the liars and murderers that they are and are no longer able to dupe the misdirected Muslims who think they are pleasing their Allah by commiting these acts.

Dave: I hope you are totally out of danger by now. Haven't heard anything about the fires out there for the past few days. Hopefully it is under control by now.

Bruce: I saw the movie and it was great, I think that restaurant was the H.P.

Love you all.

Hello, ya all         January 9, 2006
From: Lila
Hi Ya All,

The hitching post, in RC, was a big cement square near the road with a post and a ring to tie a horse to. At least that is what has been in my head all these years. You can see it in that picture---I sent to you, Dave. I have memories of playing on it--like it was a stage. I don't remember if the Hitching Post was a resturant in the movie, Sideways, or not, but it was a resturant here in YC----don't know if it is still there or not. Will check it out one day.

Wondering where is Solvang???? I am happy to hear that the people in BV want to pay it off. Thanks, again, BL, for dealing with all of that.

I have heard good things about the Pellet Stoves--we will check them out. My concern is if you have to burn pellets only----what if you can't get them some time???? Can one chop up furniture to burn?????

I have not heard much on the fires out your way--the last couple of days, Dave. Is it over with---under control? Is that something that happens regularily out there? I was not aware of it before. Of course we are in a flood zone out here, but so far so good.

The sun in shinning, and it is a beautiful day. I need to get out into it. I have been under the weather a couple of days----so glad to be feeling better today.

Wondering how your job is going, PK. Are you going to do the one month on/one month off thing? That sounds so nice to me.

Lots going on with us, here in YC, but I will close for now. Love ya all

Family Discussion         January 9, 2006
From: dave
Yes I do believe that is the H.P. in front of Davis apt Earnie Potter & I use to tie our horses up & then go into the bar & have a gun fight, great memories. We are still under the burn ban, have had fire fighters from surrounding states helping out keeping things to a minimum. Chance of rain tonite & tomorrow, here's hoping. Nope no furniture just pellets for the pellet stove. I didn't see the movie Sideways. If not raining tomorrow or to cold will hit the links for skins game, on PK's birthday I won $44 hope I am as lucky on your birthday Bruce.

Hello, ya all         January 14, 2006
From: Bruce
Solvang is down by San Luis Obispo. A Danish tourist town. I'll try to attach a picture.

I received the check for full payment on the BV property. Assuming no problems, I'll be sending out checks in the near future.

May Gathering         January 16, 2006
From: dave
Hey Y'all-- Linda won't be getting a vacation in May so she won't be able to make it to the May gathering. We figured it out & she will be working the weekend of the 20th so I won't be able to come out that weekend. She will be off the weekend of the 27th so I could make it that weekend. If that works for everyone else let me know. David is here from Ak. so next weekend him & Rhonda might make it over here if they can't I will drive over there. Yesterday was warm & windy had big fires to our south & north but right here so far so good, chance of rain today. Didn't get to golf last Tue to cold & tomorrow suppose to be cooler than today hope it's not to cold to hit the links, gotta get my fix. Great picture Bruce I love windmills.

May Gathering Plus Some         January 17, 2006
From: Lila
I can't believe I did it again! Wrote a comment--was just finished when wham. I don't know what I did, but I lost it. So here I am back starting all over again.........
The week end of the 27th is fine with me----shall we set the date? That is a 3 day week end, Dave. How is David? Still loving AK? What is happening with Rhonda----wasn't she going to have surgery this year? I checked out pellet stove's, and they need electricity to operate. So we are going with the gas stove. The wood burner is just too complicated--wall and floor stuff. And then there is the work--getting the wood cleaning the stove etc........So no chopping up furniture, I guess.
Waiting to hear when Julie has the baby, PK. Wasn't the date the 18th? How is Steve doing? Elaine said he had a set back. Any news on Melissa?
Work is slow for me---in the field. I have been working in the office twice a week for awhile now. I saw Ruth the other day. She is doing good again. She got down a while back----she skunked me good in yachtee (sp?). So she was smiling when I left her.

         January 20, 2006
From: dave
PK & Bev congratulations on your 8th grandchild, 6 lbs 8 ounces same wt. as Rhonda was. Rhonda & David coming over tomorrow so I will see what the Alaskan King has been up to.Lila- Rhonda goes in for an MRI next month to see if tumor has grown if it has then decide on surgery. Glad to hear Ruth doing good.

Family Discussion         January 21, 2006
From: Keith
It seems that everytime I go a few days without looking at this site it fills up.

Dave,I guess David and Rhonda are there with you and Linda for the week-end? Hope you have a great visit.

Bev and I purchased an electric fireplace. I did not think I would like it very much, but I really do. It totally changes the feel in the front room now. I enjoy the electric heat, it is so much better than gas to my way of thinking.

Lila,Does your power go out a lot? Is that why you don't want to go with anything electric? Have you considered getting a small generator for those times? It might be too much trouble to mess with, just thought I'd mention it. Your note was posted four days ago so I'm assuming you rec'd the pics of Peyton I sent? That's good that you are getting to spend time with Ruth. Good that you left her smiling.

Steve did have a setback. Developed more fluid in the lungs. He went to the doctor yesterday to get it drained out. Haven't heard from him today. Assuming it went well. Angela would have called right away if there had been problems.

The last I heard about Melissa was that she is steadily improving, after that, no news is good news I guess.

May Gathering Plus Some         January 22, 2006
From: Bruce
May 27th works for me. Is that Memorial Day weekend? This picture of Julie, Peyton, and Tim was so good I had to try posting it on here.

Memorial Day week end         January 23, 2006
From: Lila
Yes, that is the M-Day week end-----does that work for all?
That is a wonderful picture, Bruce. Is it one PK sent? I could not get two of them to open up. I guess I shall never really understand this computer world------at age 70 do I really want to???? I guess it would be nice, but so much work. Pretty amazing--how our mother really got into it.

Memorial Day week end         January 23, 2006
From: Bruce
That is the time for the Jazz Jubilee in Sac. Yes, that is one of the pictures PK sent; I think it was called all3.

         January 29, 2006
From: dave
Sad day, I found OC (cat) out in the road dead. I wraped him in his blanket & buried him in the back yard. Linda thinks we should get another cat & make it an indoor cat only. I don't know yet we will see.

Sad Day         January 29, 2006
From: Lila
So sorry to hear about OC, Dave and Linda. I know he was very special to you. Sending much love and hugs to you.

CAT         January 30, 2006
From: Keith
So sorry to hear about your cat Dave and Linda. Does OC stand for old cat? How long did you have him?

Mortgage         January 30, 2006
From: Bruce

Dave - was OC the cat that liked to hang out in your vehicle?

It is going a little slow in signing over the title for BV property. I don't want to send out the funds until it is complete. Hopefully just a few hoops to jump through and it will be done.

         January 30, 2006
From: dave
Thanks all on OC, he was a good cat. Yes Bruce he was the cat that liked to sleep in my van. PK no he wasn't that old. OC was for orange cat. When someone dumped him off out here he didn't look to good but after I fed him for a couple days he started looking good. One morning Linda ask is OC (for orange cat) still around & thats how he got his name. PK will weekend of May the 27th work out ok for you for our May gathering? I'm looking forward to seeing all & meeting the latest Snipes to join the family.

May Gathering         January 30, 2006
From: Keith
Dave, I thought I already checked in on this, but yes May 27 is good for me. I am off all the month of May. I go back to work day after tomorrow for a short month and then I will be retired again for another month.

If these years keep flying by like this we're going to be 90 in no time.

Mortgage         February 2, 2006
From: Bruce
I'll be sending out a Notice of a Hearing on a Petition that I think I have to file with the court in order to sign over the deed to the people who bought the BV property. You don't have to do anything; I just have to send it to all the beneficiaries of the trust.

         February 4, 2006
From: dave
Tomorrow I am going to drive over to Ft. Smith pick up David & go to the golf course to meet Kirk & his friend for a round on the links. David heads back to Ak. mid week. When I drop David off at Rhonda's I will be picking up a calico cat that her neighbor left behind when he moved out & Rhonda has been feeding her. This will be an inhouse cat. Next week I will start checking out flights for the weekend of the 27th May. PK how is Peyton doing & what's his big brother think of him? Bruce what was the name of that hotel Linda & I stayed at last year? Lila do you think Gail & Danny are going to make it in May? Rhonda & Kirk said they can't make it this year but hoping to make it in 07.

         February 4, 2006
From: dave
Talked with Rhonda she had the MRI & it showed no growth in the tumor. She is going to talk with the doctor & decide weather to go ahead & have surgery or keep checking it out every three to six months. Tough decision, myself I think I would hold off on surgery.

         February 4, 2006
Peyton is doing well. As you know those little people don't waste any time getting bigger. Jeremiah is a very loving big brother, he always wants to hold him and he reports his progress on an ongoing basis to whomever is there to listen.

That is good news about Rhonda. I think the postponment of the surgery is a no brainer unless the surgery would put an end to the need for meds to deal with the headaches.

I heard a radio commentator say the number 2 cause of death in the U.S. today is doctors. I think he was being serious.

Hope you have a great time with David and Kirk.

Dummy         February 4, 2006
From: Keith

That last note was from me.

         February 6, 2006
From: Lila
Good to read from you all......Good news regarding Rhonda----I agree, Dave, I would hold off too. No Gail and Dan are not able to make it this year. Micah called me the other night, and he asked me when it was. He says he would like to make it. That would be sweet, a surprise if he does. But he did make it for Chrismas----that was a surprise. Seems that he is thinking about going back to Hawaii to live, after he gets his AA. Happy to hear that a calico cat is going to join you and Linda, Dave. It is probalbly best for her to be an "insider". Safer for her and less heartaches. Do you know if she is spayed? Post some pictures of her for us.
Love hearing about Peyton----makes me want to hold him and inhale him. Have not had the pleasure of a tiny one for quite a spell. In fact I believe, big brother---Jeremiah, was the last one. Aren't they about the same age difference as PK and Dave?
Nothing really new around here---grass is growing--fast. Getting it under control is going to be a real challenge. The rain has kept it wet---hard to cut, and I have been working more and been under the weather a bit. So there it sits growing and growing, waiting for the mower. It will happen--eventually. Monday (13th) we get our new gas stove. I am so ready for it---want to be able to stand right up to heat radiating from a source.

Hello, ya all         February 10, 2006
From: Bruce
I mailed out copies of the petition a couple of days ago so you should have them soon.

We just finished having our water pipes replaced. It didn't sound like such a big deal when we started but what an ordeal. We were without water for only one day but they were working on the system for over a week. Very hard to cook when they are working on the pipes, so we got to sample the wares of a new little shopping center nears us, Mr. Pickles - good sandwiches; The Pita Pita - good pita; and Strings - disappointing pasta. At least now we have real water pressure throughout.

         February 15, 2006
From: dave
Bruce we got the petition. We just had all our plumbing redone a few months ago too. I sure am glad we had it done cuz starting Friday a cold arctic blast going to hit us & I always worry about pipes freezing. PK glad to hear Jeremiah & Peyton doing good. Looking forward to seeing them in May. Lila guess your enjoying your heater now. I know what you mean I love standing in front of the pellet stove & have the heat hit me on cold days. Sure hope Micah can make it in May, long time no see. Calico cat has been with us for ten days now & she is fitting in well. Linda has named her Sheba. Linda is on vacation this week so we are remodeling one of the rooms so it will be her sewing & puter room when she retires.

Hello Everybody         February 20, 2006
From: Keith
Thanks Dave, Peyton is doing great and Jeremiah is a character and a half. For those of you I haven't told yet, we had some bad news last month from Tim and Julie. They are going to get a divorce I hadn't said anything until now because I was hoping they would work it out and get on with the good life, but it looks like that will not be the case. It is difficult to believe it could be happening immediately after the birth of their second child, but it looks like it is.

I wish I had better news, but that's it for now. Hoping for a miracle.

         February 21, 2006
From: dave
Sorry to hear about Tim & Julie, hope they can work things out, if not hope they can keep things good for the boys. We got a couple inches of snow Saturday & today is the first day we have been above freezing. Hope all is melted away by tomorrow, getting cabin fever need to get out & hit the links.

         February 24, 2006
From: Lila
Just back from a week in Sacramento. Was hoping to meet little Peyton while there, but that did not work out. Will do it next month. PK and Bev took me to a "very cool" tea house in Old Sacramento---Earl Grey Tea House.
We did receive the petition a while back, too, BL. I remember you saying we don't need to do anything.
We got our new stove (the day I left for Sac). I have it on right now, and loving it. I saw Keith and Bev's electric fire place----It is very nice, cozy.
Love to you all,

Hello....................         March 10, 2006
From: Lila
Where is everyone????????? I keep checking, and no new entries. Maybe that means all is well with all.
I had a bit of a scare. I was called back to do more chest x-rays because of a shadow in my left lung. Went back took 3 more pictures----was told I do not have a "mass"-----I guess that would mean cancer. I was certainly relieved to hear this from my doctor. The official mail I received was..."xray shows changes consistent with COPD or emphysema. There is also a possible density at the left lung base". I take more xrays in 3 months. I have not talked with the doctor since all of this. I am pretty sure I have emphysema. I smoked a lot, and Mom had it. Thank God I quit when I did.
This Sunday Elaine, Kathy, Bruce and I are doing the Butte hike. This weather---rain and more rain---had us a bit nervous, but it is a "go".

         March 11, 2006
From: dave
Hi all-- I have been busy getting the ELD secret garden cleaned up & putting my compost & mulched leaves in the veggie garden. This is my favorite time of year everything starting fresh again. Rhonda has been having some bad headaches & the medication helps but it makes her feel crazy & irritable so she has decided to have the surgery on the tumor. April 13th is her surgery day. A Ft. Smith doctor, she says she feels he is good, kinda scary. Lila glad your xray showed no mass. As much as we smoked in our hay days I am sure I have emphysema too, plus this getting a year older so fast isn't helping. David & his girl friend in Ak. broke up & he is back living in Ark. I went down & got my airline ticket for the May 27th celebration.

Buttes         March 12, 2006
From: Bruce
Today was the big day as Lila, Elaine, Kathy, and I headed for a hike in the Buttes. Things started out with high hopes and only a light rain that we hoped would clear. We found a small waterfall near a little lake where our tourguide, Marty, was giving one of his talks. Things just continued to get more wet and wild as we reached the summit.

Buttes         March 13, 2006
From: Bruce

Since the weather didn't let up during the two hour hike up, we decided to head back as soon as we reached the summit. Altogether it was quite an adventure and one we would like to do again when the weather is not quite so challenging.

Buttes         March 13, 2006
From: Bruce

And of course, here is our leader, Marty, the owner of this section of the Buttes.

Prius         March 30, 2006
From: Bruce
Kathy and I are in Colorado to buy an 02 Toyota Prius which I think was a good enough deal to pay for our trip. We drove around Colorado Springs today and enjoyed it very much.

         March 31, 2006
From: Lila
Lovely! Is that one of those part battery/part gas cars? My friend, Alan, bought one a couple of years ago, and he is very happy with it. It makes no noise when running on the battery part. I was very impressed with it------the way to go.

Prius         April 2, 2006
From: Bruce
Yes, it is a hybrid and the gas motor quits when you come to a stop at an intersection which feels a little disconcerting at first. Overall, it drives pretty well for such a little thing.

Rhonda         April 13, 2006
From: Lila
Today is the day of Rhonda's surgery. Thinking about her, and sending love her way. Let us know how it goes, Dave.

         April 13, 2006
From: Dave
Aimee called & said Rhonda was in surgery little over seven hours. The doctor said he is sure he got it all & it was larger than they thought it was. She will be in ICU for couple days then on the floor for five or six days if everything goes well. Linda & I are going to drive over on Saturday, will write more after the visit.

Rhonda         April 13, 2006
From: Keith
Sounds good so far Dave, praying for her complete recovery. Hopefully that will be the end of her headaches

Rhonda         April 13, 2006
From: Bruce
That sounds promising. Glad they are confident they got all of it. What hospital is she in?

         April 16, 2006
From: dave
Went to see Rhonda yesterday she seems to be doing good. High spirits with little pain she is getting morphine every hour when needed. She looks a lot better than I thought she would. Two black eyes & small amt swelling in face. They only had to cut a small patch of hair right in the front. If all goes well she will get out of ICU today & be on the ward for about four to six days. She is at Sparks hospital in Ft. Smith. The doctor told her good thing they did it now & not wait cuz it was larger than they thought. He said it was about the size of a ping pong ball.

Rhonda         April 16, 2006
From: Keith
That's so good that Rhonda is responding so well. I thought they might keep her in a drug induced coma until she recovered a bit more from her wound.

Looks like her gut feeling to do it now was the right one. Any idea yet as to when she'll be heading home?

Rhonda         April 16, 2006
From: Lila
Love and hugs to Rhonda, and all of you there with her.

Rhonda Home?         April 22, 2006
From: Lila
Wondering if Rhonda is home yet, and how she is feeling?
Our May Gathering is coming up on us.....May 27th, right? Does anyone have any thoughts on the day? You have the plaque don't you, Bruce?
How long are you staying, Dave? Hoping you will have time to come to YC.

         April 22, 2006
From: dave
Talked with Rhonda on the phone last night she has been home for a couple days now & says she is doing good. Still weak & has the black eyes & small amt of swelling but no drainage & is down to two pain pills a day.

I will be getting into Sac Friday 26th & flying out on Sunday 28th. I guess we will do the plaque at the tree & what ever y'all come up with.

Rhonda         April 22, 2006
From: Keith
Sounds like Rhonda is recovering at a good pace. I thought her hospital stay would be much longer. Can you send me her home address Dave. I had all my addresses in an electronic rolodex and when the battery went out I lost everything and it was not backed up. I couldn't believe it would not be there when I put the new batteries in. Bummer design.

I'm wondering if we are going to have the same people at the gathering as we had last year. Does anybody know who all is coming?

Rhonda         April 23, 2006
From: Bruce
That's so good to hear that Rhonda is back home and doing well. Sounds like most of it is over with and she can concentrate on getting back to normal.

I do have the plaque. I heard that some people put a coating on them to preserve the apearance since the letters aren't the raised type but inscribed in the brass. So, I will try to do that soon.

I just noticed that I have a flaw in my dating system. Keith's message says Sunday April 22. I think that is because a while ago I discovered that if a message was sent after 9 p.m. (Pacific time)it was imporperly showing it as the next day. So, I must have changed the date to account for that, but not the day of the week.

Gathering         April 23, 2006
From: Lila
I know y'all are feeling blessed to have Rhonda home, and doing good, good, good.
As far as I know, you are the only "out of towner" coming, Dave. I have not heard any more from Micah on the subject. Maybe I'll drop him a line.
I will be hooking up with Dean soon, and then we can set definate times----get a plan.

Final Distribution         April 26, 2006
From: Bruce
Good News! The Browns Valley property was finally transferred yesterday. I will pay the court costs for the transfer from the account and then distribute the balance. Checks should be received in a few days. That should close the account and end the trust. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

Final Distribution         April 26, 2006
That sounds good to me Bruce. Thank you for all your work in that area, good job brother.

         April 27, 2006
From: dave
Bruce--- We thank you for the work you had to do.
We're glad we have a brother like you.

See everyone in about a month.

         April 27, 2006
From: Lila
That is really good news, BL----thank you. I am finally trying to get my bedroom floor and the wash room floor finished. So mine is spent all ready.
Elaine and I are planting a small garden----yikes! Lot's of work----but that is good work.
Look forward to seeing you all on the 27th---if not sooner.

Final Distribution         April 28, 2006
From: Keith
Just a "FYI" I got my check today. Very welcome addition to the finances.

Final Distribution         April 29, 2006
From: Lila
Me too

Testing         May 12, 2006
From: Linda
Sorry, still checking this out to see if I can send a picture of David's garden.

Testing         May 13, 2006
From: Bruce
The only limitation is that the picture should be about 50k or less in size.

David's garden         May 14, 2006
From: David & Linda
Attempting picture again

David's garden         May 17, 2006
From: Bruce
Nice shade garden Dave. Wish I could get a ground cover to do so well, like a thick carpet.

David's garden         May 17, 2006
From: Keith
Garden looks great and the gardener looks sooo happy.

Gardens         May 21, 2006
From: Lila
Love what you do in the yard, Dave. Looking forward to seeing you here in Sac. & YC-----hope to pick your mind a bit.
I was going gung-ho on our yard/garden when I got zapped-----been down for 2 weeks now. Thanks, to Elaine, everything didn't die out there. I am coming around now----still not up to par. Hope to be totally back on track by the 27th.
It was my emphysema----I over did it mowing etc, and the air was bad----and lots of pollen was floating aroung out there. Brought me to my knees. I think I learned a good lesson, and was reminded that I am coming up on 71 now----things are different. While I was at the doctors she did a follow up on my lung exray. Have not heard anything----taking that as good news.
See you all next Saturday

Plaque         May 29, 2006
From: Bruce
Putting a picture up from Saturday to see how it looks.

         May 30, 2006
From: Dave
Hi all-- was great getting to see almost everyone. I had a great time thanks. The flight back was better than the flight out. Linda & I mowed most of the day yesterday a chance of rain this afternoon so today I am going to just lay around & rest up. Lila & Elaine I forgot to tell you I read that putting used cat litter in gopher & mole tunnels will drive them away.

         May 30, 2006
From: Lila
Saturday was a lovely day----enjoyed our time together very much. Missed Elaine, but glad that Dave made it to YC. Don't know what is going on---so much "sickness" going on. Elaine is still not up to par, and I am beginning to feel like I will never be "normal" again. I go back to the doctor on Friday. Hopefully I will be feeling better by then--or find out why I am not feeling better.
How interesting, Dave,----used cat litter to drive out gophers and moles. Believe me, we have a lot of that. Will have to give it a try.
Nice picture, BL. I just discovered that I can print our the pictures you put on the family page. So cool! I guess I will break down and get a color ink cartilage.

Photos         May 31, 2006
From: Bruce
Those were challenging conditions for pictures in the bright sun. If the sun wasn't directly on the face, it went dark in that harsh shadow effect. Lila's red top in that photo above does add a nice focal point. The memorial tree is on the right.

Family Day         June 3, 2006
From: Keith
I know the get together has just passed, but I think this might be a good time to open the discussion of where we are going to meet next year.

I've heard it mentioned a couple of times that we should try to find a meeting place halfway between Sacramento and Fort Gibson.

I'm thinking if we do that we should plan to stay at least three days, or maybe more?

I suppose the most difficult thing will be finding a time that will work for everybody. I don't know how many are in favor, or opposed to the notion so maybe y'all can fill in the blanks on that.

Family Day         June 8, 2006
From: Lila
Not too soon to be thinking about next year---in my opinon. My suggestion would be a place where camping is an option. If Elaine and I both go we will be bringing the dogs. I have no ideas on where or where half way between Sac, and FT. Gibson would be. Thinking Dave and Linda would be a bit familar with the trip...........yes?

         June 8, 2006
From: Dave
I would think either western New Mexico or eastern Arizona would be close to 1/2 way. I would think there would be some nice parks for camping in either state. Super hot here might hit the triple digits this weekend. Tomorrow my friend & I are going to Wolf Ridge golf course to meet Kirk & his friend. Hoping we can beat them this time, last time we played they won two rounds & we tied one.

Family Day         June 11, 2006
From: Bruce
That area sounds good and that would probably be the perfect time of year to visit. I'm thinking it wouldn't be too hot there in mid-May.

Rentals         June 28, 2006
From: Elaine
Yes I think May will be a good time to avoid the heat and the summer rush, but we should avoid Memorial Day weekend. Also, I heard about the possibility of finding a we did at the beach (can't think of the name) for Ellie's 75th birthday. I have a couple on line addresses( which I can't find at the moment). But I will check into if everyone is interested?

Rentals         June 30, 2006
From: Bruce
That sounds like a good idea Elaine. That type of place could accommodate pets as well?

Rentals         July 6, 2006
From: Dave
That sounds good to us Elaine, let us know as soon as you get the info. Yep we should avoid Memorial Day weekend. I think the 1st or 2nd week in May be good time. Get home before the holiday traffic gets started.

         July 12, 2006
From: Dave
Well went & had CAT-scan of my chest & abdomen today. It was bad news they found nodules on my lung & liver. The doctor wants me to go back tomorrow for another CAT-scan of abdomen & pelvis to get a closer look to see if it is operable. Will let you know as soon as we find out what the score is.

Cat-scan         July 12, 2006
From: Elaine
So bummed about your cat-scan results, David. Sounds like the operation will be the good news? Keeping thoughts of health and healing for you. Lila's Dr. finally got back to her about her lung situation.....said it is probably just from the pneumonia and will just "watch It". Love you, Elaine

Cat-scan         July 12, 2006
From: Lila
Thinking about you, Dave and Linda, and sending love and prayers for your healing.
My cat-scan showed something still in my lungs (I think the doctor called it a shadow). She feels that most likely it is from the pneumonia I just got over, and I go back in 3 months for another scan.
Wish you guys were not so far away............missing you

Cat-scan         July 13, 2006
From: Keith
I've not been on here for over a week and just saw your last message. I guess you had your second cat-scan yesterday. I pray it is encouraging and that situation can be successfully operated on and get you back in your garden.

Will be in constant prayer, let us know as soon as you find out anything.

Love you


Cat-Scan         July 13, 2006
From: Keith
I misread the date on your post. You're probably having that second cat-scan right now. So hopefully we'll get the good news tomorrow.



Dave's diagnosis         July 19, 2006
From: Linda & Dave
The news about David is not good. He has large cell carcinoma of the lung with a very large mass in the upper and mid lobes of the right lung and numerous nodules throughout both lungs and mets to the liver and pancrease. We have an appointment to discuss chemotherapy one week from Thursday.He is very weak today as we just got home from the hospital and the reality of the diagnosis has just him him really hard.
I will be quitting work to take care of him-wish us the best. It is going to be rough but he wants to fight it -so we will fight it together. Love to all-Linda

Dave's diagnosis         July 19, 2006
From: Keith
God bless you Dave and Linda. I will be in constant prayer for the fight you are putting up. Needless to say everybody here is stunned. I appreciate you very much. I know there are no words of comfort that are possible right now, just know that you are greatly loved.

Love, Keith

Dave's diagnosis         July 19, 2006
From: Lila
Dearest Dave and Linda,

Love you both very much, and my prayers are with you.
Thank you for the detailed update, Linda. Feeling very emotional right now----will be in touch.

Love you all

Dave's diagnosis         July 20, 2006
From: Bruce
Dave and Linda: If there is anything you need or anything we can do, don't hesitate to ask.

I'm still stunned but trying to think of positive good thoughts about all this.

Family Discussion         July 20, 2006
From: kathy
Dave & Linda: Bruce and I send our love across the miles to help in your recovery. I'm still in shock over the news. Kathy

Family Discussion         July 20, 2006
From: David&Linda
We received Keith's e-mail about the family coming to visit-I printed the e-mail for David to read and he said he appreciates the thoughts but he really doesn't want any visitors. He isn't able to talk on the phone very often and then just for a few minutes because he starts coughing and wheezing and then it takes a long time for him to quit coughing and wears him out.
I would love to see everyone but I just don't think David could tolerate it. The kids all want to see him and he says if they only stay an hour and only 15 minutes if he is having a coughing episode.
We do appreciate your thoughts and prayers and hope for a miracle. We have another Dr. appointment at 1:30 tomorrow to get more medicine for breathing treatments and more antibiotics.
Love to all of you, Linda

         July 26, 2006
From: Dave
I was suppose to go to Muskogee tomorrow at the cancer care associates but after Linda checked them out it didn't sound like a good deal. Now I have an appt. with the Cancer Care Center of America Friday in Tulsa. If we are happy with them I will start my treatments on Monday. They give chemo, radition, surgery, organic diet & massage therpy. Holistic approach. Thanks to all for the good thoughts & offers. See y'all in May if not sooner. Take care Love Dave

Treatment         July 27, 2006
From: Lila
That sounds real good, Dave. Covers all the bases. Hope it turns out to be good to you---and you will be starting your treatments on Monday. Keep us posted.
Love you................

Treatment         July 27, 2006
From: Bruce

That does sound like a good approach. It makes sense to treat patients in as many ways as possible, or at least to have that option.

         July 28, 2006
From: Dave
We were real pleased with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Went around & met my chemo doctor, case worker, patient advocate & patient education nurse. We signed all the paper work & I had my blood work done. Monday we go back & meet the Pulmonoligist & get Xray's then meet the person in charge of Naturopath medicine. Then they will put a porta-cath in & they will start the chemo on Tuesday it takes six hours. They have rooms so we will spend Monday night & Tuesday night there & if everything goes ok we come home Wednesday. After that I go back one day every three weeks for my six hour chemo treatment. Then after four treatments they do some cat-scan & if everything ok keep same drugs & routine for six months. If not responding to these two drugs then start over with other drugs. According to my chemo doctor my large cell cancer usally responds well to the two drugs he is starting me out on. My patient education nurse said some people say the side effects are not real bad & only last about a week, but more say they feel sick & weak & don't start feeling ok until a couple days before another treatment, bummer but if it will put it in remission after six months it be worth it.

Treatment         July 29, 2006
From: Keith
Hey Dave & Linda,

I'm glad to hear you've found, what sounds to be, an excellent treatment and therapy organization. How are you feeling? Apparently I had the wrong slant on the Chemo treatment. I was thinking it was a medicine you ingest. What all does it involve?

I hope to see you before May. Let us know when you will be up to the company.

My surgery was originally scheduled for the 30th of August, but yesterday I had a conference with the surgeon and he moved it up to the 16th. He said I will be recuperating anywhere from six to twelve weeks. If indeed it is 12 mos that will be into November. I'm hoping for the six week version.

Keep on getting better and maybe we can get in a round or two of ping-pong baseball in preparation for the big tournament in 2026.

Love ya,

         August 3, 2006
From: Dave
Got back from the cancer treatment center last evening. Had porta-cath put in lt.side my chest cath sutured into my subclavin vein for my chemo. Had my first dose of chemo Tue evening & so far no nausea so I am sure happy about that. Tomorrow have to go back & have a bronch done to see if they can do Bracky therapy, (planting small raditioactive seeds around the large tumor in my rt. lung which is right at the middle lobe where the bronch comes in & that is what making me short of breath. If they can & it works it will shrink it & that will be great to be able to get a full breath again. Also had consults with psychologist, nutrition therapist & naturopathie physician. Started on natural organic supplements to maximize chemo benefits & minimize side effects. Right now about all I do is lay around & sleep & read. Hope it won't be long before I get back some of my vim & vigor & can work out in the gardens. Love to all Dave

         August 3, 2006
From: Bruce
That is good news that the chemo is not causing nausea. Hope it is feasible to plant the seeds and shrink the tumor. Get lots of R&R so you can get back out in the garden!

big brothers         August 3, 2006
From: elaine
Hey big brothers.... tender years return, spinning into the unknown of aging... Oh, I feel so sad, knowing that you are both being slowed down due to circunstances beyond control. But when I read your emails, I feel hopeful that you will fight the good fight and come out bouncing. Sounds like you are both in good spirits, considering. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts.

         August 4, 2006
From: Lila
So glad to read that it went well for you at the cancer treatment center, Dave. Hope you are soon out there in your wonderful gardens. I know that would be good therapy.
I am here at Dean's place. He, Steph, and the four kids fly to Hawaii this morning. I am house/dog, with Roxy, Wendy, and Sadie. Right now the dogs are all hyped up----being here, and the three of them arranging their "pack". It is very interesting to watch. Wendy is the big boss (a bit like her Mom, yes?). She keeps busy making sure the other dogs do what she thinks they should be doing, and especially that Roxy does not get too much of my attention. Ms Sadie seems to have a hard time to just relax and enjoy herself (a bit like her Mom, yes?). She totally enjoys being with Roxy, but she has to keep her eye on me most of the time. I'm thinking when I'm not here she might let-go a bit. And of course, Roxy, is thrilled to have all this company. She grabs her toy, and runs all over with it---like a happy kid. I'm sure this will mellow time. We will be here about 2 weeks-----Elaine will come and stay for a couple of days next week. And I will return to YC for a couple of nights. Will check up on all the cats living at Monroe Road. I guess I have really turned into the little old women in tennis shoes. Who would have thunk it?????
Love to you all.

         August 4, 2006
From: Keith
I'm really happy to hear you are tolerating the chemo with no sickness Dave. That's one big hurdle. Most of that other stuff you wrote is a bit over my head, but I like the part about shrinking the large tumor and helping you to breathe better. If that happens maybe you'll get a lot of that energy back. I love your attitude and I think that is very important in winning that struggle. In the meantime getting a lot of sleep is probably one of the best things you can do to help get your strength up.

Thanks for the nice thoughts Elaine. I do have a confidence that my surgery will be a success and I am looking forward to being afib free. We'll see.

Love, hugs


         August 5, 2006
From: Linda
David asked me to write and to let everyone know that he was premature in his initial assessment of the Chemo. Yesterday he started having severe joint pain and today the nausea started and he is very weak. He said to tell you that he may not be writing for a while. We went to the Cancer Center yesterday and he could have nothing to eat or drink from 7:30 AM until 4:15 PM which of course made all of the adverse symptoms much worse. The broncoscopy went well and Dr.Nader stated the original large mass was no longer blocking his main breathing tubes and he thinks David also has emphysema in addition to the cancer. Dr. Nader stated there would be no need for the radiation seeds as the main breathing tubes are fairly clear now and the only option is the chemo.
After we were released from the surgery area, we had to wait another 2.5 hours to be seen by a medical Dr. who could write a script for pain pills and by that time the facility pharmacy was closed and we had to find a pharmacy in Broken Arrow so David could get some relief. It was a very rough day for the Okies.
This morning he started having nausea but at least this time we were prepared as I had talked with David's case manager yesterday and got a script for nausea meds in case he needed them over the weekend. I am hoping the aching and nausea will not last long but we are just taking it one day at a time right now. Good luck to Keith with your cardiac surgery-we will be thinking of you. Love to all.

         August 5, 2006
From: Keith
That is some hard news. Once a patient has such a reaction, what are the odds that he will continue to suffer from the chemo? Is there a good liklihood that his system will adjust and begin to handle it better?

How severe is the emphysema? I pray it is not going to cause any more complications.

At least it is good news about the main breathing tubes being clear. I hope that will help with the recovery.

I know this has to be very difficult for you Linda, seeing Dave suffering like that. I pray the Lord will grant you extra strength and stamina to help you in this time and to speed Dave's recovery.

Love, Keith

         August 11, 2006
From: Dave
Well today has been a really good day for me, yesterday Linda & I went to the cancer treatment center to see the pulmonolgist & my pain management doctor. The pulmonolgist said the biopsy they took last week showed I have MRSA & it is just colinized right now & if I were in normal condition he wouldn't do any treatment but since I take the chemo & it lowers the WBC which fights infections he starting me on an antibiotic so if my WBC get to low to fight it's spreading the antibiotics will do the trick. Then after I told my pain magmnt doctor how rough last week was he has started me on a stronger pain med & a med to take at night for anxiety. So far so good -last night got my first good full night sleep & very mild pain in the knees. PK I asked the doctor if I would get to where I can tolerate the pain & nausea better each time. He said people react by either having as much pain each time or being able to tolerate it more as time passes. But then he said what I really loved hearing if this pain med I am taking now doesn't do the trick we will go stronger to keep me as pain free as possible. Cuz the more pain free you are the better your body can fight the cancer. This cancer center is great- everyone seems concerned & really cares about you.

PK let us know Monday what the doc says & what your schedule is. We will be sending good thought all next week.

I am hoping by next week I will be able to get out & do a little work in the secret garden, poor Linda has been having to take care of everything, she has done a great job.

Love to all,

Good days         August 11, 2006
From: Keith
So glad to hear you're back into good days. What is MRSA? Hoping you have many more such days and stay pain free.

All I know about my surgery schedule is that I am second on the list. I don't know what type of operation #1 is having, nor do I know if the number 2 relates to the operating room, or the doctor's schedule.

I'll put a post on here the 15th, I'll know as much then as I'm going to know.

Love, Keith

         August 11, 2006
From: Bruce
Dave, good to hear you are getting a handle on things. Hope the pain is manageable. If the temp I saw for Tulsa is right, you guys are still cooking. 107!

PK, I looked up MRSA - Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a specific strain of the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. Sounds like a staph infection.

I'm sure you'll have a smooth operation on the bypass and the Maze . . and a speedy recovery.

         August 12, 2006
From: lila
Good to read that you are doing so much better, Dave, and that you have such a good support system working with you. Is Bruce right----107? Yikes. I am so ready for this hot weather to be over.
Elaine is going to help me do a KHC job in Danville on Monday. We have to pick up a lot of housewares from a 3 bedroom house----big job. I'm so glad E is able to help me. Hope we manage to get out of the bay area before the traffic gets bad.
I will be heading home on Wed----the day of your surgery, Keith. Will be thinking of you, and sending my love.

Right now sending love to all 3 of you brothers!

         August 15, 2006
From: Keith
I just got back from the hospital and am full of information. The surgery is on for tomorrow and the guy that was number one on the list got bumped and I am now numero uno. I have to be there at 5:30 a.m.

The hospital gave me a PIN to give to all my relatives. The number is 6580 and if you call while I am in ICU the 16th and 17th the phone number is 916-453-4444. Give the PIN number and they will give you protected health information about me. After I am out of ICU my phone number will be 453-4434.

I am upbeat and looking forward to having this behind me. The doc said the first two days post op are pretty rough then it smooths out. He said I will be asked to get out of bed and walk to the toilet the first evening and each day thereafter a little bit more and by day five I should be walking all around the hospital. Sounds good to me.

Hopefully by day six I'll be on my way home with no more blockage and no more afib.

Love, Keith

         August 15, 2006
From: Dave & Linda
Keith-- We will be pulling for you tomorrow that all goes smooth-we will keep you in our thoughts and hearts.
Love you!
Dave & Linda

Keith's Surgery         August 16, 2006
From: Bruce
I just checked at the hospital and Keith was just getting settled in after surgery. I didn't get the details because they said the nurse was in the room with the family, but he seemed to come through fine.

Keith's Surgery         August 17, 2006
From: Dave
Called this morn & talked with PK's nurse she said his vital signs were good & he got up this morn & sat in chair, & had a bowl of jello. She said the only problem he had was a little A-Fib during the night but that wasn't uncommon following surgery. Sounds like he is doing good hope his recovery is fast.

Keith's Surgery         August 19, 2006
From: Bruce

Just saw Keith this morning. He looks pretty good and seemed to be in good spirits. He's still in an ICU, but a different one than he was first in. He said they did a five way bypass and took veins from both legs. There is also the possibility that they could put in a pacemaker, which has something to do with the Maze procedure they did to cure the A-fib. When Kathy and I left, Jennifer, Beverly, Cody, and others were there so he'll have lots of company today.

Keith's Surgery         August 20, 2006
From: lila
I had talked to Bev yesterday, and she said they were a bit disappointed that Keith did not get out of ICU the other day. But she said it is a much nicer space for him. When i talked to Keith's nurse he said he had a temporary pace maker---that it is standard procedure after heart surgery. It is all very confusing---I am just praying that this will be the end of his A-fib problems. Elaine and I are headed to Sac, to see Keith, on Tuesday. Bev also said he is very unhappy with the hospital food.

Thinking about you and Linda, Dave. Hope you are feeling stronger, and able to check out the gardens. My garden is full of grass, but I am getting cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, butternut squash, and basil. Exciting for me.

Headed out to Ruth's now. Love you all

Keith's Surgery         August 20, 2006
From: Bruce
Keith is out of ICU now and in a private room. He is moving around better, but it still takes a lot out of him to walk a bit. He has the temporary pacemaker and they are still considering a permanent one just depending on how he reacts. Also, he has some draining tubes still in, which he was hoping to get out before now. Seems like he is making good progress day by day.

Keith's Surgery         August 23, 2006
From: Elaine
Lila and I visited Keith yesterday. I thought he looked amazingly well, considering all he has gone through. His spirits were high too. He managed to tell at least two jokes in the short time we were there. He was eager to get home, but said the hospital experience was good. Had his own room and appreciated the nurses working with him. David, he said you sounded good on the phone and that you were playing golf again. Good to hear. Am keeping you both in my thoughts.

Keith's Surgery         August 25, 2006
From: Bruce
Keith just got approval to go home this evening so if everything goes well he should be home soon, if not already.

Home again         August 26, 2006
From: Keith
I was happy to get home last night. Believe it or not my biggest post-surgical problem is a yeast (thrush mouth)infection that came along to rain on my parade. I first noticed it maybe the 22nd and wasn't too put off by it at first, but it got worse and worse and I brought it to the nurse's attention. Even though it was getting troubling I still didn't think it was going to be so bad. I was wrong. Since I have an upper plate and my palate was so sore, I could not chew at all. The teeth had to stay out. I was getting very little nourishment the last couple of days and started feeling sick because of it. Beverly put the Vita-Mix to use and I have been getting good nourishment all this day. I feel so much better tonight, but the yeast is still wreaking havoc over my mouth. I was told the medication I am on will take care of it in a couple of days--has the word couple been redefined?

Sorry to start this off with such a complaint. I really am thrilled with how well everything has gone and do anticipate a full recovery. I had heard right along that Mercy General was the best for heart treatment and I certainly agree. If it weren't for the state of OK we'd have the best nurses in the country right here.

I guess I am a slow learner when it comes to learning to slow down. They kept telling me in the hosp to slow down, slow down and it seemed so weird because it didn't seem possible to go any slower than I was going, but I'm finally starting to learn. I guess I'm just a compulsive speeder.

I love you all and thank you all very much for your support, it was a great comfort.

         August 28, 2006
From: lila
Here's hoping that your mouth problem is on the way out, PK. That has to be miserable.
Our garden is getting lots of butternut squash. The good thing about butternut is they keep a long time, and I have a great recipe for a butternut pie. Sounds very weird, but it is good (and it is pretty healthy). We are also getting several eggplants now. Not doing so well with the tomatoes (darn). Got some new ones coming on, but doubt that they will ripen...........then there is always fried green tomatoes---yum. Still getting good cucumbers (cukes and tomatoes make me think of Dad, and his gardens).
Getting ready to head over to Ruth's place---will spend tonight with her. Elaine is off tomorrow--so she will deal with all the animals.
The senior center, here, has a senior handyman program. They have sent us a fellow (Dick) to unstick our windows, and put screens on. As a bonus he is fixing my "cat-window"----so I can close it off in the winter, but the cats can still go in and out. He is a retired teacher (neat fellow). What a great program!!! I say thank you.................
Wondering how it goes in OK? Good to hear that you are out golfing again, Dave.
What is going on with you and Kathy, BL?
Love ya all.

         August 29, 2006
From: Dave
Hi all-- Keith hope you have that thrush under control now, when I first started chemo my case worker told me I might get sores in mouth so I started gargling with salt & baking soda so far so good. Lila & Elaine sounds like you have a great garden going my veggie garden is done since I didn't get to water & care for it during those very hot days, Linda has kept the secret garden going & now that the weather is cooling down some I am hoping to be able to get out & do some weeding & pruning soon. It has been six days since I had my last chemo the nausea & joint pain finally over today, I just feel weak & tired. Maybe by Thur I will feel good enough to go golfing in senior scramble & start working outside some. Has anyone come up with a meeting place for are get together in May?

Love to all Dave

         August 29, 2006
From: Bruce
Hi siblings, Kathy and I are doing pretty well. I have started landscaping with a little more vengence since we had that heat wave and I couldn't get out to do much. No veggies though, I envy those with fresh picked produce. We will soon be losing our big American Elm in our front yard. It got Dutch elm disease and the City will remove it soon. It'll take some time to adjust after being so used to seeing it there for so long. My native plants are going through a challenge. Too much summer sun for the shade plants so I'll have to transplant them. They did so well in the winter and spring. Also, my native redbud (state tree of OK) is being eaten by someting, but still keeps growing.

Kathy and I are still doing Yoga-Chi on Saturdays. For quite a while in the spring, we were the only ones showing up for class. I thought we might lose it for lack of interest so we made up some flyers and put them out at the community center. Don't know if that had an effect but now we have a pretty healthy class again. A little mixed emotions though, now we don't get all the personal attention we had when it was just the two of us.

Fall         September 1, 2006
From: Elaine
So glad to hear everyone is out and about enjoying the cooler weather. I have to say, I am reluctant to welcome in fall... I haven't had nearly enough time up on the beautiful Yuba river. Intended to get up there last week but didn't feel up to it. Am hoping to go next week for a (probably last of season) fling. Yes, it has been wonderful having the garden fresh veggies from Lila's garden. One of my favorite treats is cuke, tomatoes, basil sprinkled with a bit of olive oil. I could eat that evey day and not get tired of it. Sorry to hear about your tree, Bruce. I'm sure it will be weird without it. Wonder what is eating your redbuds? So far, ours are doing well. The little manzanita died though. Think it didn't get enough sun. David, I have not checked into the rental houses because I have misplaced(not lost) the contact info. But I think it can be found on the net thing-a-ma-bob. So hopefully will soon have some info about that. Love to all.

         September 8, 2006
From: Dave
Hi All--- The weather has been real nice this last week, so we have been getting quite abit of work done in the gardens. Lots of weed pulling, dead heading & pruning. Christian made the 6 year old football team he started out at running back but now is playing quarterback. He is real excited. Yesterday was my lucky day at the senior golf scramble. My 1st partner & I took 1st place with 5 under par to win forty bucks each. Then my 2nd partner & I took 3td place with 2 under par for fifteen more bucks. Tomorrow I am going to go to another tournament & see if my luck holds out. Then Sunday & Monday will try getting lots done in the garden if it doesn't rain, 40% chance of rain they say, I sure hope we get some of it. Next Tuesday I go for my third chemo treatment so will not be doing much for that week.

Love to all

         September 14, 2006
From: Dave
Hi all-- Just got back from the Cancer Treatment Center. Had my third dose of chemo, Dr Dave (Dahvay)he is from India. He said I have gained five pounds & my color & circulation is good. My blood work was all very good the only thing high was my Liver function was a little high but it was better than three weeks ago. He said with everything looking so good he is 90% sure the chemo is working. I go back in three weeks for my fourth dose & then after that they will set me up with appt. for Cat-Scan then he will know if it's working. If it is then I will only have two more chemo treatments & then come just for test make sure it is staying in remission.

Love to all

Dave & Linda

         September 14, 2006
From: lila
Wonderful news, Dave-----regarding your treatments. Yea--go ahead on! And you are back at the golf--a winner again.
Our weather has cooled off today (turned on the heater), and I am so ready for it. The heat, along with the bad air from a fire going on in the foothills, has been hard on me. Keith said he felt it in his lungs, too, when he was doing his walk.
Next week I am going to Ft. Bragg (did I say this already?). Going to meet Alan there. He is feeling stronger now, and says he is up for the trip. He is doing chemo for his CLL, and having good results.
Too bad about your tree, BL. When Dean lost some trees, at Bullion, due to disease, the city gave him replacements for free. Do you plan on putting in another tree there?
I planted a little Japanese Maple, and it is struggling to make it. But I keep watering it, and it is hanging in there. Sure hope it makes it. I also have a dwarf lemon to plant----waiting for the weather to stay cool. I dug a hole for it, and before I got it in the ground a bunch morning glorys (sp?) filled up the hole. Oh well, it seems to be fine in the pot---even has a lemon on it.
Love ya all.

         September 14, 2006
From: Keith
That news sounds about as good as it gets Dave. Is your system handling this last dose well? With that news it has to make any problem area a lot easier to put up with.

Bruce drove me to my appointment with my surgeon's Nurse Practitioner today. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see the surgeon himself, but the nurse was very informative and she's a lot cuter so it worked out pretty well. She said everything is looking good. I was given clearance to start driving tomorrow so I won't have to be bugging folks for rides anymore. It was sure nice and greatly appreciated to get so much help from so many while I was grounded though. And I thank you Lila and Elaine for the home visits. They were a blessing to me. And thank you Bruce for the faithful hospital visits, I greatly enjoyed the times you spent with me there.

I would be feeling much better today if I hadn't gone for a walk in that bad air Tuesday. I was totally over my cough, but now it is back with me. Oh well, the good news makes everything better. They said I could get back on the tread mill so no more worries about bad air!

Congrats again Dave on your great news.

Take care all,

Love Keith & Bev

         September 15, 2006
From: Bruce
Good news yesterday for Dave and Keith both. Wasn't that Dean's birthday . . and a good news day?

Kathy said they are grinding our stump as I type. They are all city trees along the street and they usually replace them with new ones. I'll have to call and see if they have plans to do that in our case.

Hugs to all

         September 16, 2006
From: lila
Yes, it was Dean's birthday. Can you all believe that my son is 51!!! He is a "senior"--hard on me.

Tree         October 3, 2006
From: Bruce
Our tree is history. It came down last week and they put in a new one already. This one is supposed to resist the disease the other one had. I think I'll put in some shrubs around it if the ground isn't too thick with roots.

We might take a cruise in March. Kathy has always wanted to go and she found a vegetarian cruise that leaves from Florida.

I'll try to put up a before and after pic of the tree if it's not too dark.

Tree Etc...........         October 4, 2006
From: lila
That was a beautiful tree you and Kathy lost, Bruce. The before/after difference is pretty stark. Kinda sad. I don't see the new tree in the picture----was it planted in the same spot?
A cruise in March sounds exciting---I had no idea there was such a thing as a vegetarian cruise. Mom would have loved it!
I am hoping to go to Hawaii in March. Did I tell you all that I shall be a grandmother again? Danny's wife, Ginna, is expecting around March 15. I would like to go after the baby is born.
I went to Ft. Bragg for 3 days----picked up Ezzie at Wilbur, and we met Alan (from Arcata) there. It was foggy the whole time---was fine with me. Walked, talked, and ate----good time.
Elaine is headed south later this month.
I have a short story that Gram wrote when she was a young women----won a contest with it. If I send it to you, Bruce, can you put it on our page? I think it is quite good.
How is it going with you and Linda, Dave?
Love to all................

Tree Etc...........         October 5, 2006
From: Bruce

They hadn't taken out the stump or put in the new tree when I took the picture. The new tree isn't much to look at anyway, only a tall stick with some yellowing leaves. It is planted near the old one but farther from the neighbor's driveway, as the old one was right next to the driveway. I had always wondered why they put so many of the trees right next to the driveways in this area. It just now occurred to me that the trees were probably put in first and they added driveways later. I think originally the garages were accessed from the alley.

I should be able to put Gram's story up here one way or the other. Send it to me and I'll give it a try.

         October 5, 2006
From: Dave
Just got back from Cancer Center had my fourth chemo treatment. Will go back on the 25th for a CT Scan of the lungs, liver & pancreas & see if they a shriking. Then the next day I will get my 5th treatment of chemo. Dr. Dave said if it is working then I will only need two more treatments.

Sad to see that tree had to go Bruce, I lost two tree's out in the back field I will need to cut down this winter. Thought I was going to lose my Japanese Maple during the drought & heat in July but it looks like it's going to make it now.

That's good Lila you got to see Ezzie & Alan, how is Alan doing? Tell Danny & Ginna we send congrat's.

Love Y'all

Input         October 7, 2006
From: Elaine
Hi to all. Good to hear you are doing well David. Didn't know you had a JapanseMaple. Lila planted one last spring, but it has been struggling all summer. Hope it makes it. Interesting before and after pictures, Bruce. I didn't realize your house was built in the Alley days. Do you still have the alley in back of your house? Cruise sounds good. Keith, hope you are feeling better every day. Lila said you had a bit of a set back that you will tell us about Tues. If you are up to driving here, I'm thinking you are feeling darn good??? Lila I was surprised to hear you are planning a trip to Hawaii...Very exciting.

         October 8, 2006
From: Keith
Elaine--What you are talking about is the fact that when I was on the treadmill last week taking a stress test with the EKG monitor hooked up, I had what the medical folks refer to as a triple ventricular heartbeat. It is an irregular heartbeat but is not related to atrial fibrillation. The nurse said it could be a serious thing. She said a single beat or even a double beat is no sweat, but a triple beat, as I said, could be a problem. The doctor put me back on a beta blocker, much to my chagrin. I was so happy to get off those drugs. I see my cardio next Tuesday at 8:45 a.m. (That should not hinder my going to Gridley if all else is well so I hope to see you then). I'm not anxious about seeing him because when I do I'm going to tell him I quit taking the statin drug he had me on because of all the horrid reports I've read about it of late. I know he will try to convince me that it would be in my best interest to go back on them but I will be armed with a lot of literature that he will have to convince me is wrong and I don't think he'll be able to do it.

Bruce--When I saw Gram's picture on the side, above I thought her story would be below. After I thought about it though I realized you probably haven't even gotten it from Lila as yet. I just saw the picture for the first time today, how long has it been there? I'm excited about seeing Gram's story.

Dave--We're rooting for the CT Scan on the 25th. I have a strong feeling it is going to be good news.

Lila--Hope to see you Tuesday. Do you think Ruth will be ready for some pinochle? No brainer!

Gram         October 9, 2006
From: Bruce
I just put the picture Gram up a couple of days ago. As they would say in the industry, it's a "tease." I was thinking about making the picture a link to the story. So stay tuned!

Gram         October 11, 2006
From: Bruce
The story written by Gram is up now. Click on the picture of her on the left to get to it. I tried to leave it as typed, but I did make a few small changes. Let me know when you see a typo so I can fix it.

         October 11, 2006
From: Keith
Didn't see a typo. Very enjoyable story.

         October 12, 2006
From: Dave
I enjoyed the story Gramma wrote. Brought back memories of her in Gridley & C.C. Always take time to stop & smell the roses.

Gram         October 12, 2006
From: Bruce
That story had an engaging style, quite literary. I especially liked the use of the clouds and weather to reflect her feelings. One line puzzled me though. "Together we burned the midnight oil trying to capture that elusive something, but failed." At first I thought that Ruth was helping Mary write her book, but I'm not so sure.

         October 12, 2006
From: Keith
I just re-read the story.

         October 12, 2006
From: Keith
I just re-read the story.

         October 12, 2006
From: Keith
Those previous comments were posted prematurely. Somehow I managed to hit submit. I have no idea how that happened. And how I got it on there twice is way beyond my grasp. Sorry about that.

Anyway what I was going to say is that it strikes me that Mary's book was not something that she was physically writing, but the life that she was living. Each event in her life brought about another chapter. Most notably the losses she suffered and the children she bore. Thus, her ultimate crown--Motherhood.

Dave: That is a great photo of Christian. I showed it to Lila and she said that he looks like you. As we looked at the picture together I commented that the left side and the right side of his face look like two different people. Lila said that is exactly what was said about a picture of you when you were about that age. Anyway after she mentioned it I definitely agree with her, your grandson looks like you! Have you been told that already?

         October 13, 2006
From: Dave
Bruce--I agree Gramma's writing was great, I loved some of the lines like fleecy clouds were lazily drifting. I don't think Ruth was helping Mary with the book.

PK-- No nobody has ever said Chriatian looks like me even a tiny bit. I think he looks like Kirk & Sindee. Maybe it just the picture, they use to say in my pictures one side look different than the other. It was cuz when I smiled my lip went up on right side & not on left.

         October 14, 2006
From: Keith
Dave: When I first saw the picture, I definitely thought he looked a lot like Kirk at that age. But I'll bet none of those people who never said Christian looks like you, ever saw a picture of you at that age. (funny sentence).

That's what Lila said about your half-face smile, I think.

Lila, are you going to weigh in on this?

         October 14, 2006
From: lila
Yes, that is what I said about Dave's picture. I especially recall the large photo of you, Dave, that Floyd hand painted. Do you have that picture? It was probably a class picture----like a 5x7 or maybe even bigger. I definitely do see Dave in that picture of Christian......a real cutie, too.
This is the first time I have tuned in since I saw PK on Wednesday. Been feeling real lousy---sleeping a lot.....yada, yada, yada. Elaine has been down with a bug (flu?) since Wednesday. Hope you other sibs are faring well.
Regarding Gram's story: that is a confusing paragraph you referred to. Ruth had success, and Mary's chapter's crept up to the attic. When I first read, together we burned the midnight oil etc, I thought Mary was helping Ruth. Not clear to me----what/who failed. Do you all think Gram felt like a failure? I tried to print the story, but it cuts off the right side-----any way I can move it a bit to the left?
Love to all

         October 15, 2006
From: Dave
Well PK & LL you got me curious about Christian looking like me, so I went out to the garage & got out my old album. I don't have the picture you mentioned Lila but I found a couple of me at about Christian's age & I really don't see any resemblance at all.

Both Linda & I feeling good today, it's been raining since 5:30am so it's a nice lazy day. Hope Lila & Elaine have shaken off the bug now & everyone is feeling tip-top

         October 15, 2006
Here is a picture of me relaxing with Sheba

         October 15, 2006
From: Keith
Dave--Glad to hear you guys are doing so well:I can see that Sheba is more than a little content. You look good and happy in that picture and I'm going to agree with you that you don't look anything like Christian. Enjoy the rain. May it keep you moist throughout the year.

Lila and Elaine--I join Dave in hoping you are both recovered from whatever it was that had you down.

         October 16, 2006
From: Bruce
On gram's story: Since those chapters huddled together and crept up to the attic, literally or figuratively, it seems a safe bet that Ruth wasn't helping Mary with the book. Mary was helping Ruth or they were working on something together? The failure was capturing that elusive something. Whatever that something was, I didn't get the feeling that Mary (or Gram) was saying she was a failure, but just failed at something that they tried hard to achieve.

On printing from web pages: It is common that the right side gets cut off. There is a way to work around it but I can't remember it. I do this instead: (1) select (highlight) all of the text of the story, (2) copy it, (3) paste it into a program like Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. It usually comes out looking pretty good.

Hope all the sibs are up to par this week.

         October 17, 2006
From: Keith
Also about Gram's Story: I don't know how chapters could huddle together and creep up to the attic, but children can do that. It looks like, to me, that in this story, chapters are the children. It's more than a little confusing that she says she was writing a chapter in her book, when talking to Jane in the very first paragraph of the story. Then after little John showed she says she wrote the first chapter in her book. However she did mention that when love came her way the real world showed up and the make believe faded into insignificance. So John is the first real chapter, the others were either of no significance or just unwritten? She also said when she fell in love with John she lost track of her brainchild (book) so perhaps she just started anew.

The elusive something was so elusive it seems she didn't even know what it was. I think it has to have something to do with writing. That line came right after talking about the crown of success shining like a halo on Ruths head. It also seemed that Mary wanted her children to be writers when she spoke of them and wondered, Writers, yes, no, maybe, etc.

A final thought: if Gram felt that Ruth won the crown of success for writing the best essay in high school she must have donned that crown herself when she was awarded first prize in the contest for this story.

         October 27, 2006
From: Dave
Just got back from the CTCA on Wednesday had my scans done & then Thursday saw doctor Dave. He was real pleased with the scans the largest tumor in my lung was 3.5 cenimeters in the beginning now it is only 1.6 centimeters & all the smaller tumors were shrinking too. The tumor in the Kidney & Pancreas are both shrinking too. Then I went & had my chemo yesterday & he has ordered two more after this one then he will repeat the scans. If all clear then I will return in three months for checkup. Even if not all clear he going give me some time off from the chemo to let my body get rejuveated. Going to go rest now after I get feeling stronger about four or five days will send ervyone an e-mail.

Love to all

         October 27, 2006
From: lila
Sounds like things are going very well for you, Dave. So happy to read that. I love the picture of you and Sheba----good looking bald man and beautiful tortie cat----good book title, yes?
Elaine is home from Ojai----she saw Micah while there. Said he looks good and is kept busy with work and school. Hard to believe he is 24 years----yikes. David, too. Days pass, and grandkids grow up, and we grow old----reality!
Elaine said she felt good while down south--we are thinking about how healthy this valley is for us, but the thought moving again is real--real overwhelming.
I am doing okay--energy goes up and down. Had my cat scan on the 22nd. Have not heard anything---that's good. I really do expect this to be the end of it. My blood tests were all in the normal range.
Regarding Gram's Crown: that is a good thought, PK. I bet winning with her story was a crown for her. I did get the story printed---thanks.
You all know that May will be here before we know it....has anyone had a chance to check out a place to meet? I'm thinking someone computer-savy----BL or PK----perhaps.
Love you all.

Good news abounds         October 27, 2006
From: Keith
That news sounds like it is just what we were hoping for Dave. Looks like those tumors are being squeezed out of there. Is remission the best we can look for, or is the total elimination of the cancer yet a possibility? What is the date of the next CT scan? I will bet you are looking forward to that break from the chemo. Very happy for you brother.

You too Lila. Though I'm surprised you haven't heard anything after five days. But you said that was good news so I guess if it had been bad they would have let you know by now. I hope you get your energy back to stay. I know what you mean about hating to move. I think Elaine is doing a search on a halfway meeting spot isn't she? Oh,and thanks for the compliment, but don't put me in BL's league when it comes to computers, I may be about halfway between you and Bruce.

Elaine: When you were living in Ojai were you feeling healthy for most of that time? If so maybe it is the valley that is getting you two down--me too since I got this pulmonary problem. However I am getting better with it, just kind of like the post office--moving very slowly. It's so much fun to make postal jokes now that I don't work for them anymore, seems like I never did.

Take care...

         October 29, 2006
From: Bruce
Dave, that sounds like significant progress in shrinking the tumors. It's great that they are responding so well to the chemo. They must have really effective drugs now.
I thought Elaine had some place in mind for a meeting spot and was just looking for the misplaced material on it.
Did everyone remember to set his or her clock back?

Yes         October 31, 2006
From: Elaine
David is looking so good.....I would love to shave my head, but scared I wouldn"t look so good. In beauty my you walk, David. I am lost about Gram's story. Am I just not remembering? Or was there another story besides the crown??? I haven't been on this line for a while. I just signed up to pay phone bill on line, so I guess that will mean I will be visiting more regularly. Keith, I did enjoy the story you wrote; did you share that on this page? It would be fun to share with others?? Will call you about Thurs. I have an address for vacation rentals, but haven't checked it out yet. The address is , in case anyone wants to check it out too. Yes, I felt relieved of all allergy syptoms while in Ojai. As soon as I got back in the valley, I was hit hard and felt lousy again. We remembered to set our clocks back Bruce. Are you still reccommending the temperpedic matress? I still haven't made a decision and am still not getting a good night's rest.

         November 1, 2006
From: Dave
It has been six days since I had my chemo so starting to feel OK now. Lila did you get your results from scan? Yep these grandkids sure growing up lot faster than we did. I also have energy problems up & down.
PK sounds like your doing good, but like you said in the email at our age & problems we will have some breathing problems. My next chemo treatment is Nov 15th. I am hoping it will be my last one for awhile. There is complete remission where cancer no longer evidenced in test, scans or xray. Then there is partial remission cancer that has shrunk but still present. Complete may be cured but in some cases comes back & partial almost always returns.
BL yep so far so good on responding to chemo, I am looking forward to a break from chemo but a little nervous about tumors making a come back. All our clocks were set back in time. I will leave it up to y'all on the May celebration site.
EF bet you had a great time down in Ojai to bad the allergies have to be so hard on you in YC. I am putting in a section in the secret garden with all herbs. So far have Basil, Parsley & Sage hoping to find a good Rosemary plant like you & Lila have. Every time I walk by it the Basil smells soooo gooood.
All take care, hope to see everyone in six months.

May Gathering         November 2, 2006
From: Bruce
As I recall we were thinking about getting together somewhere in the area of Eastern Arizona or Western New Mexico. Does that still sound like the plan?

Elaine, the temperpedic had helped my back quite a bit over an old spring mattress. I wouldn't say I notice any better night's sleep though. But then I heard that on the average old men start losing the ability to have a night of sound sleep. That is I.

Lila, any news yet?

Dave, I hope you won't be doing chemo in May.

         November 4, 2006
From: Dave
Bruce Yep that was the plan eastern Ariz or western N.M. will work for Linda & I. If I am still doing the chemo in May, will figure out what week will be my good week & let you know.

         November 6, 2006
From: lila
Hello you all----Dave suggested that I call my doctor regarding my scan. So I did it today. Something is still showing in my lung----so I am going to see a lung specialist on the 16th. It seems that my doctor was waiting for me to call????? Thanks, to you, Dave for giving me the push----I was quite content with all is fine if I don't hear from her. Dr Katz says she really does not think it is cancer, but wants to have a specialist check it out. She feels it is scar tissue from my days of smoking. Some how that does not make me feel real secure, but I am hoping she is right.
Yes, BL, as one ages (please don't refere to yourself as an old man---that is not possible) sleeping patterns change. Waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning is not uncommon for me, and even Elaine has had a few of those nights. Remember how Dad would wake up real early----fix and eat breakfast, and then sit in his big chair and sleep the rest of the morning? But he always prided himself on being an early riser.
How long of a drive is N M and Ariz. from us? I have always wanted to see New Mexico.

         November 7, 2006
From: Elaine
Reading the news and it sure looks bad.... we're all getting old; realizing the reality that "old" means near the end of life as we know it. I have always had abandonment issues and it scares me so much to realize that this is the final stage of life for us. I often feel that I am ready for the end for myself, but I am not ready for the end for anyone else. So bummed about Lila's situation now. Of course David and P.K. have been good role models. And even if it proves to be more than scar tissue for Lila, doesn't mean it is "the end". David, so glad you told Lila to call her Dr. I don't mean to be so morbid, just feeling a bit down and worried. I did go to the site about rentals and was unable to stick with it long enough to find anything interesting. Just got this message when checking out the taos area, "nothing available for the number of people and that length of stay," How long are we thinking of staying? I said 4 days. One note said nothing less than a week at $1200. is available. Hope someone with more computer patience will check it out.

         November 8, 2006
From: Dave
It has been two weeks since my chemo so feeling quite chipper now. Went & hit the links today & for the first time in the fifteen years I have been golfing Linda came with me. I think she enjoyed it. Lila glad you got ahold of the doctor & got the scan report. We hope everything turns out for the best on the 16th.

I know in age we are all getting into our twilight years, but it seems to me we are all still young at heart & will never be old people. Meet y'all at the campfire in May, and have a hot game of badminton.

Adios & hugs to all

May Gathering         November 9, 2006
From: Bruce
Hi all: Lila, I don't know how long it takes to drive to the New Mexico/Arizona area. Have never done it but it looks like a couple of days. Taos is supposed to be a nice area but that is more in central New Mexico, so it would be farther.

Elaine, I had the same feeling about accepting my own fate but when it comes to others it just seems unacceptable. That is an odd feeling.

May Gathering         November 12, 2006
From: lila
Hello to all: Any place you guys come up with, for our gathering, is fine with me. I know you and Linda plan on driving, Dave. How about you PK & BL? I was just assuming we would drive----take the dogs. But I don't know........we are thinking about it now. I am wondering if any of the "kids" are going?
Good to read that you are feeling so chipper, Dave.
Did Linda golf or just go along for the ride?
Elaine has planted some lettuce and spinach in our garden-----hoping for a winter garden----we also have some chard growing. Our basil is still there--smelling wonderful, but I think it will disappear. Is that right? Can you believe that some of our tomatoes are turning red? I am pretty excited about that.
Will post after I see the doctor on Thursday. I am not feeling real, heavy duty, concern. Wondering if it is scar tissue, why it just now showed up---I have had chest xrays before----question I shall ask.
Love to ya all

N.M./ AZ         November 12, 2006
From: Keith
I too am wondering who all is going on the May excursion. I know we've mentioned renting a motorhome for those of us in CA but have not heard a solid suggestion to that effect. I think most MHs can sleep up to six persons, maybe more. If we wind up having eight or ten of us maybe we could rent two. I know they are not cheap but don't know what a ballpark figure might be. If there are enough of us who are interested in it, I will get some prices.

Lila & Elaine: I don't know how you would feel about taking the dogs in a MH, or if it would be allowed. If not, would that shoot it down for you or would you consider leaving them with somebody?

One of the good things about a MH is we could play games on the journey and say loser drives next.

I'm looking forward to that badminton game Dave. Hope I'll be able to hit that birdie. My athletic skills are deserting me.

Lila: I think you are right to not be too concerned over the spot(s). Your doctor has reason to believe they are scar tissue and that is most likely true. I understand what you are saying about why haven't they shown up in other x-rays, but maybe they have better equipment now and they are finding things they would not found have in the past.

N.M./ AZ         November 14, 2006
From: Bruce
I haven't decided how I'll travel. That is an intriguing idea about the MH for the trip. I don't know a thing about them though. I just remember when Dad bought his little MH and he pulled into a gas station to dump the sewer, he didn't get it hooked up properly and it spewed all over the parking lot of the station. I wonder if they offer a training class with it.

N.M./AZ         November 14, 2006
From: Keith
I checked into a couple MH rentals and they are not cheap. I've forgotten what the deposit is, but I assume we'd get that back if we return it in one piece. I will find that out. Anyway, a 31 footer with a slide out is $220 per night, plus $.29 a mile after the first hundred miles per day, plus whatever the gas cost is and I doubt they get 10 MPG. According to my figures that comes out to about $2637. That's figuring 2000 miles, at $2.50 per gallon. Plus the previously mentioned charges. (figuring 4 families) Divided by four that would be about $660 per family. We could save $40 per day by going with a 28 footer with no slide out. It might save some fuel expense as well, but not much probably. If it were six people per MH and we were figuring by person instead of by family it would be about $439.50 per person. We have a while before we have to decide so take your time. If you already know for sure you don't want to do it, then I would appreciate if you let me know that right away.

Back to work for me Thursday. Talked about mixed emotions.

         November 15, 2006
From: Keith
The deposit on a MH rental is $700. $200 of it goes to reserve the MH and is not refundable. $500 is a security deposit and it is refundable.

If we do it they will take us on a tour of the home and point out everything we need to know about dumping the waste tanks and whatever else.

So if we bring it back in good condition we would get the $500 back and only $200 would be added to the charges I already listed.

N.M./ AZ         November 15, 2006
From: Keith
I talked to Jennifer and she is not going to be able to get away in May, however Cody is going.

Lila: Can you check with Dean and see if he or anyone in his family is going and let me know?

I can't think of anybody else that might be interested in going. If anybody out there knows of someone who would like to go, let me know. I don't see any reason why this should be restricted to family members but if anyone feels it should be I would have no problem with that either.

May Trip         November 15, 2006
From: lila
Thanks for checking out the M Home thing, PK. I am not clear on what the price is for----600 something or 400 something per family (4 families)---a day? The other thing is I don't think I would want to drive the M Home, myself. Also I am a bit concerned that Elaine and I will not have a lot of days that we both can be gone.
Dean would like to go, but from the middle of May on through May is a very busy time for him. So he could not commit too far in advance. Early May would be better for him, but he said don't make plans based on that, because he still may not be able to make it for sure. I talked to Gail, and she said to let her know when we have dates, and they will see if it is doable. Have not talked with Dan, yet. But they will have a new baby in March, so that may make a trip difficult for them.
Who else, but family, would want to go, PK?
Elaine and I are headed to OV for Thanksgiving. Will be thinking of you all, and wishing you a lovely day of thanks.

         November 16, 2006
From: Dave
Just got home from my chemo treatment at the CTCA, doctor Dave says my lab work is so good that he would like to do one more chemo & then in a month from then do the chest, liver & bone scans. I sure was hoping this was going to be my last one, but reckon I can handle one more it will be on Dec 6th. Then if my scans show good shrinking of the tumors or gone into remission I will just have to go in every three months for the scans. I sure hope it's doing the job cuz this chemo is sure is wearing my body down. Lila let us know what your test showed. Dean said in his last email to me he might be able to make it in first week of May, so when I find out my results in Jan & if I just have scans first week May be fine for Linda & me.

Were not going do or have anyone over for Thanksgiving cuz my 1st week not a good time for me to visit feel punk plus shouldn't be in crowds cuz of low WBC's after chemo.

PK hope you had good first day back at work.

Bruce so far my hellabores are looking real good.

Hugs to all from me & Linda

N.M./ AZ         November 16, 2006
From: Bruce
Hoping the good lab work and scans will put a halt to the chemo. At least it looks hopeful.

Though it sounds interesting, I doubt that I will go for the MH. I think I would be more inclined to fly which probably wouldn't be that much more.

         November 16, 2006
From: Keith
Dave: Sorry to hear you have to have another treatment with no break. Will certainly be praying the Dec 6th one will be the last one as those tumors continue to shrink up.

Bruce: I dont blame you for wanting to fly. That would be my first choice too, mostly because the time is so limited. The only way I could get Bev on an airplane would be to knock her out.

Lila: Didnt you have your session with the lung specialist today? I was hoping to see a post from you about it this evening. Concerning the trip in May I merely thought somebody could have a friend that might want to go along; I didnt have anybody in mind. If you and Elaine cannot spend much time away at the same time, does that mean one of you will go ahead of the other and overlap your time there? Im praying that you have good news concerning your lung specialists report.

It looks like the motor home thing has enough problems that it is probably out of the picture. My second thought for just Bev and me, if we end up traveling alone, is to rent a pick-up and tow a tent-trailer. It would not be as fun as the MH but it would be a lot cheaper and less travel time. However if someone comes up with a good spot at reasonable rates that would be nice. I'd rather have a room than a tent-trailer.

I picked a very good day for my first day back to work. It was a slow day and yet busy enough that the time passed quickly. And tomorrow is Friday! The State shuts down Thursday and Friday next week so I only work three days that week. I felt good being back, but my stamina is still not 100%. Maybe 75%. I had no trouble lifting, just pushing heavy items on a cart for long distances.

         November 17, 2006
From: lila
Good news from me---I saw the lung specialist yesterday, and he says that the spots in my lung (left lower) is not cancer. Scarring, or what ever, from smoking, and maybe from an infection. I need to be careful, and if I come down with a cold or flu I should probably have antibiotics right away. I had to do that blow-in-the-tube thing (very hard for me) I think I barely passed (hit the green). Any way I am very relieved, and glad it is over with. I feel quite comfortable with Dr Lutch's diagnoses. That drive to and back from Sac was exhausting for me. Glad Elaine went with me----I would have been late by the time I found a parking place, and good that she met the doctor, and heard what he had to say, too. Thanks to all for your concern and support.
Glad to read that your first day back to work went well, PK. I think it is good that you did not have to start out with a straight 5 days.
That is an interesting idea---for Elaine and me to overlap our stay. Will have to think on it. What about a train? I am wondering if that is a possibility. I hate to fly now a days, airports are so crazy, but may have to, because of the time issue. My personal preference would be a nice leisurely drive............maybe a caravan. We have time yet, good to think of all the options that are out there. Bottom line though flying is the most efficent, if not the most fun way to travel.
Having to do another round of chemo is a bummer, Dave. But it is great to read that Dr. Dave is so pleased with your lab work results. Did I miss something? What are hellabores?
Love ya all

N.M./ AZ         November 17, 2006
From: Keith
That is good news Lila, very happy for you. A hellebore is a flowering plant. I looked it up yesterday.

I like the train idea. It could be more fun than the MH because nobody has to drive. Funny I didn't think of that, let's check out the prices. When Bev and I took the train to Denver we did not get a sleeper and I said then that I'd never take that long a ride again without getting a sleeper. I think the train is next best to flying. Don't like the driving much at all.

I requested that my hours be reduced from eight to six at work and I start that shift (9-3) Monday. That is going to be excellent. Those are the hours I started with and only went to eight hours when they had staffing problems. That's been resolved now, so it works out great. Bev works 9-2:30 so tht is perfect.

Dave: If you weren't feeling too punky from the chemo, you probably enjoyed the Warriors last victory. I guess Wednesday will be your getting better day. Hope it comes quickly for you and you are able to put it all behind you with the results of your coming tests.

Looking forward to May.

         November 18, 2006
From: Bruce
Lila, so glad that your results were negative, which is a very positive development.

I think Dave said Linda bought him 10 hellebores and he just recently planted them. I was thinking about getting some if I can find the right place for them. I have had to transplant two the the three native plants I bought when Elaine and I went to the native plant sale. Keeping my fingers crossed that they make it.
Riding the rails does sound like a possible alternative. Isn't there a Sante Fe rail line? Sounds like that would be ticket.

         November 21, 2006
From: Dave
Lila that was good news, glad it was minor & you can relax. It was a big relief for Linda & me.

PK & Bruce I think the Warriors are going to make the playoffs this season.

Elaine remember that happy's head trip I got from Mom that you gave her. I liked it when I had hair but now that I am balded I love it really stimulates the old noggin.

         November 24, 2006
From: Elaine
Hoping you are well David and you and Linda enjoyed a puiet and restful T.G. week. Lila and I had a very enjoyable day with Dean and family, but missed Alani, who was with her boyfriend. I guess Bruce you and Kathy had a trip? Dean said he invited you. Keith, glad to hear your first week back was short (and sweet?), and trust you had a pleasant TG. I have no idea about best way to travel. The Motorhome seems to be out. I do hate the idea of plane travel and getting a sleeper on the train sounds like an adventure,but if time is a major issue, probably worth the hassel to fly. Of course, we would also have to get a rental while there. Wherever there is. I need to get a map to get a better idea of areas to scout out. David, am keeping positive visions of you healing and strong thoughts victory. Love you all

N.M./ AZ         November 24, 2006
From: Keith
I have written the train off of my list. The connections are horrible and to take a sleeper to N.M. would be $600 for a round trip ticket.

I'm back to thinking about a motor home again. I'm figuring to be off the whole month of May and Bev has tons of vacation/comp time built up so we could leave early and take our time.

I found a web site for Gallup N.M. They have several RV parking facilities and the price is excellent. They supply elect, sewer and water for $35 per night. pid=blistings&from=CD357&cityText=Gallup&state=NM&surroundingAreas=true&queryText=R+V+parking+

The one I called to get those rates is a KOA Camp. The lady I spoke to said it is a very modern and clean camp with high security. It is one mile out of Gallup.

If anybody is interested in flying to save time and then camping when you get there we could take your camping gear and go ahead of you. Of course anybody who would want to ride with us and split the cost of a MH would be welcome. To camp in a tent is $19 per night. There is also a hotel a stone's throw away, she told me the name of it but I don't remember what it was. It was a common one, maybe Motel 6 or one of those.

When I was checking on MHs before I only called one dealer. I'm hoping I can find a smaller unit somewhere for less money.

If not I might go back to renting a pick-up and taking a tent trailer. That would be the cheapest way I think.

Let me know what you think, y'all.

I guess you all heard the one about when Paul and Kirk were talking over old times after Kirk had been in Ark for a while. Kirk kept saying y'all did this and y'all did that and after a time Paul asked, Who's y'all?

         November 27, 2006
From: Bruce
Kathy and I went to Sonoma for Thanksgiving. I highly recommend the El Dorado Kitchen for a nice dinner. A little on the high side, but not extreme like some of those places in the wine country.

Checking Mapquest, New Mexico is about 900 miles from Sacramento and is listed as about a 14 hour drive. That would be pushing it to do it all at once, but it's possible.

The Warriors will be in the first round of the playoffs in May 07.

         December 3, 2006
From: lila
Heavenly days, $600 for the train is a real mind blower (round trip?), and that is not even a straight through ride. It's a train here, a bus there, a train here. That takes it off my list of ways to travel. Did you all check out the rentals PK e-mailed? Looks good and doable to me. Is there an airport near? I think it may be time to set a date of when we will meet. Perhaps Dave and Linda would/could set the date for us? I believe anytime in May would be fine with all of us. Once we have our date we can start making reservations.
Jerry has been having a hard time getting a steady/reliable person come in to Ruth's every day. So I am going to Oroville on Tues, and become a "in house service" person for her. Ruth is very happy with the arrangement, as am I. It will get me over there more often, and Butte County will pay me. A win win situation. But Grayce called me from Ruth's yesterday (Sat). Friday afternoon Ruth took a fall outside. Thank God, she was not seriously hurt. I think Grayce said she broke a finger, and was pretty bruised up. Grace will take her to see her doctor on Monday-----I will go spend Monday night with Ruth---Grayce will return to Redding. This may change things. I will be talking to Jerry on Monday.
I am liking our weather very much. Cold nights (frost), and crisp sunny days. Did you plant your hellebores, BL? Is this a good to plant? I have a lemon tree I never did get into the ground. I was thinking I should wait until Spring to do it---true???
Of course the way my energy has been as of late, I may not get to that lemon tree until Spring, any-which-way.
Sending love and hugs to you all.

         December 5, 2006
From: Dave
I go in tomorrow for what I am hoping will be my last chemo treatment forever or at least for a couple month's break. After this treatment I will go back in early January for more scans to see if I am in remission or will need more chemo. Soon as I find that out I will let y'all know what date in May will be best for us. If I am back on chemo it will have to be the 3td week after the treatment. I checked out the rentals Keith sent & the prices look good to us. Linda said to let y'all know if things get to rough for everyone to make it to N.M., we could fly out to Sac & have the celebration in Sac like we have the last two years. Lila right now in the fall is the best time to plant your tree cuz it gives the roots time to get established before it starts with the leaves & blooms in the spring.

Take care all, hope to see everyone in May.

         December 5, 2006
From: Bruce
Those places in Santa Fe look like a good fit. Santa Fe might be good too because I'm thinking (hoping) they will have some good vegetarian restaurants there.
May is completely open for me so I'll try to keep it clear until we set a date.

         December 5, 2006
From: Elaine
Sounds like you are doing great David. Hoping with you that this will be your last treatment. I was thinking, if it isn't and you are feeling low energy in May, there might be a good spot closer to you that we could meet. I can hardly believe that Linda agreed to fly again. You know it is difficult making things happen, but once it gets going its not so bad. I think it will be a daring adventure to meet in a new place this time. Then the other question is after we find a place (I agree the Santa Fe place sounds good) how long are people planning to stay? Lila is thinking that she and I may have to overlap our time there because of the animals. When I flew to Santa Fe the closest big airport was Alburque(?) about an hour's drive. I few into Santa Fe on a tiny, scary plane. As I remember Bruce, there were lots of good vegetarian restaurants there.

         December 7, 2006
From: Dave
We just got home from the CTCA my blood work was good so doctor gave me the chemo yesterday. So figured I'd get this written before the pain & weakness hits me.

I am getting a seven & 1/2 week break. I go back on January 29 & get a CT & pet scan, then I see Dr. Dave on the 30th to let me know what we will be doing then. The way I have it figured out, if I am in complete remission I will go in every three months for the scans. If I am in partial remission ,he said he will give me some kind of cancer fighting pills to take & come in once a month for scan. If the tumors haven't shrunk much or any from my last scan he will decide then if I go back on chemo or the pills. So the way I have got it figured out even if I go back on chemo the week of May 16th through the 20th will be my good week. Will let y'all know for sure after the Jan.30th meeting.
Linda says hugs & kisses to all

         December 8, 2006
From: Keith
It seems that everytime I go a couple of days without checking in here a lot gets written. I mean to check it every day, but since I've started back to work I seem to need much more sleep than ever and I space on things. I've been getting to bed very early and averaging between nine and ten hours every night. It has paid off because I feel good and am able to handle the work okay.

Your situation sounds great Dave. That 7.5 week break will be welcome I'm sure. If you do have to go on the pills, will your recovery time be the same in length and severity afterward? I'm thinking it would not be so severe. Anyway it sounds to me like you're going to beat this thing.

I don't think you ought to even think about flying unless it is actually your preference. I agree with Elaine that it will be good for us to be in a new environment.

It seems that everybody is happy with Santa Fe. Since we have so much time we should probably continue to keep our eyes open, might find something better.

Elaine/Lila, I think I saw that animals are welcome at some of those sites. I may have that confused with another situation but we can find out. If they are and I wind up driving, would you want to take them that far?

Lila, how did it go in Oroville on Tuesday?

I hope to have the whole month of May off, but I'm not sure how that is going to work out. At the very least I know I'll be able to get a full week, so I will be able to drive if it comes down to that.

         December 9, 2006
From: Bruce
Hi sibs, time keeps marching on. Before we know it we'll be meeting somewhere. If we do go to Santa Fe and fly, it looks like it is a lot less expensive to go into Albuquerque, as Elaine mentioned, and then drive to Santa Fe. $300 compared to $580 from Sac.

This format of putting the newest messages last on this page has thrown me off for some reason. I am thinking about reversing the order, so don't be suprised if you notice a new message in the first slot.

I hope your gig with Ruth works out Lila. I'm pretty sure she has never wanted to leave her place in Gridley and this would help her stay home as long as possible. And you have experience! Win-win-win-win

Dave, I'm hoping for complete remission but even if it is partial, that'll be great. If you don't get a golf partner in May, we could always do miniature golf. :-)>>

         December 10, 2006
From: lila
Hello all,

Yes, my time with Ruth is working out well for me and her. Living in her own place for as long as possible is the goal. Elaine and I have this plan in the back of our heads-----after the first of the year we want to get serious about fixing up the little house, and then it will be ready for Ruth if and when......Having
her right next door would be so good,and so much safer. I have been going every day----because of her taking that fall, and I am feeling it somewhat. I just am not use to going out every day, and really enjoy nice slow days putting around at home every once inawhile.
All went fine in Oroville----I just had to take my ss card & drivers license in, sign up and be put on the payroll. That drive from Gridley to Oroville is quite pleasant. Made me think of Mom doing that drive every day when she worked there.
The Albuquerque/Santa Fe route sounds good, BL. And the place PK pointed out to me (1,000 East) looks and sounds perfect. Seems like things are coming together right on track. I am looking forward to our time together. Anyone up for charades? I'm up for miniature golf. Have not made any decision on the animals yet. Will do that after we know the dates.
Will be praying for remission for you, Dave.
Heading on over to Gridley..........Love y'all
Wondering............did you 3 boys ever have chicken pox?

New Page and Format         December 11, 2006
From: Bruce
The most recent comment on this page will now appear at the top, just the reverse of what it was before.
Also, Keith and I were talking about a way to put all the trip information on one page so I made a mini discussion board just for the trip. There should be a link to it at the left called May Trip. If anyone has any ideas about information to put there, lists?, etc. let me know. Lila, I do not think I have ever had chicken pox.

chicken pox.         December 11, 2006
From: Keith
Lila: I don't trust my memory very much, but I'm pretty sure I remember hearing that chapters 1-4 all had chicken pox. Does that sound right to you Dave and Elaine(AKA chapters 3 & 4)?

         December 13, 2006
From: Dave
Hi all-- I got a little confused started reading from the bottom of the comments, thought wow I think I read this before took couple minutes for me to remember Bruce said going turn it around & latest comments on top. Miniature golf & veg eating places in Santa Fe sounds like a good time for all to me. I am hoping after this break to find out I will need no more chemo, if so should be well energized by May. I don't remember having or hearing about us having the chicken pox, seems like I remember Mom saying we all had the measles when we were young. But my memory is like yours Keith, so could of been the chicken pox. Looking forward to the round-up in May.

         December 13, 2006
From: lila
I never had the chicken pox----Elaine never had the chicken pox----so perhaps none of us ever had the chicken pox. All 3 of my kids had it, and if one had had the ch. pox chances are one would have a scar or two. I remember my kids being in misery with the itch. I do remember in RC when ch. pox went around our neighborhood----I was thinking someone in our family did have it. The childhood diseases I had was Whooping Cough (I think PK, too) and German Measles. Seems like I remember that we all did have the Measles. The good thing about never having had ch. pox is that you will never get shingles, and having shingles is pure misery. My friend Alan is suffering with his second bout of shingles now.
Well, Dave, guess I will have to get out there and plant that lemon tree before winter is over with. That's how fast I am feeling.

         December 15, 2006
From: Keith
I hope you are right Lila, I like the idea of never having to worry about getting shingles. Maybe it was measles that I was thinking of, but all these years I thought it was chicken pox. I was exposed to it when Cody had it a few months ago and wondered then about the possibility of shingles. I too knew a lady that had it and she was in a great deal of pain. So sad.

         December 19, 2006
From: Dave
Hi all- it has almost been two weeks since my chemo so I am feeling good now, especially since I don't have to go back for five weeks. Just a little anxious to find out if the chemo is still doing the job. That's a shame Alan has the shingles on top of cancer treatments. I wonder if he is able to have the vaccine for shingles. I've heard for some it works great & some it just helps with the severity. My hellebores made it through the last freeze & look real healthy so I just ordered ten more. Lila & Elaine thanks for the card with the chick-a-dees. They are one of my favorite birds in my garden feeders. They have gotten so use to me they fly right up by the feeder while I am filling it. If I am late getting out to feed them, they really chew me out. Just five more months we'll all be Santa Fe bound.

         December 19, 2006
From: Bruce
Just got a new web cam. Not sure how I'll use it yet. We will be getting hight speed Internet at the office soon so I'll probably wait and use it then. I don't know if it will work too well for dial-up. It says I can use it to make videos and take still picutes with it besides live real-time pictures on the Internet. I'll try to put up my first picture with it, and a pretty dorky picture at that.

Glad to hear that I don't have to worry about getting shingles. I didn't know that if you have never had the c pox you could avoid shingles. Merry Xmas and/or Happy Holidays

         December 19, 2006
Yes, I am rather confused about the order of the comments. But it doesn't matter, I suppose, as long as I get the message. As far as memory of childhood illnesses, I have none. But I do remember Ellie saying that none of her children had chicken pox. Sounds like a good idea to have a page just for trip info. I cannot find a link.... to the left of what? David, good to hear you are feeling good and getting a break from chemo. I am well into my traditional Dec. blues period. Waiting for the "Holiday Hype" to be over, then I feel better.

         December 19, 2006
Hey, nevermind.....I found the link. Like the picture Bruce. Have no idea what that is you are talking about.

         December 19, 2006
From: Keith
Bruce: Congratulations on the new web cam. The picture came out great. Don't you have hi-speed internet at home? Was wondering why you are going to wait for it at the office.

Dave: It sounds like you had better not get careless and go out without the bird food or you might become the bird food. Glad you are feeling good and will have at least a few weeks of it.

If a person doesn't get ch px as a child, can he not get it as an adult? I doubt that the med people can do a test on a person to tell if he/she has ever had it. I'll ask my doc next time I'm in there, or does anybody know the answer to that?

Just five shopping days left. I'm with you Elaine, will be glad when the hype is over. It's almost as bad as election time, but not quite.

chicken pox.         December 19, 2006
From: Danny
Hello Everybody,
Every once in a while I come here to see what you old folks are up to. I see you've been dicussing chicken pox/shingles.
Very appropriate as I have just gotten over what my doc thinks was shingles.
Shingles is just a flare up of chicken pox. It is a virus related to herpes (cold sores) Once you have it you always have it. The first time you get it , it manifests as chicken pox. When it flares up again,it is shingles. You can get it for the first time as an adult and it's symptoms are usually worse than if it had been contracted in childhood. There is a vaccine nowadays, but it's not guarenteed to work. Kids are given the vaccine nowadays. I think you might give it to someone who is immunocompromised too (eg chemo, HIV) but I'm not sure. Personally I never got the rash, just the nerve pain. It lasted about 2 weeks. I started taking antiviral meds about 4 days after the pain started. It gradually got worse until it peaked around the 10th day and then gradually subsided. During the worst few days wearing a shirt killed me. The car seat belt was the worst. I never heard of not getting the rash with shingles before, but all the other symptoms fit, It followed the dermatone (nerve track) for T-12, from my kidney area on my back around to my belly button, right side only. My symptoms have been completly gone a couple weeks now. I've read that in some cases the pain never really leaves completely. When I was researching it I found these support groups on the net for people with residual nerve pain.

I'm pretty sure a blood test could be done to see if you ever had it or had been vaccinated. They just have to look for the antibodies, but I don't think anyone would consider it worth the cost to do the test so it may not be available.

Hope you all have a nice trip, we will be busy with a new baby this spring so we won't see you there.
Glad to hear Dave seems to be doing well, Gotta try to keep a positive attitude, it really does affect your health.
Love Danny

         December 20, 2006
From: Dave
Bruce we have a web cam too, maybe sometime we can talk & video. We have done the instant message but not the video part yet waiting for Kel to get his hooked up. Our status is (the wind).

         December 20, 2006
From: Elaine
Danny, Good to hear from you, but so sorry to hear about your bout with shingles. Sounds like you got rid of it comparatively fast (from other stories I've heard). Surprised to hear it is related to herpes... which is a virus both Lila and I are susceptible to. I bet you and family are excited about the baby. I know your mom is looking forward to getting some time with the new addition.

         December 20, 2006
From: Keith
Hey Danny,

So you've been spying on us old folks for a while, good! That is interesting that ch px is related to the herpes virus. When I was a boy I used to get cold sores all over my ears every winter. I forget at what age they stopped visiting. I remember Dad used to tell me I didn't eat enough green veggies. I am the only person I've ever known that had cold sores on his ears. Those are also the same virus as ch px? It certainly is paradoxical that your Mom, Elaine and I are all so susceptible to one virus but not his cousin. I hope that trend holds up.

Sorry you had to go through that experience. It is great that you got rid of it so quickly. May it be forever gone.

It would be cool if you would keep us posted as the due date for your son draws near.

         December 21, 2006
From: Bruce
That was interesting information from Danny about the relationship between chicken pox and shingles. It made me wonder if it was more than coincidence that all of the five chapters were pox free. I was thinking that might be evidence of some type of genetic resistance to c pox.

Dave, I'll let you know when I get hooked up for high speed. Unless you think it would work with dial-up? I do have high speed at home but since I spend so much more time at the computer at the office, I think I would get more use from it there.

I haven't put in any hellebores yet. They say they take part sun but I am wondering if they can handle about two hours of midday summer sun in Sac.

         December 29, 2006
From: lila
Hello y'all (notice I did not write you all!), My time with Ruth is going very well, and I know Ruth is happy with our situation. We play yahtzee every time I am there, and Ruth keeps a running score. Can you believe-----I am very far ahead? I have had a run of luck that is amazing and fun. I am enjoying it while I can, because I know it will turn eventually. Ruth is such a gambler----always has been, and always will be----I guess.

I planted my lemon tree, and it looks real good. Two big lemons on it. Dan and Ginna sent me a Christmas Cypres (sp?) tree. I need to figure out where to plant it, and get it in the ground. It is small and in a small pot.

Good to read from you Dan, but sorry to read that you had shingles, good to read that it is over with. The shot for shingles is no good once you have shingles--per: Danny.

Well, PK has joined me in 70's now, and Gail just turned 49. Can this be true?

Happy New Year to all-----Love ya

         January 8, 2007
From: Bruce
Lila, glad that things are working out so well with Ruth. Is she a big risk taker at Yahtzee? Did you ever ask her about Gram's story and why the chapters that crept up to the attic and the elusive something they failed to capture?

Dave and I have hooked up our webcams for a video conference with some success. Our pictures come through pretty well but the voice part was more out than in.

I got two hellebores in the ground. They look pretty cool for shade plants. Most of us now have lemons in the ground, with the possible exception of PK, though I know he has some thyme.

         January 17, 2007
From: Dave
Hi all-- We have a new email address it is ( hoping it will work the web cam so Bruce & I can have video & audio. On the old phone line we got video but the audio was messed up. We are in the middle of an ice storm right now, we are one of the lucky ones so far & haven't lost our electric or water. We have trees & limbs down all over the place looks like a war zone. Won't get above freezing until Friday but now they are saying 50% chance of snow or sleet over the weekend. Sure hope we luck out & miss it.

New Baby Snipes         January 17, 2007
From: Keith
Hello Everybody,

Julie started having contractions at 11:00 last night and the doctors performed a cesarean at 4:00 this a.m. Tim and Julie have yet to name him. He weighed 6 lbs, 4oz. He is a beautiful boy and looks very much like his brothers.

Tim said that when they made the incision and attempted to remove the baby they had difficulty and they were a long time getting him out. Tim said he began to worry after a while. Then when he finally came out he was really pissed off. He was screaming, shouting and pointing fingers. The doctor actually told Tim he was literally holding on. I guess he got too comfortable. Julie said if that was the case why did he start the contractions. Do the babies instigate that move?

So his birthday is one day before his older brother's and his parents are a bit sad about that. Julie purposely avoided having them born on the same day by designating the 24th for the cesarean so they could have separate celebrations, this is almost worse. Oh well, the important thing is he's healthy and everybody's happy about that.

Hope you miss out on that snow/sleet Dave. Congrats on getting your DSL hook up, I expect your web cam experience will be more enjoyable now. What is the date of your next scan? Praying that you'll be smiling from ear to ear after you get those results.

         January 18, 2007
From: Dave
PK congrats on the grandson sounds like he didn't want to come & face this cold world. Scans on the 29th get results on the 30th.

         January 18, 2007
From: Elaine
Congatulations again to the new addition PK. Sounds like quite an ordeal. Julie must be exhausted. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUCE.(eight days late) And of course to the two little ones. And an early Happy Birthday to Kathy.

         January 19, 2007
From: lila
Congratulations on the new grandson, to you and Bev, PK, and to the Mom and Dad too. Seems that he decided to pick his own day of birth, all be it a bit reluctantly. You know what they say.......the best laid plans of mice and women...........Got a picture to post?
I am still adjusting to this new format, BL. I am thinking it might be more convenient to have this comment box at the top now. What do y'all think? I am not sure what all the web cam stuff is about, but I believe it means computer pictures....yes? Got any to post BL----I love to see pictures. Would like to get into it day!
I was reading/hearing about your weather out there in OK, Dave. Glad to know that you have fared well, and not lost power. I have have been dealing with our freezing weather. Lost a lot of plants, and even my little lemon tree is drooping. Have not lost power either, but the other morning had very low water pressure. The water going to the well froze---thank goodness that was all it was. It thawed out as I was talking to the well man on the phone. The day before that had to have the plumber out to fix an outside faucet that burst. Then the water pipe going out to the horses water came apart. I could not get it back together, so now I am filling a couple of buckets (until it gets fixed). So I went to Home Depot and now all of our pipes (outside) are wrapped with foam stuff. So we should be okay now, and set for the next big freeze.
Good luck on your tests on the 29th, Dave----will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts and love to you.

         January 19, 2007
From: Keith
The newest grandson now has a name. Garret Christopher.

I misquoted his weight. I said 6 pounds, four ounces, should have said 6 pounds, 10 ounces. I'll try to get a photo up soon.

         January 20, 2007
From: Bruce
Congratulation to Garret and his new parents. Another January birthday. Soon we'll be able to have a reunion just for January guys and gals.

This probably isn't what you were thinking of when you said you wanted pictures but I was goofing around with this idea so now it automatically puts up your picture. Just a thought. I think we could put the comment box at the top. Shouldn't be a problem.

Dave and I hooked up with a good connection for a video conference. He looks good and full of energy. Also got a look at his trees with big branches down from the storm . . scary.

         January 20, 2007
From: Keith
I just got back from the hospital. Beverly has pneumonia (again) and she was admitted this afternoon. She is feeling pretty bad and is having difficulty breathing. They hooked her up to the oxygen right away and that seemed to help her a lot. She has told me she is quitting cigarettes and will start on the nicorette thing as soon as she gets out of the hospital. I think this time has really scared her. Not being able to get your breath is one of the worst things.

I don't think she will have to stay in very long, but the doctor will only say "until the symptoms are all gone" or "it depends on how she responds to treatment."

I like your picture idea Bruce. Pictures are to the Family Discussion Board what flowers are to the garden.

         January 21, 2007
From: lila
I like the pictures very much, BL-----quite cool. A video conference, you say. Does that mean you are talking and seeing each other or typing and seeing each other? The future is here.

Sending hugs and prayers to Bev, and love to all

         January 21, 2007
From: Dave
PK-- Hope Bev recovers soon & sticks to the quitting cigarettes.

Bruce I like the pictures too, I really like that head of hair.

Lila the video & audio was great, yes the future is upon us.

         January 21, 2007
From: Keith
Beverly is much improved today. I expect she'll come home tomorrow. I would have thought she would be coming home today after seeing her, but the doctor has said he wants her to stay one more night and receive several more treatments before they release her.

Thanks for all your well wishes, hugs and encouragement.

         January 22, 2007
From: Bruce
If anyone wants to send me a picture of herself or himself, I would be glad to try to put it up as the personal picture. I just grabbed the current ones quickly from what I had, mostly Mom's shots.

Yes, Dave and I could see and hear each other. The picture is kind of small, just a few inches across, but you can still see pretty well.

Good to hear Bev is on the mend. Hope she gets back to her old self soon.

         January 22, 2007
From: Elaine
Well, I missed the trauma of Bev's illness. Am so happy to hear she is well enough to return home now. I'm hoping she will be able to quit the ciggarets without too much suffering. I work in a no smoking facility and of course most of the patients smoke. They all use the nicotine patch and most say it helps with the craving, and all notice how much better food tastes.

New Baby Snipes         January 23, 2007
From: kathy
Congratulations to Julie & Tim (Garret)another special person born in January! We should start a club for Jan. births with Garret as youngest, cutest member.
Hope Beverly will feel better soon.
Take care till we see everyone in Santa Fe in May.

         February 2, 2007
From: Dave
Well like Dr. Dave said I've good news & bad news first the good news. None of the tumors in my lungs grew any, now for the bad news the tumor in my liver grew 2cm. So he is going to start me on the chemo pills. I swear when the tide comes in all the ships rise, so I must be in a submarine. A little humor from Frank & Earnest.

Well on to better things now, hope to see y'all in May.

         February 2, 2007
From: Keith
Dave: I will rejoice over the good news. It looks like the lungs are holding their own. How significant is the 2 cm growth? Obviously no growth is good, but is a 2 cm growth indicative that the treatments have slowed it and can still force it into remission?

Linda's letter from July 19th mentioned the pancrease but you didn't say anything about that. Does that mean it is clean?

Hopefully the overall rating on the news is a plus and you are on the right road.

Are the chemo pills stronger than the treatments you've been taking? We love you Dave, keep fighting the good fight, see you in May.

         February 2, 2007
From: Bruce
Well Dave, any good news is welcome. As far as the not so good news, at least you know where you are and what to focus on. Send a torpedo to that renegade tumor! It sounds like your doctor came up quickly with an approach; it will be the exact best, next thing.

         February 3, 2007
From: lila
Disappointed to read the report on your liver, Dave. I will be praying that the new treatment will have better results. Is surgery a possibility?
Keeping you and Linda in my thoughts, and sending much love and hugs. Hope you are still out there hitting the "links", and tending to your garden.
Looking forward to seeing all in May:)

         February 5, 2007
From: Elaine
Thinking of you, David....HOping the pills will do the trick for your liver. Thanks for the joke...which reminds me of the one about angels fly because they take themselves lightly. Love to all.

         February 10, 2007
From: Dave
Hi all well more bad news, Linda noticed over the weekend I was drooling & I told her my results on the links I had lost six balls on Friday I'v got to admit when she told me she thinks I got mets to the brain or a minor stroke. Ah another releif cuz I usally don't lose a ball. Any how to make a long story short we are waiting for the CTCA to call by Monday so when we find out when they will start the radiation treatment. Will write more when we get word from CTCA.

         February 10, 2007
From: lila
Gads, losing six balls in one day is pretty major, Dave-----here's hoping that is over and done with, and you will be back to your norm of no lost balls soon. On a more serious note: sorry to read that there are more complications, and will pray for good results with the radiation.
Appreciate your posts---sending you hugs, wrapped in a warm little smile.
Love to all

         February 10, 2007
From: Bruce
When it rains it pours. Looking forward to spring and the white fleecy clouds lazily drifting by with the birds sweetly singing.

That's a great line Dave about your concern for your golf game. I don't know how you do it but it seems good enough for prime time to me. Maybe NPR will put it on the air.

         February 12, 2007
From: Linda
David asked me to write to inform everyone about the radiation treatments. We go tomorrow for the radiation therapy simulation scan-which is just a mapping of where the radiation will be directed. He will start the actual treatments on Wednesday @10:15 A.M. We will drive to Tulsa everyday except weekends for 3-4 weeks. The treatments just take about 30 minutes total for check in and treatment-so we should be home everyday in time for an afternoon nap. Here's hoping that all of those little monsters will be zapped into oblivion.

         February 13, 2007
From: Elaine
Feeling sad and wishing we were closer. Having Valentine's day as the start of the treatments seems like an "auspicious" beginning; I am picturing cupid zapping those little monsters into oblivion with his bow and arrow and love, love, love.

         February 19, 2007
From: kathy
Hope the treatment and pills will do the trick so you'll enjoy golf and your garden. Really enjoyed listening to your conversation with your sisters and bro. through the computer. Say Hi to Linda, will talk to you again soon. Love, Kathy

         February 27, 2007
From: Bruce
We are getting ready to leave for our cruise on Saturday. Will be gone from the 3rd to the 13th. Not sure that we will be able to post from the ship but will give it a try. Kathy got a new digital camera so we both might be able to put up some pictures quickly if they have that facility on board. We will be on the Costa cruise line and the name of the ship is the Magica. Our cell phone is 916.595.2746, though I doubt that it will be much good out at sea. Maybe at the ports of call we can make calls and get voice mail.

         February 27, 2007
From: lila
Have a great time on your cruise, Bruce and Kathy. I don't see how you can not--especially seeing that it is a vegetaian diet cruise. Look forward to seeing some pictures.
Elaine is just recuperating from a bad case of stomach flu. She was out from work at least a week. I feel a bit icky---hopefully I will avoid the more active part of the illness. Jerry and JoAnn are with Ruth right now---that is good. I don't want to expose her to something.
Thinking about you and Linda, Dave. Pray for good results with the radiation.
I think Wed will be your last day of work for a month, PK. Is that right?
Love to all

         February 27, 2007
From: Keith
Sorry to hear about the stomach flu Elaine. Hope your recovery is complete and you are doing well now.

Yes, Lila, tomorrow is my last work day for 31 days. I was contacted by the attorney in the Appeals office and she would like me to come work for her. I'm not sure just what I would be doing but it would be 4 hours a day 5 days a week around the calendar with one month off a year. One thing that I really like about my current job is that I move around a lot and climb stairs and lift things which all contribute to keeping me in shape. If I take that job I think I will be stuck on the computer all day--but it's only four hours so...hard decision.

Of our parents' three sons two were in the Navy and never went on a cruise, one was not and is. Happy sails Bruce and Kathy.

Dave, praying for good results on that MRI you had today.

         February 28, 2007
From: Dave
Here is hoping your feeling much better now Elaine & you didn't pick up the bug Lila there has been a lot of people hit here this year. PK I think the job you have 1 month off & one on is really great as long as it doesn't start wearing you down. Bruce & Kathy have a great trip hope you can get some good pictures & post them here on the FDB. I hope to find out about my MRI results on Thursday.

         March 4, 2007
From: Elaine
How the time does fly...I mean how does it do that? David, I hope you got good results on the MRI. My experience with the flu was horrible and then I had to go to Dr. as the diarreah continued to plague me. Then I started to feel worse than ever, thinking I had a relapse until it occured to me that I am having a reaction to the meds. I quit the meds and am hoping to start feeling better as soon as they are out of my system. I have missed 2 weeks of work. It is very difficult for me to keep a good attitude when I don't feel well. But when I think of what Dave and Keith have had to face....I feel amazed and encouraged. Happy cruise to Bruce and Kathy.

         March 6, 2007
From: Bruce
Hi All,

We are on our second full day of the cruise and will stop at the first port tonight, San Juan. The vegetarian meals are great and leave you feeling satisfied but not with that heavy feeling. Lots of friendly people and classes all day and evening if you want to attend. Did a macrobiotic cooking class, a philosophy of macrobiotics, and a plant based diet for diabetes class.

Will try to post a picture of us dressed up last night in our cabin before the formal dinner party. Haven't had much of a chance to take any scenic pictures yet.

         March 7, 2007
From: Keith
Way to go B & K. It sounds like you are having an enjoyable time and learning as well. A plant based diet for diabetes class sounds like something Bev would be interested in.

Dave, yeah, I'll probably stick with the job I have, I really love every other month off and the on month goes by very quickly. Waiting to hear about your MRI results. Wondering if you meant last Thursday or tomorrow for those.

Elaine and Lila, I hope you are both feeling well now. Bev and I both got the stomach thing. I think we got a less severe bout of it though. I feel like I'm over it except that the runs are hanging on.

         March 8, 2007
From: Daave
B&K sounds like your having a good time that is great hope to be seeing some pic soon.

The MRI showed some improvement today is my last radiation treatment then will get another MRI first week a

         March 9, 2007
From: lila
I have a new grandson---born to Dan and Ginna on the 5th----7 and 1/2 pounds. Mother, Father, Sister are all fine and very thrilled. His name is Anthony-Paul Araos Ross. I have received reports that he is very beautiful. Hope to see for myself soon.
Looking forward to seeing some pictures from you and Kathy, BL. It sounds like a great adventure. Did anyone else you know go with you?
Glad to read that you had your last radiation treatment yesterday, Dave, and that the MRI showed improvement. How's your energy?
Love y'all

         March 9, 2007
From: Keith
Congratulations Grandma Lila. There are pictures from Dan on the e-mail you forwarded. That's a shame your computer can't open it. Did you see his note to highlight the address, copy it and paste it on your web browser? Anthony-Paul is a cutie guy!

Dave: Have you started back on the chemo pill? I'm glad to hear of the improvement. It looks like the Warriors and Kings are locked in a duel for the cellar. At least they don't have the worst NBA records.

B&K: Hope you are continuing to have a great cruise. Is your car at the airport, or might you need a ride when you get back?

         March 10, 2007
From: Dave
Congratulations Lila, Dan, Ginna & Jasmine. I have the feeling that Anthony is going to be very good looking a lot like his Dad & great grand Dad.

PK Yes I am back on the Tarceva pills for the lung cancer. Some days are ok some are no good so I just take it one day at a time.

B&K I forgot how long your cruise is for sure, hoping your enjoying every minute.

Take care all

         March 10, 2007
From: Bruce
I have to use the ship computer and it won't let me access my pictures to post on the web site. I'll put some on when I get to log on with my laptop.

We disembark tomorrow in Ft. Lauderdale. Way too many things to do with the classes and the shore excursions. We visited the islands of Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Dominican Republic, and the Grand Turk Islands.
Our car is at the Sac Airport and we fly in there Monday. I didn't know anyone on the cruise but there was one instructor who is from Fair Oaks.

Wishing the best to Danny and Gina and Jasmime and Anthony-Paul.

         March 10, 2007
From: Wilson
Think I spotted a couple of flatlanders cruise by on a big ship.

         March 11, 2007

         March 12, 2007
From: Dave
B&K-- Great picture of of y'all, is this from your room? What a beatiful view out the window. Good picture of Wilson too I still miss him.

         March 13, 2007
From: lila
Very good picture, Bruce and Kathy. A room with a balcony on a cruise ship-----how cool! Is Wilson the photographer? The same Wilson that Hank lost?

         March 13, 2007
From: Bruce
OMG The first day back . . demanding clients . . demanding yard. It must have been warm while we were gone judging by all the plant and weed growth.

That first picture was of our cabin. Wilson is the volleyball that drifted away from Hanks. Here is another picture of Kathy at a small town (probably the only town) on Grand Turk.

         March 17, 2007
From: Bruce
This tour guide was amazing. He took us around the Dominican in a small boat. We had English, German, Italian, and French speakers on the tour. So he gave the tour in all four languages and his native language was Spanish.

         March 19, 2007
From: lila
I am going to Hawaii to meet the new Ross---Anthony Paul. I will leave on 4/17 and return on 4/22. Dread the process of getting there, but so looking forward to holding that baby. And seeing everyone else, too.
Enjoying your pictures, BL. I certainly admire anyone who speaks more than one language. Learning languages is certainly not my forte.
Hope all goes well for y'all.
Love ya

         March 20, 2007
From: Bruce
Have a nice trip to Hawaii Lila and enjoy your newest grandson.
Here is a picture that made me laugh after I looked at it. While we were going fast in the small boat I put the camera down by my feet and yelled at Kathy to look down there. She wasn't buying it but I noticed I did have a few curious takers next to her.

         March 23, 2007

         March 25, 2007
From: Dave
Lila what a little cutie that Anthony Paul is. Looking forward to seeing some more pictures posted with you & him in April.

         March 26, 2007
From: Bruce
Yes, cutie seems to be the word for Anthony. Great pictures.

         March 26, 2007
From: lila
Thanks for posting the pictures, Bruce. Anthony Paul is looking real good. Did y'all see the one of him on his tummy looking up? I had one of Danny in that pose, and he looks like DP there, but over all I think he is a combination of both Dan & Ginna. I will definately have Dan post some pictures while I am there. Maybe I can even learn how to do that.
Elaine and PK went with me to Ruth's the other day. We had a real nice visit, and Elaine beat us all at Yatzee. Ruth is doing pretty well---she did something to her ankle and it keeps swelling up on her. Trying to get her to stay off it, and keep it raised is a challenge. She wanted to go spray her roses etc in her yard===I told her to please go do it while I was there so I could pick her up when she fell...........I sprayed for her. Actually, she is doing very well, and she is beating me at yatzee again. That always puts her in a good mood. My time with her is good.
Hope you are feeling better, Dave. How are the treatments going?
Love y'all

         March 27, 2007
From: Keith
Lila, I just went back and checked those pictures, I don't have one of AnthonyPaul on his tummy. Jasmine looks to be as pleased as punch as Hugh Humph used to say. Yeah, it looks like A-P is a keeper.

Dave, do you have another ct coming up soon? I hope you are getting over that radiation treatment and feeling better by now.

By the way when we were in Gridley, Elaine and I beat Lila and Ruth at cribbage. Later on you'll probably get "the rest of the story."

         March 28, 2007
From: Dave
I have my next pet, cat scan on Monday & then have my MRI on Tuesday morn. Then will see Dr. Dave Tuesday afternoon see what the scans show. Then I will see Dr. Kelly for the results of the MRI. Tomorrow will be three weeks since I had my last radiation tx, I think I am starting to get some of my strenght back.

         March 29, 2007
From: Bruce
Dave, hoping that the scans are benign. Will be thinking good thoughts on Monday.

Lila, I don't remember seeing that picture of Anthony Paul on his tummy either. Maybe I deleted it by mistake? I saw four all together.

Here's a picture of Kathy on our balcony when we were in port at San Juan.

         April 2, 2007
From: Bruce
Lila, is this the picture you were talking about?

         April 2, 2007
From: lila
That's it BL! Thanks for putting it up.
I see Dan in him in that picture. He has more hair than DP, but I can't tell if it is curly or not. I will be meeting the little guy the 17th.

         April 4, 2007
From: Dave
Great picture lila, A.P. is a cutie. Wow only 13 more days till you get to hold the little tyke, just wish your stay would be a little longer.

Last Friday I was awaken at 1am with sharp pain in my back left side & abdomen. It only took me a few minutes to know it was a kidney stone moving so got Linda up & went to the ER & they the gave me a shot of morphin & some morphine tabs to take at home. I finally passed it Monday evening one hell of a weekend. The scans showed some good news & some bad news. The tumor in my lt. upper lung decreased in size but got two new tumors in the left lower lung so I am off the tarceva med. The tumor in the Liver has grown. The brain tumors are all shrinking & they expect them to keep on shrinking for next two months then there going to do anorther MRI to make sure. They are going to start me on another round of a different kind of chemo starting Fri, Sat & Sun then be off for three weeks. Then they will do another CT scan in July to see if it is doing the trick, if it is working then more chemo till Oct. Saturday my left ankle started swelling then by Sunday the swelling has gone up to my calf so they put me on some med to see if it can get the swelling to go down if the med doesn't work then they will run some test & see what they can do. I think they might expect it to be a blood clot.It is really strange my right ankle & calf looks like Olive Oil & my left one looks like Popeye.

When it rains it pours, but like Elaine said the angels fly so high cuz they take themselfs lightly.

         April 5, 2007
From: lila
Sorry to read about your hell of a week end, Dave. I hear that dealing with a kidney stone is real misery.
The kids tell me that Eddie is going through the same thing, and Alan just went through it, too. Is this the season for it or what?
Sounds like things are going to be pretty intense for you through Oct.......hope the three week break will be a good time for you. Keep us posted on how things go, and on your leg. I had no idea that a blood clot could cause swelling like that.
I am so looking forward to seeing little Anthony Paul. One week was all I was comfortable with. I am still concerned that it will be a bit much for Elaine. All the animals, and then dealing with the work we are having done on the L. house, too. It is a very hectic time. And then I will be leaving Ruth for a week, too. Jerry and JoAnne will stay with her that week. Ruth just told me I need to get some yahtzee pills! She is feeling a bit cocky about being a winner lately. Maybe the worm will turn today.
Love to all

         April 6, 2007
From: Bruce
Hi guys,

Just got a call from Dave. He is at the cancer center and said he has a blood clot the length of his leg. So he will be there a week or maybe longer as they work on trying to clear it. They are trying to do it with medication at this point.

His phone number there is (918) 286-5728. He goes out for blood tests at 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Also, he does chemo from 10:30 to 1:30. The rest of the time he is in his room. I assume that is OK time, two hours ahead of Pacific time?

         April 7, 2007
From: Keith
Thanks for the phone number B52, I just called Dave and he is in good spirits which is his usual it seems. I hadn't looked at the FDB for a few days and was shocked to see all that has transpired in Dave's situation in so short a time.

He sounded like he was slowed down a bit from the meds he is on, but he sounded good. I asked him why they couldn't go in and surgically remove the blood clot in his leg and he said it is too dangerous so they are using three different types of meds to break it up and keeping a close eye on it.

I told him we're going to have to rename him Job and he laughed in agreement. He's a tough soldier.

         April 13, 2007
From: Bruce
Good news from Dave today. His blood clot is under control and he will be going home tomorrow. He said he will post an update once he gets settled in.

         April 15, 2007
From: Dave
Hi all, we got home Saturday evening, both of us were worn out. Yesterday Linda put all the stuff up cleaned up the house. She comes in & gets me off the couch every hour to walk around the house to give some strength to my left leg where the clots are. So far my blood work pro time has been in good shape. I have to go to the local doctor once a week & have my blood checked then he fax's it to doctor King at the CTCA & he let us know if my coumdin is ok or if I need to up the dose or lower the dose. Every morning soon as if get up I have to put my support hose on for the rest of the day. I still have some pain in the leg when I am on it to long but it seems to be getting better. Soon as I get the leg pain & clots under control then I can concentrate on the lung & Kidney tumors. I just keep remembering those angels that take themself lightly.

         April 15, 2007
From: lila
Good to hear from you Dave. It certainly has been an intense time for you and Linda. I know it must feel great to be home again. I am in awe of your stamina and strength, Dave, and your ability to keep those angels in your thoughts.

Well, I am close to my Hawaiian departure. Trying to get things all together...............when Tuesday morning comes I will just let it all go. It will be worth it, when I get there---I know. Elaine will have a few very intense days............Of all things we have another dog living with us (sigh). She is a dog with much problems, and not easy for us to handle. But she is very loveable. Would love to find her a good home (sigh). Her name is Zoey, and she is about a year and a half. More later.........

Wondering how it goes in the Bruce/Kathy household and the Keith/Bev household?

I'm heading out for Gridley now. Love ya all

         April 16, 2007
From: Keith
Hi Lila, it goes well in the K & B house, thank you. I guess you may not see this until after Hawaii if you are leaving tomorrow. I am writing at 9:30 p.m. Monday. If you do see it, I pray you will have wonderful traveling mercies and a great visit with everybody. Especially that new grandson. Take care.

Hey Dave and Linda, So glad you are home and things are looking up. That's a good sign, Dave, that your body is healing itself so rapidly and you are getting your leg strength back. I know you've got a lot of people praying for you and that can't be bad.

The Kings knocked off the Clippers for you, hope they can do the same with the Lakers. The Ws have jelled at just the right time, if they win their last two I'm thinking they might stick around in the playoffs for a while. Love to see them knock off the Mavs.

Keep fighting the good fight brother and good things will happen for you.

Love you guys.

         April 26, 2007
From: Dave
Early tomorrow we go to the CTCA for my next three chemo treatments. Then I see the intern specilist cuz yesterdays lab work showed my blood to thin he wants me to hold coumidin untill he can check me out. I think cuz my blood been so thin reason I been so lathargic these last few days.

Going to be a tough road but I think the Warriors can pull it off.

From Frank & Eranest doctor tells patient " I'v got good news & bad news, first the good news Medicare will last longer than you"

         April 26, 2007
From: Bruce
Hope the treatments do the trick and you get adjusted for more energy Chemo Sabe. Gonna need a lot of it to pull the Warriors through.

Kathy and I are doing fine. She is making ear rings, necklaces, scarves, etc. So much so that I'm beginning to wonder if we should try to sell some on the Web.

We took a drive to SF on Sunday. Surprising warm weather. Had interesting Mediterranean food. I was trying to average 50 miles per gallon on the way home but only made 49.

         April 27, 2007
From: Elaine
Spring is back and I got fever. Work on the little house has been stalled a few days, but will resume soon it looks like. Need to have the kitchen done, the walls painted and finally the floors. Oh and I want a closet built in too.
Still have our wild little dog running everyone ragged with uncontrolled energy. Possibility of her getting a home with a friend from work. Hope so.

Been on the Craigs list for Prius'. Surprised at how many are available. 49 mpg sounds good to me Bruce.

Hoping all goes well with the chemo Dave, and just for you, I will hope the Warriors win.

         April 27, 2007
From: Keith
Dave and Linda, I hope those chemo treatments went well this morning and your blood thickens up without the thinners in there. It is so good the coumidin did the trick in eliminating the clots.

It looks like Baron Davis is the key to the Warriors' fortunes. I missed his getting booted in game two, switching back and forth 'tween Ws and Gs. All they have to do is win at home and they'll be in in six, right?

Bruce and Kathy, I might be interested in some of Kathy's homework. We always get something for our three daughters-in-law on Mother's day and they are so hard to shop for. (Quoting Bev)

Lila, welcome back. I imagine you had a hard time tearing away from the little one and all, but it probably still felt good to get home again, yeah?

Elaine, good luck on getting that wild dog placed in a good home. Sounds like the little house is coming along.

         April 28, 2007
From: Dave
Well we got home early cuz my blood was still way to thin plus I have been coughing & bringing up some bad looking sputum so they did a chest Xray & they think I have a touch of peumonia or bronchitis so they decided to hold off on the chemo. They will let us know if the blood & infections under control, if all is well we will go & get the next chemo on Fri, Sat & Sun.

I agree with you PK if Davis & Richerson can keep rolling they could beat all others, wouldn't that be great #8 team goes all the way.

Elaine sure wish I hadn't gotten sick Linda ws really looking forward on spending time with you & Lila on working on the little house. If something happens to me maybe you girls could invite her to come out & help you she loves working on stufff like that.

Bruce I might be interrested on some of Kathy's scarves since I got this cancer seems like I am cold a lot.

         April 29, 2007
From: lila
Been home from Hawaii for a week now---yikes! Time gets away from me. I have been debating wheather to tell you this or not----guess I will. A minute ago I was finishing up a posting, that I started last night, and when I went on line--zap my comments were gone. The ironic part is I was feeling a bit cocky, because even though I could not send a picture of Anthony (tried), when Bruce explained to me why I could not do it I understood what he meant---that was pretty amazing in itself. Then I helped Elaine pull up an attachment on her computer----like I said, I was feeling cocky. And sure enough I got slapped down. So here I am----starting all over again. Some day I will learn humility (maybe).

Had a great time in Hawaii. Saw all the g. kids and great g. kids. Five years is too long to go without making a visit back to Hawaii. They are growing up--without me. Little Anthony Paul was a joy to be with---he is smiling/laughing, and he smells like heaven. And, yes, it was hard to leave that little guy. No one to blame but myself----for him, and all, being an ocean away!

Enjoyed Prof Twist, Mishkyn. Must be fun to be able to do such things. I see you still have the creative juices of your youth----not that you are old----yet.

Here it is Sunday----wondering if you went back for your chemo, Dave, and how it went? Our little house could certainly have used some tlc from you and Linda :( The major, finishing, work on the little house is starting tomorrow. Ken (workman) says about 2wks. I will be surprised if he finishes by then, but would be nice.

Gail is coming for a short visit, and she I are going down to Santa Barabara to see Micah. Look forward to our time. Seems like I am going a lot, but this should finish me up for quite awhile. Feast or famine, yes?

I have sat at this computer most of the morn now---must head over to Gridley. Love to y'all

         April 30, 2007
From: Linda
David started to write this but couldn't finish-so he asked me to write it. Yesterday, he woke up with his arm swollen and we went to the Cancer Center and he has another blood clot -in his left arm. He is now having quite a bit of pain all over and has completely lost his appetite. He is very weak and needs help to get up off the bed or couch. He said he is sorry to give up but he is tired of hurting and feeling bad all of the time and has decided to stop the chemo and wants to call Hospice to help keep him out of pain. He said to tell all of you that he loves you and so do I.

         May 1, 2007
From: Elaine
Thank you Linda for finishing David's letter. I can only imagine the pain you are both feeling. I am feeling so sad to think of the suffering. I am hoping that hospice will help ease the pain and offer emotional support. I love you both mucho grande. I want to offer my support too and am not sure how I can best do that. Please let me know if there is any way that I can help.

         May 3, 2007
From: Linda
Thanks to Lila and Elaine for the care package-so good. Thanks to Bruce and Kathy for the scarves-they are so soft and pretty.
The main thing is I have asked David several times about you guys and gals coming for a visit and today he became very agitated with me and said "I don't want anyone to visit" He had told me that several days ago and still feels that way. He said he just wants you to remember him as he was last year-he doesn't want you to see him now and remember this. He said he loves everyone very much but he just wants to be left alone and to be kept out of pain. He is confused off and on and gets very upset with me when I stop him from getting out of bed-his legs are so sore that he can't bear weight on them but he forgets that until he stands up. We have had 2 close near falls today and the last time, I hurt my shoulder while keeping him from falling-soo Hospice has sent out a hospital bed with side rails on it. Keep the good thoughts coming and I will do my best to take care of David at home per his wishes.

         May 5, 2007
From: Elaine
David and Linda

I understand David's wishes to be alone at this time. And thank you Linda for your willingness to do what is necessary.

Love you both.And am continuing to send the best possible thoughts.

         May 10, 2007
From: Bruce
Linda said they are having a service for David on Sunday, May 20 at 2:00 p.m. in his Secret Garden.

         May 10, 2007
From: kathy
Please accept from sympathy in your great loss.
I'll miss seeing his bright and smiling face on screen while he described his "secret garden" to us.
It will make me feel closer to David and I know the whole family with feel the same about being in his special, peaceful place together.

         May 11, 2007
From: Linda
Thank you Kathy. David is back home now-I just returned from the funeral home with his box of ashes.
I am so happy all of you will be here for his memorial service. The service will be short and simple. I just wanted to tell you to just bring casual clothes-no suits,ties or fancy dresses as it will be in the garden and will probably be hot and humid. Love you,Linda

         May 13, 2007
From: lila
Thank you for the info, Linda. I am looking forward to being with everyone in Dave's Secret Garden for the memorial service.

Love to you and all

         May 25, 2007
From: Bruce

         May 29, 2007
From: Linda
Bruce, thank you for the great picture-did you use special lighting or is that the angelic glow on David's face? I really enjoyed the short visit with all of you-just wish it could have been longer and that David could still be with us. This depression thing is weird-some days I just cry all day and curl up in bed and then the next day I force myself to get up and go through the routines. It is difficult dealing with business related David's illness-some people say sorry but it's just a phrase without feeling. I am having to get out of the house everyday now just to drive to the chiropractor in Ft. Gibson for therapy to my right shoulder which I injured the last time I assisted David out of the bed. Dr. Page said he doesn't think the rotator cuff is torn but just stretched and if the therapy doesn't help soon he will order an MRI to be sure of the damage.
We were very lucky to have such a lovely day for David's memorial -it had rained a few days before and started raining again on Tuesday and still hasn't stopped. There is standing water all over the yards and the garden and still prediciting rain everyday through Saturday. The weatherman states this will go down as the 10th and maybe up to the 5th wettest May since they started keeping records.
Have all of you rested up from the long trip?
Love you,Linda

         May 29, 2007
From: lila
Interesting to read of your rain, Linda. We came home to some fierce wind---lasted 2 or 3 days. Could not help but feel that it was a wave from Dave. Hope that chiropractor can fix up your shoulder pain. Wish there was something we could do to ease all your pains. My experience has been that one just has to walk through it, and give in to the grief. Love you.

I am still feeling pretty drained, physically and emotionally. Seeing Dave's secret garden, and the land he loved was helpful for me. I can see and understand why Dave was so happy there. Hard to accept that he is gone.

Elaine's little house is finished (inside), and it is lovely.

Love y'all..................

         May 30, 2007
From: Bruce
Hi Linda - no special lighting. That must have been a ray of sunshine hitting the picture. The weather was great while we were there, couldn't have been better. If it was raining before and after we were there, that must have been higher humidity. So perfect timing!

         June 15, 2007
From: Elaine
Hi Linda, I am imagining how difficult your time is right now. Hoping that Kel and family are there and making your transition easier. That was surely one of the most difficult trips I have made. I too was really grateful to have that time with you and to feel David's energy in the garden. It was interesting how the wind greeted us on arrival in Sac.Especially in light of the story you told about his nickname. I have not been well since coming back with a sinus infection and trying to move and now we have a heat wave and me with no cooling system in place yet. Oh so many challenges. I hope our connection will help us get through the hard times with grace. Wondering if you are thinking of a trip out here to visit? I would love to have some time with you. Think about it okey? Love, Elaine

         June 16, 2007
From: Linda
Well, it's about time I heard from you . I received a beautiful card from Lila yesterday and mailed her a letter today. The time for me has been very difficult but getting a bit more routine-I bought a couple of books about how to stay connected to loved ones on the other side and they have been quite helpful.
Kel has not moved yet-was going to this week-end but IBM had some sort of an emergency and he is going to have to work all week-end and Monday so he has not had time to pack up his office but everything else is packed and ready to move. I went down yesterday to rent the storage room for him. I have been able to keep pretty busy in the house during all of this rain we have been getting every day-trying to child proof plus making room for 3 more people.
Today is like a sauna but I am in the secret garden pulling weeds and just came in for one of my frequent breaks. I have been keeping up with the mowing on the brief days that we have dried out enough to mow. Quite a different climate than last year when we were just hot and dry.
As I told Lila, I would love to come for a visit but first have to get the kids settled in and get Logan on a reasonable sleep schedule so his momma and daddy can get some rest. They now are planning to make the move next week-end.
I am anxious to see your house. Lila said it was lovely. Hopefully you will get the cooling system in quickly. I am sorry you are suffering with the sinus infection. My brother and sister-in-law also have that problem and Rick even stayed home from work for one day which he hardly ever does. I really haven't heard much from them since the memorial-just had them
to witness some papers for the name changes for my life insurance and found out they were both ill. I started having the sinus problem again but just increased my use of XLEAR and am doing better.
I still wake up fairly often during the night thinking I hear David snoring or bumping around in the house. The first thing when I awaken in the morning, I feel happy and and eager to get up and see what David is doing and then the reality hits me like a truck and I stay in bed for a little while. I do feel his presence but just wish I could hold him.
Guess I better get back to weeding before the heat becomes totally unbearable. Love you, Linda

         June 17, 2007
From: Keith
I have not been on the Family site for a while now. The only reason I came on today is because I got a letter from Lila talking about it. I know I'm way too young to be so forgetful, but I guess it does happen to us younger people too.

It was good hearing from you Linda. I know how hard it is for us, his siblings, to adjust to Dave's being gone, but can't really imagine what it must be like for you after being so close for so many years. Especially with somebody like Dave who's always got something cooking.

I hope your shoulder is healed by now and the garden work is not too much for you. What are the titles and authors of the books you've read about staying in touch with loved ones on the other side? You got me curious about those.

David was so blessed to have met and married someone with your qualities. We will always be very grateful to you for you faithful love and considerate attention you heaped upon our brother.

         June 18, 2007
From: Linda
Brothers and Sisters,
It is so good to hear from you. I know we have all been greiving in our own unique ways and yes, Elaine, staying connected will help us get through the hard times with grace. You each are an extension of David and our love for him and each other will help all of us when we make that journey to the other side.
Keith, the first booklet that helped me was one that Good Shepherd Hospice sent called "Special Care Series -Book One-Discovering Permission to Grieve" by Doug Manning The second book is "Staying Connected" by Rudolf Steiner. This book was like most books in that some of it was difficult to understand but some of it was very good and I was able to feel in my heart what the author was talking about. The third book has been very helpful to me "The Place We Call Home" by Robert J. Grant-it is about exploring the Soul's existence after death.
I felt David speaking to me again Sat. evening. I was tired from pulling weeds-took a shower-and decided to just gaze at T.V. instead of cleaning out the bathroom cabinets in preparation for Kel's family and I heard(not audibly but felt it in my heart and mind but in David's voice) that I should get up off the couch NOW and clean the cabinets. I finished the top cabinets to make room for the dangerous chemicals from under the sink and when I started cleaning under the sink-the bottles and packages had water on them. I turned on the faucet and watched the water just spraying out from the drain connection. I quit using that sink and had the plumber out today-so nice to be able to call a plumber this morning and have them here within 2 hours-the large nut on the drain had cracked and they replaced it and all is well with no water damage problems and no mildew as would have been the case had I not listened to that inner voice telling me to do it NOW. I have always thought those inner urges or intuition were the angels- so happily now David's voice is one of them. I used to have the insights at work fairly frequently when I would get a nudge to check on a certain patient and find them in distress and fortunately was able to get there before they were beyond help. A few times I would be really busy and ignored the nudge and it would be too late to help by the time I waited.
My shoulder is improving but still has a long way to go -I still have to have treatments 3x/week. The weeds were easy to pull because they were in mud-We have had rain every day. We may start drying out next week but then it is supposed to be in the 90's and with all of the standing water, it is really going to be uncomfortable in the afternoons and evenings.
Keith, I also was blessed to have married someone with David's qualities-he had so much love to give and he felt so close to all of you and to Ellie.
I know he is in a very special place on the other side as he was so full of love and I feel that is what this life on earth is all about-staying connected to those we love and teaching each other and especially the children how to have love for other people. I know we are visited by those who have passed over and David felt like his Dad was visiting him while he slept. When we moved here, David couldn't nail two boards together but when he thought about what he wanted to build ,the idea would come to him how to nail those boards together and he said 'It must have been Dad showing me how to do it".
Just send loving thoughts to the other side and know that some day we will all have a reunion on the other side-but we need to keep in touch on this side too.
Love to all,Linda

         July 4, 2007
From: Elaine
Hi All, Good to hear from you Linda. I'm glad your shoulder is healing. Sounds like you are healing too. I understand that "listening to the inner voice". I have heard the wisdom of that mysterious voice often, but like you I don't always heed it. When I do, it always amazes me. Interesting that you think of the voice as angels. I was concerned about the flooding in Ok. and wondering if it was affecting you....Lila said she talked to you a few days ago and that in spite of it raining constantly since we left, you are not flooded. Also heard you are making plans to come to visit in Sept. Yeah. It will be good to see you, and hopefully, we can have a reunion with the family while you are here. I haven't seen or heard from PK or BL or KS since we got back from Ok. So let's make a plan, okey guys?

         July 5, 2007
From: Keith
Linda, I agree with you that you also were blessed to have had the chance to share your life with Dave. He was and always will be very special. If anybody ever was everybody's favorite, it had to have been he.

I ordered the book Discovering Permission to Grieve. Should be getting it soon.

Elaine, I sent you a letter on 5/28/07 with pictures, didn't you get it?

         July 6, 2007
From: Bruce
Hi everyone. Hope all of you had a good mini-holiday on the fourth. It was so hot here we just stayed in and kept cool. Nice and relaxing, except that Kathy has been feeling out-of-sorts, low on energy. Of my two hellebores, the heat totally zapped one and the other one is looking marvelous.

September should be good to get together for Kathy and me. Sounds like a plan.

         July 9, 2007
From: lila
Hi all. September would be a good time for a get together for me and Elaine (I think), too. And hopefully we will be out of the triple digit heat by then. We have had some hot days this past couple of weeks, for sure. Elaine has her air conditioner hooked up and working----just in time. Sorry to read that Kathy is feeling down----the heat could be a big part of it, perhaps. Elaine and I are ever so slow, and for me the air quality is a big part of it. Looking forward to seeing Linda in Sept. Have you any more info on the train schedule, Linda? Didn't you check into the train a while back, PK?
BL, I planted my gardenia where you suggested, and it is doing great--looking marvelous. I am so pleased. I also re-planted a dwarf lemon tree, that I thought was killed by the freeze we had. It has just come to life :-). But my poor little Japanese Maple is struggling. I am missing the garden that never got planted this year, but Dean and Steph have a lovely one going---and they shared some squash with us so far.
Heading over to Gridley----Ruth is doing well...stay-
ing cool.
Love to all

         July 9, 2007
From: Linda
Hi everyone,
I have greatly enjoyed reading all of your messages. I have been really busy with the kids getting moved in and taking care of Logan while Kel and Crystal go to Tulsa every week end to finish their moving and cleaning. Kel has to go to the office (in Tulsa) everyday for next two weeks for training and Crystal and Logan are with him in Tulsa tonight due to stormy weather preventing return trip here. We had a few dry days last week and now in for 4 days of rain this week. I have sore backside from being on the riding lawnmower so much. We still have standing water along the roadsides, creeks are full and the lake is 26 feet above normal-so hoping we avoid the really heavy rain or we may flood. Lila, our air quality is really bad due to the humidity and mold spores-I am even having some respiratory problems but at least our week of stomach virus is over.
I checked on Amtrack and looks like the nearest stations are Kansas City and Dallas and a trip of 51 hours not including layovers and train changes-so looks like I will just have to close my eyes and fly. What time in latter Sept. will be good for all of you-
Or would Oct. be better for you?
After reading about the hellebores, I went out to check on David's and they are still alive but haven't grown much-about all that is thriving is the grass and weeds and the bananna tree that I had forgotten was in the garage since last fall with no light or water but growing pale yellow leaves-it looks great now that it has water and fresh air and a few days of sunshine.


         July 10, 2007
From: Keith
Your water level situation sounds quite volatile Linda. Wish we could give you some of this heat to evaporate all that excess. Actually reading you comments makes me appreciate the heat a bit more. I'm not going to complain about it anymore. I would also like to send you a couple of my grandsons. They would love to ride that lawnmower. Maybe you could have a contest for local teen-agers and the winner gets to ride the lawnmower.

Yes, Lila I did check on the train and Linda summed it up pretty well when she said she'll be closing her eyes and flying.

For me Sept is better than Oct. When I first saw we were talking about Sept, I thought there might be a plan to do something on Dave's birthday. I have no ideas about what form that something would take though.

         July 11, 2007
From: Elaine
Hi to All, I was awakened between four and five this morning by the roaring of the wind. I was a bit frightened., it sounded so powerful, was wondering if there was a tornado moving through. So Keith, you must be enjoying this respite from the heat. And no, I did not get an email from you.
Linda, hope you are still dry and free from flooding. Am looking forward to your company anytime in Sept. or Oct. I am going to visit friends in So. Ca. the first week of August, and then that's it for traveling for me. I think you will be glad to fly (in spite of the fear) as it is so much faster. When we came to Ok. I hadn't flown for a couple years I guess and I noticed the tension I was feeling during take off and a moment of panic, thinking, "I want off." But it didn't last too long.
Bruce, I'm glad you have one surviving heleborn(?). Haven't done much gardening this year. I miss it, but moving (ten steps away) has pretty much taken all my attntion. Dean and Stephenie have been so generous, thanks to them, I have furniture and a refrigerator. It is beginning to feel like home.
Kathy, hope you are feeling better and keeping on.

See you all in Sept?

         July 17, 2007
From: Linda
The heat from California has arrived but not too great mixed with our humidity-temp in the mid 90's with a real feel temp in the low 100's. I divided the mowing into two 5 hour days and am pretty wiped out. I would love to have your grandsons Keith-but only if they are potty trained-still having difficulty with this one.
I hope you are feeling better Kathy-stay cool.
Bruce, I checked on David's hellebores again and they are finally starting to grow-now that the ground is beginning to dry. We still have some standing water in the roadside ditches but should dry in a few days and no rain predicted until Friday.
Elaine, I am looking forward to seeing your new home. I am still trying to talk myself into flying-there has been so much news about the airline delays and cancellations that I am not sure if I want to attempt it-do you think it might improve in Sept?
Lila,if I keep myself talked into flying, what is the best day for me to arrive and depart? Would arriving on Wednesday and leaving on Sunday morning be good?
Love to all

         July 18, 2007
From: lila
I can not imagine humidity-temp in the mid 90's. I use to complain about the humidity in Hawaii, but it never got anywhere near that kind of temps. Having all that moisture in the air is nice on ones skin, but hard, for me, to breath. I am appreciating our little cool spell right now, but the prediction is 104 by Sunday. We actually had some rain last night!

Wondering if Kel and Crystal have gotten all moved in, Linda? Such a job, moving house is----so stressful. Really doubt that I have another move left in me----moving is for the young and strong.

How is it going with you and Kathy, Bruce? Any new stuff going on in your lives. Seen any good movies lately---anyone?

Any days for your arrival and departure are fine, Linda. I can arrange my schedule with Ruth to fit the need, and Elaine is off on T,W, and Th. Just let us know what works for you.

We are still dealing with a lot of dog stuff. Trying to find the perfect home for Zoey, and trying to work with the behaviorist on Wendy's problems. He has given us some good suggestions, and things to work on. For now Ms Wen is wearing a muzzel a lot. Sigh!

Love to all......................

         July 18, 2007
From: Keith
Linda: The grandsons of which I spoke have been potty trained for between 15 and 11 years now so maybe you can take them back with you after your visit. That might actually work if you didn't live so far away. Sorry to hear the weather is still messing with you, but at least that heat has removed the flood threat.

I had a wonderful visit with Lila and Elaine yesterday, both are looking very well and even seemed to look a little younger. I meant to ask, are you taking a new vitamin or something?

The little house is absolutely beautiful. I would love to take that little Zoey dog, she is such a joy, but Bev and I both work and she would be alone too much of the time. Maybe if Bev does go ahead and retire this year we can swing a deal because I know she would love her too.

         July 19, 2007
From: Bruce
Hi All,

Kathy is feeling better. Not 100%, but close. Shes going to see Les Miz today at the Music Circus. First time for her to see it in the round.

My one hellebore bit the dust, but at least I know what kind to plant there now since my other variety is doing well. I have some morning glories going up our pole in front and they are popping out all over now.

Were replacing a couple of windows. I didnt want to get the new style, so we found a guy who restores old windows. One of the side effects is that we have plywood up in the windows while he is working on the sashes, the framework that holds the panes of the window. Hoping to get the glass back in this weekend. Its a little strange having a blacked-out window.

For a couple of months Ive been doing a daily workout my Yoga teacher designed for me. Its just a few strength, stretching, and aerobic things, but Ive noticed my back feels better. If it keeps improving Ill be close to normal.

A muzzle on Ms. Wen? What has she been up to?

         July 21, 2007
From: Bruce
Here is a picture of some of those glorious morning glories.

         July 22, 2007
From: Linda
Beautiful picture of the morning glories! David's purple ones didn't come back this year-guess that flower bed was under water too long-but his blue one in the SG came back.
Kel and Crystal are all moved now and yes it was a very big job. They have some things here in the house and garage and rented storage spaces at two different locations in Ft. Gibson-thought the 1st space would be enough but it wasn't and then that place had no more open units so had to rent 2nd place at different location. They are still cleaning and repairing their house in Tulsa on week-ends and haven't decided if they will sell or just rent it out.
The builder has not been able to start on their house here due to the saturated ground.
Happy to hear Bruce and Kathy are feeling better. I have been ill for past week with sinus infection and strep throat and taking antibiotics because all of my joints are stiff and aching.
Keith, I had forgotten that you have older grandchildren-I was thinking about Tim's little boys.
The teenagers around here don't seem motivated to doing yard work-they just race around on their ATV's.
Sheba has become very attached to Logan and Crystal and when they aren't here she just follows me around meowing constantly. We are making some progress with Logan's potty training-never anticipated I would be doing this at my age-pay back for sending my own two son's to my parent's house (this same house) when I was working full time and the kids needed potty training. Mom and Dad had them trained in two weeks-wish I had asked them how they did it so quickly.
Love to all

         July 25, 2007
From: Keith
That is good to hear, Linda, that Kel and Crystal are in. I hope they get that house built rapidly, it must be awfully close in there now. Have you been looking at your calendar and considering dates?

Beverly and I have our 30th wedding anniversary coming up September 17th and are planning a three day trip to Monterey. We'll be coming back on the 19th. Hard to believe it's been 30 years, but as Kermit says, Time's fun when you're having flies, or something like that.

I was supposed to be off the month of Sept, but the Dept of Rehab, where I work is moving and they asked me if I could come in for the 1st, 3rd and 4th weeks. I told them I had to have the week of the 17th off but agreed to the first and fourth weeks.

Those glories live up to their name in that picture. They look like they're lit up with florescent lighting from within. Very lovely.

         July 26, 2007
From: Linda
I have been looking at the calendar and was thinking about the 19th to the 23rd if this would be agreeable with everyone but I haven't checked with the airlines yet. Any suggestions about airlines that may be better than others? I will have to fly out of Tulsa and we usually took Southwest (I think).
I hope my muscles and joints are better by then or I won't be able to walk fast enough to make my connections. I have decided to quit taking the Lipitor as the antibiotics have not relieved the joint pain but at least the sore throat went away.
We are pretty much crowded but these kids are easy to live with and everyone respects each others space-except Logan of course who is enjoying have the run of the whole house with no baby gates to restrict him. He does howerver, know that when grandma's bedroom door is closed that he can not come in.
The builder has placed stakes and strings where the future driveway and house will be but still hasn't started any actual work due to the weather causing all of the builders in this area to be behind on their previous projects.
Congratulations Keith and Bev on your upcoming 30th anniversary.
Love to all

         July 28, 2007
From: Bruce
Hi Linda - I noticed that Express Jet now flies from Tulsa to Sacramento nonstop. It looked like it was $99 one-way. They are smaller than normal. On one side of the aisle there is only one seat and on the other side there are two seats. The web site is

I have heard from several people that Lipitor has caused leg pain. What about that new medication that works with the intestine instead of the liver?

         July 28, 2007
From: Linda
Hi all-Bruce, that price for Express Jet is great-is this the same one you took to OK City and if so, how was the ride? David and I were on some sort of express plane from Denver to Tulsa after Ellie's memorial -it had 2 seats on each side of the aisle but was very cramped and the ride was bumpy.
Did any of you by chance place David's obituary in a california newspaper or mail a copy to Naomi? The reason I am asking is because Rhonda, Kirk, and I have been receiving phone calls from Naomi's daughters and they have read his obituary and we just wondered how they found out about it. Their stories have been conflicting and we just wondered why they would even attempt to locate any of us after 24 years.
Bruce, I think I am just going to quit the Lipitor for a couple of weeks to see if the symptoms improve and then go from there. Perhaps, I will visit the chiropractor Monday to see if he can do anything to help.
Love to all

         July 29, 2007
From: Keith
Thanks, Linda, for the congrats.

I did not put Dave's obituary in the paper. If none of his siblings did, and you guys didn't, it would be very interesting to know who might have.

Were their contradictory stories about their own personal lives? Or do you mean as to how they found out about Dave's departure?

         July 29, 2007
From: Bruce
No, I didn't know about any obituary out here.

The Express Jets are overall smaller but the seat room seems about the same as the larger planes. The nice thing about the flight to and from Oklahoma City was that the flights were empty enough that we could take two seats for ourselves which was very roomy. As far as the cramped feeling and bumpiness, maybe Elaine or Lila would have a better feel for that. I've never had a problem with those things on any flight.

         July 29, 2007
From: Linda
Keith, Their stories were about how they found out about David's death. Sandy was the one who called me-Kel had answered the phone and he thought I knew the person because she asked to speak with Linda-so he just handed me the phone and the person said she was Sandy-David's stepdaughter and that her sister in Ft. Smith had see David's obituary and sent her a copy. She went on and on about how much she loved David and told me several stories about when he was with them but in the background I could hear another woman talking to her. Both Sandy and Betty had called Rhonda and she was upset by it and said she has no intention of calling them back but was worried that the one in Fort Smith might attempt to see her. Rhonda said Kirk had talked to both of them. Rhonda had me to check out the phone numbers on the internet and indeed Betty has a Fort Smith number but it's a cell phone and no address listed. Sandy's phone number was from Davis,CA but had an unlisted address. Neither Rhonda or Kirk had placed an obit in the Fort Smith news -apparently the only one was from Fort Gibson.
I was just worried because when David and I first moved here-Naomi had placed a change of address
for our Scottsdale address after we had placed one and had our mail come to her house and in the process had access to our bills and charge account, letters and pictures that Ellie had taken in Scottsdale and mailed to us and letters that Rhonda had sent. I was just worried that she might attempt to do that again-now that she has my address and phone number. I will have to go to the post office tomorrow to assure that no one places a change of addresss for me.
I think that finally I have the insurance and Medicare straightened out as to who was primary at what times but still getting calls from physican offices and Muskogee Hospital about Medicare stating they wern't primary and I just have to tell them the whole story and tell them to refile the bill. Ah, but this too shall past-according to Ellie.
Love, Linda

         July 29, 2007
From: Linda
Oops-sorry Keith,I got sidetracked and didn't finish the story. One of the phone messages to Rhonda stated that Naomi was going to call Ellie about something and then saw Ellie's obituary and David's just below it. ??? Doesn't make any sense to me-but I hope Naomi is not as vindictive as she was 24 years ago.
Love, Linda

         July 31, 2007
From: lila
I have not had a minute to sit down at this page for a couple of days, and so much is going on. I am shocked to read about Naomi surfacing after all these years. I did not put Dave's obituary in any paper, and I know Elaine did not either. As usual, her (their) story does not make any sense. It is good that you are taking precautions, Linda. How strange that one of Naomi's daughter's is there in Ft Smith--kind of spooky, actually.

I like riding those small planes----when they are not full, especially. One thing that bothers me about flying is all those people and me packed in that airplane. Any which way in the smaller planes there are less people. And not having to change planes is another big plus. I don't remember the ride being bumpy.

Elaine is heading south tomorrow. Her friend from Ojai is picking her up----will go to the coast, and then on south. Hopefully, a pleasant, mellow break for Elaine.

I am having work and painting done on my house---such stress. Just having guys in and out, and dealing with the animals....yada yada. Then the topper is the color I picked is not good. I pictured a cool mellow peach, and I have a bright intense peach. So another day added. Going to add some white and tone it down. Yes, this, too, shall pass.

Your morning glories are very glorious, BL. Elaine has some just like them.

Best wishes to you and Bev, PK----have a wonderful time/celebration in Monterey.

Ruth is doing well. She has been having a lot of grandkids visitations. Time for me head on over there. Love to all.

         August 1, 2007
From: Linda
Hi all
I am going to go for it-just close my eyes and fly. Express Jet has a flight arriving Sacramento on Sept 19(Wednesday) @9:46 AM and departs Sept 23 (Sunday) @ 5:50 PM. Before I make the reservation, are these dates O.K. with everyone and will someone be able to pick me up and take me back to the airport? Let me kmow if you need me to change anything.
Love, Linda

         August 3, 2007
From: lila
Those dates are fine, Linda---Elaine and I are available to pick you up. And I can take you to the airport when you leave, too. Looking forward to your time here. I know that flying is such a drag, but it is so fast! We do appreciate the effort it takes to get on that plane.

Shall we plan something for the 20th? Get together here-----in Sacramento-----maybe we could all go to Wilbur????? What do you all think----any other ideas?
Elaine is off on the 20th---that is a Thursday. What about you, Linda, anything special you would like to do?

Loves to all

         August 3, 2007
From: Bruce
Linda, that should be a nice smooth plane ride out here. You might even get some interesting scenery. We flew over some red rock canyons that were amazing and then Lake Tahoe near the end of the flight.

I should be able to make accommodations for anything around September 20. What would a trip to Wilbur entail?

I just put up a link titled Alonzo. It is a short slide show. However, it does have a sound track so you might have to have a high speed connection to get it all.

         August 3, 2007
From: Linda
The slide show was lovely -now I'm crying again. Maybe I should double up on the antidepressants again before I visit?Just joking-probably just need to get it all out. I made the airline resverations online- but now how do I get the ticket and boarding pass?
Love you,Linda

         August 4, 2007
From: Keith
Haven't been on here for a few days again. Linda, That Naomi mess is so bewildering. Hopefully she is not planning to cause any trouble. I don't know what she could do anyway.

It looks like your trip is pretty well planned and you will be arriving on the 19th. That is pretty good timing because Bev and I will be returning on the 19th. We changed our time in Carmel to the 16-18 and home on the 19th.

I just talked to Lila and she said the Wilbur thing probably is not a good idea for the week-end and suggested we might all meet at her house on the 20th. That sounds good to me. Correct me if I got that wrong Lila, I think that's what you said. I don't have any ideas about the week-end. Maybe we can talk about that on the 20th?

Dang, Bruce. I just got through watching Alonzo and hardly know what to say. The words beautiful, extraordinary, perfect all rush to mind, but most of all what a glorious tribute to David. The musical selections were the perfect fit for each frame. The mixture of emotions of love, sadness and joy produced tears that had been clogging my ducts for too long and needed to come out. I just want to thank you for that unique experience brother. I hope everybody is able to get the sound, it is so good.

         August 5, 2007
From: Bruce
Glad you enjoyed the slide show. I didn't think it would be such a tear-jerker. It is so short, those pictures must have a bigger impact than I thought.

Linda, you should be able to check in at the airline counter with a picture ID and they will give you the boarding pass. Or, you can run your driver's license through the automated check-in and it should give you a boarding pass. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to call the airlines and confirm your reservation dates and times.

         August 5, 2007
From: lila
I, too, am very moved by the slide show. The tears come every time I watch it. The first time I watched it it came very slow, and kept stopping. But now it plays right through. Is that Dave reading from Of Mice and Men? I know he liked that book very much.

Linda arrives the morning of the 19th----leaves on Sunday the 23rd. I was thinking of taking her to Wilbur on Thursday, the 20th (Dave's birthday). Then I thought we could have a gathering here on Saturday. Elaine is off on Thursday, and maybe can get Saturday off (or at least come home early). How does that sound to everyone?
Love ya

         August 5, 2007
From: Keith
So, Lila, either I turned those dates around (probably) or you changed your mind on them? But whichever, your suggestion of all meeting at your house on Saturday sounds good to me. Do you want to make the get-together a pot luck?

         August 5, 2007
From: Linda
Thanks Bruce for the infor re: airlines-I just called and confirmed reservation. EJet rep said I could go on line 24 hours prior to flight and get boarding pass or wait and pick it up at the airport. So--I guess it's official now -flight 0222 arrives in Sacramento Wed. Sept 19 @ 9:46 A.M. departing on flight 0223 Sun. Sept. 23 @5:50 P.M.
The very first picture on the slide show was the one that made me cry-it is such a good picture of David-he looks like he could step out of the computer into my bedroom. Really-I had to shut my bedroom door, put on the CD(with the earphones) of the music we played at the memorial service-turned on the slide show and cried for 2 hours. Bruce, can you send me a copy of that first slide or is there a way I can freeze and copy it?
I am looking forward to seeing all of you in Sept.

         August 6, 2007
From: Bruce
I'll try to put up the picture of Dave here and you should be able to save a copy by right clicking on it. Printing your own boarding pass should save some time.

Yes Lila, that was George talking to Lennie from Of Mice and Men. How did you figure that out?

         August 6, 2007
From: Linda
Got the picture-thanks Bruce.

         August 9, 2007
From: Elaine
Hi, Have missed alot. Just back from a trip to Ojai. Linda, I am so happy you will be visiting next month. I do remember being quite nervous at the beginning of the flight and feeling jumpy when the ride got bumpy, but I soon got used to it and was able to relax somewhat. I reccommend you take a good book and stay focused on that in spite of what is going on with the bumps. Am hoping that Naomi's family are truely just interested in having closure with David and are feelilng no ill will. Bruce, I appreciated watching your creative expression; Professor Twist was delightful and Alonzo was so touchingly beautiful I did find myself crying too. PK, hope you and Bev enjoy your beach trip glad the timing worked out. See everybody next month.

         August 14, 2007
From: Linda
Hi all,
Elaine, thanks for advice for the trip. I don't think I can read on the plane if it is a bumpy ride because I get nauseated if I attempt to read in a moving car. I think I may bring my portable CD player and just listen to soothing music. So far I haven't heard any more from Naomi's family and certainly hope I never hear from them again-it still remains a mystery how they found out that David had passed and how they read his obituary. Did you have a good restful time in Ojai?
We are supposed to reach 104 today and 105 tomorrow-the past two days have been 101. I was weeding a flower bed yesterday but none today as yesterday just about did me in.
The kids brought several large notebooks of movies on DVD with them so I have been enjoying shutting myself in my room after dinner and popping a movie into my laptop -putting on the earphones and zoning out. I usually finish the movie just in time to get a goodnight hug and kiss from Logan.
It is too hot to play outside with Logan during the day and the mosquitoes are too bad to have him outside in the evening so I work with him on his Be Smart Kids computer lessons after his afternoon nap and he just runs circles in the living room in the evening to run off excess energy. It gets pretty hectic about 8:30 to 10:00 pm as Logan is running and hollering and Sheba is running and jumping so I am enjoying the respite to my bedroom.
Later,Love to all

         August 20, 2007
From: lila
Lordy----I have been down again this summer. Same thing I did last summer, but did not go into pneumonia this time. Still coughing some, but feeling better. Seems that the summer is the bad time of the year for me.

I have been having work done on the house too, and that wore me out----having people in here every day, and not having a kitchen for a few days. Had one room painted 3 times (will tell that story when I see you all). In fact I do believe paint fumes is the culprit that started my problems. Any-which-way it is all done for now, and I am pleased with the results. So all in all-----all is well again.

BL, Of Mice and Men, was one of my favorites, and George put me in mind of Dave, and Dave's reading sounded just like the George in my head. And I do believe Dave and I talked about that book.

I can not read in a car either, Linda, but I can read on a plane. Dramamine is good----valium is great. I like to doze, read, and sleep............

So Saturday, the 22nd we will get together here--right? And I think doing it pot luck is a great suggestion, PK.

Had a fellow (his name is David) show some interest in Zoey today. He is going to get back to us if he and his wife want to give her a try. Such mixed emotions, I feel................but it sounds like a good situation for the hyper/wild girl. Wonder what he will do??? Will keep you posted on my next posting.
Love & Hugs

         August 30, 2007
From: Bruce
Hope you are fully recovered now Lila. I remember you had a bout with pneumonia a while ago but didn't realize it was last summer. I was thinking more in the winter.

We had a little work done on our house too. The windows were finally rehabbed and reinstalled. Why do the workers I get always want to work at dinner time when I want to relax and enjoy a meal? Same thing happened when we had our pipes done. Oh well, it was only a couple of days this time.

I remember the old movie based on Of Mice and Men. I wonder if Dave liked that movie. It seems like the type of movie he would have gone for. I know he was really intrigued by Bogart's movies where he played a character who went a little crazy.

Linda, it looks like you have had a break from the intense weather. Hope you're able to enjoy it.

Elaine, how is Ojai? Seems like I have notice that some computer technology businesses are now based in Ojai. Is it starting to become another Silicon Valley?

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 22nd for a potluck get together.

         August 30, 2007
From: Linda
Was the old movie based on "Of Mice and Men"-the one with the guy named Lennie in it and his friend shoots him in the head at the end of the movie? If that is the one-David loved it and watched it many times.
I have not been able to enjoy the weather yet-maybe will this week end. I can't seem to shake this head cold and bronchitis and Logan still has the cold and croup-so we have been inside most of the time. Crystal started to work at the school in Ft. Gibson and I offered to babysit 3 days/week but until he gets well enough for day care to accept him, it has been full time. It's not that I don't enjoy him full time-I just need a couple of days/week to myself in the yard for my spiritual nourishment.
Kel was mortified when I mentioned taking my portable CD player on the plane-he promptly supplied me with a MP3? player. I was so amazed that he has an entire book on it plus music and relaxation/medition exercises and still has room for another book and more music and the thing is so small and light that it can be concealed in my hand. This new technology is really getting ahead of me.
We also spent the past two evenings having our dinnerhour interrupted by the workers. Kel and Crystal decided they just couldn't tolerate my old T.V. with the antenna that just picks up the local stations and some of them are not clear pictures. He paid for installation of satellite TV for the four sets -has 2 receivers so when they move he will take one receiver and leave one for me. At least I learned enough about the remote to be able to turn my TV on and change channels-and just when I had finally learned how to use the DVD remote it is now obsolete.
I don't know if the wiring in this old house is going to hold up to all of the additional TV's and computers but so far it hasn't burned out.
Looking forward to seeing everyone and so far have no anxiety about the flight.
Love to all

         September 5, 2007
From: Bruce
Yes, that sounds like the movie. Lennie had a dream of having his own home and George would weave an idealistic story about it to keep Lennie entertained.

I have an MP3 player too. It's about the size of two match boxes. I can clip it to my arm and listen to books while I work around the house or sometimes when I go walking. The earplugs are a bit of a problem but not bad once you get used to dealing with it.

         September 12, 2007
From: lila
I know what you mean, Linda, regarding new technology.
I don't look forward to upgrading my cell, I don't want a new remote, a new fax, etc....etc. My computer
keeps telling me there is a new bar (or some such thing), and would I like to have it installed----I keep saying no----they just keep on asking & asking.

Well, our Zoey-girl has a new home. It seems to be working. I do miss the girl a bit, but I dare say that Sadie and Wendy do not miss her even a little bit.

Had a real scare with Ruth. She got very weak---could hardly stand up. Sharyn was there---took her to the doctor---they took her to emergency, and the ambulance took her to Enloe Hospital in Chico. Today she had a pace maker put in. I saw her this afternoon,and is doing well---talking a mile a minute. She may come home tomorrow. It was just so shocking to me---I was with her the day before, and she seemed to be totally fine. So relieved things went well----she is pretty amazing. Jerry will be meeting with the doctor tomorrow. Ruth will be 94 next month!

The weather has really cooled off, and I am loving it.
It is still a bit smogy from the moonlight fire, but breathing is better. I am going to check out those masks you mentioned to me PK.

See you all soon----love to all

         September 15, 2007
From: Keith
Heading out to Pacific Grove as soon as the Enterprise guy shows up so I can pick up the rental car. We're actually going to be stopping at Santa Cruz and spending the night in that area, then onto PG in the morning. We'll head back Wednesday the 19th.

Linda, I hope you are free from that bronchitis and have a wonderful flight out here. That MP3 player sounds like it should help. At least it is a non-stop flight so if you're listening to the book you won't get interrupted to change planes.

Lila, glad Ruth is OK. Sounds like you had some anxious moments. Dave turned me onto those ear loop masks, I wore one when I was riding my bike to work one day and forgot to pull it off right away, ever since then they've been calling me Doc.

I'll see you all on the 22nd.

         September 21, 2007
From: lila
Welcome home PK and Bev. Hope you had a lovely, peaceful, rejuvenating time in Pacific Grove.

See you all tomorrow

         September 21, 2007

         September 24, 2007
From: Keith
Linda: I am so sorry I missed your stay. What putrid timing. Everybody gave a splendid report of the wonderful day you all had.

Thanks for the welcome back Lila. That picture of the Lone Pine confuses me. I know I didn't send you that picture. I did send it to you, Bruce, but the picture posted looks like it is from a slightly different angle, so what's up? I'm guessing that was not attached to Lila's post, nor is it from my camera. Something you pulled off the internet, maybe?

I think I'm getting close to being 100% except for frequent loose bowel deposits. My main problem now is a very stiff and sore neck.

         September 24, 2007
From: Linda
I had a very good flight back home. Came home to high humidity and showers during the night. I went to bed at 1 AM and slept until 11 Am -so no nap for me today-I woke up with a sinus headache which I did not have while in CA-it is this rotten air in OK.
Keith and Bev, I am so sorry you were ill and I missed seeing you-I hope you are steadily improving-but if you run a fever along with that stiff sore neck-see a doctor.
I had the most wonderful time-very restful and with the loving care of Lila and Elaine,I am feeling 100% better. Knowing that I have the love of David's family makes his passing a bit easier and I feel closer to him when I am with his sisters and brothers.
I came home to a quiet house as Logan, Crystal and Sheba were already asleep. When I woke up this morning-Just Kel and Sheba were here to greet me as Crystal took Logan to day care before she went to work and I didn't even hear them before they left.
I plan to see all of you next year and ,of course, any and all of you are welcome to visit us in OK at any time.
Love to all

         September 24, 2007
From: Bruce
Glad to hear it was a smooth trip back home for you Linda. I put the picture of the lone pine up there Keith. It is the one you sent me; I just cropped it down a bit.

         September 24, 2007
From: Bruce

         September 25, 2007
From: Linda
Wonderful Bruce! Thank you.

         September 25, 2007
From: lila
Great job-----putting that picture together, Bruce. Can that picture be e-mailed?
I certainly did enjoy our day together on Saturday. It was a near perfect ending to our time with Linda:-)

I saw Ruth yesterday, and she is doing well. I do believe she will soon be back to her old self--even feeling better than her old self.

I have just spent a big portion of today renewing my McFee protection. How exhausting, and I am not even sure about what I did. This is the kind of thing that makes me feel all of my 72 years.


         September 26, 2007
From: Elaine
Oh what a beautiful picture, creative. Lila and I decided we need to get more impatients now. But I'm thinking they die out in the cold?
Linda, being with you made me feel closer to David too. So glad you were able to make it. Our warm sunny weather has returned; hoping you are cooling off a bit by now and that you can enjoy some outside time. It would be nice to have another gathering sometime when everyone can make it. Keith and Bev, Kathy, Rhonda and Kirk were all missed very much.

         September 29, 2007
From: Bruce
My impatiens usually bite the dust with the first really cold night. November . . December maybe. Then I replace them with cyclamen for the winter.

Linda suggested that I put up the pictures of the service in the Secret Garden on this web site, so if it works out there might be a link to them coming soon.

         September 29, 2007
From: Bruce
I put up the pictures from the service as a link called Service (over on the left). That was easier than I thought! I used Photoshop which automatically built the web page and inserted the pictures. They are mostly straight out of the camera and some are too small to see well but most of them seemed to come out.

         September 29, 2007
From: Linda
Bruce, the pictures came out extremely well-I especially like the last one of the cloud frog. All I had to do was click on the small pictures on the left side and they came up large on half screen. I really appreciate this as no one here took any pictures.
Love you!

         October 8, 2007
From: Bruce
Hi guys - Kathy and I are in Albuquerque at the Balloon Fiesta. Here is a shot Kathy got of two balloons firing up at the same time. I didn't expect that they would let the spectators walk around freely among the balloons but as you can see they don't consider it a problem.

         October 9, 2007
From: Bruce
Here's another of Kathy's pics. A balloon just starting to take off and others getting ready.

         October 10, 2007
From: Linda
Bruce and Kathy,
The pictures bring back fond memories of our move to Oklahoma 24 years ago. Dave was driving the U-haul truck from Arizona and as we were just west of
Albuquerque starting to go down the mountain-we rounded a big curve and the whole valley just opened up and it was so beautiful-full of the hot air balloons-it just took away our breath. Kel was sitting next to the passenger door and I thought he was going to climb out before we could stop-he was just so excited -such a spontaneous happy moment. I am glad you are able to stay there for a while and enjoy the beauty.

         October 10, 2007
From: Elaine
Just went through the "Service" photos. I appreciate the work you did Linda; I was so in an emotional state while there, that I wasn't able to fully pay attention. The details in the pics. were helpful. I especially enjoyed the green globe with the reflection of the garden, Bruce. Guess you enjoyed the baloon festival; enjoyed Kathy's photos. Cyclamen for the winter sounds like a good idea. We really want to get the hostas in, but not sure about the winter for them. Lila got an "angel" for the garden. It adds a nice touch.

Does anyone know Rhonda's email address? She said she would email and I suspect it might have gotten accidently deleted.

         October 10, 2007
From: Bruce
Here are a couple of the stranger balloons. Also, there was a beer mug full of beer and a Pepsi can.

         October 10, 2007
From: Keith
I saw pictures of the balloon festival on the 10 o'clock news Saturday and they didn't have the odd ones. Did they have a contest for the most imaginative? It seems the news would have made a point to have shown them, doesn't it?

I guess the only reason it made the national news was because of the untimely death of that CA woman. Shame.

Good picture Bruce.

         October 19, 2007
From: Steph
We really enjoyed spending the day with Lila, Bruce, Elaine, and Linda in Yuba City.

I hope you all received the "save the date" card for our wedding next July. If not, here is our wedding site with information:

Hope you can join us.


         October 23, 2007
From: Keith
I was just looking over some previous entries and realized that I had completely missed the posts from the 8th, 9th and 10th.

That's what I get for not checking it daily as I intend to do. I only noticed it because I inadvertently flashed down and saw the other two balloon photos and they jumped out at me.

Kathy, I really liked you photos, especially the pink elephant. That was the first one I've seen since becoming alcohol free.

Linda, I enjoyed reading you account of the experience you had coming through Albuquerque on your move. I guess Kel was just a youngster then.

Elaine, did you ever get Rhonda's e-mail address? I was under the impression she does not currently have e-mail. If she does indeed, please send it to me.

Dean and Steph, I am very happy for you two. I think you made a great couple and feel certain you'll have a wonderful marriage. The website is very impressive.

I was surprised to see you on a postage stamp. I thought you had to have been deceased for five years before getting on there.

         October 23, 2007
From: Keith
It must have been my computer that dropped the 'r' I know I put in those sentences to Kathy and Linda changing your to you. I don't believe I could have done it twice. But maybe I did. (:-)

         October 28, 2007
From: Linda
I called Rhonda last night. She still hasn't replaced her computer and does not have an e-mail address at her workplace. She will find out Aimee's home e-mail address and try to get the family discussion on Aimee's computer. Aimee is still in college and working at a bank-probably has at least 2 more years of college.
Dean and Steph-the date is saved and the airline ticket purchased. I received your creative card-very nice.
Keith -surely you couldn't have dropped the "r" twice-it has to be the computer's fault as my machine
frequently acts the same way.
Bruce and Kathy-David's hellibores are all still
alive and beginning to grow a bit. The rest of his garden has overgrown with scarlet sage.
Lila and Elaine-David's hostas are still thriving. I know he has transplanted some of them in the late fall and the next spring they returned-they do die out after the first hard frost but always return in the spring.
Elaine-Can you find out the name and color of the paint in your living room and bathroom? The kids will have to pick out paint colors before long and want my input. If the baby is a girl I want them to paint her bedroom the color of your bathroom and I think the living room color would look great in their living room,kitchen and dining room.

Love to all

         October 28, 2007
From: lila
A new development for me---I am feeling good!:-). I can take a deep breath and not have a pain in my chest, I have better engery, and I am enjoying walks again. It is good, and I'm saying Thank You........

I finally found a hostas plant, and have planted it near our angel. It is in a pretty protected spot. So I am hoping it will stay with us through the winter. I think our frosts are not as "hard" as yours in OK, Linda. But if it goes, I will look for it to return in Spring.

Had some excitment today---our neighbors 2 horses got out of her yard. Wen and Sadie were barking their heads off-----so I go to the door and see 2 beautiful Arabian horses trotting down Monroe Road. With the help of several neighbors (all women) the horses were caught and returned to their yard----a happy ending.

I have been home for a week----go back to Ruth's tomorrow. Ruth is fine---back to her old self. Time to get my mind set for some yahtzee............

Enjoyed all the balloon pictures---the colors in the photo's are really outstanding.

Have you started your new job, yet, PK? (loved your pink elephant joke)

Nice having Steph & Dean's site on the family page. Easy to check it out every once in awhile.

         November 1, 2007
From: Elaine
We have been having beautiful weather this week and I got to spend the day playing in the gardens(hopeful description). Hope I won't be too sore tomorrow. Linda, the yellow in my living room is "natural raffia" and I think it came from Home Depot. I will have to do some research for the bathroom color. Will let you know when I find out. Yeah, Keith, I'm sure it is the computer's fault. Although mine is behaving well today.

         November 6, 2007
From: Linda
I am feeling down tonight-tomorrow will be 6 months since David left us. I saw this verse in one of my books that pretty well describes what I feel-the verse is written by Richard Lepinsky.

At the finest level of my being,
You're still with me.
We still look at each other at
That level beyound sight.
We talk and laugh with each other on a
Level beyound touch.
We share time together in a
Place where time stands still.
We are still together on a
Level called love.
But I cry alone for you
In a place called reality.

         November 7, 2007
From: lila
It feels as if that poem was written for you and Dave, Linda. Makes my heart ache, and my eyes water.
In some ways it is hard to believe that it has been 6 months since Dave left, and in another way it seems like a distant dream.

Linda and I are trying to find a flight from Tulsa to San Francisco in July. It seems that Express Jet does not fly to SF----only to Sac. Maybe it is just too early?? What do you think, PK & BL?

         November 7, 2007
From: Bruce
Nice sentiments in that poem Linda, sad but uplifting at the same time. I was thinking Linda had her ticket already and thought I should start looking at flights soon. Checked Tulsa to SF just now but didn't see anything. I'll remember to check on it when I'm looking around. Any idea what time is the best to make reservations? Now or closer to the flight.

Kathy is in Acapulco with her friend who has a time share there. It was use it or lose it for this year so they decided to head south.

         November 8, 2007
From: Linda

Lila and I have tickets from San Francisco to Honolulu on American Airlines flight 39 departing SF
9AM on July 14th. I need a flight from Tulsa To SF and it appears that Express Jet does not go to SF and I could not find any other airline that goes to SF from Tulsa. I think any time soon would good to find a connecting flight as I already have the SF to Hawaii ticket.
Hope Kathy is really enjoying Acapulco-I have never been there except in my dreams. We had our first hard freeze night before last-29 degrees and so cold north wind. Today is supposed to be upper 60's and 70's by weekend.
Kel and I worked on the Tulsa house all last weekend and will do so again this weekend. Kel has finished the tilework and now I will saw and put the door facings and moldings that I stained last week. We are SO tired of the Tulsa house and everything takes longer than we planned.
The new house is roofed and shingled and getting the windows and doors today. Kel is having a custom built shower as he wanted more glass and a larger than normal shower stall. It will be really nice but I am afraid he is going to have 2 house payments for a while as the market in Tulsa is slowing.
Logan is sounding out words now and gets so excited when he is able to sound out a long word. He loves to draw and to mix colors and recently experimented with crayons on his bedroom wall.

         November 8, 2007
From: Elaine
Time is a master escape artist. 6 months seems so short and yet so very long. I haven't had any dreams of David yet, but I know they will come. I remember it was a long time before I dreamed of Ellie after she quit living. Recently I've had two dreams of her. Hope you are feeling better today ,Linda. I haven't made any progress with finding the name of the bathroom paint color yet. How is the new house progressing?

Acapulco sounds loverly. So does Hawaii. And where is that field beyond judgement? Want to meet there?

         November 10, 2007
From: lila
I was told that after the first of the year would be a good time to start checking on flights to Hawaii for July. That is a very busy travel time. Dean said he had good luck with Linda and I got ours this early because we are traveling with Dean and Steph. I don't think getting from here and/or OK to SF will be a problem, and Linda can always fly here, and we can drive to SF. That just might be the easiest thing to do.

Looking forward to seeing some Acapulco pictures.

         November 11, 2007
From: Keith
Reading all the chatter about flights to SF and Hawaii makes me feel left out. I wish I could be in it with you all, but there is no way I can do it.

I was quite touched by Lipinsky's poem and can see how it could affect you the way it does Linda. Obviously the gentleman lost somebody very dear to him otherwise he could not have penned those words.

I had a dream last week and Dave and Lila were in it. Don't remember much of it but in the dream we were young people. I guess that's always the case, can't ever recall being old in a dream.

A week ago last Thursday Tim, Julie and their three precious boys moved into our house. It was not the move of their choice, but they had a pretty bad break in their business and were not able to pay the rent.

To summarize briefly, Tim had the rights to the coffee business at a sports complex and was bringing home $1200 to $1500 every week-end. He invested in some new equipment and hired three more employees and then the owner of the complex and the sponsors of the tournaments had a disagreement and the tournament people pulled out leaving a great void where there had been such promise. Tim had to lay everybody off and is fighting to hang onto his other spot in Arden.

There's a lot more to say but it would be too lengthy. It is going to be fine I know. The owner of the complex told Tim he has been in touch with another group even larger than the one that left but there has been no definite word on that yet.

It is quite enjoyable having the kids here. They've been gone all day today and it seems way too quiet.

         November 12, 2007
From: Bruce
Could it be possible that there are no flights from Tulsa to SF? I haven't seen any listed, at least as far as the bargain flights go. The best I have seen to Hawaii so far is about $270.

Building a new house and moving in must be a lot work but exciting too. Linda do you have any pictures of the progress?

Kathy just got back from Acapulco. She said it was warm and humid there. Here is a picture of the cliffs that are famous for the cliff divers. She also caught one of the divers in mid-dive.

Are the impatiens still blooming in the little ash garden?

         November 12, 2007
From: lila
Yes, the impatiens are still blooming. And I put in some cyclamens----that little spot has never looked so good.

That sounds like a good price to Hawaii BL---that is one way, yes? It is hard to believe that there are no flights from Tulsa to SF, but are to SMF.

Beautiful Beautiful Acapulco................

Sorry to read of Tim & Julie's bad luck with the business----hopefully the new thing will come through for them. In the meantime you and Bev are blessed with a full house again. And Tim and Julie are blessed to have you.................and those little boys are blessed and loved. As you said, PK, all will be fine. I forget----are you working now?

         November 13, 2007
From: Keith
Yes Lila, I am working now. I think this will be my last week in the mailroom and then I will be moving to ASD (Administrative Services Division). When they had a farewell party for Howard and me, after they moved to eliminate the retired annuitant positions from the mailroom, I had a chance to speak with the Deputy Director of ASD and I told her I would be looking for a desk job and would like to stay at DOR. She created a job for me. I have not seen the job description yet but I think it will be good. I'll be working from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., M-F. I hope it's good because I turned down a job offer from the Board of Psychology that sounded good in at least one way. They wanted an RA to work 20 hours a week and could do any hours to accomplish that. Very flexible to say the least. But I really like the folks at DOR so I'm sticking there.

Those are great pictures Kathy. What is the distance those divers travel, do you know? What a great place that would be to have a winter home.

Linda-It makes me tired just reading about all the work you're doing on that house. I wonder why you ever settled for nursing when it sounds like you could have been a master carpenter.

Hope that house sells quickly but it looks like the housing market is going to continue to suffer into next year. Anyway that is the opinion of at least one so called expert I heard.

Elaine- You never answered my question about the windfall you are expecting from the mutual friend of you and Tom.

         November 14, 2007
From: Bruce
I just saw a fare from Oakland to Hawaii for $275 round trip. It only books as far out as February though. Maybe it will keep extending the booking dates as time goes by. I'll keep checking it.

Kathy said the cliff divers were up about 130 feet above the water.

         November 14, 2007
From: Linda
The pictures from Acapulco are beautiful and the water is such a nice blue-we never see blue water here-only muddy water,

Keith, I wished I could have been something other than a nurse but I didn't start with my carpenter adventures until I was a single mom and had to figure out how to fix things as I couldn't afford to hire anyone. It turned out to be a relaxing hobby to get my mind off the traumatic stress of nursing.
I am sorry for Tim about his job but happy that you and Bev get to enjoy a full house again. It has been such a blessing for me to have Kel,Crystal and Logan living here-I don't know if I could have made this transition without them. Nothing makes my heart happier than hearing Logan say "I love my grandma".

This has been a frustrating few weeks-first the septic tank overfilled and had to be pumped, the roof in the hallway has a small leak(still have to call someone to fix that) and now my precious Toyota has died or rather just the transmission gave up and the Toyota place said it would cost $1,900 to give it a used transmission and I would be lucky to get another 40,000 miles from it. I am not ready to buy a new car so am trying to find a mechanic that can quote a lower price. The car has 160,000 miles on it but the way I drive now, I probably wouldn't drive more than 40,000 over the next 2-3 years.

I still have to find someone to put a new roof on David's cabin but have been so busy with Kel's life that I can't seem to keep up with my own. I am worried about him being able to sell the Tulsa house
but we will just have to step away and turn the problems over to the angels as we have done all we can at this time.

Love to all, Linda

         November 16, 2007
From: Keith
Things are going really well with the household. Everybody is doing a good job and we are handling our differences in a civil manner so far. It truly is a blessing to have the little ones here. All that love they have to give is not available at the store.

Elaine, did you get my last email from 11/14/07? Sounds like some of my letters have not gotten through from what you said in your last letter.

Linda, I didn't mean to be demeaning of a nursing career. I think it is a great job for those who do it well. When I was in the hospital after my heart surgery, I really appreciated the nurses. Almost all of them were very good and committed to excellence. I suspect you are one of those. I had the other kind too, but they were in the minority.

When the transmission went out on my Honda I tried to save a little money and made the mistake of getting a used one from a company that guarantees it would only have 40,000 or fewer miles on it and they would guarantee it for six months. That would have been fine except that the one they sold me was bad and I didn't realize that the warranty only covered the transmission itself and not the removal of it and the replacement labor for installing the next one. I wound up spending way more than it would have cost to have my old one rebuilt and fully warrantied labor and all.

I think you should look for somebody who can rebuild yours. Somebody with a good reputation. If you only have 160,000 miles it's not far fetched to expect another 100,000 miles from that engine. But check with your mechanic first to make sure the engine is in good condition. I have 160,000 on my Honda and if my transmission goes out again I'm going to have it rebuilt because I think my engine is going to last a long time. My mechanic thinks so too and his opinion is a lot more valuable than mine.

I like your attitude about turning your problems over, but if those angels let you down I recommend you try talking to their boss.

The building in Rocklin is supposed to be having a big tournament tomorrow and Sunday. Tim is hoping to do well. Even if it is a good one, it is not a long term contractual situation and may be a one time only thing. Still it is something and I expect the full time deal will come along soon. Also his Arden shop is starting to pick up, sooo things are looking up already.

         November 18, 2007
From: lila
Greetings to all, and a happy day of thanks to all. It is good to take time and be grateful for the goodness in our life's. I am thankful that you all are a part of my life, and that this page is here, and that you all take the time to keep us connected. That is big. I give thanks to Ellie, Mom, for having the wisdom to put all of this into motion.

Things are going well here in YC. Our houses are full, and we seem to have managed some sort of order with all the animals. Each have their space and their time. Wendy has really calmed down----that is such a relief. The time with the behaviorist was well worth the effort. Of course Alfie is still a handful. The big back/side yard is containing him pretty well. He got out a couple of times, some repairs were made, and he has not gotten out for about 3 days now. I am feeling/thinking positive about it, and I send thought messages to Alf----how lucky he is to have this nice big SAFE yard----just him and Picks---and sometimes Wendy---and sometimes Sadie. Sigh.........
This is my life :-)

         November 19, 2007
From: Bruce
I don't know if Linda is still looking for flights to SF from Tulsa. I checked Booking Buddy and they list a lot of flights through Orbits, Expedia, etc. Haven't seen an bargains though.

         November 19, 2007
From: Keith
Lila, I just read your entry from the 18th. That is so good. To hear somebody just giving thanks. Well after all it is Thanksgiving, but doesn't that mean killing the turkey and having a feast?

I am thankful that you are in the world and are a part of my life. Mom always pointed out that there are no degrees to being unique, right Bruce? However there are a multitude of ways one is unique and you, Lila, are unique in more ways than anyone I've ever known. And you are uniquely precious.

If I were ever an animal I would want to belong to you and Elaine.

         November 20, 2007
From: Linda
You are right on Keith-Lila is so precious-as are each of you in your own unique ways. I am thankful to be honored as part of your family and this is a very good thing that Ellie started to keep the family connected. I feel closer to all of you than to my biological brother. David told me so many stories of his/your childhood that I feel as if I was also there.
Keith, I took your advice about the transmission and my car is now in Sallisaw waiting for a diagnosis
about rebuilding the transmission. The mechanic is a trusted friend of Ken's. As for your statement about my nursing career-I didn't take it to be demeaning-I took it as a compliment to my carpentery skills. I did enjoy nursing very much up until the past 10 years and then the politics and short staffing began to wear me down but I always enjoyed the bedside nursing part (except for the druggies who were also extremely mean and trained to kill).Thankful that I am out of that situation now and can enjoy my hobbies.
Bruce, if you find any bargin flights-let me know. I will probably wait until after the first of the year to check out Express Jet again and if they are flying to Sac will just go there and continue on to SF with Lila -flying or driving or hitch hiking.
Lila and Elaine, I don't know how you keep up with all of your pets. I have trouble with just trying to keep Sheba from going outside. A few days ago-she attempted an escape and I bent down too quickly to pick her up-banged the top of my head on the door facing. Fortunately, Kel was right behind me and caught me before I fell-but then he didn't know whether to hold on to me or let me go and get the cat.
We are all ok now-I had a bad headache for a couple of days but gone now.
I called Kirk on his birthday (Nov.7) and his family are all fine. I still need to call Rhonda again-she called 2 weeks ago and left a message thanking me for the picture of David and was going to come visit but Kel and I were in Tulsa for the weekend. Only have about 4 hours of work left to do on the Tulsa house-Kel placed it on the market. Just heard the weather report-today 78 and cloudy and tomorrow night down to 29 and Thurs. night down to 26. So--we have to go to Tulsa Thurs. to drain the water pipes after turning off the water and put antifreeze in the toilets and drains. It feels so good to be almost through with that house. Will try to get Kel to post some pictures of the new house progress.
Love to all

         November 20, 2007
From: Keith
Linda, I know a guy at work who drives a Toyota and has just turned 300,000 miles. He claims he has never had any major work done on it. I know that is not the rule, but it's not too unusual either. I worked for a while at driving cars at an auction. It was kind of a fun job and I saw a lot of high mileage cars. The ones that had over 200,000 miles and were still sounding good were almost always Japanese made.

I'm glad you took my comment the way I intended about your carpentry skills. I think Tim could use your talent right now. He and a friend are remodeling his coffee shop.

Your comment about the druggies (trained to kill) was a bit unsettling. Did you have to contend with a lot of them?

We've been having some strange November weather out here with our highs and lows, but it is to be envied compared to yours.

Hope that house sells quickly.

         November 20, 2007
From: Linda
Keith, that sounds really encouraging for my Toyota Camry.

At the V.A. Hospital, I did have to take care of quite a few of the worst cases of druggies and our supervisor was always telling us to remember that these were Vietnam Veterns, Navy SEALS, etc. that were trained to kill. Most of them had PTSD and would have flash backs to their war time and then with their use of cocaine they would completely lose contact with reality but their trained instints to fight for escape would kick in. These were the saddest and most dangerous patients and it was left up to 3-4 ICU nurses and the one on call physician to control them and also take care of the 7 other critically ill patients and watch telemetry for 12 other patients.

Yes, the weather is going to get really cold-what David called a blue northern. That very dark blue cloud to the North finally will come in tomorrow and drop the temps 50 degees from today's temp of 78.

I forced myself to go out into the wind today to unload Kel's car from our last trip to Tulsa and then put up the vent covers around the foundation of the house. Also had to wash out and drain all of sprayers and put them in the garage. then I came in and took a 2 hour nap. I am really beginning to love my afternoon naps-this way I can stay up later and have some quiet time.

         November 21, 2007
From: Bruce
Linda, flying into Sacramento from Tulsa looks a lot easier and less expensive than going into SF. Additionally, if you have a 9 a.m. flight out of SF, it doesn't look like there is a connection with a reasonable layover.

Lila and Elaine: There was an article in last Sunday's paper about a kitty garden. If you didn't see it, they said, "Netting, specially designed to keep cats inside, hangs from brackets and provides a barrier so the cats can't jump out. It works because when cats jump a fence, they don't jump over like a dog, they jump up with their front paws, then bring their back legs up and continue over the fence. When our cats jump up, their front paws grab the netting, it gives, and they let go."

That is true Keith; Mom always pointed out that something is either unique or it is not, no degrees of uniqueness. I was in the other camp, asserting that something could be more unique than something else. Maybe you have found the middle ground, not more unique, but unique in more ways.

         November 25, 2007
From: Linda
I have pictures of Kel's house -but don't know how to attach them. Bruce-help?

         November 25, 2007
From: Linda
Well---I saw how to attach photo but they were to large-will attempt to reduce size-later

         November 26, 2007
From: Bruce
If you set the resolution of the phote to 72 pixels per inch and make the picture about five or six inches wide and then save it as a jpg file, that should bring the file size down.

         November 26, 2007
From: Bruce
That should be "resolution of the PHOTO"

         November 28, 2007
From: lila
Have a little time before heading to Gridley..........
Yes, BL, we do have that netting. I would like to see that article....don't suppose you still have it, do you? Still working on the "fence problem"--the
young women who did the work for me are going to make a couple of additions, and I am hoping that will do it. We got the idea from a company called: CAT FENCE-IN. To order from them would have cost a small fortune.
Hope the picture of Kel's house gets up, Linda---I don't understand a word of Bruce's instructions.
Must run.........Love to all of you wonderfully unique people.

         November 28, 2007
From: Linda
One more attempt with the pictures-Kel has just been too busy to help me with this but if this fails again,I will wait for his help.

         November 28, 2007
From: Bruce
Lila, I don't have the article on the cat garden but here is link to it. I don't know how long they will keep it active:

Linda, apparently you didn't get the file size down low enough? Putting a picture on the web is a little different than viewing it on a screen with a photo manipulation program. The file size allowed by this site is arbitrary but generally about 50k is the max for a web site. Once you know how to do it, it's relatively easy; it's just that first time that is hard.

         November 29, 2007
From: lila
Thanks, Bruce. I found the article, and printed it out. I am hoping to get some ideas on things to plant in my big cat yard. I love what this couple did with their "moonscape".

         December 2, 2007
From: Linda
One last attempt.

         December 3, 2007
From: Bruce
Very cool Linda! Looks like the house is coming along great. I am thinking that the roof is not really swirling, or is it? There is an effect with digital pictures on a computer screen that makes patterns where there aren't any. I think it is called moir.

         December 3, 2007
From: Linda
I don't know-maybe the roof is swirling. The house is coming along so quickly. The brick work is almost finished-the dry wall is finished and the spackeling applied. Next week the interior will be painted. The kids have picked out their appliances and now Kel is getting really nervous because he is still making payments on the Tulsa house.

We finally finished the work on the Tulsa house this last week and it is on the market.

I don't know why those pictures didn't post the time before this-this time I did it the same way and it worked-I had already reduced them by 33% so the file wasn't too large. I am thinking my wireless probably lost the signal about the time I posted the pictures. It is very frustrating to complete a message and then to lose it because I lose the signal. That is my next project, but will have to wait for Kel to look over my shoulder as I will be messing with the insides.

         December 4, 2007
From: Linda
I forgot to tell you-if you look closely at the middle picture-the back of the house-you can see Logan playing in the dirt.

         December 5, 2007
From: Elaine
Linda, you're a good model for me...just keep trying. I get so impatient and just give up or just avoid. I'm glad you persevered. It is fun to see the progress. I love the (having a senior moment) windows that have a name I can't think of. I really wanted that here, but of course, too expensive. Seems like it is going so fast. Logan must be enjoying the whole process.
Bruce, have you and Kathy dicided on dates for the Hawaii trip? That Oakland flight sounds perfect, price wise. Getting there will be the tricky part. Would you drive or fly to Oakland? Please keep me posted.

         December 6, 2007
From: Bruce
Right now I'm seeing RT fares from Oakland at $275 and from Sac for $318. They still aren't booking out as far as July yet. I'll keep watching and let you know when I see one and we can get a date. I hadn't thought about getting to Oakland, probably drive. So, if we went that way we could ride together if you wanted to.

         December 7, 2007
From: lila
The house has come along so far so fast----I am impressed. When do you think it will be finished? It looks lovely, and looks like it was a beautiful day when the pictures were taken.

         December 8, 2007
From: Linda
The builder wanted to finish by Christmas but will probably be sometime in Jan. because of having to wait 7-10 days for the shipment of tile and glass for Kel's custom shower. Kel gets a bit claustrophobic-but only in the shower(probably due to the movie "Psycho")-so he requested a custom built shower that is larger than the standard and has more glass.
In the pictures-the bay window area is Kel's office and the window to the left of the front door is the playroom. the house sits at an angle and I can see the front of the house from my North bedroom windows and the kitchen window.
The day the pictures were taken was lovely and we have had several really nice days. Tuesday was in the 60's with no wind and lots of sunshine so I was able to take Logan outside to play. He always wants to go to "The faraway jungle" which is the shade area in front of David's cabin. Logan loves to walk on the elevated walkways through the shrubs and through the lathe house-and usually has to do it at least 10X.
Today is foggy/misty and we have a winter watch to start in the morning and last through Tuesday. I am hoping it doesn't turn into another ice storm like we had last year. I just finished paying $600.00 to have the last two dead trees removed and 7 stumps ground down. I still have quite a few broken limbs to take out of several trees from last years storm.
I talked to Kel's builder about putting a new roof on David's cabin and he will that in the few weeks. The old one was leaking and I didn't want the cabin to be damaged. Also my roof was leaking in the small hall area and I called the roofer that repaied it 3 years ago. He came out the next day and repaired the area at no cost even though the leak had been caused from the ice storm.
I still am without a car-using Kel's '95 Honda and rather enjoy the sporty feeling of it. My car should be ready next week if nothing but the transmission was damaged.
I will send more pictures of the house when it is complete.

         December 11, 2007
From: Bruce
I heard on the news that OK is getting hit hard with another ice storm. Hope this one spares Fort Gibson. We are getting a cold wind from the north but that is probably balmy compared to an ice storm.

Any news on the Yuba City Dog Walking business? It looks like similar businesses are springing up all around. One place is even advertising "sleep overs."

         December 11, 2007
From: Bruce

         December 11, 2007
From: Keith
That's pretty good Bruce. I never would have imagined you would be able to post from youtube like that.

I sympathize with you,Linda, just the words "ice storm" makes me shiver. Did you get a price quote on that transmission? It would have cost me around $2000 to get mine done. Wish I had done it.

I have been on my new job a week and a day now and I think I am going to like it. Mostly because the people I work with are all great. That makes all the difference and it is just nice to get away from the mailroom.

Hey Bruce, where did you come up with that tape of Dave quoting from Of Mice And Men? I never wondered about that until just now as I was listening to it again.

         December 11, 2007
From: Elaine
My computer must be so slow, and I must be hyper. Having trouble with the utube. Just got the opening shot of the storm. Looks ominous. I can't imagine an ice storm. On the really cold days, the little heater I have doesn't really keep us cozy. I noticed the bedding was wet this morning and while investigating, discovered the walls were quite wet too. "Mold" was my first paniced thought. Called a mold control company for advice. One of the things recommend was to use the ceiling fans to keep the air moving. So I have been doing that today, and I think it is keeping this little house much cozier. Poor Ginny Cat doesn't think the fans are safe and she's been slinking around all day. Hope she gets used to it soon.

Ah yes, the dog walking business. I'm so good at getting ideas, but not so good on the follow up. I have joined a pet walking association and am listed on their web site. That's all I have done so far.And nothing has come of it yet.

I am interested in riding together if we go from Oakland, but if it's only $40 dollars difference is it worth it?

PK I'm gald to hear you are enjoying the new job. Is it 8am to noon, five days?

         December 12, 2007
From: Bruce
PK, In the recording Dave made I don't think he was reading from Of Mice and Men, but he was doing his version of it. It was a from a tape he made many years ago.

         December 12, 2007
From: lila
It seems that I can not really get the u-tube thing either. I get the Hi-Way Cafe show, but it is so slow that it is torture to try and watch it. I assume that it is my slow computer, and not something I am doing or not doing---so disappointing. As soon as the non-dail is available here Elaine and I will see about getting it.

I saw on the news that a lot of homes in OK lost power due to the ice storm. Hope that was not true for you and the kids, Linda.

Danny tells me that Hawaii has been having storms, too......wind and rain. To bad that rain didn't come on over to us. Gett'n cold here, but little rain.

Dan and Ginna's son, Anthony Paul, will be one year in March. They are having a baby luau (at Gail & Bobby's place) on March 29th. All family/friends are invited. Linda and I are going......join us, anyone?

Since Linda will be here at that time, I was thinking that April might be a good time to have our family gathering. What do you all think about that?

         December 13, 2007
From: Linda
I just received a call from Kel-he and Crystal are in Tulsa today for Dr. appt and ultra sound-the baby is a GIRL! She is due close to Kel's birthday-May 6. I have waited so long for a girl-I am very excited right now.
Ft. Gibson escaped the ice storm by 30 miles. Of course you have heard how hard hit Tulsa and OK city were. Ken and Sherry just had power return today-they had fireplace gas logs so were just in the dark and tired of cold showers. Kel's house in Tulsa is still without power and Kel and Crystal are on their way there to see how badly the roof is damaged from their three trees in the backyard. There have been quite a few fires in all of the areas and many people admitted to hospitals for carbon monoxide poisening.
Lila and Elaine-did you get your CO2 monitors yet?
Elaine, if you still have problems with the water on the walls-maybe a dehumidifier would also help.
Bruce-do you still have that tape of David doing his version Of Mice and Men? I have the Secret Garden tape that he did many years ago -when Kel gets into his new home and gets all of his equipment out of storage,He will copy that tape to DVD and we will make copies for each of you.
The You tube came out great and after viewing all of those beautiful sunrises over the beaches,I am more than ready to be in Hawaii.
Keith-I still don't have my car. The mechanic still needs one more part and it has to come from OK City and he can't get in touch with place because the power is still down in that area. It will cost 2,000 and maybe more if there is any other damage.
Bruce-I just checked out the You Tube again and now it had the Twilight Zone-David would have liked that. Do the Themes keep changing every day?
Friday night and Saturday we are expecting a snow storm-hope it turns North and misses us but the temp is going to drop to 20 degrees on Friday night and windy-so will throw an extra blanket on the bed and put on the wool socks. I am home today with sick little Logan-very bad cough and cold and very fussy-but he was happy to hear the baby is going to be a sister.
Love to all

         December 14, 2007
From: Linda
p.s.--the Twilight Zone scenes don't work for me either but the Hawaii sunrises and beach scenes worked fine with just a few 1-2 second pauses.

         December 15, 2007
From: Bruce
I noticed the forecast for Ft. Gibson is just rain and snow. Guess that is a good thing?

The tape I have of Dave doing "Of Rats and Men" is an audio tape only, not video. Not only did he change the title but the two main characters are Bruno and Dean. On the youtube thing, I changed it just to the Twilight Zone just to see if I could. Too bad it doesn't come through smoothly.

April sounds good to me for a family gathering. Congrats to Kel and Crystal.

         December 15, 2007
From: Linda
Yes, just rain and snow is a very good thing as long as the snow is not too wet or too deep. I was hoping for at least 4-6 inches but looks like we are just going to receive a light dusting of snow today. We had a very good rain last night. The sky has been grey all week but it seems happier when it is snowing.
I am going to put on one of my Christmas CD's and wrap Logan's Christmes packages while he is napping -nothing like snow and Christmas lights and music and of course-- the egg nog-- (silk soy nog for me) to put me in the Christmas spirit.

         December 16, 2007
From: lila
Joy---joy----a baby girl. Congratulations to Grandma,
Mom, and Dad. I know you are going to enjoy that little girl so much, Linda.

What is a CO2 monitor, Linda? If we talked about it, that fact has totally left my head.

Well, it seems that the cat yard is working (for now).
Alfie has not gotten out of the yard for quite awhile now. But guess what? Now he hardly wants to go outside. If he can't go out and beat up other cats the yard is not that interesting for him----such a punk!

         December 16, 2007
From: Linda
I wrote a message this morning-don't know what happened to it-hope they don't both show up now. I am not too swift today. Kel and I both came down with Logan's bad cold. Logan was feeling better today so Crystal took him to see her sister and his cousins.
Kel and I spent the morning sleeping and the afternoon watching the first episodes of "Lost".
Lila and Bruce-thanks for the congrats for the baby girl-I am still floating on a cloud. I always wanted a girl and had 2 boys and thought It was just not meant for me to have a grandaughter. I am so happy that I will get to see her almost every day.
I have had to restrain myself from going shopping for everything pink-will wait until closer to the due date.
Lila, I am glad you finally got Alfie contained-maybe you can have more peace now. The CO2 thing is a monitor or detector for carbon monoxide gas. My nephew, who is an AC/Heating guy, says you need the CO2 detector for any gas burning heating system. We have 2 detectors because our central heat is gas-1 plugs in a wall outlet and the other one operates on battery-they are very inexpensive. I know your gas log stove is vented but the detector would pick up any leaks or problems -such as the fire going out and the gas still going. Dozens of people in Tulsa were admitted to the hospitals with CO2 poisening since the ice storm. Their electricity was off and they used gas logs, gas stoves, and generators for heat and didn't have proper ventilation. CO2 poisening causes headache,nausea,fatigue,confusion and death.
kel and I have to go to the Tulsa house next week end-we were going today but we were both feeling too bad to be cutting and dragging limbs. His 3 big trees in the back yard didn't do any roof damage that we can see but hugh limbs are down all over his front and back yards. Hopefully the city will still pick them up after next week end if we get them sawed into 4 foot sections and place them by the curb. The work just never ends.

         December 17, 2007
From: Keith
Linda: Sorry to hear that you are coming down with that cold. Bev has been sick for five days now and is looking to go back to work tomorrow. Now I'm starting to feel it coming on. I think mine is going to be much milder though, at least I hope so.

That is good news about the baby girl, finally after all this time. Plus you will get to spend a lot of time with her, like you said, and that will go a long way toward making up for the long time coming. Very happy for you, Kel and Crystal. Too bad about the car, but hopefully it won't be much longer now. I am anxious to get that DVD of Dave. Very thoughtful of you and Kel, thanks.

That is interesting about the CO2 detector. Is that need present even if you are talking about the central heater where the unit is on the roof? If so I'd better get one.

This is my third week on my new job and I started my new hours today and it is so sweet,8:30-12:30. Yes Elaine, it is five days a week. I really liked the 10-2 stint, but this is even better.

Hope you are feeling better now Elaine. You've had a rough go health wise lately. I wonder how much that celiac contributes to your problems with colds and the such?

Bruce, I take it of Rats and Men is Dave's title. Did he build a whole story around it?

Lila, April is fine with me. I'm working every month now, but I will get four weeks off a year and can take them pretty much whenever I want or need to.

         December 21, 2007
From: Linda
Well--I knew this holiday season was going to be difficult --but now I just want to pull a blanket over my head and sleep until spring.
Kel and I are on day 6 or 7 of our colds and each day has been worse than before--finally this nurse, that hates to go to the Dr., finally got so miserable that Kel and I went. The nasty cold has turned into sinus infection, ear infections and bronchitis. We started on antibiotics today. I am sure poor Crystal is tired of hearing all of the coughs, nose blowing and groans and moans. We did muster up a little sympathy for her though-Kel had to take her to Tulsa Tuesday to have a large mole (about the size if a nickel) removed from her ankel.The black mole had been there since birth but had just started to change in texture so the DR. wanted to do a biopsy-they called this morning and said it was o.k.-no malignacy.
Logan still has a lingering cough but doesn't seem to feel bad. Somehow, some way, with Crystal having to keep her foot elevated most of the time and severely limping when she does walk and Kel and I barely able to move without coughing-we have managed to take care of Logan. He just waits until one of us is up and moving to ask for a drink or something to eat. So far, Crystal has avoided the cold-we think it is because she was taking an antibiotic for a UTI just before and during the first few days Kel and I came down with symptoms.

Keith, I hope your cold really did turn out to be much milder. I am glad you enjoy your new job-certaintly can't beat those hours. What exactly do you do in this new job?

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas now, in case I stay in bed for another week. Love to All.

         December 22, 2007
From: Linda
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Keith, Happy Birthday to you.

         December 22, 2007
From: Keith
Thanks for the birthday song and the E-Card, Linda & Kel. Great card.

I woke up this morning to the news that this is the shortest day of the year. It seems I'm always getting cheated, even on my birthday I get the shortest day. {:-) Wouldn't have it any other way really.

Thanks for the optimistic outlook Bruce and for the "young man" words, those are always welcome.

That sounds rough Linda! Do you and Kel both have all three, sinus and ear infections as well as bronchitis? How horrid. Makes me feel guilty just getting a little head cold.

I missed one day of work, Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were not fun days, but four hours is pretty easy even when you're not 100%.

I got your birthday card two days ago, thank you Lila. I loved the UNIQUE aspect of it.

To answer your question Linda, I don't do a whole lot on my new job. Officially I am the receptionist and I have a phone set-up similar to a switchboard, take incoming calls and distribute them to the appropriate person. I provide technical support to the several counselors and division Chief, Director and Deputy Directors and I have the responsibility of timekeeper for the unit which only comes into play toward the end of the month. Sounds like a lot, but is not really.

         December 22, 2007
From: Elaine
Been awhile since I've been on here. What a lot of news. I did remember your Bday PK. Hope you check your email before the day is done. I can't remember the utube directions, will check with Lila about it, as i am very curious. Our cold weather continues and my heating predicament does too. The fans have helped with the water, but I'm thinking a dehumidifier might be good too. I did not get a detector yet Linda, but guess I better do that. I told a coworker that I have been using the oven to help heat up the house. He said that is very dangerous. Probably talking about the same thing. I don't see why the oven is any more dangerous than the gas heater....both from the same source. I decided to call pge and get some advice because without the oven this house doesn't warm up on the coldest of days.

Hope everyone is well and able to enjoy the festivities of the season

         December 23, 2007
From: lila
Sorry to read that you and Kel have been hit hard with the flu bug, Linda. Hope you both are feeling much better now or soon.

So I guess we will go with April for our gathering. We can all be thinking about where and when, and then after the first we can firm things up. I was thinking a week end some place might be nice??

Nothing exciting going on with me.....time flies. I have not seen Ruth for a week (Jerry & Joanne are there). I will be going tomorrow. Jerry told me that he has been the yahtzee winner this past week-- that means, that most likely, Ruth will be on a winning streak by tomorrow. So I am getting ready to lose-----that's how it usually goes. Here I am in my 70's, and still learning lessons of life.

Sending love,and peace and goodwill to all.

         December 24, 2007
From: Bruce
Hope everyone is feeling better after being bit by those winter bugs. I hate it when that happens.

Seems like I have heard a lot of reminiscing of Christmases this year. The most electric Xmas I remember was when Jennifer, Rhonda, Kirk, and Paul were at our house on Christmas Eve. They were already at a fever pitch and Dave went up on the roof and stomped around so they would think Santa was there. Apparently the kids bought it and got so excited that they were shooting lightning bolts throughout the house.

I think someone said Kirk got the address to this page and Rhonda just got a new computer. Anyone know if they have managed to log on yet.

Happiest of holidays to all.

         December 24, 2007
From: Linda
I don't know if Kirk and Rhonda are on yet. I talked to Rhonda a few days ago and she wasn't on then.

We are greatly missing Poppa today-he always made every thing so much fun. Today, it is just Kel, Crystal, Logan, and I and Aunt Dottie will be here for a few hours. Then tomorrow we will drive to Edmond-close to OK City-to have dinner with Kel's Aunt and Uncle and grandparents on his dad's side of the family and then to Crystal's grandmother's house in Choteau.

Kel and I are feeling better but still not great-
I still have the headache and ear aches but not as bad-and I am just a dizzy dame today and my ears keep popping. Kel escaped the ear infection. Crystal is able to be up more on her sore foot and not limping as bad.

I remember David telling that story of Santa up on the rooftop-I think he said Kirk hid under the bed.
I remember the year my uncle did that, but of course I thought it was Santa. My dad had taken my brother and me to visit the neighbors and when we got home there were all those presents under the tree and mom told us we just missed Santa-and then we heard sleigh bells and thumping on the roof and a big HO_HO_HO-they had rigged a pipe from the roof to a window and my uncle was calling down it. At the time I was just starting to not believe in Santa-but that did it for that year-I was so sure there was one.

Speaking of Santa-he visited me last night. The kids asked me to take the trash out as they were both busy making a pumpkin pie. When I walked onto the back porch there were two packages to me from Santa. It was a Dvd player and connector for my little T.V. in my bedroom. Santa wanted plenty of time to hook it up before Christmas. My little T.V. is so old-doesn't even have a remote-has rabbit ears. After a couple of attempts and searching the house for extra connectors, Kel was able to make it work. Now I can watch the DVD's in my room in peace and quiet.

Hoping everyone has a merry and peaceful holiday.

         December 24, 2007
From: Keith
Glad you guys are doing better Linda, hope you're feeling great soon. That sounds like a nice plan you have for the holidays. I hope you find everybody well and have a wonderful visit. I meant to ask you in the last letter, is Kel's vision okay? Has it been right along? If so tell him I said I appreciate his comment about my age and appearance.

Yes Elaine, I received your birthday greeting, thanks. I hope you've gotten your house warming problems resolved. I once had one of those little electric radiator heaters and it would heat up a room in a hurry and was very inexpensive to buy and to run. I really like the electric heat. Our central heat is gas and I use that to get the house warm then I turn on the electric fireplace to keep it warm.

I remember that year Bruce. Jennifer came away convinced she had seen Santa and Judy got quite upset because Jennifer wouldn't believe her that Santa was not real. For some reason it was very important to Judy.

Are you starting to have Ruth-withdrawals after not having seen her for a week, Lila? She is so much fun I imagine you would miss her pretty quickly after having spent so much time there. I guess you're over there getting beat up at yahtzee right now. I'm rooting for you though.


         January 1, 2008
From: Linda
Happy New Year everyone!

         January 1, 2008
From: Keith
I hope everybody is having a great day this first of 2008 and that it goes on throughout the year.

I have a new cell phone and would prefer you use it if you ever need to contact me.


         January 3, 2008
From: Bruce
So far so good for '08. Kathy and I drove up to Calistoga on New Year's day. It was nice and sunny; the area was surprisingly green for January. Some wineries were open so we stopped and did a little tasting on the way. Now it's time to batten down the hatches for this wet storm that is supposed to move in.

         January 5, 2008
From: Linda
Do all of you still have electric power? I just read on the news that 2/3 of Sacramento is without power and you are having high winds. This weather has been crazy. Wednesday night we had a low temp of 12-14 and now tomorrow we are going to have record breaking high temp in the 70's. It has been windy-but only to 25 mph-heard the winds in CA were up to 80mph.
I helped Kel last Sunday at his Tulsa house. We had to saw limbs from his 3 big trees. As luck would have it, the electric chain saw didn't work and we had to do the sawing with hand saws and David's pole saw which is also by hand. Finally by dark-we finished the sawing and got all of the limbs hauled to the curbside.
Hope you all still have power and no broken limbs or trees down.

         January 5, 2008
From: Keith
We lost power Friday for about 12 hours. Both my neighbors fences are down, but mine are all standing. Jennifer's place is still without power, or at least as of 6:30 this evening.

I was caught in a gust of wind on my way to work, I don't know that it was 80 mph, but maybe. I saw a girl get hit by a falling branch blown from a palm tree. She was not injured, but it was scary.

We only have one mature tree and it is okay. The four we planted two years ago are so skinny they just blew with the wind, no problem.

I hope you don't have sore muscles after all that sawing Linda. That's incredible that your temperature will rise into the 70s tomorrow. I hope it feels good and you get warmed up after your 12-14 degree lows.

         January 5, 2008
From: Linda
Has anyone talked to Lila or Elaine recently?
Keith, I am glad your power is back on and no trees on your house. You had more people without power than Tulsa did after the ice storm and it took up to 2 weeks to get them all back on.
Kel and I really did have sore muscles after the tree sawing. When the electric chain saw didn't work he thought we were going to pack up and come home but I told him we could do it with the hand saws. After I showed him how to cut down a limb-he decided not to let mom outdo him and then we took turns. One limb was so large that Kel gave in and went to Ken's house to borrow the gas chain saw-while he ws gone, I sawed down three more limbs. After he got the big one done and cut into sections, it took both of us to carry a very heavy 6 ft. section to the front yard
I was really pleased that my shoulder has healed enought to be able to saw-it just bothers me if I raise it to the side and up. It actually felt good to do some heavy physical work.
Tomorrow the temp is going to be 72-73 and windy but Kel and I are finally going to tear down the tin burning bin and put the pieces of rusted tin it the construction dumpster. After that, we will pick up some rotted boards and junk from around my house and place those in the dumpster. It is too windy for us to do any burning and there have been fires all over the state due to several windy days. Limbs that were broken in last January's ice storm just keep blowing out of the trees.
I took Logan out for a walk in "poppa's far away jungle" 2x today. It was really nice to be outside in just short sleeve shirt and jeans. The air smelled like spring. I may get to work outside Monday also as the temp is supposed to remain in the 70's and then thunderstorms Monday night.
I got my Toyota Camry back on Tuesday and it runs ok. Had a new roof put on David's cabin and that cost more than the rebuilt transmission-but at least may be able to save the cabin for a few more years.
All of David's hellibores are alive and growing-I even found some in another part of the garden that I didn't know he had planted.

         January 6, 2008
From: Bruce
I haven't heard from Lila or Elaine since the storm started. Hope they still have power up there. Our office lost power at 7:30 a.m. Friday and it was still out at 11:00 a.m. so we gave up for the day. Hope it is back on Monday. Fortunately, we were spared at home, didn't lose power at all. Although, we did lose a tree on the island parkway in front of our house.

Keith and I once tried to take out a fruit tree at Ellie's with an electric chain saw. It wouldn't cut so we wound up taking turns cutting it up into pieces with a little hand saw. Definitely felt that one the next day.

Here is a shot of Kathy in happier times at a Napa winery. Only five days ago.

         January 7, 2008
From: lila
Elaine and I are still here----for a while there I thought we might be blown away. I have never experienced wind like that before---scary. We lost our power around 6 a.m. on Friday morning, and got it back Saturday afternoon. That was pretty miserable. We loose our water when the power goes out (being on a well). I was so grateful to have my little gas stove----so me and all the animals were able to keep warm. Elaine has all gas in her house---a plus, I think. PK called me, and he said Jennifer was still without power---yikes. Hope they have it back on by now?? Did your office get its power back, BL? Aren't you in Jennifer's area?

I am surprised and happy that we did not loose any trees. One walnut tree in the front yard split, and one huge part of it is laying in the front yard right now. Half of the roofing on our little storage shed came off---the fellow is coming this afternoon to see/fix it. Hasn't leaked yet, but we are suppose to be getting more rain. One section of fence is leaning way over---into Elaine's little patio. Probably just needs to be propped back up. We did okay----there was lots of serious damage around here. Dean lost one tree---maybe two. He feels fortunate too.

I have to go out and fix up the cat fence now. Alfie could get it, but he just doesn't know it yet. Hope it just needs re-adjusting, and that nothing broke.

Good to read from you all..............

         January 7, 2008
From: lila
Yes, we have loose water, but we lose our water when the power goes out-----and we do not have loose trees at all, believe me. And my concern is that Alfie can get OUT of the yard, and then he might "get it" from me. I think I did get the cat fence all back together again. Time will tell. Also got the roof on our shed fixed. Good thing----the word is more rain & wind is coming.

         January 8, 2008
From: Linda
So happy to hear everyone is ok. Your bad weather reached us last night. Most unusual weather for Jan. that I have experienced. The temp was in the 70's again yesterday and then afternoon they placed us under a tornado watch. There were over 10 separate tornado warnings for our area during the evening and night in addition to severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings. I have that weather radio that sounds an alarm each time the weather people issuse a new warning for Muskogee County or any of the counties adjacent to us-so after bedtime, I sat on the bed with my finger on the silence alarm until 1AM.
We were lucky that none of the funnels touched down in OK but one did touch down in north AR. I just wonder if all of this unusual weather is really due to the global warming?
Rhonda is coming for a visit tomorrow. I suspect we will have an emotional day.

         January 9, 2008
From: Elaine
New Year, Happy or not. It is ,of course, happy for
Bruce's birthday "JanAairy the 10th" A quote from his early years.
I am happy now that the electricity is back on. But it was quite a challange for two days without. I really wasn't prepared. I had plenty of candles and a flashlight. But somehow that didn't do it. Not having water was the worse part. And as Lila said, we didn't sustain much damanage compared to others. I got up the morning of the storm innocently getting ready for work. Lila called on the phone to ask if I was going out in it. I knew it was stormy, but not listening to the media reports, I really wasn't aware of the severity of it. Not until I opened the door and was practically blown past my car. I felt frightened, because I really didn't know if I would make it into the car. We have, in the past few years, had tornados touch down around here and I wondered if I was in a tornado. As I drove to work, I saw trees lying in the road and fences down and all kinds of debris blowing along. I guess it wasn't a tornado, but it was a mighty wind. I have never experienced any that strong.
Linda, I hoping the tornado never materialized in your area. Sounds like you're still cleaning up from last year's storm. The 70 degree days sound wonderful, a nice little gift to get you through the rest of winter, maybe? Through my work, I have a gym membership, and am appreciating the sauna, though it is not a substitute for the sun, it does help.

Linda, it is probably too late, but for future reference, the name of the bathroom paint is "pearl violet". Sorry I took so long to get that to you.

         January 10, 2008
From: Linda
Happy happy birthday Bruce! Rhonda and I had a very nice visit yesterday and she enjoyed watching the "Alonzo" presentation. Of course tears flowed and we each had our quiet moments. She does not have internet yet and has never had internet at her home. She and Tim have aquired a laptop and plan to have internet soon-I gave her the family page address again and she will let us know when she is on. Still don't know if Kirk has the family page.

Elaine, thank you for the paint color. I will file it for future reference. The kids have decided to have the baby and Logan share a room (after the baby is a few months old). They will have their exercise equipment in the 3rd bedroom and when the kids outgrow the playroom they will move the exercise room to the playroom and then baby girl will have her own room (I will probably be the one to paint it). I can't believe you drove to work in those high winds-I would have been in the hall with a pillow over my head. Now, our weather man says we had one confirmed tornado and 7 possible ones (they are doing site inspections before confirming) and 5 of them were within 30 mile of us. At one time the weather people gave a take cover warning for the town of Ft. Gibson but the kids were already asleep and I was watching the rotation on T.V. and could determine that it was moving away from our house so I didn't wake everyone-but it was a very scary night-continous warnings for over 6 hours-which is extremely unusual. That is what happens in OK when we have warm weather in the winter. The 70 degrees was a wonderful break and a taste of spring but we are back to winter now.

Lila, I read your first message as you meant it-didn't even notice the loose water and trees until your 2nd message and then had to go back to 1st message to see what you were talking about. That's the way I talk and Kel used to constantly correct me but has become so frequent that he just ignores it now.

I gave Rhonda all of the Snipes family pictures from the wall in the hallway except for the one of Ellie with all of her children. She also took some of David's shirts and caps and his 49er flag and will come back in a few weeks with Tim to take David's van.
I showed her the picture of the garden at Lila and Elaine's and gave her the magazine that had the memorial stones in it. She said she had told her counseler about David's garden and he suggested she make a memorial garden at her house. She took a box of soil from David's garden to put in her garden. Yesterday was the first time she has visited since David's service and it was difficult for her but she made it-so maybe now she will visit more often.

Good day to everyone and a toast (hot tea) to Bruce.

         January 10, 2008
From: Bruce
Thanks for the birthday thoughts. Today is similar to January 10, 56 years ago. Wet and rainy. I read in a column today that January was named after the god Janus, the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, and endings. Then the author commented that January was a godforsaken month. Doesn't that seem a bit inconsistent? Actually I was thinking that Janus seems more appropriate for Elaine, since she used to worship the Doors.

I'm glad that Rhonda got over to Fort Gibson for a visit. Making a memorial garden in her own yard sounds like a great idea and maybe good therapy for her.

Both Keith and Elaine said they were fearful during the wind storm. Fortunately I never felt in danger, just extremely annoyed at the situation. The wind was blowing so hard that when the rain hit my face it felt like BBs hitting me.

Lila, hope your water remains loose and you don't get any loose trees.

         January 10, 2008
From: Sindee (Kirk's wife)
I hope I'm doing this right. Looks like a Happy Birthday is due to Bruce!!! : ) Rhonda gave me the web address to be able to read about everyone and also we can let you guys know how we are. So if this goes through let me know and I'll write some more. Until then be Blessed!! sindee and family

         January 11, 2008
From: Linda
Good Morning Sindee and family! Looks like you have the hang of it-message came through just fine.
Rhonda told me how Colton is growing so fast as are Austin and Christian--do you have any recent pictures for my family wall?

Bruce and Kathy-I forgot to mention in my last message-that was a beautiful picture of Kathy. Such a pretty smile, and was that before or after the wine? Kathy is one of those lucky women who looks great in any color she wears.

Logan went to the DR. yesterday and was diagnosed with walking pneumonia-so Kel,Logan and I are on another round of antibiotics and this time added albuterol inhalers. Have to get up during the night every 4 hours to give Logan his inhaler. The little love was so good once I had him awake, he followed instructions and took the inhaler properly.
He usually screams and kicks at the doctor's office and Kel and Crystal were afraid to tell him that he was going to the doctor because he would cry all night in fear of going. This idea just came to me to let him play with my stethoscope. After he and I played with it and listened to each others chest and everything else in the house, I told hom that he was going to the Dr. and that she would listen to his chest and have him open his mouth so she could shine the flashlight at his throat and told him that now he knows the Dr. isn't going to hurt him and there was no need to cry. He was such a good little trooper-first time he hasn't cried at the office and even followed instructions to have a chest x-ray. The Dr. was quite suprised that Logan could say the word "stethoscope" and that he knew the X-ray was a picture of his inside.

Love to all of the family,Linda

         January 11, 2008
From: Sindee
Great!!! I got the hang of it. I'm excited. I'm so sorry to hear about Logan, I hope he feels better soon. How are you feeling. I would like to come visit when you are feeling better.
Yes, the boys are growing up fast. Colton is 6ft tall!!! They are all playing basketball and Colton and Christian are starting baseball. I think Austin is going to get into photography. I will have to get some good pictures taken and bring them with me.
I better get going I must go get the Big Boys at church.
take care all!

         January 11, 2008
From: Bruce
Sindee, your messages are coming through fine out here in California. Looking forward to maybe getting some pictures from Austin. If you're wondering why Kirk's picture came up on your first message, he was in the database so when his name came up in the "From" line it put his picture on there.

The picture of Kathy was pre-wine-tasting. Just point a camera at her and she's a natural.

Hope Logan and everyone gets well quickly. Sounds like quite a struggle.

         January 11, 2008
From: Keith
I got a delightful letter from Rhonda today. It was written just before her visit to your place, Linda. It sounds like you had a great visit.

Sorry to hear about the walking pneumonia, I hate seeing anybody get sick, but especially little people. That was good preparation you gave Logan for his doctor's visit. I hope the antibiotics do the job and you guys all get well quickly.

Bruce, since you brought it up (Both Keith and Elaine said they were fearful during the wind storm.) I feel compelled to tell the 'rest of the story.' Yes, I told you I felt that I was going to be blown into the path of oncoming cars, and had a fearful moment and that I felt like I was walking through a combat zone on the way to work but not that I was fearful throughout the storm as your words might lead one to believe. :-)

Good to see you check in Sindee. I've heard of married couples starting to resemble one another after a time, but I think you've taken it to an extreme judging by your picture. Thanks for the blessing and the same to you. Tell Kirk howdy. I've been thinking about you guys a lot. It will be nice having you on the Board.

Elaine and Lila, that must have been terrible for you being out of electricity for two days. At least when we lost our power we had hot and cold water. I think that would be the hardest thing to be without. Nothing worse than being thirsty and dirty.

Lila, hope you're keeping Alfie in and the roof stays on the shed. Anything new with Ruth?

         January 12, 2008
From: lila
Welcome aboard Sindee and Kirk----look forward to seeing pictures of you all posted on our page. Hope Rhonda gets her computer set up before too long. I am so happy to read that she is feeling better, and getting out and about. Are you all aware that we are starting to plan a family gathering sometime in April? Any input from you is welcome. Linda and I are going to Hawaii the end of March---were thinking to have it after that. Interested in going to Hawaii? All family is welcome.

Poor little Logan----hope he is well on the road to recovery by now. Sounds like Grandma has things under control. How is Crystal and that baby girl doing, Linda? Is she due in May?

Things are getting back to normal here---pretty wet, still----lots of that loose water around. But no sign of loose trees, so far. The sun is shining today. Tomorrow Dean is coming to chain-saw up the tree part in the front yard. The fence is fixed--it now has a gate into Elaine's patio (nice), the shed roof is fixed, and Mr Alfie has not gone over the fence----actually I don't think he has even tried to. He is adjusting to his new "yard only" life.

Ruth is doing just fine. Jerry spent a few days with her last week. She enjoyed that.....special time..Mom and son. And I was able to catch up on a lot around here. Now we are back on schedule--yahtzee every day!

Did Jennifer get her power back, PK? I think all of Sac has by now---hope so.

I do so enjoy all the pictures you put up, BL. I want to get a camera, and learn how to do that. Mom was doing it just fine---figure I can learn, too.

Love to all

         January 14, 2008
From: Linda
Logan is feeling better and able to just use the inhaler during the day so he can sleep all night. Kel and I are dragging our feet-still very,very tired and coughing. We just have 2 more days on antibiotics so hope this clears up soon. I have to get better-Hawaii is just 2 months away.
Crystal and baby girl are well and healthy. Thank goodness Crystal has good immunity and doesn't usually catch the bugs. Baby girl is kicking a lot now. Logan was able to go with Crystal for Her OB appointment because it was right after his doctor appointment. They let Logan listen to the baby's heartbeat-I asked him what the heartbeat sounded like and he said "it sounded like milk, milk, milk". Everytime I ask him what he wants to name his sister, he says "Ella for Cinderella". Kel has decided not to pick a name until they see the baby.
We are getting ready for possible snow on Wednesday. The long range forecast has us down for a long period of freezing rain at the end of the month.
I will attempt to post Logan's 3rd Birthday picture.

         January 15, 2008
From: Sindee
Oh my, that picture of me is awful. We're going to need to find something different. Glad to hear Logan is feeling better. Great to hear a bit from everyone.
I would love to go to Hawaii, but that just can't happen. What are you guys thinking about in April? It's hard for us to get away because the kids are in school. Maybe I could come. hahahaha!
Linda, hope you feel better soon.
I will check in soon!

Sindee : )

         January 16, 2008
From: Bruce
What a great picture of Logan. He actually looks like he is enjoying it. Is milk one of his favorite things?

Sindee, if you have a picture to use just post it to the site or send me one and I'll try to put it on. Same for Kirk - my picture gallery is limited. I think the picture on there now is pretty good but anyone can put his or her best face forward.

         January 17, 2008
From: Elaine
The sun is shining and I am counting my blessings. We had another wind storm yesterday, but not to match last week's storm. We did not lose electrcity, but many in this area did. Also, I have been in relatively good health. Sorry to hear about the pneumonia. I am only achy and cranky.
Good to hear from you Sindee.I know what you mean about your picture....have you seen mine? Some of us are not flattered by the eye of the camera.
The patients I work with are often outspoken and sometimes I appreciate their candor. Especially when they tell me I don't look as bad as my picture. But, I am not going to attempt to post a flattering photo of me, because I always seem to take goofy photos. I am enjoying the beauty of the other more photogenic ones though.

         January 18, 2008
From: Keith
Elaine and Sindee, I like both your photos.

Yes, great photo of Logan, Linda. I hope you guys are better by now. Did you get the snow you were expecting? If so I hope it was a light one. How is it going with the Toyota? Are you pleased with it?

Lila, Jennifer was without power for two days and two nights. Haven't heard from her this last week, but last I heard all was well.

By the way, I had some tiles blow off my roof during the storm. What was weird is that I had some tiles on the deck in the backyard that were left over from the last roof job and when I saw tiles in the yard after the storm I thought those were they, or they were those. Didn't know until two days later that they were from the roof.

I have $600 deductible on my homeowners so it wasn't too bad.

         January 19, 2008
From: Linda
About photos-I think everyone's photos look fine-now if you want to see a really bad photo, you should see the one I had made yesterday for my drivers license. That picture doesn't look like anyone I know but my precious son informed me that it looks just like me-ugh. The only photos that I like of myself were only those that were taken at least 20 years ago.

Yes Keith, we are all better now. We were lucky and only received a light dusting of snow-more light snow for next week and very cold. I have only driven the Toyota to Ft. Gibson x2 and to Muskogee once but it seems fine-just a little hard to shift out of park.

Bruce-milk is one of Logan's favorite drinks. We limit him to 2-3 cups/day. The picture looks just like him but I didn't intend for it to come out so large-I decreased the pixels but forgot to decrease the inches. I scanned that pic when my head was still fuzzy from the pneumonia bug-that was really a long lived bug and hope it never visits again.

Sorry to hear about your roof damage Keith but glad you had insurance coverage. The people in Tulsa that had damage from the ice storm are having problems finding workers to do repairs and some people are still without electric due to their meter boxes being torn off their houses by the falling limbs and not enough electricians to do the repairs.

Elaine-your comment about your patient reminded me of one of my patients about 15 years ago. He was in for detox and I was working the midnight to 8am shift-everytime I went into his room, he was flirting and telling me how beautiful I was and even asked me to get a divorce and marry him. I just kept brushing him off because he was really very drunk and I didn't want to agitate him. When the sun came up and the lights were turned on, the guy just got very quiet and then he said "please excuse me mam-I thought you was a young chick" and then after a pause and to add insult to injury, he said "but I bet you was pretty when you were young".

Lila-did you receive my e-mail about the ticket timing in May? I really appreciate all of your effort in making our flight arrangements.

Sindee-anytime you want to visit, just give me a phone call a day or two in advance to make sure I will be home. I am home almost always except for short trips to the grocery store. I do have a lunch meeting on Monday with my friend from San Diego. He visits his family here every 6 months and for the past few years, he either calls or stops by for a brief visit. This will be a longer visit and I really don't know what to expect as he has converted from the Baptist religion to Jehovah's Witnesses. He did promise not to attempt to push his belief's on me and I will make sure he keeps that promise. David met him several years ago and really liked him-they talked a lot about the military as Tommy was stationed at the Pentagon just before 9/11 and knew the people that died and were injured in that incident. So--Monday should prove to be an interesting day.

Dean and Steph-I visited your web page-really nice and informative. The beaches are beautiful and look so warm and inviting on this very cold day.

My old central heat unit is really laboring to keep the house just not quite warm enough. The sun porch is great today and toasty. I haven't been able to use the pellet stove this year because it doesn't keep the bedrooms warm enough for Kel,Crystal and Logan. Also, with all of the additional loads of clothing everyday, the washer is beginning to make strange noises of premature failure-I just hope nothing else breaks down before the kids get moved to their new house. That's Life (one of David's favorite jokes).

         January 23, 2008
From: lila
That is really a great photo of Logan, Linda. Hope everyone will keep posting pictures to share with all.
At some point in my life I am going to learn how to do that, and then you all shall be seeing photos of all our animals.......and more. Speaking of which, it seems that a little boy cat has joined my "wild" ones. Very sweet----super skittish.

Don't you have a computer camera, PK? Seems that you did put up pictures of Tim's boys awhile back? How about more?

It is so cold here---I am using both heaters more than I should. Dread getting my PGE bill. Did any of you other Califorians see any snow? Redding had snow, and I see that hwy 20 was closed right by Wilbur because of snow and car accidents. I was at Wilbur with snow, and it was beautiful. But I did not drive in it.

Very interesting----what you did with Elaine's picture, Bruce. Just so you know, I am happy with mine.

I, too, have had the experience Elaine and Linda tell about---comments on how one is looking. But my experience was with a typical male species---not some sort of a patient.

Yes, Linda I did receive your e-mail, and I did drop you a short note last night. Hope you got it---sure you did----I see you wrote this a few days ago.

I have not been on the computer for a few days---got a bug. Mostly awful headaches, coughing, and body aches. Think I am feeling a bit better today---kind of scared to say it----might come back with a vengeance. Elaine is down, too. She has been feeling rotten for more than a week now. She went to the doctor today. Hopefully she will be feeling better in a day or so.

         January 26, 2008
From: Keith
Here are some pictures. I'll write some descriptions about them if this works.

         January 26, 2008
From: Keith
And one last one.

         January 26, 2008
From: Keith
Looks like it worked. Thanks Bruce. Isn't that top one too precious? Nearly a perfect circle (face). None of theses is real recent, Garret is walking all over the place now. I like to follow him around and just watch him walk.

I'll get some more up to date photos. I thought I had some in my folder but couldn't find them. Don't know what happened to them.

The older Garret gets the more he and Peyton look alike. I had them in the store the other day and a lady asked me if they're twins. Peyton was sitting down in the basket so she couldn't see how much taller he is.

One thing these guys all have in common, beautiful eyes. Especially Jeremiah.

Glad to hear you're all better in OK now Linda. When you had that transmission rebuilt did you get a full warranty? If the difficulty shifting out of park is a problem hopefully they can adjust it.

Sorry to hear you had another bug Lila. Glad you are better. Hope you are better by now too Elaine. Lots of those bugs going around this year.

I can relate to what you're saying about using the heater and the electric/gas bill. Since the kids moved in our bill has more than doubled from what it was, but that's not all from them, just too cold!

Lila, since you didn't say what your experience was with a "typical male species" can we assume that it was friendly, cordial and helpful, as most American males are? Or maybe you really meant to say the 10% of the baser type? :-)

         January 27, 2008
From: Linda
What precious little boys! Are you ever able to say "no" to them, Keith and Bev? If they looked at me with those beautiful big brown eyes-I would just give them anything they wanted. Do you have any pictures of the three together?

Keith, I probably messed up with the Toyota and didn't get anything in writing about the warranty. I was feeling really bad the day the man brought the car to me and it was cold and blowing sleet so I didn't talk to him very long.

Kel and I were feeling much better for less than a week after we finished the antibiotics but several days ago all of the symptoms returned. I am just going to try to tough it out for a few more days and see if it gets better. If it gets worse-guess I will have to visit the Dr. again. We have already had two different antibiotics and I really don't want to take more if I don't have to.

Our weather has been so unstable. Just a few nights ago the temp was 12 with wind chill of 2 and today the temp is supposed to be in the 60's and tomorrow in the 60's but extremely windy. This morning, the fog was so dense that we could barely see across the road and couldn't see any of the neighbor's houses-really an isolated feeling.

Hope Lila and Elaine are feeling better. I was thinking this illness thing was just in OK-but guess it's everywhere.

         January 27, 2008
From: Keith
Yes, it is very difficult for me to say no to the boys, Linda. The littlest guy is such a bundle of sunshine. Whenever your eyes meet his he breaks into a huge smile and runs in your direction. How can you not pick him up? Impossible.

I am such a horrible camera person. It is not my normal to ever think of taking pictures. Even at birthdays and other occasions I usually forget the camera. I will make it a point to get more pictures including some with all three of them and get them posted.

Bruce, if you have no more use for it want to give me that photo shop program, that would be great. In the meantime I'll continue to bug you until I get it down.

Linda, even if you don't have anything in writing about the warranty, I think the mechanic would still be liable for adjustments for at least six months. Isn't he a friend of a friend or relative? It seems you said something like that.

Really sorry to hear that bug has revisited you Linda, I hope you don't have to go on the antibiotics again. Every time you write about your weather I feel guilty for complaining about ours.

Elaine and Lila, Hoping you guys are feeling better again. Sorry to hear you had another bad week so soon.

waiting to see those photos of your animals. Do you have to keep that little boy cat separate from the others or does he do okay with that bully one you have?

         January 28, 2008
From: Bruce
Hope everyone is feeling normal again. So far Kathy and I have been fortunate, no severe bugs yet. Just mentioning that will probably jinx it for us. Elaine said something to that effect in her last message and then Lila said she felt bad for week right after that.

Tim's and Julie's three sons do have striking eyes especially with those wide open stares into the camera that only kids can give. Very nice.

Kathy is going to go to Desert Hot Springs, near Palm Springs, in February. She joined something called Elder Hostel and I think they have a place there.

I thought we were going to have rain for 40 days and 40 nights but two of the last three days have been rain-free and today it's even sunny. Like Keith said I can't complain after hearing about OK weather, but it is a nice change!

         February 2, 2008
From: Linda
Hope everyone is well. I am feeling better but just can't kick this cough and still have to use the inhaler every morning. Kel,Crystal and Logan are well and were able to go outside Thursday and build Logan's 1st snowman. Now he is watching the snowman melt and hoping for more snow.

Logan's day care closed and now I am back to taking care of him full time plus a week end day. He is now potty trained with only an occasional accident.

Rhonda and Tim came to visit(I think it was Tuesday) and I gave them David's van, his 50's tapes, and more of his clothes and picture albums. It was sad to see the van with the "Namaste" bumper sticker going down the road one last time.

I am so ready for the trip to CA and Hawaii in March. I even broke down and bought a bathing suit-I haven't been swimming in at least 5 years. Glad to hear Kathy has some nice warm sunny places to go. David and I had planned to be able to travel a bit during the winter but here I am retired and still staying at home in the cold. Last month's gas bill was almost $400.00 so I am checking the meter to see if there is a gas leak but I fear it is probably correct and will be even higher next month-and we aren't even keeping it warm enough to be really comfortable.

Well-kids are home now-so my shift is over and I need to check the gas meter before the sun goes down.

         February 5, 2008
From: Linda
Just wanted to tell you about the weirdest weather I can ever remember. Yesterday was such a beautiful but windy day and we hit a record high of 80 degrees. Today the temp is dropping and we are having rain/thunderstorms and by tomorrow morning the temp will be 31 degrees with snow flurries expected.
We had a 2 inch snow on Thursday and then by Sunday we were in the upper 70's and I was able to get David's vegetable garden weeded. I just can't ever remember having such rollercoaster weather.

         February 6, 2008
From: Bruce
Linda that weather sounds like it has a bipolar disorder. Such mood swings! Wow, all that and then tornadoes blew through Arkansas yesterday; hope they missed OK and the Arkansas family avoided them.

         February 6, 2008
From: Keith
Has anybody heard from Kirk or Rhonda's households? I saw the Arkansas devastation on the tube. Pretty horrible. I tried calling them but got their voice mail. If either of you is reading this, let us hear from you.

I hope you are over that pneumonia by now Lila. Too much sickness going on.

How are you doing Elaine? Haven't heard from you for a while.

Linda, I guess about the only good thing we can say about that weather you described is that it's better than a tornado. Anyway, I hope you weren't affected by the tornado, I didn't see anything about your area in the news.

As I already told Bruce, I was selected for jury duty today. The trial won't start until a week from today. The case is not a pleasant one, but of course they instruct us not to comment on it so I won't, but will share with you when it's over.

         February 6, 2008
From: lila
Whoa, Linda, your weather does sound totally weird. I heard about the tornadoes going through your part of the country. That must have been a part of all the weirdness----guess nothing touched down near you or any of the family---yes?

I have been down with pneumonia for over a week now. Still feeling very slow, and lack energy for anything. I am enjoying this sunshine----feels so good on my body. And I have been able to do a couple of short dog walks----yesterday & today. I went to see Ruth on Monday---the extent of my visit was 3 games of yahtzee. Was good to chat and visit. She had her pace maker checked out last week---all is fine.

Ms Elaine has not been feeling great herself, but she was able to keep me in food and books while I was down.....such a blessing.

Have been in touch with Rhonda, and she is planning on going to Hawaii in July. Yea!

Love the pictures of the boys. Hope you all stay well....................

         February 6, 2008
From: Linda
Oklahoma was very fortunate this time. The storm system went over us during the day. We had high winds and a lot of heavy rain,lightening and thunder. The wind was blowing against the west facing windows so hard that Kel left his room and computers and came into the living room for a few minutes and then it was over. Thank goodness, no tornadoes for us. From the maps, it looks like all of the tornadoes were east of the kids in Fort Smith but haven't heard from any of them-never know when they are traveling for ball games,etc. Sindee-let us know if everyone is ok.

         February 6, 2008
From: Keith
Lila I think you and I posted at the same time and mine got on first. Bruce and I did that a couple of weeks ago. I'm thinking you did not see my post when you posted, judging by what you wrote, right? Because when I posted and came back on yours was on there. Then immediately afterward yours came on Linda. Surprised you were up this late.

I'm sorry nobody seems to have heard from Rhonda or Kirk.

         February 7, 2008
From: Sindee
Hello everyone,
We are all doing ok. The tornados all missed us. We didn't get much bad weather. We did get a little snow the boys went out about 7pm that night to have snowball fights and Christian made a snoaman. They just knew they would be out of school the next day. But they weren't.
Everyone here is staying well. I've had a few problems, I thought about you yesterday Linda. My mom had to take me to Tulsa to the doctor. Byt the way thanks for the beautiful birthday card.
cute pictures...beautiful eyes

Hope everyone gets well, survives this crazy weather and takes care.
Be Blessed!

         February 9, 2008
From: Linda
Good to hear from you, Sindee. From looking at the storm track map, I knew your house was ok but didn't know if you were at home or on the road.

My bad-I mailed your birthday card and forgot to send message on this page. So everyone--Happy Birthday to Sindee on Feb. 4th! Hope you are feeling better Sindee. You and the family are welcome to visit anytime-just be prepared for a very cluttered house-poppa would have a major meltdown if he were here to see the mess.

We have had so much rain that the builder has not been able to get the septic tank dug. I am afraid that it is going to be a few more months before Kel's family get to move. Baby girl is due 1st week in May.
Crystal has another OB appointment in 3 weeks and will have a 3D sonogram? so we may be able to see the baby girl's face.

Today is supposed to be nice weather-sunny and 62 this afternoon. I asked to have the day off so I can get outside. I need some quality time with Mother Nature. The ground is still too wet and cold for me to lay down and really connect but at least I can breathe the fresh air and pull a few weeds.

Lila and Elaine, are you two feeling any better?
Just keep taking it slow and easy Lila-it is so easy to have a backset after pneumonia. The flu bug is now getting really bad since there was a strain that popped up that wasn't covered in the flu vaccine.

Logan is up now and the household is getting louder. I got up early to turn up the heat. After that last gas bill, we started keeping the house even cooler. We turn down the thermostat at night and everyone covers up with quilts and then the first one up in the morning has to turn the heat up a little bit. Talk to you later-I have to go enjoy this brief warm day.

         February 12, 2008
From: lila
I am pretty much over the pneumonia thing. Yesterday I went to Roseville and got a pneumonia shot---went on to OV, and had a great Japanese lunch with Dean and Steph. Was a good trip, but it did wear me out. And my arm is so sore from the shot----I did not remember that that shot is so sore. But certainly worth it, if it works. Elaine is down again. She had the flu(?) before I came down with my illness, and then she got whacked again---seems even worse this time. Hopefully she will be up and about soon.

Glad to read that you and Kirk were okay through all that awful weather, Sindee. Both Elaine and I have talked to Rhonda---seems they are all doing fine. We are having just beautiful/wonderful weather right now. I am loving the sunshine---will not complain about the allergy stuff that has come along with that sunshine. Just sit out there absorbing all that vitamin D while I sneeze and blow my nose. I'm sure we are all ready for SPRING.

I guess I won't complain about my heating bill anymore after reading about yours Linda---mind blowing
I have made up my mind that I have to get a new heater by next winter. Mine quit working yesterday morning----going to cost me a couple hundred. It has been one thing after another with the heater/air since we moved back here in 05. Time to bite the bullet, and quit putting money into a dying unit. It was here when we bought this place in 1981--so it has done well.

Well, time to head on over to Gridley--love to you all.........

         February 12, 2008
From: Keith

         February 12, 2008
From: Keith

         February 13, 2008
From: Keith
Thanks for posting the pictures Bruce. That's great that you were able to get that red eye out. That can almost ruin a picture.

That little black girl with Jeremiah is Raven (cute, huh?). We just met her at the park and she tried to adopt Peyton, but he rejected her so she slid over to Jeremiah.

They loved being in that laundry basket. Isn't that weird? It wound up falling forward and Garret bumped his head. He was fine, but got a little pithed off.

The large face picture of Garret was taken by Jeremiah.
I wish I could take credit for it, it's the best. He looks like he's just been asked a profound question and is contemplating it.

Lila, I got your letter and will answer it later this evening. Glad you are finally over that pneumonia.

Sorry you are still down Elaine. Have you had a chance to listen to Dr. Marshall yet? Let me know.

         February 17, 2008
From: Bruce
You're welcome Keith. Those pictures are prize winners, very cute. What is Jeremiah doing in that picture of the three kids in the laundry basket? It looks like he is holding an imaginary microphone and is announcing something.

Kathy isn't going to Palm Springs after all. Her friend's husband is having surgery next week so they canceled their trip. They might try it again in April.

Hope that pneumonia shot did the trick Lila along with all the vitamin D we've been getting lately. Maybe all that sun will help Elaine too.

Glad Rhonda might be able to make the trip to Hawaii this summer. Kirk, have you given any thought to giving it a try?

         February 17, 2008
From: Keith
That does look like Jeremiah is pretending to have a mike, but actually he was making a fist and his arm is in an upward and outward thrust.

Sorry to hear your trip is canceled Kathy. I know that has to be a disappointment. I pray that the surgery is a 100% success.

I suppose all you Hawaii bound people have a special calendar and are marking the days off as they go by. That reminds me of my last six months in the Navy.

I hope the Oklahoma/Arkansas weather is still nice these days. We are having spring like days out here and it is so great.

I forgot to mention your birthday Sindee, just two weeks late. Sorry about that. You are too young to feel about birthdays the way I do so I hope it was a good one for you. I read somewhere that whoever has the most birthdays lives to be the oldest. Doesn't seem fair does it?

Jeremiah, Peyton, Garret and Julie are all sick today. None of them is serious so far, hope it stays that way and they all bounce back quickly.

         February 22, 2008
From: Keith
Thanks for taking my picture off there Bruce. I was getting really tired of seeing it.

         February 22, 2008
From: Linda
I wasn't tired of seeing your picture, Keith. Those pictures of the children are so very precious-I think Jeremiah and Peyton's eyes are beginning to look like Keith and Bruce.

I have had a couple of bad weeks. February has too many special days in it that used to be fun because David made them so. The 8th would have been our 25th anniversary, the 13th was Aimee's 21st birthday (David would have planned a big surprise for her), the 18th was my birthday and of course, Valentine's day on the 14th. Then to top it all off, I received a Federal Court Jury Summons to begin on April 7th and to be in effect for 3 months. I had to make a doctor's appointment to get a letter to excuse me from Jury duty and won't know for a few weeks if they will accept it.

I am feeling better now-received a shipment of books and got my new eyeglasses today. I have read half of one of the books while Logan was napping. I didn't realize my eyes were so bad until the last few weeks when I had to take the newspaper to a chair close to the window to be able to read it. My eye doctor was amazed that my vision had changed so much in the past year.

Lila and Elaine, have either of you read the book "Angel Cats"? If you haven't, I will bring it with me in March. Also, Express Jet changed my departure from Sac from 6:10 pm to 4:30 pm on Sunday April 6th.

Is everyone well now? I'm afraid we are going to be having our 4th round this winter. Crystal came home ill today with flu symptoms. I wish we could have some of your sunny weather. We have an occ sunny day but the last week has been cloudy, off and on sleet and snow but, thank goodness, nothing that stays on the ground for more than a day.

Talk to you later-love to all!

         February 22, 2008
From: lila
So sorry to read about how difficult February has been for you, Linda, and a belated happy birthday wish to you, and to Sindee, and to Kathy. It has not been good for us either, but in a different way. I am pretty much over the pneumonia, but tire out easily. Just don't have much energy. I am trying to take care of myself---really don't want a second bout of anything. And Elaine has actually been down most of the month. Then Ruth came down with a bad cough, and generally feels awful all over. Took her to the doctor----her lungs are okay. Gave her antibiotics to keep them that way. Joanne is with her now--she needs to have some one there around the clock. We are hoping to get back on schedule by Monday or Tuesday.

You and Kathy must be doing something right, BL. You are about the only household I know that has not been down with something. How is your household doing now, PK? Hope everyone is back, or getting back, to normal. You did not get it, yes?

I made a note of your departure time, Linda. Everyone, please, mark down Sat. April 5 for a family get together here at our place. That work for you all? Hope it will be a lovely spring day.

I look forward to "Angel Cats"----never heard of it.

Has everyone heard we are in for another wind storm starting Sat evening? I dread it.

Hope Crystal has a light case of the flu, and it does not start another round in the house there in OK.

Love all.................

         February 23, 2008
From: Keith
Glad you weren't tired of seeing my picture, Linda. Hope nobody else was either but I sure was. Funny you say that you think the pictures of Jeremiah and Peyton look like Bruce and me. I think they look like Bruce (Jeremiah) and Dean (Peyton) when they were little ones. I guess we are never able to see ourselves in others. Hope March is better for you than Feb has been. That court thing sounds horrible if I read it correctly. Are you saying they want you to be on call for the entire three month period? That doesn't seem right.

All these birthdays being missed. Beverly's was the 20th of Feb. We need to have someone take over what Mom used to do with the BD calendar every month.

Sorry to hear Ruth is having a rough go. It's actually amazing her lungs are in good shape after all those years of smoking. That's one tough lady.

I saw the same thing you saw Lila, concerning the storm. Wind gusts of up to 60 MPH tonight and Sunday.
Glad you are better Lila, hope you perk up Elaine. Bev is finally starting to feel better and the boys have bounced back. Jeremiah was the worst, had a temp of 103 and he is not yet well, but better. So far I have been okay through this last bout. More than half our office was out sick this last week.

Happy my jury duty is over. It was a child molestation case. We found him guilty. Gut wrenching case. The seven year old victim had to take the witness stand and I got so angry watching it was hard to sit there. Can't imagine why they make the kids go through that. They got all the info they needed in a taped interview with a counselor. The kid could have stayed home. But I guess the defense has to have a crack at him if they show the video. Is that the deal Bruce?

I have an idea for the Board. We should pass a rule that if any body's post stays on top for four straight days, everybody else has to send that person a $5 bill. This is a stimulus package that should work. It would serve a dual purpose. If you favor this idea say so on your next post. This should be fun.

         February 24, 2008
From: Linda
Is everyone tolerating the wind? Hopefully you will not receive any damage with this one. That was what triggered my episode of depression. On the 9th, I was able to go outside to enjoy the one warm day-when I walked through David's garden and saw all of the wind damage(fences blown down and the arbor broken and leaning on the block building wall, the top of the bird sanctuary blown off) and then attempted to pill a few weeds and discovered they were little trees with roots to China-I just lost it. I sat down in the middle of the garden and cried because I just don't know how I am going to be able to take care of it all.

In those most recent pictures of the boys-Jeremiah looks like pictures I have seen of Bruce when he was little and Peyton (in this picture) definately has your eyes,Keith.

I rechecked the court's internet site and it does state that for Petit Court each juror is on call for at least 3 months-that makes it sound like it could be even longer than 3 months. The site did state that each juror usually serves a total of 5 days out of that 3 month period. There is also a possibility of being sequestered-ugh. Hope the physician's statement works and the court excuses me.
I am supposed to be there Monday April 7th at 8AM (the morning after returning from CA). If I don't hear from them, I think I will just pay the $100 fine or spend the 3 days in jail. I don't think I could handle being on a child molestation case.

Happy belated birthdays to Kathy and Beverly.
I went back to Ellie's Web and saw the calendars for each month-maybe Bruce can bring up a calendar the first of each month to this page???

I hope Ruth gets over her cough-I still have this cough every morning-like I used to cough when I smoked. My Dr. appointment last week, had another chest x-ray and the nurse said it was clear so they scheduled me for some breathing tests to be done at the hospital.

Lila, have you had a massage recently? Maybe it would help get your energy back.

Elaine, have you been down as down in bed this month or have you been able to work any? What are your symptoms? Do you have a fever?

Crystal now thinks she just has a bad head cold-her fever never got higher than 100 and her aches and pains are getting better.

The stimulis package sounds like fun-except we get a break if on vacation-right?

         February 24, 2008
From: Bruce
From our perspective in Sac, the wind never really developed. I didn't even see a limb down when I drove around this morning. Quite a bit of rain and a few little gusts but that was about it. Hope it is about finished as I write this at 3 p.m. Nothing nearly as bad as Fort Gibson; that is quite a bit to recover from.

That sounds like a good policy Lila. Make extra sure you are past the relapse stage before doing anything strenuous.

I don't know about the defense getting to cross-examine a victim if they show a tape of him, but that makes sense that they would have to make him available to answer questions. I have heard of cases in which they think that the defendant will intimidate the witness and they put up a screen so the jury can see the witness testify, but the witness can't see the defendant.

I might change the format of the Family Page, just to warn you if you tune in and it looks different. Maybe I can put up a link to Ellie's birthday lists so people can check them.

Just noticed the sun come out; hope it is a sign.

I like the idea of the stimulus package. Good for the family web page and might be enough to save us from a recession.

         February 24, 2008
From: Bruce
I forgot that I was going to put up this picture of the early morning light in a storm.

         February 24, 2008
From: Keith
Sorry Lila, I meant to tell you April 5 works for us as far as I know right now. Will let you know if that changes. Do you want to do a pot luck?

Nice Picture Bruce. Just for the fun of it I printed it out on regular paper and I was able to see so much more into the picture. Like houses across the street, the whole car, etc. But the colors were nowhere near as intensely beautiful.

To be honest I fully expected everybody to reject the stimulus package. I just put it out there to see what kind of comments it would get. So far it's 2 for 2. If it is accepted I would agree, Linda, that those on vacation are exempt.

Also exempted would be anybody who has any other reason.

         February 24, 2008
From: lila
Just a quick check in---I am so tired (still!) Ruth is in the hospital. Not sure what is going on, but she is in ICU---seems to me that the antibiotics made her very sick to her stomach. Joanne took her to emergency, and they found her oxygen is too low (same as when I took her to the doctor the other day). The word is she did not have a heart attack. She is on oxygen now. Her spirits are good--I saw her today--she is feeling much better. I will talk to the doctor tomorrow, and will know more then. When she is released I will need to stay with her until Grace can get here on Friday morning. Jerry is very sick with the "bug", and Sharyn broke her ankle. So it has been a very hectic time.

I think pot luck would be good, PK. Does that day work for you and Kathy, BL? And, of course, one and all are invited---so spread the word.

Sorry, but now it is 1 to 2.....I don't care for the stimulus package idea.

Great picture, Bruce. You and Kathy are real artists with the camera. We had some pretty strong winds here. A small branch broke off the Mulberry tree in the front yard. I heard the the wind during the night, but by 1 or 2 this afternoon it was pretty calm. The Buttes were a lovely sight driving home from Gridley this afternoon.

I have not had a massage for awhile, and I plan on doing that once Grayce gets to Ruth's, and I will have some time.....I am longing for it.

Happy Birthday to Bev, from me, too.
"Night all"

         February 25, 2008
From: Bruce
Here is the new look. I was getting tired of the old one. I put links to Ellie's old birthday lists on the navigation bar. They are not current so this is probably just temporary since there will some additions to the list.

I hope Ruth is feeling better and at least out of ICU now.

April 5 looks good for Kathy and me to attend the get together.

         February 25, 2008
From: Keith
I really like the new look to the Board, Bruce. That takes care of the birthday question.

I had written an entry earlier but I jumped into search for something and when I returned my letter was gone. I thought maybe it had posted but it looks like it didn't. If it does show up somewhere later you'll know what happened.

Lila, that's kind of shocking about Ruth. Glad to hear they've ruled out a heart attack. It is good that she is in good spirits, I hope that means she is not in any pain.

One negative (especially from the matriarch) on the stimulus package is enough. It is herewith formally withdrawn.

I told Jennifer and Tim about the get together and I'm hoping they and theirs will be able to make it. Nobody has a problem with the date so far. Hope it stays that way.

         February 25, 2008
From: Linda
The new family page looks great Bruce and the links work-thank you. I really enjoy looking at the morning light picture-just add a cottage and you would have a Kincaid. I was startled to see no leaves on the trees-I guess I thought that CA was always green as I don't believe I have ever been there in the winter.

Lila, when you see Ruth again, please send my love. Hope she makes a speedy recovery. Please let us know what the doctors say is the problem.

         February 29, 2008
From: Bruce
Elaine said that Ruth had pneumonia and is back home now. Lila was staying with her for a few days until someone else could come to stay with her.

Yes, we have leafless trees in the winter along with the evergreens. Our area is called Elmhurst, so it was planted with elms many years ago and they drop a ton of leaves each year. I think I have a shot of the fall foliage somewhere; I'll see if I can find it.

         February 29, 2008
From: Keith
I'm glad to hear Ruth is back home. Pneumonia is not good at any age, but at 94 or 95 whatever she is, it puts you in ICU. I was a bit worried, not having heard from Lila, now I understand.

The coloring of those trees certainly is lovely. Such a sharp photo.

Beverly went back to work too soon and now she is down again. The boys are well and I'm so glad about that.

I've been riding my bike to work with regularity in this beautiful weather but was not too thrilled with it after having a flat tire yesterday and another one today. Turned out it was the same cause which has now been corrected so all's well that ends well.

         March 2, 2008
From: Linda
The fall foliage picture is so serene and even more beautiful than our foliage was this season. I have always liked seeing pictures of the trees that make a tunnel over the road-reminds me of some Old South picture with the trees leading up a long winding road to a Southern mansion. I will be so glad when the leaves return to the trees and the warmth returns to this body. Being cold (cool) paid off this month with the gas bill down to $225.

We did have 2 warm days in the upper 60's to low 70's but it was too windy to work in the garden-which was just as well since I was taking care of Logan. Logan did have fun running in the wind and throwing leaves. Today is still in the upper 60's but waiting for the storm and the sky is very dark cloudy. We may have severe storms tonight and snow tomorrow.

Bicycling sounds good, Keith. I may just have to dig Kel's bicycle out of the garage and give it a try-whenever the ground is dry enough.
Is Beverly feeling better?

How are Ruth, Lila, and Elaine?

         March 2, 2008
From: lila
Your picture reminds me of when we lived in RC, Bruce. And we would drive to Gridley to visit the Gortons. We would drive under a canopy of such trees somewhere near the end of the trip (probably Woodland)----the trees and the Orange Julius and the Burma Shave ads were the highlights of, what seemed like, a very long drive to me.

Yes, Ruth is home. Not sure that she actually had pneumonia, but that was the fear. She now has oxygen at home, and (I can't remember the name)a breathing exercise thing. I think I remember that Mom had one of them for awhile. Jerry will be going to stay with her on Tues., and so I am having quite a few days at home.

I am not enjoying this wind we had today. The air is just full of "stuff", and making my eyes itch and making me cough. The good thing is it is not pneumonia or the flu, and this, too, will pass.

I really like the new page, too, Bruce. It is soft and mellow.

Gads, my head is so spacy that I keep making mistakes. That means it is time for me to hang it up for now.

         March 4, 2008
From: Keith
Beverly was feeling better until she made a dash to try to catch the bus on her way to work yesterday. She stumbled and fell and broke her fall when her nose skidded across the concrete sidewalk. After her nose had a chunk of skin removed from it she continued sliding and conked her forehead. She was goofy for a few minutes and when she came to herself the bus driver was there and they called for medical assistance. I guess they called 911. They treated her and took her home. She had a headache the rest of the day and couldn't take aspirin because she was bleeding and the head injury. It took a long time for the bleeding to stop. However she is okay today and should recover nicely.

Hope you do get on the bicycle Linda, it is such good exercise.

I remember those Orange Julius and Burma Shave ads Lila. I also remember stopping at Julius at least one time, but mostly I remember just blowing by them.

Good to hear Ruth is doing better. I don't remember Mom having the oxygen thing, it's not something she packs with her is it? Just something she has for when she needs the extra oxygen?

         March 5, 2008
From: Linda
Ouch! makes me hurt to just think of Beverly sliding on her nose and forehead-hope she is feeling better still.

David also remembered those trips with the Burma Shave signs and still remembered what they said and he loved the Orange Julius which we also had in Arizona and it was Kel's favorite drink.

I am glad you are back home Lila-are you rested up yet? Was Ruth's breathing exercise thing an incentive spirometer or a nebulizer that gives off a mist and is mixed with a medicine? The nebulizer is usually a bronchodilater and the incentive spirometer helps to improve lung capacity.

How is Elaine-we don't hear from her very often.

Now our household has a bit of stomach virus-lots of vomitting going on last night except for me. My upset took the other route.

We did have the severe weather on the night of March 2. I sat up until 2 AM monitoring the storms and then the next day we lucked out and just had a dusting of snow. The towns just 20 miles northwest of us had 6-8 inches of snow.

Speaking of being spacy, Lila-I got up early this AM to go to Muskogee for fasting lab only to discover that my appointment is next week. It was on my calendar for next week and I just had it in my mind that it was today.

         March 6, 2008
From: lila
Poor Bev, I am so sorry to read of her fall. I did a similar thing a few (quite a few years) ago, but not as serious. Don't know what happened, but all of a sudden I was down---Skinned up my hands and knees. Painful and embarrassing. Take care, and heal well.

Must admit that I am totally enjoying my time at home. There is so much to do this time of the year around here, and right now the weather is perfect. I will see Ruth tomorrow (miss the old lady)----Jerry and Joanne are going to take a run to Oroville, so I'll spend a few hours with her. I have talked to her a few times, and she sounds good. Yes, she has a nebulizer, Linda, and she also has oxygen. She uses the oxygen all the time, and has a little tank on wheels if she wants to go out. I remember Mom using a nebulizer for awhile. Don't know if those two things will be permanent---or what.

Elaine is doing pretty well---she told me she wrote on the family page the other day (long one), and some how she lost it---so frustrating. Hopefully she will get the energy to re-submit soon. Right now we are the spaced out sisters of Tierra Buena----allergies or age?? Maybe a little of both.

Our household animals are doing well. The new guy is now called Sherman. Only Alfie is so--so very bad, I have about given up on keeping him in the yard. Picks never gets out, neither does Audie. But, the monster is so determined. Oh, well he will be inside a lot from now on.

         March 6, 2008
From: Bruce
Hope Beverly didn't get a serious concussion in her fall. I remember going down like that too. I lost some memory of things that had happened earlier that day and then they gradually came back to me. It was a strange but good feeling as the memories gradually filtered back in.

Tell Ruth I am thinking good thoughts for her. Maybe she needs a little trip to the casinos to get her back into shape.

I wondered about the Tierra Buena reference Lila. At first I thought it was something similar to The Baghdad Cafe. Then I ran a search on it and found this: Tierra Buena is a census-designated place in Sutter County, California, United States. It is part of the Yuba City Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 4,587 at the 2000 census. I probably knew that at one point but have totally forgotten it.

All six of our neighbor cats moved out at least six months ago. Now they seem to be coming back. At least four of them are back now. A couple of them even seemed glad to see us again.

         March 6, 2008
From: lila
Yep, Tierra Buena is the area of Yuba City we live in. I like the name---I like to say I live in Tierra Buena. I don't know why....just do. So interesting that you said you searched it, BL.
A long time ago I searched, googled, or something my name, and I found me. I was, just now, trying to do it again, and no luck. Anyone know what I am talking about, and how I could do that again?

         March 7, 2008
From: Bruce
Tierra Buena apparently means good land or good earth. The good earth sisters? I think I like Tierra Buena better.

I Googled ( Lila Ross and found some with that name. None appeared to be our Lila Louise (Snipes) Ross. Last I heard though, she was in Tierra Buena.

         March 7, 2008
From: kathy
Hi all:

Hope Ruth and Bev feel better soon!
Sorry to hear about Bev's injuries, I can relate to it because I'm always tripping or falling over invisible things myself (my left foot)!

We may not have the mystery of Tierra Buena in Elmhurst - cause all we have is a little hill in east sac to cheer for.


         March 7, 2008
From: Keith
Bev is feeling much better and thanks all of you for your concern. The nose skin has a nice scab on it and looks a lot better. She still gets stared at but at least they're not looks of horror anymore.

When you found your name on google, Lila, what sort of things did they have to say about you? I punched my name in and got a bunch of different Keiths and a lot on Wesley Snipes (no surprise there) but no Keith Snipes.

         March 10, 2008
From: lila
I just can't remember how I found me on the computer----was ages ago. I think it just listed my address. Oh well, the truth be told, I wanted to "google" an old friend---guess I'll just forget it.

I believe Ruth is getting better. I saw her the other day, and I gave her everyone's regards and love. She is still using the nebulizer 3 times a day, and getting oxygen. The big question is: will she continue living alone. A lot of uneasiness going on right now. I will be staying with her for 3 nights (17,18,19). Then Jerry will be back, and I assume some decision will be made then.

Linda and I will be headed for Hawaii (baby luau) on 3/26----2 weeks & 2 days from today. Sure did sneak up on me----that is my M O. Wait until I feel the pressure, and start moving.

Loving this weather, and I am feeling good. Even the allergy stuff has let up. Elaine seems to be feeling better too. All is well.............yes?

         March 10, 2008
From: Linda
I am happy everyone is feeling better. I feel for Ruth-having to make the big decision, that is a very tough decision to make. That is the reason I am in Okla. instead of CA or Arizona-Mom didn't feel up to leaving her home so David and I moved to take care of her. We had to leave Phoneix because of Naomi and would probably have moved to Sedona if Mom had not been ill.

Our weather is just starting to be in the 60's for a few days-nothing blooming yet because night time temps are still around freezing. We had another light snow Thursday night but it was all melted by noon Friday.

I am really looking forward to the trip and warm sunshine. I will see you California people in two weeks and 1 day!

         March 11, 2008
From: lila
Hey, BL I entered a comment yesterday, and it is not here! It did the regular routine: THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN ENTERED......ETC

Any idea of what happened? In the past I have had an entry or two not show up until the next day, but what the heck..............

         March 11, 2008
From: lila
I don't know what is going on----I think the problem was with my computer. It was telling I was not connected---when I was. None of it makes sense to me. Cyber-space mystery.

I was headed over to see Ruth this morning--Jerry called to tell me that she fell last night (going to the bathroom). They took her to emergency--she did not break anything. Hit her head, and is bruised. She is angry and fearful, and Jerry and Joanne are having a rough time of it. Such a hard place to be in---for Ruth and her kids. Saying a little prayer for all of them.

         March 11, 2008
From: Bruce
Lila, I can't think of anything that would keep a comment from showing up after you got the message that it was entered. That shouldn't happen, but who knows? As far as it showing up the next day, the only thing I can think of is that the page wasn't refreshed (or reloaded)until the next day.

At least it is good news that Ruth didn't break anything, especially a hip. I hope she can remain somewhat independent.

         March 11, 2008
From: Keith
I will join you in that prayer Lila. Have you seen Ruth since her fall? I hope that bump on the head is not anything serious. I'm wondering if the words "angry and fearful" are from your observation or from what Jerry or Grayce might have related to you. Feel very sad for her, but encouraged knowing that she is strong and should come through this all right.

Bev's scab came off yesterday and she looks very normal. She's so happy about that. Surprised she healed so fast. I guess her body forgot it's diabetic.

Lila and Linda, counting the days.

         March 14, 2008
From: Keith
Came on to check for anything new and when I read my last post I thought that last line might be confusing to some. It was merely a reference to the fact that both Lila and Linda had specified the number of weeks and days before the Hawaii, baby luau.

Just in case anybody was wondering.

         March 15, 2008
From: lila
Glad you cleared that up, PK. I thought, perhaps, you were counting the days until we left.

Quick note on Ruth. She is in the Gridley hospital right now---heading out to see her in a bit. She took another fall---bruised herself up. No broken bones, but she is very sore, and can not walk on her own. She is going to a SNF on Monday in Redding (that's where Grayce and Sharyn live). Can stay there up to 3 months. When she leaves there she will either go home or into long term care. Depending on how she is doing. I do believe that she has surrendered to whatever will be. Her attitude is good (right now), but she is holding onto the fact that her house will be there for her to return to...... I feel sad, but relieved that she will be getting the care she needs. And, who knows, she just may end up at home, and she just may end up appreciating living in a facility---I doubt it, but it could happen. Must run.

         March 15, 2008
From: Linda
I knew what you meant, Keith, and yes-I am counting the days. I still haven't been able to get anything ready or pack and won't be able to until the day before I leave. Crystal's friend has decided to give Crystal a baby shower at my house a week from today. She and Crystal are both off work this week for spring break. This week will be spent in attempt to clean house.

We did have 2 very nice spring like days with temps up to 70's but very windy. I was able to spend Thursday afternoon in David's garden -pulling weeds and having fun uncovering the new little green plants that have started to emerge.
I need to spend many more days in the garden but just have to wait until I have a day with no babysitting.

The weather has returned to 30's to 50's since having thunderstorms the past 2 nights. We were fortunate and did not lose electricity but the towns just north of us did have power lines down.
I looked at the future weather forcasts and the Wednesday after I leave for Hawaii-Ft. Gibson is supposed to have cold rain and snow.

The building of Kel's house has slowed down and now we are wondering if the house will be ready before the baby arrives-we may have to scrunch up a bit more and make room for baby girl in my house. I told the kids it was really no problem-we can clean out the bottom dresser drawer and use it for the baby's bed as they did in my grandparents' youth.

I will be so glad when departure day arrives. I am more than ready for warm sunshine and relaxation.

Keith, I miss your picture on this page.

         March 16, 2008
From: Linda
Lila and I must hve been typing at the same time. When I entered my previous note, Keith was the one on last. This morning I checked to see if anyone else had written and just scrolled down to see what I had written and there was Lila.

Sorry to hear about Ruth falling again and especially sad that she has to leave her home. I hope she finds some happiness and security at the facility-it really all depends on the place-some are very good. It is good that her house will be there waiting for her and perhaps someone can take her for visits to her house.

         March 17, 2008
From: lila
Did you just put that picture at the top, BL? I am just now seeing it----cool.

I thought I had posted on here this a.m., regarding Ruth. Thinking I did not---because I don't see any such post. Was starting to get upset at my computer again....then said, wait, did I or did I not post? Being old is not easy.

Ruth should be in her new place in Redding by now. I will give the place a call to confirm. Eventually she will have her own phone--it is on order now. The words angry and fearful came from both my interaction with Ruth, and from things Jerry shared with me. I believe she is angry she fell, and fearful that she will not be able to live in her own home again. I saw her yesterday morning, and she was very sad. It hurt my heart. And she just might get strong enough to return to her home again. Or she just might adjust well to living in a "home".

She is at: Canyonwood Nursing and Rehab Center, 2120 Benton Drive, Redding, CA 96003, Bed 102-B. She loves to receive cards.

         March 17, 2008
From: Bruce
I just put that picture up today Lila. Wondered if it blended in so much that people might not notice it.

I think Ruth will be able to adjust to a new lifestyle. Probably won't be easy but maybe she'll make some friends with people in a similar situation. I'll be sure to send her a card soon.

Linda, I think it is one week and one day until you start your adventure. Hope you guys enjoy it!

         March 19, 2008
From: Linda
Well---I posted a quick note yesterday but I guess it got lost in the thunderstorms. From night before last until yesterday evening we had at least 6 inches of rain. My backyard looked like a large creek and my brother's pond overflowed across the road between my house and Ft. Gibson. Many roads in Muskogee and Tulsa were closed due to high water. Needless to say, we spent the entire time in the house as the thunderstorms just kept coming one after another.
So nice to wake up this morning to sunny skies and a yard that has turned green overnight.

I can't believe that I will be flying in 6 days.
I will have only 1 day to pack because of the baby shower on Sat. and an easter egg hunt on Sunday.

I am sad for Ruth but with her outgoing personality, I am sure she will make some friends.
I hope she has a room mate that is as mentally alert as she is. Maybe with rehab she will regain her balsnce and strength.

Bruce, the new picture at the top is very good. Do you have the original and if so, can you make a copy for me? That picture is much more clear than the one I have and my picture doesn't have Micah and Dean in it.

I am feeling a little nervous about flying but just trying to think of the end result-warm and sunny vs. cold and wet plus getting to see all of the family.

         March 23, 2008
From: Keith
Funny, Lila and Linda, that both of you had a post that didn't show up. If it was a lengthy one that you had give much thought to I doubt that you considered it funny.

Bev and I have been pressed into service the last two weeks. One of Tim's employees had to be laid off and Julie filled the spot so we assumed responsibility for the three youngsters. Sure makes the time go by fast. Not that we need to have it do that. Should be back to normal by the first of the month.

Hope everybody has had a nice Easter day. We had a glorious service this morning and Jennifer & Cody attended with us. It was a blessing.

One thing I've always wondered about the Easter Bunny. Since those are chicken eggs being hidden shouldn't there be the Easter Chicken instead? How'd the bunny get in there?

         March 23, 2008
From: lila
I have had the same thoughts regarding the Easter bunny/chicken, PK. One of the mysteries of life, I guess.

My old man, Shad(cat), is gone. Had to take him in the other day. He was a walking skeleton. Sad, it never gets easy.

Aloha to you all. Linda and I will be arriving in Honolulu Wednesday morning. Will be thinking of you!

         March 24, 2008
From: Bruce

Happy flying to Hawaii Linda and Lila. Best wishes to Anthony Paul on his first birthday. I think it was March 5 if my research is right. Enjoy the celebration and all that tropical fruit. Is this Mango season? If they even have seasons.

The solution to the bunny/chicken paradox is to use recyclable plastic eggs - they come from the plastic bunny.


         March 24, 2008
From: Keith
Yes, happy and safe traveling to you ladies. Take a lot of pictures and show them when we meet at your place for pot luck.

I tried those plastic eggs Bruce. Don't recommend them. Taste terrible.

         March 28, 2008
From: Bruce
How embarrassing! I got nabbed running a red light by a camera. The worst part is, I wasn't even in a hurry or trying to make the light. There was a big truck in front of me and I was just mesmerized as I followed it into the intersection on a left turn. What a space case. Adding irony to illegality, in the picture, I appear to be enjoying it.

         March 29, 2008
From: Keith
Hey Bruce, at least it is a nice picture. Just be glad that truck didn't run into a brick wall. I have a brother that's a lawyer, maybe he can get you off. I broke a mirror once and was sentenced to 7 years of bad luck and he got me off with six months probation. If you've already heard that one, strike it from the record.

Jen had her picture taken by one of those cameras when she was in the company vehicle. She said the Society would have paid it, but she felt that would not be right. I forget how much it cost her but it wasn't cheap. I'm thinking it was over $200.

I just got back from picking up my cordless electric lawn mower. The battery is charging and tomorrow at this time I'll be mowing my lawn without doing the cord dance.

Lila and Linda if you're reading this over there I hope you're having a wonderful visit and all is going well with everybody.

         March 31, 2008
From: lila
Peek a boo to you all "back home". Linda and I are here at Eddie's place---22 stories high (yike). But it does have a beautiful view. Linda is taking lots of pictures with her "computer camera" to share with you all. The luau was Saturday----it was very successful, and I believe Anthony Paul did manage to enjoy himself.

Thinking about you all as we are laying around, driving around, and stopping at a beach here and there. Think we will be checking out Waikiki next......really rough being here....oh well, I can handle it.

         April 4, 2008
From: Bruce
Welcome back to the Hawaii travelers. I assume you are back if you didn't fly on ATA Airlines. That is the one we booked for this summer and they just declared bankruptcy and canceled all flights. At least we have a lot of time to make adjustments.

         April 7, 2008
From: Steph
Hi Everyone,
We have some great pictures of Mom and Linda in Hawaii. I will try to post a few. Wow, I am blessed to soon become a part of such a loving family.

         April 7, 2008
From: Steph
Try to post the images again:)

         April 8, 2008
From: Linda
Right on, Steph. I too, feel extremely fortunate to have married into this family. I never experienced this kind of love until I met David and his family. Wouldn't it be great if we could spread this feeling to the whole world?

Hawaii was awesome and I have not quite landed yet. Thanks to everyone for making so many special memories-thanks especially to Lila for making it all happen and thanks to Bobby and Gail for all of the hospitality.

Love to y'all

         April 9, 2008
From: lila
Thanks for posting the pictures, Steph. That is a beautiful spot----Dean, Linda, and I are standing right about where Dean and Steph will be married. It was a real nice time in Hawaii, but the time went so fast. I am looking forward to our time in July. I am just now feeling back to CA-time. I imagine it will take you a while to totally land, Linda.

Glad we were all able to get together last Saturday, here in YC. And that was a real feast. Thanks to you all.

I am going to see Ruth next week. Will let you know how that goes.

         April 10, 2008
From: Linda
Sorry-I had to end my previous message before I was ready. I had a Logan crisis-he decided to do an experiment to see how much toilet paper the commode would hold and then he took the paper back out and was trying to wring all of the water out. Needless to say the bathroom was a disaster zone with water and clumps of wet toilet paper everywhere. I think I have landed now-big time.

What I didn't finish saying was how much I enjoyed the family get together at Lila's-so good to see everyone again and the food was excellent.
Very pleasant memories to sustain me until I see everyone again.

I talked to Rhonda last evening but we had to end the conversation too soon due to Tornado Warning for Muskogee county. It was a very nasty weather night and I lost a lot of sleep due to all of the warnings. I had to wake up the kids at 3AM and we took cover in the laundry room due to a warning for extreme hard winds up to 80 mph. The only damage I have observed this morning is more limbs down.

         April 12, 2008
From: Steph
Here are a few more pictures of the Hawaii trip.

The first picture is of Linda and Lila relaxing, we are sitting around the back porch at Gail's house.

The next picture is of Gail, Danny and Dean.

         April 12, 2008
From: Steph
I hope the weather is better for you and the family, Linda.

Thank you for hosting the party last Saturday, Lila. The food and company was wonderful!

         April 14, 2008
From: Linda
Our weather is nice but cool and crisp today-warming up for the next 2 days and then storms again on Thursday. So I have only tomorrow and Wednesday to paick up limbs, put my new mower together and mow the lawn.

I am just going to try to submit 1 photo right now to see if I remember how to do this pixel reduction thingy. It is of Steph and Dean at Lila's house.

         April 14, 2008
From: Linda
ok-that one was pretty easy-will try two of Lila and then later some of the ocean. Most of my people pics in Hawaii didn't come out very well.

         April 14, 2008
From: Linda
one more attempt for the second one

         April 14, 2008
From: Bruce
I'm really enjoying the picture gallery of Hawaii. Some very artistic efforts! Gail and Dan and Dean look like they are standing in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. The lights on Diamond Head? That last shot of Lila looks like it was done by a portrait artist. The beach scenes look so inviting. Keep doing that pixel reduction thing.

         April 15, 2008
From: Linda
Well--we went from flooding to red flag fire warning today and our little valley is filled with smoke but so far no flames.

Attempting a few more pictures. That last pic of Lila was the best one-just luck and a very photogenic subject. She had just sat down for a moment and I just aimed and clicked-I couldn't even tell what was in the screen as I couldn't see for the sun reflection.

         April 15, 2008
From: Linda
The 1st pic below is birthday boy dancing with his mom and the 2nd is ocean full of diamonds. Will attempt to load Dean and Steph's wedding site next.

         April 15, 2008
From: Linda
one more attempt-if doesn't work this time, I will wait until later.

         April 17, 2008
From: Linda
one last picture-I thought Lila was 70 something but after looking at this picture I think I didn't remember correctly-she looks like a young girl (certainly not one of Strider's old girls).

         April 18, 2008
From: Bruce
I did a little detective work to see if I could figure out why Linda wasn't getting the close-up of Lila to show up on this page. It uploaded OK into the database but there was a problem with the name. I should have put a note up on the upload page that it will cause problems if you put strange characters in the name, stuff like @#$%(. It is better to stick with letters and numbers. Also, it looks like the system has been accepting names with spaces in them, but in general it is better to avoid spaces. I renamed the picture lilaCrop.jpg and it worked fine. Aloha and happy posting.

I agree Linda, 70 looks like quite a stretch.

         April 19, 2008
From: Linda
Thanks for the help, Bruce. I will try to remember that, but you may have to remind me again.

Kel has been so busy trying to complete his work before baby girl arrives, that I didn't want to bother him. When I mentioned it to him at breakfast this morning-he said " yes, I've told you before-no spaces or # signs". But it was at least last year that he told me-(I think)??

         April 19, 2008
From: lila
Thanks for the "young" words guys. I have not heard that for quite a spell. I am trying to figure out why my arm is up on my head?? Sun? Wind? I certainly don't know what you two are talking about---renamed the picture--no spaces-etc, etc,----good heavens, such a world we are living in. I am very impressed with how well you do with it all, Linda.

I am loving seeing all the pictures being posted. I am also loving this weather. I have been spending a lot of time out in the yard. I have even planted 5 vegetable plants. I have tried to keep my limitations in mind, and only do what I can take care of---along with everything else that needs taking care of. My new medical ins. gives me a membership to Curves (health club). So if I stick to it (3 times a week) I just may get strong enough to take on more stuff.

I have waited to post until I heard from Ruth, and knew what was what with her. She called me yesterday, and she is home. Her grand-daughter is with her, and plans to stay there as long as Ruth needs her. Needless to say, Ruth is very happy to be home. She said her rose-filled front yard was a beautiful sight to her eyes.

         April 21, 2008
From: Bruce
So good to hear that Ruth is back home. I'm sure that for her more than anyone else, there is no place like home!

I think I have now successfully changed the photo upload page so you do not have to worry about naming the photo. Just choose the photo you want to add and click the upload button.

         April 24, 2008
From: Linda
Glad that Ruth is home and hope all goes well for her.

I may be out of touch for a few days. The big day has finally arrived. We have to be at the hospital in Tulsa at 5am tomorrow to birth baby girl Rhyne. So tonight will be a very short night for us-I'm sure the first of many short nights.

Kel and Crystal are in a bit of a panic as they haven't found that just so perfect name for baby girl. They knew Logan's name long before he arrived.

Please say a prayer and send positive thoughts that this will be a healthy baby.

Love to all!

         April 28, 2008
From: Linda
Lindsey Elizabeth Rhyne is home now. She is healthy and of course, beautiful.She weighed 7 lb &2 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long Last night was her first night home and she only woke up once.
Life at our house is very busy now. When Logan holds her, he looks so big-it is hard to believe he was ever so little.

Sheba has been curious about the little squeaks coming from the crib but so far has not jumped in the crib. I will send pictures when she opens her eyes a bit more.

         April 28, 2008
From: Keith
That's great Linda! Congrats to you and to Kel and Crystal. Nothing is more exciting than a newborn baby.

Looking forward to seeing the photos.

         April 30, 2008
From: Bruce
I like Lindsey. Good choice - has a nice sound to it. Glad everything went smoothly with the new addition to the Rhyne family.

I'm thinking about trying my hand at putting in a few vegetables this year. If it works I'll expand the garden in the future. Keeping my fingers crossed.

         April 30, 2008
From: Linda
Kel and Crystal waited until about an hour before the baby was born to make a final decision on the name and then waited until they saw her to finalize the decision for Lindsey. Logan doesn't like the name-he wanted to name Ella for Cinderella.

This year, I covered the veggie garden with black plastic-after I pulled all of the weeds that it produced last year. I thought next year will be a better year for veggies-just too much going on this year. I do hope to get out to the secret garden next week to pull weeds. I mowed 4 acres yesterday and was really missing David's help.
David's hellebores are looking very good and growing-they all made it through the winter. The weather man said that this has been the wettest April in history for the Tulsa area-and we had more rain than Tulsa. Good luck with your veggies, Bruce. David enjoyed the veggies as much as the flowers.

Kel and Crystal are still anxiously awaiting the completion of their home. It is great for me to have them here with the new baby as I get to spoil her more and give them more time to spend with Logan so he won't be so jealous.

         April 30, 2008
From: rhonda
Well, glad to hear that the little one made it into the world safely. Cute name. Maybe I can come see her before too long.

         April 30, 2008
From: lila
Welcome to little Lindsey, and congratulations to Mom, Dad, Grandma, and big brother, Logan. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

Good to hear from you Rhonda. Does this mean that you have a computer now?

I can't remember what I have posted---did I tell you that I am getting new windows in my bedroom and kitchen (tomorrow)? That I planted a few veggies in the yard? That I am having great fun being home, and working on the yard? That I hope to have a small deck put in by the end of summer? That I have a free membership to Curves (women's health club) from my insurance?

All animals seem to be doing well. Even little Sherman (newest one) seems to be settled in. Time for me to settle my tired body on the sofa. Aloha to all

         May 3, 2008
From: rhonda
yes, I finally have replaced my computer with a new one. Tim is going to call our cable co. because we can't get the email working. I'll send address as soon as we get it set-up.

A little info, I have a new job and am loving it! I am no longer running hospital halls, instead, I am driving country roads. I am working for a medical equipment co. Going out to see people, set them up on oxygen, diagnostic testing, and much more. Life is better.

Take care and Love to all,
Rhonda (Ronnie Baby via Papa Snipes)

         May 3, 2008
From: Linda
How do you like the new windows,Lila? What veggies did you plant? I may decide to try just a couple of plants. How does the Curves thing work-do you have to go to several different machines and do you have a personal trainer?

Thanks from the congratulations from all-the little family is doing very well.

Rhonda-come visit anytime and maybe Aimee will be able to get off work and come with you.

         May 3, 2008
From: Linda

         May 3, 2008
From: Linda
the first message today-Lindsey was 20 minutes old

the second message-top photo-she was 10 min old and the hands in the photo are mine, Crystal's and Kel's

middle photo-she is 7days old

bottom photo-today at 8 days old

this message is photo of Logan and Lindsey

         May 3, 2008
From: Linda
New life is so great even if it has all been a bit tiring. The first two photos are of Crystal and me at 5 AM just as Crystal's labor is starting. The last is of exhausted family today. I still need to get a pic of Kel with his new daughter.

         May 3, 2008
From: lila
Great pictures, Linda. That first one is so clear I can almost smell that wonderful "baby smell".

Congratulations, Rhonda, your new job sounds great. While I was helping Ruth a young man came to her house and set up her oxygen for her. Such a nice service.

I am very pleased with the difference the new windows make---in both the kitchen and in my room. Now I can actually open and shut the windows, and it just cleaned up the place. Glad I did it.

I planted 2 tomato plants, 1 zucchini, 1 crookneck, 1 yellow cucumber, 1 green cucumber, basil, and chives. I have not had luck with tomatos, but keep trying. I love fresh tomatos sooooooooo.

         May 4, 2008
From: rhonda
Hey Linda, The baby looks precious and looks just like Logan, amazing. Aimee will definitely want to come with me to see the baby. I'll talk to you soon.

Lila, Glad you got the new windows, I bet they makes a world of difference. I wish I had a green thumb, maybe one day. I, too, love fresh tomatoes. I won't hardly eat store bought ones.

Hi to everyone else out there, hehe

         May 4, 2008
From: Bruce
Good to see you on the web Rhonda. Sounds like a fun job out there on those country roads.

Lindsey is adorable and I love the shot with her proud big brother.

Lila, I put in two tomato plants too. Won't plant any more though cause I'm not sure if they will get enough sun there. Supposed to get at least six hours a day.

         May 4, 2008
From: Keith
Great photos Linda. It's so neat to have the internet to help us get instant feedback from great distances like that. I remember when we used to have the family box. I felt like I knew the people in Hawaii that I'd never (or rarely ever)seen. Just from seeing them in the videos they sent.

So glad you've found a job you love Rhonda. What a difference it makes in your everyday life, right?

I'm going to try and get over next Friday Lila. Check out your windows and your garden and maybe go visit Ruth?

I cleared out an area of 5' X 9' that Bev is going to plant some zucchini, tomatoes and TBA. I was at the co-op Friday getting water and a lady asked me where I get the 5 gallon water bottles. She said her neighbor uses them to plant his tomatoes and they come out huge and delicious. She said the water bottle acts like a green house in effect. He cuts the bottom out and puts it over the plant. Thought that was interesting.

         May 4, 2008
From: Linda
Thanks to everyone for all of your good words.
here are the last two photos-finally got Kel to give me the camera so I could get some shots of him.

         May 8, 2008
From: lila
Just a short check in here. My back is paining me, and I can not sit too long. I am going to see a chiropractor this afternoon. Too much digging, I think. This being old definitely has its draw backs!

BL, I wish you good luck with the tomato plants. Have you done them before? Ours are in full sun for most of the day---don't know why we have not had good luck (two years in a row), but I will keep trying. Keith's story regarding the 5 gal bottles sounds very interesting----worth a try?

Enjoying all your family pictures, Linda. I am hearing about all the storms in OK & AK----hope none were near you and the kids.

Rhonda, let us know what your dates in Hawaii are---so we can pick you and Amiee up at the airport. July is coming fast.

         May 10, 2008
From: Linda
This is my 3rd attempt -I keep getting interupted and lose what I had already written.

Lila, is your back better now? Are you going to slow down on the digging? I have taken today off from weed pulling due to the progressive pain in my body-but it is better tonight after walking the floor with Lindsey for 2 hours. She either has colic or an intolerance to the formula.

I hope everyone's tomato plants do well-I may try to plant some this week. As to our weather-it has totally been the pits. Seems like every other night we are under a tornado watch or warning. Rhonda and I were trying to have a phone conversation in the evening of the 7th and again were cut short due to us having a tornado warning(everyone in our part of the county supposed to take cover). We had our flashlights,radio and blankets ready to take to the cellar and sat with the little ones (ready to go) in the dining room while Kel monitored the storm on TV to see where the rotation was heading. Thank goodness, we did not have to go to the cellar. The wind did blow very hard and took a large limb out of my apple tree but that was fortunate because I wanted that limb out-it was too low for me to get under with the riding mower.

The morning of the 7th, I woke up feeling slightly depressed because it was the the 1st anniversary of David's passing. I was sitting in the rocking chair holding Lindsey and just taking in the new baby smells,sights, and sounds and wishing David was here to see her. She suddendly smiled a really big open mouth smile and then she laughed out loud-a really big belly laugh. I think poppa must have been whispering in her ear. I realized that however stressed I get -I am equally blessed to have these precious children with me.

I just watched the news and we missed the bullet again tonight. A tornado hit a town south of Muskogee and then a small town north of us was destroyed and at least 6 people killed. The town was Picher,OK and only had about 300 population left-many people had moved out of the town previously due to lead and zinc contamination from mining -so I dought any thing will ever be rebuilt in that area. This has been a very wild weather area for the past two years.

Keith, did you and Lila get to go to visit Ruth? If so, how is she?

         May 12, 2008
From: Keith
Sounds like you haven't been bored much lately Linda. Glad to hear everything deadly has been missing you.

Those baby paraphernalia you are talking about are really the greatest. As a parent you love them but as a grandparent you LOVE them. Maybe Papa Snipes has been in Sacramento a few times because I've caught Garret in the act of some big belly laughs over the last several months too.

No, we didn't make it to see Ruth. I had something come up and had to cancel. Maybe Lila went, did you Lila?

         May 13, 2008
From: lila
My back is doing well---I am actually amazed at the difference the chiropracter has made. I do believe that my back feels better than it did before I hurt it. And I am not feeling so old!

I visited with Ruth and Grayce on Saturday. Ruth is doing pretty well. She looks more fragile, and she has lost weight, but she is just so glad to be in her own house again----and it shows. It is still a bit unsettled at her place----her grand-daughter, Chris, is going to be her home worker. That is still being processed. I hope to visit with her again one day this week.

How's all the gardens coming along? My cherry tomato plant has little yellow flowers--yea! I love looking at the vegies a-growing. Did you and Bev get some plants planted, PK. Are you going to try the bottle thing? I recently saw Jennifer's garden and Dean's---both are very impressive. Right now we are having great, working in the garden, weather. But the 100 degree weather is suppose to arrive this week--along with that bloody wind. I am wondering if the OK (etc) weather is ever going to settle down, Linda. It just seems to go on and on.

I'm thinking Kel and Crystal's house should be about ready to move into----yes?

So far I have been making it to my work-out 3 times a week---I think, maybe, that is helping with the back stuff--along with the chiropracter.

         May 14, 2008
From: Bruce
Hi everyone. Wild weather and earthquakes seem to be going on all around us. Scores of earthquakes in Reno had residents so agitated, they were having trouble sleeping at night. Hope we dodge that bullet and the quakes avoid us. Now it's time to settle down and have a nice enjoyable summer.

Last week I had a big hearing with six witnesses at DMV. I seldom have big cases like that these days (by design). I didn't feel too stressed out while it was going on, but the aftershocks kept coming for three or four days. This body is just not as resilient as it once was.

I had a client who was trying to get his license back after a year of not driving. He called to tell me how his driving lesson went and he said, "I didn't miss one pedestrian."

My test garden consisting of two tomatoes is doing well so far. Turning the alley into a garden area will be harder than I thought. Turning around years/decades of weeds having control of that earth is challenging.

         May 16, 2008
From: Linda
Yes,Bruce, the word is DODGE and you were so sweet not to mention my mistaken MISSED. The morning after I wrote that message, I could just hear David laughing in the background. I feel like the Israeli girl on NCIS that always gets her quotes mixed up. The older I get, the more mixed up my words become. Probably dyslexia. I have noticed that my spelling is getting worse too. I didn't know that Reno was having quakes-so much news about China and our local tornadoes.
It does appear that our weather is going to be warm and quiet for the next 5 days. It is a bit disturbing to hear all of the reports of earth problems. How did your hearing turn out-did you win or lose or go to trial?

For the alley garden with weeds-if you don't want to use Roundup, you could mow the weeds and then cover with heavy black plastic for this year. The black plastic heats up with the sunshine and kills the weeds.

The tomatoes covered with water jugs sounds like how we always planted tomatoes when I was a child except we planted from seed and then cut out the bottom of a milk carton(this was before we had plastic jugs) and placed it over the tiny seedling. We had to go out early in the morning to open the top of the carton and close it late in the evening until the plant grew above the top of the carton and then we took the carton off.

Glad your back is better, Lila. I have been trying to pull weeds out of the secret garden and Kel keeps telling me I'm too old to keep up with the whole garden and that just makes me more determined to do it. I am glad I didn't try to plant any veggies-they would have washed away or had root rot.

I can't imagine Calif. already having 100 degree weather. I hope our heat holds off for a while but I do belive we are to be in the 90's by Monday.

Judy(my brother's wife) and I are going to Vinita
(about 70 miles north of here) to visit aunt Dottie tomorrow for her 86th birthday. We usually bring her to our house to spend a couple of days
but there is no room right now. Kel and Crystal are supposed to close on the house on the 20th and then will make a slow move. Kel is going to move his office first-so he will have a quieter place to work. After moving the office they will slowly move the rest of the household from the 2 storage sheds and my garage. The little ones will be the last to move as grandma is still helping with feedings, rockings, readings, computer lessons, and lovings as well as dish washing, floor sweeping, laundry, yard work, etc.

I am looking forward to Hawaii. Has there ever been a tsunami in that area?

         May 18, 2008
From: rhonda
I've been deep cleaning the house, but decided to take a break and visit the family. Tim is working all weekend, (poor guy). Their putting on the air-show this weekend, makes for a busy weekend.

Aimee started a new job last week. She went to work for Farmers Bank. She still going to school and seems to be doing well.

Lila, I'll pull those tickets this evening and send the information. Glad your back is better.

I am still enjoying my job. I am amazed at some of the poor living conditions I see. Sometimes, just from pure laziness; however, the majority are in good condition, thank goodness!!!!!! If the odor is bad, a little vicks under the nose keeps be from losing it and barfing all over the place.

Linda, shouldn't worry about quotes and spelling, I've always screwed them up without an excuse. hehe

         May 20, 2008
From: lila
Today was Ellie's birthday---92 years. Hard to realize that it has been almost 4 years since she left us. I just re-read the eulogy Keith gave at Mom's service, and found it comforts me, still. Thank you, PK. And thank you Bruce for thinking to post it for us.
I remember that you read a poem, that you wrote, for your father at his service, Rhonda. Would you be up to posting it for us? My mind was so foggy at that time, but I remember that it was very touching, and I would like to have it.

Yes, Linda, Hawaii has had some good sized tsunamis, but they also have a great warning system set up. I never experienced any in the 20 years I lived there. As far as I know there have not been any in Lanikai. Your tornadoes are much more scary, me-thinks.

         May 23, 2008
Hello to all,

Our itinerary is as follows,
American Airlines
Departs: Friday July 18th 1010am
Arrival:Honolulu/Oahu 3:50 pm

Leave on Thursday July 24th 5:40 pm

I'll email the poem soon. Part of it I wrote and then part of it was an Indian poem I found that I loved and thought he would too. I sure miss him.

         May 24, 2008
From: Bruce
Well it finally happened. This site got spammed. If you noticed that a lot of comments dropped off the list that was the reason. Looks like we will have to use some type of security feature to stop it. Maybe just entering some special text will stop it.

Linda, we didn't get a decision on the DMV case. For some reason, with those types of cases it takes about two months before they announce a decision.

That is a great idea about putting Rhonda's poem up here on the web site. I enjoyed it a lot when she read it. All I can remember about it is that it had Ronnie Baby and Aimers in it.

That also reminded me of Ellie on her birthday. I think one of her favorite poems as a child had the lines, "All I could see from where I stood, were three long mountains and a wood, I turned and looked the other way, and saw three islands in a bay." Anyone remember that?

         May 24, 2008
From: Linda
Re: the poem that was Ellie's favorite-those are the first lines of a poem "Renascene" written by Edna St. Vincent Millay at the age of 17. Millay was a free spirited feminist voice in the 1930's.
The poem is very long and you may be able to find it at

Bruce, how or why would someone be able to spam the family web site?

We are having very windy weather for past several days which would be o.k. if the humidity wasn't so high. I did go out at 8AM yesterday and cut quite a few limbs with my little hand saw but was so exhausted and sweating big time that I have to wait until this afternoon to drag the limbs to the limb pile. These were limbs that slapped me in the face while I was mowing. I got up at 7AM this morning to work outside but was hearing thunder and seeing lightening-so I went back to bed. We just missed some very large storms last night but they are to return tonight.

I helped Kel move his very large and heavy custom built headboard to the new house. The custom shower is now finished and looking very nice-will try to get a picture of it before too much gets moved in. The moving process is going to be very slow due to only having weekends and having to work around the weather.

         May 24, 2008
From: Linda
Sorry, I misspelled the name of the poem-it is "Renascence".

         May 24, 2008
From: lila
What does it mean, "this site got spammed"? I was not aware of anything.

I may have a vague memory of that poem. I remember the poems Mom use to read to us: The Highway Man, The Cremation of Sam McGee (sp?), and A Tree......Still 3 of my favorites. That may have been before Bruce and Elaine's time. How about you, PK?

I got your info in my book, Rhonda. You are leaving the same day Linda & I do, but we leave around 1 p.m. Is your flight direct to OK?

BL, do you and Kathy have your tickets, yet?

         May 27, 2008
From: Bruce
Spamming in this case would be a computer that is programmed to find web sites like this one, where you can enter information. Then the computer program enters advertisements for whatever they are trying to sell. I think I had about 50 messages spamming up the site. I have had to institute security measures on my business sites so if it happens again I'll have to add an extra step to the posting process.

I'd forgotten (if I knew) that Renascence was such a long poem. It certainly seems to cover a lot of material. Thanks Linda. I do remember The Highwayman. I think Mom could recite it from memory. I always associated it with the 50s song, The Terror of Highway 101.

No tickets yet. Are prices going up or down?

         May 27, 2008
From: Bruce
Got a lot more spam which is doing strange things to the site so hopefully this will fix it. Now you have to type in the four digit special code that is at the top of this form in the top box.

B152         May 28, 2008
From: Linda
Good explanation Bruce. Now I understand. Before, I just thought of Spam as unwanted e-mails.

Express-Jet (the one I take to and from Sacramento) is going to discontinue service in Okla on Aug 23rd. Sure hope they don't decide to quit before end of July. They are shutting down due to the high cost of fuel.

I have been outside pulling English Ivy off the side of the house and attempting to prune stickery holly shrubs. I had to come in to dry off and cool down. Even though the temp is only 78
degrees-the humidity is 83% which is down from 96% 2 hours earlier.

David remembered Ellie telling him about The Cremation of Sam McGee. He memorized the poem several years ago and would recite it to me as we crossed my dreaded bridge-to take my mind off the bridge.

B152         May 31, 2008
From: Keith
Hello everybody. Been a long time gone. Sorry about that, just a lot of "stuff" going on at the house.

I don't recall the Renascence poem. I remember the others you mentioned Lila, of them I remember one night in particular when she read The Highway Man (or recited it from memory, not sure) and she told me how it made her feel and that she used to dream about her own Highway Man coming for her when she was a young girl. I don't know that she ever said it was her favorite, but I came away thinking that it was. I've always enjoyed McGee. Wish I'd have heard Dave reciting it, I can pretty well picture his voice inflections and facial expressions. Such a great poem for him to recite.

I just finished reading the Renascence, thanks for the address Linda. I would say it is a powerful poem but I hate making gross understatements.

Looking forward to the posting of your poem Rhonda. My mind was as foggy that day as any, so it would be nice to see it again.

I didn't know about that aspect of spamming either Bruce. I wondered why the a-fibbers put a password in plain sight to be seen by anybody. So that's the reason to repel a probing computer.

B152         June 6, 2008
From: Bruce
I think most of the spam has stopped. Somehow one slipped through on the Estate page. If you want to see what it looks like you can check out that site. Both sites use the same database so it is affecting this site too (but the comment doesn't show up here).

If the special code looks a little confusing it is a capital letter B followed by the number that is the total of (149 + 3).

We got our tickets for Hawaii - will be there the 18th through the 22nd. Getting good and ready for a little R&R.

B152         June 10, 2008
From: lila
I have been off line for a few days. I am still not really understanding this spam and code stuff. So this is a test to see if I get through.
Will check it out in the a.m.

B152         June 10, 2008
From: lila
Well, I got through okay-----one does not need to understand to participate. I just went on the estate page to check out the spam----not there for me.

I am so tired of this wind, but I am trying not to complain about the weather so much any more. It will be what it is, right? And when I read about the OK weather, I understand, we don't have it so bad.

Micah and his girlfriend, Lindsey (nice name), were here for the day. He drove up for his brother, Nathan's, wedding. Such a short visit, but it was good to see him. He looks good, and seems to be doing well. They also had their dog, Abbie, with them. Sweet girl (Pitt Bull---Micah rescued), she is spooky----a lot like Wendy. See-
ing her made me realize that Wen has come a long way with her spookiness and her fears.

We had dinner from the garden yesterday. Squash, Collard Greens, and Cucumber. So cool.....yes? My two tomato plants actually have some tomatoes on them. Now if they will just grow and ripen--and not get blown off the vine.

Hope things have calmed for you, PK. I have been in a very hectic time, too. What happened to sitting in the rocking chair, savoring our "old days"? I think I will be going to Ruth's this or next week. She is doing real good.

Really sorry to hear that Express Jet is going to discontinue Okla service---the good news is they didn't do it in July, yes? This airline stuff is going to continue getting worse, I suppose :>( Just not fun to fly any more.

B152         June 11, 2008
From: Bruce
Yes, Lila you don't have to understand the special code, to use it. Just like putting the right key in the ignition of your car. It works though I couldn't really tell you how. I just come across this article in the Nerd World section of Time Magazine. They call these special code things "CAPTCHAS" and explain it better than I could:

Computer Literacy Tests

I noticed that Express Jet is running full page ads in the newspaper here, so they must not be totally going out of business. At least that should be a sign that they are going to fulfill their commitment to Tulsa through July.

B152         June 14, 2008
From: Linda
Greetings everyone,

Just have a quiet few moments-Lindsey is sleeping and Logan watching TV. I was going to write last night but had to shut down for more thunderstorms. I do hate to complain but just seems so extreme this year. However, we are very fortunate to have escaped the flooding. I believe we have thunderstorms in the forcast for at least the next 7 nights.

Kel is taking off work next week to do some moving
and to try to do the insulation in his attic after running phone and cable wires. Will still be a few more weeks before they are ready to live in the new house.

I stayed outside all day again on Thursday to do the mowing before the next rain. I mowed Kel's dirt again and was pleased to see some sprigs of grass starting to grow. I had to mow the dirt to cut all of the little persimmon trees that have sprouted-very messy business and I forgot to wear a mask so now I am still coughing up dirt.

Lindsey is doing a bit better with the reflux problem now that she is sleeping in the swing. She is gaining weight now. She had only gained a little more than 1 pound the 1st month but doing much better after the last formula change and of course it is the most expensive formula available.

Logan is fine and spending more time with this grandma. He hates the frequent rain because it curbs our outdoor adventures and then when the ground is dry enough to play outdoors, grandma has to mow the grass. I am just looking forward to the day he will be able to help me with the mowing.

I am glad Express Jet is not quitting entirely. They are supposed to drop the Okla connections in August. Maybe if they stay in business, they will at some time return to Okla. Every flight I had with them was always full.

Keith, I wish you and Bev could go to Hawaii-I am very much looking forward to a reprieve from all of "the stuff" going on at my house. It is good to get away for a short time and build up energy for the return to reality.

David has visited me a few times in my dreams and I have felt him sitting on the side of my bed a few times-it is a comfort to know he is staying connected to us. I am sure he is very busy on the other side but glad he has the opportunity to make a few short visits home.

The dinner from the garden sounded really good, Lila. I am kind of sorry I didn't plant anything this year but I really don't think anything would have survived all of this rain and wind. My garden is resting very nicely under the black plastic tarp-at least no weeds there this year.
I have a very large limb pile from all of the broken limbs from the wind and also from some pruning I did.

It is just a month until Hawaii-wow- I hope I get to go shopping before then. Glad Bruce and Kathy are now with tickets and hope all of our airlines keep flying.

B152         June 14, 2008
From: Keith
Things are good in South Natomas. The three boys are still very handsome and fun and Tim has gotten what will hopefully be a new source of income. He was offered and accepted a proposition that looks like a win/win deal. It's an establishment on K Street(Renaisance building). They had a coffee girl in there but she was inconsistent and unreliable. After several warnings they shipped her out and are bringing BEANHEADS (Tim's business name) in. The beauty of it is that it's a nice location and it is rent free. Tim will run it himself until he can get somebody trained. They started moving in Monday and were open for business Thursday. He also is going halfers on a warehouse closer to home where he can roast. His part of the rent is $300 so that'll save a little money and gas.

I got an infection on my arm last week and am on antibiotics for ten days. I was starting to think I had salmonella because (I ate a lot of tomatoes, didn't see the early warning) I was feeling so punk but after two days on the antibiotics I'm feeling good again. I looked up the treatment for salmonella and it's antibiotics, if it has traveled outside the intestine. So now I'll never know if I just had the infection from the injury or if I had both.

What happened, Lila, that you were off-line for that time? Was it computer problems, or you simply didn't go on-line? I'm wondering if you are in Gridley right now.

B152         June 15, 2008
From: lila
Time is just zipping by, and soon the Hawaiian celebration will be upon us. The older I am the faster time seems to zip. I, too, wish You and Bev were going to be there, PK, but I totally understand....know that you will be sorely missed.

Exciting news----Tim's new business venture. And I love the name----BEANHEADS----clever. Best of luck to him on both ventures. Yikes, salmonella, maybe. That must have been a scary thought. How did you injure your arm, PK? Feeling "punk" makes one aware of how nice it is to feel good, yes?

I checked out the CAPTCHAS thing, BL. Very interesting. It is a world of its own--the computer world.

I was off line because I was not able to get to the computer----time-wise and energy-wise. Just kept falling asleep in front of the TV every evening. Been hectic, to me. Going to Sac for graduations----showers, fun stuff. Got a Critter Sitter for the animals while we are gone. That is a big relief. I have also been getting situated with my medical people here---tests, etc. The good news is I got my cholesterol down--way down. So I do not have to go on the meds now. I believe going to Curves three times a week has made the difference. I am also dealing with cataracts---will find out if/when I will need surgery in Sept.

I will be going to Ruth's this Thur/Fri, and a few days next week too. Chris (grand-daughter) is with her most of the time. I talk to Ruth on the phone regularly, and she sounds great.

Elaine and I are seriously looking for a new car. I think we have given up on the Hybrid. Tues we are going to go test driving. Looking at Toyotos, Hondas, and Nissons. I am kind of liking the Honda Fit. We are checking out new and used. I am also getting my deck built. I am so looking forward to having a deck.

Two big traumas I have gone through: My neighbors horse died--right in front of me and Kara (neighbor). It was heart breaking for me. I can only imagine how it was for Kara. One just feels totally helpless.

Then another big branch broke off one the almond trees in the big yard----a combination of age, wind, and many-many almonds. The branch had a blue jay nest with 4 babies in it. I learned this because Picks got (killed) one of the babies.
Then Wendy got one in her mouth---I got that one. Miraculously, that one was okay. Long story short I (with help from "bird lady" and her nephew)now have a basket up in the tree with at least 2 babies in it (I hope). The parent birds are there. The largest of the 3 babies left the nest---have no idea where he is. He fell out twice before he disappeared. Now I can not let the cats or the dogs out in the big yard (their yard!). Should not be longer than a week of this.
I just wish these birds would not make nests in my OLD trees. A week before all of this I got a baby mocking bird, before any cats did, in the front yard. Ten o'clock at night I am driving it to the bird lady.

Dean and Steph are on their way here now. Dean is going to cut that branch up for me. And we will take the almonds back to the horses. The one positive thing about the branch breaking--they love the almonds.

B152         June 15, 2008
From: Keith
Thanks Lila, for the good wishes, I'll pass them on to Tim. Yes, you're right. Now that I'm older I've noticed that when I'm feeling really bad it seems I will never recover. Then when I do it's wonderful.

So you got your cholesterol down doing Curves. How high was it and what's it down to? Are you totally off the statins? I've been doing a new exercise and I got part of it from Bruce and part from Elaine. It's Pilates on the big ball. I got the Pilates idea from B and the big ball idea from E. I saw an advertisement for a DVD incorporating Pilates with the ball and I bought it. Too early to report, but I like it so far.

How awful about the horse dying right before your eyes. In the next paragraph you say "Then another big branch broke off..." Is that how the horse was killed? Such a shocking thing to witness. Especially the way you love animals.

Bev and I had dinner with Jen and Kim today. She bought a huge carrot cake and it was great but the four of us ate very little of it. We'll be eating cake for a while now.

Happy Father's Day to all you other Dads out there.

B152         June 16, 2008
From: lila
No, a tree branch did not fall on the horse. He was 27 years old, and he got stomach colic, and it killed him. Very, very awful. I said another branch fell, because this is at least the 3rd branch that has come down off of my very old trees. Fully expect a whole tree or two to fall over one day.
Two baby birds are still in the nest---doing fine.
Such a relief. The hard part is keeping 3 cats and 2 dogs in. Alfie is on a "spraying spree", Picks in depressed, and Audie meows all the time, and crashes around her room. The girls are okay with it----they get walks, and the small yard some times.

B152         June 16, 2008
From: Keith
Linda, I just now saw your post. I'll bet that's one of those deals where you and I posted at the same time and when I came back in and looked I figured mine was the latest entry and didn't drop down.

Anyway, thanks for wishing Bev and I were going to Hawaii. I'm afraid we will have to be content with photos and stories.

You always have such a full plate to deal with, I'm glad Dave is stopping by to pick you up from time to time.

Lila, I'm glad the horse was not struck down by a branch. I didn't realize those horses were that old. Twenty seven is a pretty good life span for a horse, isn't it? I hope he didn't suffer too badly. Does colic necessarily mean accumulation of gas, or was it something else, do you know?

I think those birdies would feel very good if they knew that your cats are effectively in jail because of them.

I don't think I've ever seen a Honda Fit, but I saw a picture on-line and it looks like a small car. Actually at first glance it looked like a minivan.

If you're going in on it together I hope you get something that will be right for both of you. With the price of oil predicted to hit $150 per barrel we all need to get good mileage. I still can't believe I'm paying $50 to fill my tank.

B152         June 17, 2008
From: Linda
Keith, I just thought you were giving me the cold shoulder. No, really, I knew what happened-I did that with Lila once. When I started writing, she was not there, but when I finished and went back to see if I messed up anything-she was there before me. It is really pretty amazing-no more often than we post and then two of us get the idea at the same time.

Yes, my plate is pretty full and I,like Lila, am wondering what happened to the golden rocking chair days? I do get to rock fairly frequently but it is always when I am feeding Lindsey. Now that I think about it-I enjoy the company in my rocking chair and it is so soothing to look at that angel baby face.

I was invited to attend my brother's class reunion dinner last week and enjoyed visiting with his classmates-most of whom I had not seen since they graduated. The only part I didn't enjoy was when my brother's wife announced to the group "Linda doesn't have a life-she just does yardwork or babysits all of the time". It took a lot of effort to keep my mouth shut but I didn't want to start a family feud so I just didn't respond. I was thinking I was sure was busy with something that I thought was my life. Just shows how different their life is from mine and always has been. They enjoy a lot of going and parties and gambeling. David and I always enjoyed just being home. The only thing that has changed (except for David being gone) is that I don't have to go to work-I wouldn't have time to do that now.

Lila, your story about the horse was so sad but it reminded me of the time David saved one of my brother's horses. David was always afraid of horses but my brother had a few in the pasture behind our house. One day, One of the horses got down on the ground and had it's leg caught in the barbed wire fence. David got the wire cutters and cut the fence away but the horse still couldn't get up and was thrashing and kicking. David got a rope tied to it's halter and managed to get the horse on it's feet and then he got scared because the horse was so tall. He came in and woke me up so I could lead the horse back to the other side of the fence.

This spring, we had a Robin buid it's nest on our back porch in the ivy. We had to use the front door and I put off pruning the ivy until the babies left the nest. I thought they had left but wasn't tall enough to look into the nest so I put my fingers in the nest to see if it was empty and pulled back with little mites all over my hand. Yuk! A very quick trip to the sink and soap up to my elbows took care of the problem but then I read about the woman who had to be isolated in the hospital after going to the ER with intense itching and she was covered with bird mites. So be careful when you take the basket out of tree-it might have bird mites in it.

I hope Tim's BEANHEADS continues to do well. Business should be better now that the news is reporting a bit of coffee may improve lifespan.

Looking for a new car sounds like so much fun. I looked at a picture of the Honda Fit-which I had not heard of-like the fact that it comes standard with all of the air bags. I very much enjoyed driving Kel's Nissan Altima-it felt sporty and the back seat folded down flat which gave us a lot of cargo room when he was moving here from Tulsa. He usually drove their new car-a Toyota Corolla-so he traded the Nissan to Ken for a pickup. The kids travel frequently to Walmart in Muskogee so I just give them my shopping list when they go. I only have to drive about once a month to go to the health food store-so I guess I am really saving on the gas prices. It does cost over $20/week for the lawnmower diesel.

B152         June 20, 2008
From: Bruce
It's the first day of summer and appropriately we are supposed to be around 100 degrees, but at least that wind has stopped.

We are having an abundance of bird activity too. For the first time, some mockingbirds have nested in the rhododendron bush next to our bedroom window. Some of their songs are pleasant enough, but they are so loud! I don't know if the cats in our area are big bird hunters. I do not welcome the thought of refereeing fights between the feline and the fowl.

Does that Honda Fit fit all the humans and dogs? Do the four-legged ones get to go on the test drive of the cars too? Seems like dogs are becoming constant companions now more than ever. Kathy and I went to dinner in the Russian Hill area of SF and it seemed like everyone walking the streets there had a dog on the leash. Even in the coffee shops, one of the free newspapers (Fetch) was all about things to do with dogs.

Keith, I hope you didn't have salmonella. That is supposed to be horrible. Riverside had salmonella in their drinking water not too long before I went there in the 70s. There were a lot of horror stories still floating around.

Linda, yes, I would agree that the thing you are living is your life and it is quite a full life. My routine is sedate compared to all the activity you are engaged in. Hope Lindsey and everyone is well.

B152         June 21, 2008
From: lila
Summer is here, for sure. Trying to keep the bill down, but when it hits 100-plus the air is coming on. It really did not even cool down, that much, last night. That is hard for me.
Yep, the Fit fits us all----although if we had to evacuate I don't think all humans, dogs, and cats would fit. We will have two cars. We have not committed to any car yet, but are leaning towards the Honda (Civic--Fit). Still thinking about the hybrid---I would like to go with that, if at all possible. Do have some concerns regarding the batteries..........
Four footed friends do not get to go on test drives--does not break their hearts. I have said that I would enjoy living in SF for awhile--I like that place. Very dog friendly--a real plus.
Bird report: Found one dead in Elaine's yard. One came out of the nest (broke a leg). Took it to the "bird lady". Came home, the last bird was on the ground. Took it to the lady, too. That is the end of it. Such a relief. I don't really understand the colic thing, but if it is caught early enough the chances of survival are better. Her other horse has colic too, but he is going to be okay.

B152         June 21, 2008
From: Linda
It is Happy Birthday to Rhonda tomorrow. Sorry, Rhonda, your card will be late-the postman missed it this morning and I took it to the post office this afternoon. Have a great day. Love you.

B152         June 21, 2008
From: Keith
Linda, that is amazing and it also happened to Bruce and me a few months ago. So that's at least three times now.

It sounds like it was difficult for you to be gracious to your sis-in-law but you got through it. Good job.

Bruce, I don't think I had salmonella. I checked the symptoms and they didn't match. That must have been horrible in Rvrsde with it in the drinking water. Probably a large chunk of the population got it. Do you suppose some gal named Ella got it first from eating salmon and they named it after her?

I thought about putting he he after that last ?, but changed my mind. ha ha.

Lila, I'm with you on the weather. I hate it when the evenings don't cool down. I can handle it during the day but give me cool at night. I bought a little 5000 BTU window unit so we could keep the bedroom cool at night and not have to cool the whole house for unnecessary hours. In the morning we can get the heat out by putting the whole house fan on. I was going to use it a couple of nights ago but it kept tripping the fuse. Almost made me blow a fuse.

By the way, for people who have central air the technician told me those vents they have are not meant to be completely closed, only to direct the flow. He said if you close one all the way it causes the air back up and somehow become a problem with efficiency.

I want you to know Lila, that every time I feed those feral cats you pop into my thoughts. I guess that isn't so weird since I know you love the ferals but it always puts a smile on my face.

I dreamed about Zar a few nights ago. The funny thing is we were calling her Roxie, but it was Zar. Crazy dream really. We had this box that contained a hologram of her and we could open the box and her likeness would come out of it. In the dream she started chasing a flying insect and it gave us reason to believe she was real. Got an analysis of that anybody?

B152         June 21, 2008
From: Keith
Linda, we did it again. I got out and went back to look at it and there you were. Next time I hope I get on before you!

Happy birthday Rhonda. I guess you're xx years old this year. How hard to believe that. I'll always think of you and Kirk, Jennifer and Paul as youngsters. Lotta good memories there.

B152         June 24, 2008
test test test

B152         June 24, 2008
From: rhonda
Hey my peoples,

Life is soooo stinking busy, right? hehe.
I don't have time tonight to type the poem, but I will soon. "I must get my sleep or watch out." In other words I'm going to lay my head down very soon.
Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes. Linda, thank you for the beautiful card, and also, thanks for Tim's card last month. Man!!!! we're getting as old as the hills.
Kirk and family are doing well, they are for sure not going to make it to Hawaii, "RATS!!!"
Speaking of birds, I got so upset a couple of weeks ago. I was doing about 60 miles per hour while out in the country. A poor bird darted out from the woods and hit the side of my vehicle, It hit so hard and of coarse it killed it. I felt so bad that I had to stop on the side of the road and pull myself together before I arrived at the patients home.
I hope everyone is well,
Love Rhonda (Ronnie Baby)

B152         June 26, 2008
From: Bruce
Sorry Kirk can't make it to Hawaii. We'll have to document it so we can share the festivities with Keith and Kirk.

Keith, when you break it down your dream is obviously a repressed fear of a return to the Cold War with Russia, Zar (Czar) represents Russia. . . . Commonly caused by salmonella exposure.

Here is a picture Lila sent me a little while ago. Any ideas for a caption?

B152         June 26, 2008
From: Keith
What a great picture. You guys all look so cute! But especially Mom. She is so pleased. It sure was nice having all that black hair, wasn't it Bruce?

Good to hear that Kirk and family are doing well, are they still on-line? Haven't seen anything from them for a while.

I'm still digesting that analysis BL. You may be right, Russia is still a definite threat even though Bush has seen into Putin's soul. He never did say what it was that he saw.

I wish I could think of a good caption for the photo. You look like a hip rock band. How about: B. Lawrence and the four heart throbs?

Oh well, at least I tried.

B152         June 26, 2008
From: Linda
Great picture! Stairway of happiness?

Great news-we have had no rain for the last 3 days-finally got to wear myself out mowing again.
Kel has moved his office to the new house so maybe next week he will move the family. I had been working at his house the past 2 days putting together the beds and placing new drawer slides to the drawers in their bed frame.

B152         June 27, 2008
From: lila
I do like that picture very much---a different time. I forgot how the front of Mom's place was before the deck.
I love the fact that you think of me when you feed your ferals, PK---thank you for that.
Rhonda, to me, you "kids" can never be as old as the hills:>)
Kirk and his family will be missed next month. Let's hope we can all get together---maybe next year?
Wish we had some of your rain,Linda. The smoke in this valley, from all the fires, is awful. It is really getting to me. I try to spend as much time as possible inside. My throat feels like I am, once again, a smoker---yikes.
Ezzie spent a couple of days with us, because WHS was evacuated. The buildings were all saved, but the fire came very close. Scary.
I am getting my deck built---finally. That is going to make such a difference for me.
I spent a couple of days with Ruth--we had some real good yahtzee games. She says she will come and check out my new deck when it is finished.

B152         June 28, 2008
From: Linda
Lila, I wish I could send you some of this rain-we had more last night. The thunderstorms woke me up several times this morning and then the ground was too wet again to take Logan outside to play. Looks like Ft. Smith got more this afternoon and tonight.

If any of you people in California want to get away from the fires and smoke, you are always welcome here-just bring your wading boots. I worry about your lung condition, Lila. That smoke certainly isn't going to be good for you.

It is almost midnight-kids just came home from Tulsa and I am tired after having the two little ones all day. I don't think I will have problems sleeping tonight-even if it storms again.

B152         June 29, 2008
From: Keith
Just an observation/comment about the photo. From the bottom up: Happy, mellow, pleased, happier, blissful.

I like the Ladder of Happiness for best caption to date.

It is I that should thank you Lila, I'm the one that is blessed in that exchange.

Ronnie Baby, sorry to hear about the bird hitting your car like that. It was obviously traumatic for you. It reminded me of a time I was at Oregon House (I think, BV?) and Dad and I were in their front room when we heard a thunderous noise and glass went flying everywhere and a dead bird suddenly lay on the floor. It was quite a shock. So I can relate a little bit to how you must have felt.

B152         July 2, 2008
From: Keith
I just noticed I put ladder of happiness, meant stairway of happiness. Wasn't trying to alter your caption Linda.

Oh, McGoo, You've done it again!

B152         July 3, 2008
From: rhonda
The picture made me think of (Ellie's-ville)

B152         July 3, 2008
From: rhonda
The picture made me think of (Ellie's-ville)

B152         July 3, 2008
From: Bruce
I like the stairway of happiness theme. Keith is right that everyone in the shot seems pleased as punch to have his or her own step on the stairway to happiness. I had forgotten about that particularly stairway. I remember an old one that was red and it was movable. Not very stable though. The one in the picture looks much more stable. That picture is also an interesting study on what you can do with your arms in a picture.

The smoke seems to have cleared for the time being. Still a lot of fires burning though so it could come back anytime. It seems like such an alien idea to have to worry about too much rain in the summer, but I would take a dose of it right about now.

B152         July 3, 2008
From: Bruce
For the record: Rhonda must have posted just seconds before me. Ellie's (Browns) ville?

Particular not particularly.

B152         July 4, 2008
From: Rhonda
Happy 4th of July to all!!!!! I just got back from taking my mom out for lunch for her Birthday. Tim is working with a friend on the rental prop., and Aimee is at her boyfriends family reunion, so it was just the two of us. We had a pretty good time. I did eat too much as usual, makes me want to take a nap. The Doctor says I'm anemic, but we don't know why at this point. I have been a bit tired lately, so that probably is the reason. She did a little more blood work so we'll see what the results are in a couple of days. Hope things are going well with all.

B152         July 4, 2008
From: Linda
Happy 4th to you Rhonda and to everyone else. It's just Lindsey and me tonight-Kel, Crystal and Logan went out to eat Chinese food and go to a fireworks display. Lindsey is just quite happy to swing in her little swing and I am happy to just watch her and enjoy her attempts to communicate.

I sure do wish I could do a cloud turn around and send some of this rain to CA. Just when I thought our rain problems were over-we had another deludge
last night. Ft. Gibson got hit with 3 big storms back to back and the first had 60mph winds-caught the weather guys by surprise and they didn't issue a warning until after the 1st one had passed. Now have more small limbs to pick up-my big trailer is loaded too high with limbs for me to add more so I have started another big stack. I really don't know what to do with all of it-I suppose some day Kel might have time to help me burn them(maybe within the next 3-4 years).

I just hope the Ca. fires go out so all of you don't have to breathe the smoke.

I have been having trouble getting on the internet since Kel moved his computers to the new house. I installed a new wireless-N PCI adapter this morning-was supposed to be easy. I did get the tower open and got the card installed and the cables attached but then the darn thing wouldn't connect. Had to call Kel and he ended up working on it for several hours. I had installed everything correctly but somehow it is mixing up signals with the 2 wire modem and the router. Anyhow, was able to get on this time and will see what tomorrow brings.

B152         July 6, 2008
From: Bruce
Hope everyone had a happy holiday weekend. I had forgotten that Marge's birthday was the Fourth of July. A real live niece of her Uncle Sam. The smoke was back today so we just went out for a few hours and took some pictures of the local hangouts. The rain in the country's midsection probably causes more physical problems, but the smoke seems to be more of a health risk.

Here are some shots of Kathy with the ever-present dogs at the local pub and again with Hillary's statue which came down after she lost to Obama.

B152         July 6, 2008
From: lila
We had a pretty near perfect 4th---no noise, no flashes in the sky, no houses on fire, animals in and calm. I must admit that I am always relieved when the 4th of July has passed---been that way for awhile now. Hope I am not turning into an old curmudgeon!

Elaine and I got our new car on the 3rd. We went with the Honda Fit. It fit us money wise, space wise, and economically (gas mileage & maintenance)
We liked the burnt orange color, but the orange only comes in the sports model, and we went with the very basic---nothing extra. We got silver. It looks real nice, and we both like that color too. It is a smooth--fairly quite drive. We are smiling. Now we just have to pay for it.

We sure do looked pleased to have our own stair to stand on. I do remember the red stairs---I believe they finally fell apart. Thinking that Thomas built the one we are standing on, for Ellie. He took the picture, and it seems he said something clever, interesting, cute, funny, and/or happy. Probably regarding the stairway of happiness. Did you notice that Mom and my hands are arranged very similarly? Hummm, wonder what that might mean.

Yep, the fires are still going, and the hot weather is coming. We are headed for 103 up to 108 temps this week. Now that is just crazy--And the nights are not going to cool down. With all those rain storms is the weather cold, Linda? That sounds lovely to me. Micah can see the flames of the Santa Barbara Co fire. A lot of people in Goleta (where he lives) have had to evacuate---so far he has not. He was pretty nervous about it.

B152         July 9, 2008
From: Linda
Congratulations on the new car, Lila & Elaine.
Nothing smells better than a new baby except new cars and new puppies.

Sorry you guys are still smelling smoke. I agree it does cause more health risks than the constant rain. However, we have a lot of people here with sinus infections because of the rain. It was cooler today after our 2 inch rain last night but the sun would break out in between showers today and then it was steamy but temps only in the 80's.

I have not been able to use the computer for a couple of days, until just now-Kel sat down and worked on it for about an hour and uninstalled a bunch of stuff that I don't need any more and so far it is working and not freezing up before I could even get on the net.

Those are great pictures of Kathy-I had to take a second look at the dogs-very realistic. I hope Micah is still safe.

B152         July 11, 2008
From: Keith
Those are nice pictures of Kathy, Bruce. Sad about Hillary though. Looks like it must've hurt.

This smoke is really getting me down. I managed to get both lawns mowed before it got intolerable out there today, but even when it feels nice the air is still unhealthy and that's a bummer. I drove to the store this afternoon and just walking from the car to the store about did me in. I'm wearing my mask but don't know how much good it is doing.

I can hardly wait to see your Fit Lila and Elaine. The color Silver sounds much more appealing to me than burnt orange. Bruce said he saw some stats that claim the silver cars have the fewest accidents. Maybe you'll get a break on your insurance. What kind of gas mileage are you getting? I filled my tank again yesterday and topped the previous record again with $55.75. Getting pretty tired of that too. I can remember complaining the first time I paid over $20.

Lila, Is Elaine's computer still down?

I'm glad your computer is back up Linda, it's nice to have a computer guru in the house isn't it? I hate it when it freezes like that.

I would like to share in your rain, not just to get wet and clear the air, but to douse these horrid fires out here. That would be such a welcome miracle.

B152         July 12, 2008
From: lila
Yes, very nice pictures---where are those dog statues---in Sac? And I enjoy "ageing" the candidate's pictures. But I really like Kathy's little orange hat!
Elaine's computer is working (as far as I know). I think she just is not going on it. I know she wrote comments here two different times, and lost both entries. That is such a downer---the second time had to do with the "B152" code. She has not been back on line since that happened.
I pick Linda up tomorrow morning, and we leave for Hawaii Monday morning. ALOHA................

B152         July 20, 2008
From: Bruce
Very tired after a long couple of days but will try to post a couple of pictures which show how picture perfect things were today.

B152         July 27, 2008
From: Stephanie
Thank you all for making our wedding extremely special. Dean and I are so blessed - your love and support was very felt.

It is hard to communicate in words how much it meant to have the family surrounding us as we married. We know that family brings unconditional love, faith, belief, and hope in each other - we felt it. And, for those who couldn't attend, we felt your prayers.

B152         July 28, 2008
From: Bruce
Thank you Stephanie and Dean for providing a great backdrop for a family reunion in a beautiful setting.
Here is a shot of the wedding just to provide a little more context for those who weren't present. And a nice picture of Elaine and Eddie.

B152         July 28, 2008
From: lila
Nice pictures, Bruce, very nice. It really was a beautiful time in a beautiful place. It seems, to me, that Steph and Dean are bound to have a beautiful life ahead of them.

Linda and I met PK at the Sac Airport before her flight to OK on Friday. He treated us to Thai dinner---very good Thai food. Did we tell you about Hawaii and the wedding, Keith? My brain is missing right now. Just now starting to come back down to earth.

How are you doing, Linda? I'm sure your family was as happy to have you home as you were to be home. Traveling can be great, but it is always good to be home again...........

B152         July 29, 2008
From: Linda
Thanks to Stephanie and Dean for inviting us to be part of your beautiful wedding-the best I have ever attended. Thank you Bobby and Gail for the bed and breakfast-lunch-dinner. Thank you Lila for such a wonderful traveling companion and the great drive in your and Elaine's new car.

It was great to visit with Keith in Sac-just too short. The entire 12 days just whisked by too quickly.

The return flight was back a little early-so Kel was just walking in as I was walking to the baggage claim. The first thing he asked was why I didn't e-mail the photo of me with Horhey? I made him wait until we got home to see the picture. Logan was waiting up for me with lots of hugs and kisses and telling me how much he missed me.

The kids had my house clean and most of their stuff moved and have been staying at their house since Friday night. Kel had mowed the grass-so I don't have to mow until tomorrow or the weekend (depending on chance of rain tonight)

I wasn't ready for another trip, but Judy (my brother's wife)thought we should drive to Vinita today to check on Aunt Dottie. We took her to lunch and she was doing great. Aunt Dottie, at 85 years, got up at the crack of dawn and trimmed her entire driveway hedge by herself and then was dressed and ready to go to lunch at 11AM.

Eddie seems to be in many pictures so I will attempt to post his first and if that works will resize and post more later.

Now that I have seen the Okla kids, I think I am ready to travel again. Maybe to S.F. as they seem to have lovely cool weather and we were triple digits yesterday-99 today-and back to triples for the weekend.

B152         July 30, 2008
From: Linda
It might be a few days before I get the other pictures posted. We just had a very intense thunderstorm. As far as I know-my house is ok but the kids house was hit by lightening. It made a big hole through the tile and concrete slab just in front of their fridge and fried all of their new appliances,TV, phones, and the one main computer. Also the neighbor just east of me and just south of the kids house also had appliance and electrical damage from the storm.

The kids still had their old fridge that was not plugged in (in the garage) when the storm hit-so at least they will be able to salvage the groceries they just purchased last night. Needless to say-they will be coming back to my house until damages are taken care of and thank goodness-no one was injured.

Kel has contacted the insurance company but it can be up to 48 hours before they send out an inspector.

I want to live somewhere that has no storms-the weather people didn't even classify this as a severe storm.

B152         July 30, 2008
From: lila
Linda, that is so unbelievable! Were you all at home when it hit? Yes, thank goodness you are all okay. Come on, and move to CA---we just have fires and earthquakes! But we do have good weather most of the time.

Dan is 47 years old today----47 years ago Elaine flew into Honolulu----she was 18 years old. This trip to Hawaii was her first since then. Wow....

B152         July 30, 2008
From: Linda
Happy birthday Danny!

Yes Lila, the kids were at their house (did you read my message before the last one-the one with Eddie's picture?)

I had been mowing-just the two front yards and one back yard-the clouds were getting dark,so I came in to check the weather radar on the computer and then had to run back outside to put the mower in the garage just as the thunder started. The storm increased in intensity very quickly. I had just shut down my computer and unplugged it when the big one struck. The storm lasted about 15 minutes and when it was over, Kel called to check on me and told me what had happened to his house.

They are back with me now after just getting to stay at their new house for 5 days.

Our neighbor was using her computer to check the weather because she heard the storm siren in Ft. Gibson going off. She had her hand on the mouse and got a pretty strong shock but was ok.

I just hope the insurance pays for everything as the kids had all new appliances. As long as Kel has a job with IBM, I guess we will have to stay. If his job folds, I think we would rather put up with fires and earthquakes instead of ice storms, tornadoes, and these severe thunderstorms that pop up so quickly.

B152         August 1, 2008
From: Bruce
Wow, that is scary, lightning hitting the house and coming through the roof. Kel and family must have been in a different area of the house at the time? Do they still make/use lightning rods? Would they help in a situation like that?

We are about back to normal after the trip. It was busy when we first got back. Had to put my office back together since they re-carpeted while we were in Hawaii. Had lots of ripe tomatoes waiting for us when we got back. That was nice.

B152         August 1, 2008
From: Keith
I wasn't on the computer yesterday except to answer email so I just read of your horrific storm Linda. I hope the insurance does come through and pays for those appliances, but most of all: Thank God for the safety of you all. It could have been so much worse.

B152         August 1, 2008
From: Bruce
Here is another shot of the photogenic Elaine with her friend from 47 years ago.

B152         August 2, 2008
From: Linda
This weather really sucks! I went out at 0730 to pull weeds and only made it for 20 minutes-the humidity is 94%. Yesterday the temp was 101 and supposed to be 103 today and triple digits for the nest 4 days. I barely made it yesterday afternoon to mow the back 2 acres-there was no breeze and the air is so heavy.

Kel played phone tag with the insurance adjuster yesterday-still haven't been out to assess the damage.

We don't know where the lightning entered but thinking along the cable or phone lines. It exited just above a plugin in the pantry-made a pencil lead size hole in the pantry and opposite that on the kitchen wall then hit the fridge and made a smoke smudge then blew a hole in the tile and slab under the fridge.

Kel was in his office when the lightning hit but at least wasn't touching any keyboards. Crystal and the little ones were in the living room watching a DVD when the power went out and the house started filling with smoke. The smoke cleared quickly after they opened the windows. We don't know if lightning rods would help-going to ask the insurance people about it (whenever they show up).

Yesterday, I got through the mowing grind by thinking about Hawaii and the wonderful cool clear ocean.

will try to post some pictures-first Lila and Elaine. Second Bruce and Kathy.

B152         August 2, 2008
From: Linda
These next photos are of Bobby and Gail's house-I just love this house.
The first is front porch and then 2 views of back porch.

B152         August 2, 2008
From: Linda
These next photos are first- Aimee.Second-Rhonda,Aimee and Kim. Third-Kim, Jennifer, and Bruce.

B152         August 2, 2008
From: Linda
Last postings for today- First is Stephanie and Alani (sp?) Second is Anthony. Third is the hula sisters.

B152         August 3, 2008
From: lila
Things seem to be getting back to normal around here. Animals have calmed down---house and yard are coming together.
How about you and Amiee, Rhonda? Have not heard from you, yet. Thinking you must be back to work by now---and Amiee back with her little Pug.
I am thinking Jennifer and Kim got home the other day. Have you heard from Jen, Keith?
My first night home I was sitting on the front porch (talking on the phone) when Sherman went streaking across the road, and then streaked back with a young bird in his mouth, and two robins dive bombing him. I chased him back to the "old" trailer----was able to get the bird from him. There I am at 9 o'clock p.m., driving that bird to the bird lady....he made it, and will soon be released. We have one cat with a huge abcess on her side, and another looks like she may have an abcess starting on her head. I am ready for some calmness around here.
Enjoying all the pictures very much.

B152         August 6, 2008
From: Linda
I haven't heard from Rhonda or Aimee since arriving home. I attempted an e-mail to Aimee's work address and it wouldn't deliver.

Lila, I wish I had a bird lady close to me. I was mowing on Sunday-there is 1 tree that has had an empty nest in it for the last 2 months and I just pushed the low hanging branch up to mow under it
and when I turned my head, I saw 2 baby birds fall out. They were Mocking birds with most of their feathers on. I put those 2 back in the nest with one that had remained. (I didn't know Mocking birds would build a nest in some other bird's previous home) The inside nest was very small so I went inside to get a basket for the birds. When I returned to the tree, the 2 babies had fallen out again and didn't survive the second fall. I felt so bad and was standing there telling the momma bird how sorry I was. The momma didn't seem to upset with me-just intent on feeding her 1 remaining baby.

I will attempt to contact Aimee at her other e-mail address.

Two last pictures-not Hawaii-but of my grandbabies.

B152         August 6, 2008
From: Linda
I forgot to title those last 2 pictures.

The first is Logan presenting Lindsey (Lindsey looks like she might be thinking "Ohh-I hope they like me").

The second is Lindsey in a basket now maybe thinking "They might like me since they gave me all of these pretty flowers".

As Logan would say "Grandma, you're silly"

B152         August 7, 2008
From: Keith
I just returned from the Bay Area. Bev and I were gone for four days.

Just got off the phone with Lila and now I'm up to speed on all the latest.

All the pictures are marvelous. Your grandbabies are delightful Linda. Leslie looks like a sweet little pixie who need never worry about being liked and Logan has grown into a handsome young boy.

Dean and Steph, if you are reading thins, I am sorry I was unable to attend the wedding. It looks and sounds like it was just perfect and everybody had a wonderful experience.

Congratulations Dean and best wishes Stephanie. You two are such a great couple I'm sure you will have a long and joyous union.

B152         August 7, 2008
From: Bruce
Welcome back Keith. Linda those grandbabies are precious. Great captions . . should put them on the pictures.

I am going to try to paste in a short video - Luau Sampler - hope it turns out.

B152         August 8, 2008
From: Steph
Wow Bruce! Thanks for creating the Luau Sampler. Lots of fun!

Keith - Thank you!

Linda - Come live in Sacramento with us! Those storms sound scary.

Sacramento (and Yuba City) Family - Our garden is really producing, if you would like some good Japanese Egg Plant and/or Tomatoes, let us know.

B152         August 9, 2008
From: lila
Double Wow, Bruce----love the Luau Sampler.

The hug is one of my favorite shots, Steph. It shows both of the wedding rings, and the emotions being felt. (Yes, to the veggies; will be in touch.)

The grand-kids photo's are precious, Linda. Logan looks like a proud big brother.

Seeing all the photo's makes me really want to get a camera, and get into the digital thing. I keep saying that----am gearing up to really do it!

All is going well, here in YC. Loving this August weather. Elaine and I have both been doing yard stuff. We got some crepe-myrtle bushes to plant. Never saw the bushes before---end of summer sale--half price!

B152         August 9, 2008
From: Linda
The Luau Sampler and The Hug are both great! Those days just went by so quickly that now it seems like a very pleasant dream until I see the pictures and know it was real.

Steph, I would love to come to Sacramento but I just can't leave these babies. However, if Kel's job folds, maybe he could find a new one in Sac.
then I would not hesitate one minute to move.

Lila, I was just sitting here at the computer yesterday, looking out the window at my Crepe Myrtle bush and thinking that I had forgotten to tell you how pretty it is this year. I love our Crepe Myrtles as they bloom in August when everything else is tired. The one by my west bedroom windows is red/dark pink blooms and the ones on the east side are lavender blooms. They are about 12 feet tall now but I cut them back in Feb-April to about 3 feet. I do have one dwarf Crepe Myrtle that I just prune back to about 6 foot.

Yes, Keith my little Logan is really growing up-way too fast. He will be 4 on Sept.3rd and he actually carries on a conversation with me. It is so nice to have them so close to my back door-I just go down to their house to get a hug whenever I need one. Of course, they are at my house pretty frequently too. Lindsey will converse also and is very serious about what she is saying but I just can't understand her words yet.

The weather here has improved. We just had 6 days of 100-104 temps and now are back to 80's and 90's. Also, we are having rain (which is unusual for us in August). I think our climate is changing.

The kids are back in their house after being sure nothing was going to catch on fire. Their phone is fixed and they have 2 TVs that work . I gave Logan my DVD player and that was all he needed to make him happy again. The electrician couldn't find where the ligthning entered but assured the insurance company that the lightning exited through the fridge. They have to wait another week for the Sears people to check the fridge and the stove. They did find out some of the appliances still work if plugged into different outlets. The electrician will be back out next week to do repair work on all of the lights and outlets that were fried. Still have to contact the garage door and security alarm people.

Well, time to say Aloha-I can hear the thunder which means log off and unplug the computer. I am glad I finished mowing early today.

B152         August 10, 2008
From: Bruce
You gotta love The Hug. Especially since Lila's top goes so well with the web page colors.

Found this interesting picture of Linda and Jen at the Wedding.

B152         August 10, 2008
From: Dean
Hey Everyone:

Thanks for all the well-wishes, and to all who made the long and expensive journey over to the islands. We feel so blessed to have such Family.

We are producing a movie slide show from the wedding pics and will share when done....something only Family would appreciate.

Bruce, we would much appreciate it if you could burn a CD with your Wedding & Reception photos/video clips and send to us so we can complete our album. You take such great shots, and Steph is less than pleased with the professional photos. We should have just contracted with you to do the photography.........

Now that the big vacation is pau, it is time to get back to the reality of everyday life....married life....and you know, I think I am going to like this quite alot!

Love to all!

B152         August 11, 2008
From: rhonda
Hi Everyone,
I posted yesterday, but for some reason it didn't go through. I am home for lunch, and just have a couple of minutes, but want to try to send again. Tim took a quick trip to Florida to see his parents, so I was left without the computer. We are doing fine. The newest big news here is that Aimee is engaged. She is planning to Wed a year from this Sept. Sam asked her the day we got back from Hawaii.
The pictures and video are so great. Brings back the wonderful time we all had. I miss Hawaii!!! I absolutely loved it there. Being with the family just helped me more than I can express. I love all of you very much.
The picture of Linda and Jennifer is so cool.

Well better get back on the road.

B152         August 11, 2008
From: Keith
That picture of Linda and Jen looks almost like mother and daughter; does anybody else see that or is it just me? Maybe it's just that they appear to be connected by some kind of bond somehow.
Very nice photo at any rate.

The picture of Elaine, Lila, Kathy and Bruce is great, you all look so young. Must be the vacation atmosphere of Hawaii.

Rhonda: That's wonderful news for you, Aimee and Sam. Does seem impossible though, doesn't it? The song Sunrise-Sunset comes to mind. My how it flies.

The best thing about the "hug" is the obvious emotion. It would be so nice if somebody would have gotten it from the other side too.

Dean and Steph: I imagine settling into the reality of everyday life is going to be a tough adjustment after the Garden of Eden beginning, but I think you got it right in the last line of the last paragraph.

B152         August 12, 2008
From: lila
The picture of Linda and Jen is lovely. I don't know about mother and daughter, but they do have a similar expression/look. I see calmness filled with love radiating from that picture.

My dyslexia came through when I commented that both wedding rings are showing in the hug----of course, we all know, that is Steph's right hand showing (no wedding ring there). Some how my head saw that as her left hand.........sigh.

Congratulations to Sam, and love and best wishes to Aimee. So grateful that we had that time together---I feel I know Aimee now. She is a very lovely young woman.

Have not planted our Crepe Myrtle's yet. I think Elaine's are the lavander, and mine is a deep red color. Want to be sure to put it in a good place. Mine said it will grow about 5' tall, and 4' wide. Your's is a 6' dwarf, Linda. I better give my dwarf plenty of room. My pot says it is a Crape Myrtle----anyone ever heard of that? Doesn't sound nice to me!

B152         August 13, 2008
From: Linda
Congratulations to Aimee and Sam! Please bring Sam over for a visit Aimee.

I would be most honored to have Jen for a daughter
if she should ever need a mother. I do feel a very close connection with Jen and all of the young adults. When I hug Dean and Danny-It's the same feeling as when I hug Ken and Kel. I never had a daughter until Rhonda came into my life and I feel the same closeness to Rhonda,Kirk,Gail and Jen and all of their spouses as if they were all my children.

Bruce did a wonderful job with the photo (he somehow managed to hide most of my wrinkles). I think the look on my face is "pleased as punch" and I was-totally enjoyed being in the midst of such a loving family at a very blessed wedding.

Lila, I wouldn't have noticed that was Steph's right hand. I looked at the picture and thought yes--that is neat with both of their wedding bands showing.

I haven't seen one of these pictures yet-so here is The Kiss.

B152         August 14, 2008
From: Linda
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Dear Lila, happy birthday to you!

Enjoy the day, smell a rose, eat ice cream--just be happy. Love you.

B152         August 14, 2008
From: Bruce
Hi folks - that picture of Linda and Jen was treated by software that puts a "dreamy" effect on it. It looked kind of dreamy so I thought it might work.

I am putting together the pictures/movies of the wedding to give to Dean. Now I've been slowed down a little though. I slept wrong and had excruciating pain in my neck. Official diagnosis from the doctor was "stiff neck." But I'm not supposed to spend much time in front of the computer because that can aggravate it. Feels much better today after some medication to treat it.

All the best to Aimee and Sam. He must have really missed her while she was away in Hawaii.

Happy Birthday Lila. I have seen crepe myrtle also spelled crape. Crepe seems more appropriate because they have crinkly flowers like crepe fabric.

B152         August 14, 2008

B152         August 14, 2008
From: elaine
Hi, Happy to hear all the joyfull news and sad to hear about the bad storm news. Am feeling touched to be remembering the beauty of the Hawaii "experience". It was such a short time to be there, it almost seems like a dream now. Gail and Bobby I hope you are getting some rest time.
I have canceled my internet service, but I still have the same email address. So my plan is to go to the library once weekly to check emails and this page. However, it seems the devil plays with the best laid plans: I haven't figured out how to get onto this page from the library computer. Today is Lila's birthday and she is letting me use her computer. Keith is coming over and we will take Lila out for a birthday lunch. Also, I told Lila I will help her plant the Crepe/Crape Myrtle this afternoon. I am making BIG plans for my front yard area. It has been bothering me that I can't really do anything with it because it needs to passable for a car to get to the back area. Suddeny I had the realization that it would be easy to move the gate to the other end of the fence and then I could have a little garden and some privacy too. So that is my dream. But all in good time. First I need to get the heating situation attended to so I will hopefully have a warmer, cozier and less expensive winter this year. Oh I hate to think of summer ending. But now I can have lovely Hawaiian dreams to get me through the cold months. As long as I don't make dreams my master.

B152         August 14, 2008
From: lila
Thank you---thank you for the birthday wishes. Oh my God----73 years old. That reality is hard to absorb.

BL, (when your neck is better) I was trying to show Elaine how to get to all of the postings. And I can't find the "thing" that gets us there.

B152         August 15, 2008
From: Bruce
By popular demand I have returned the links to get all the comments that have been posted. They are below the Search Comments box on the right.

Linda if Kel is thinking of moving to Sac or probably most places in CA, real estate prices are still going down so the near future might be a good time to invest. Some experts are saying they might bottom out in another six months.

B152         August 16, 2008
From: rhonda
Well, I took Aimee, or she took me to look at Wedding dresses. As she walked out wearing the first one she tried on, my heart skipped a beat and I fought back tears. It was such an overwelming feeling to see her in that dress and to know that she is really going to get married. Sam's mother went with us. It was the first time I had met her, she's really sweet. We found one we all liked, so I purchased it. She looked soooo beautiful!!! Weddings are much more expensive than I realized. After she has engagement pictures taken, I will do my best to send them on this sight.

Happy belated birthday Lila. You look and act much younger than the 73 year old patients I see.

Linda, I would love to bring Sam and Aimee over. Lets try and set a date. I enjoyed the time we spent together in Hawaii, and as for me, you are mom and grandma Linda.

Going to meet Tim for lunch.

B152         August 17, 2008
From: Steph
Congratulation Aimee - Sam is a lucky man!

B152         August 18, 2008
From: rhonda
Steph, Aimee said to tell you thank you. Sam and Dean have something in common; They both are very lucky men. It was so nice meeting you while in Hawaii. This family is fortunate to have such a beautiful person as part of it. Also, your boys are great.

B152         August 19, 2008
From: Linda
Hi to all!

Bruce, where can I get that "dreamy" software?
I told Kel about your statement about the housing situation in CA. He said he would have to sell his house here before he could buy anything else--but--he says if the house gets hit by lightning again-he will be CA bound. This has been such a nightmare with the building of his house and then the lightning damage that he is afraid he may have built on an old indian burial ground. Stuff-like old stocking fragments and old clothing fragments keep surfacing to the top of the ground after each heavy rain.

Rhonda-thank you for the sentiments. I will call you so we can arrange a time for a visit with Sam and Aimee and you.

I have been sooo busy with this new schedule. I have to get up at 7:30 (very hard for me as I am a night owl) I receive Lindsey at 8:00 and have her until 4:00. I totally enjoy my time spent with her and the time passes very quickly. I have her packed and in her car seat ready to go home at 4:00 on M,W.&F-then I rush to Curves to get in my exercises before the crowd arrives. When I get home, I mow if it's not raining or too wet. On Tues and Thurs -Logan comes for an after pre school visit and a snack. He really misses staying home but is enjoying playing outside at school. This past weekend, I drove to Vinita to pick up Aunt Dottie for a weekend visit. We did have a very enjoyable visit but she looks much more frail and has asked if I will take care of her little dog if anything happens to her (of course I will take little Kara and she and Sheba will just have to learn to live together).

Kel and I may be going to Vinita again this Sat. if Aunt Dottie's friend doesn't want to go to the rodeo.Aunt Dottie was always a horse lover and used to ride in the rodeo and never missed the annual one at Vinita until last year when her half brothers decided it was too hot for them to sit outside. If her friend doesn't go then Kel and I will take her. Kel has never been to a rodeo and I haven't been since I was about 7- and that is just fine with us but we will make an exception since Aunt Dottie loves it so much.

Happy trails to you until we meet again.

B152         August 20, 2008
From: elaine
Hi, Failure and success. I am here at the library. Made several attempts to get on this family page and finally gave up. Asked the librarian for help and he got right on...twice. Two different computers. I think my energy just doesn't fit with computers.
I asked about the foxfire thing you mentioned, Bruce, but he didn't know about it. More shall be revealed.

B152         August 22, 2008
From: Bruce
Nice warm lighting on the pictures of Anthony with the girls.

My neck is much better but still stiff at times. I'm never going to sleep on that pillow again!

Linda that dreamy software is from Auto FX Software which sells a suite of effects for hundreds of dollars. The one I got was a free sample of the dreamy effect. You should be able to download the free sample by clicking on the "Dreamy" link on the right just above All Comments. When I click on it my computer says something like, "you have chosen to open . ." and gives you the choice of saving the file. Click on Save if you get that option. It also gives a warning that the software is not certified but I have used it for years without a problem. It takes about a minute to download on my system. Then you click on the downloaded file to install it, which makes you jump through several hoops before you can use it. I think you have to register it and they send you a password to activate it. Hope this makes sense.

B152         August 23, 2008
From: rhonda
It's the weekend, thank goodness! I had a busy work week and was looking so foward to my couple days off. Speaking of busy, Kirk said he is working side jobs everyday, that's after he gets off from his full-time position. If you ask me, that is too much time spent working. I guess he likes making the extra money. I think he does it to have money for all the sports those boys are involved in.
We're getting lots of rain and I can hear thunder in the distance. Good for the grass and plants.

One of the bank branches that Aimee sometimes goes and helps out, was robbed last week. Actually, she had been working alone at that bank a couple of days before it was robbed. Quite scary to think about. The man didn't have a weapon, but did point his fingers through his uniform, trying to appear to have a weapon. They arrested him a couple days after the robbery, he was employed by the army, and was soon to be deployed. He said he was trying to pay debts before he left. Craziness!!!!

I bought the cats a tent, Cricket loves it and Zoey hates it. Oliver (the dog) just watches them. They are all like spoiled children. Tim was gone a week, and Cricket stopped eating. I was really worried at first, thought she might be sick, but after he got back, she started eating and gained her weight back. I guess she really missed him.

I guess I'll bring this to an end. bye for now.

B152         August 26, 2008
From: Linda
Bruce, thanks for the info on "Dreamy"-I downloaded it and clicked to install and the third "hoop" was the agreement which I actually partially read. The agreement states that you are just to use this on the one computer that it was issued to and if you share it with anyone-the company will trace the serial number and cancel it from your computer. Can they do that? I was afraid to complete the installation for fear they would cancel yours. What about it-can they cancel yours if I install it on my computer?

Rhonda, it is good to hear about your household. Thank goodness Aimee wasn't the one working when the robber made his move, I agree-there is a lot of craziness going on. Sounds like Cricket has quite an attachment to Tim-hope he doesn't leave very often or for more than a week at a time.

It was good to hear from Elaine too! Try, try again and keep in touch with us. Can the guy at the library get to the family page using your laptop? If he can or will, then he could put it under bookmarks or favorites for you so it would be easier to get to.

We have had a lot of rain which has been good for the grass and tress but very hard on the old grandma attempting to keep the weeds down. I was out in the high humidity too long on Sunday and ended up in the Dr. office this morning due to a very irregular heartrate that was making me short of breath and dizzy-decided it was a combination of dehydration,low potassium and possibly an adverse reaction to Novacaine (or whatever they are using now at the Dentist's office for crown preps) Anyhow--feeling better now as long as I stay inside-got short of breath just walking to the mailbox.

B152         August 29, 2008
From: Bruce
Linda, I am interpreting that software agreement to mean that when you get your activation number or password after registering, you can only put the software on one machine. That should be one machine for each person who registers. But really I think that specific language in the agreement is intended more for those who have paid for the full program, not so much for the free sample version. Anyway, I am sure it is not a problem either way.

Have a happy Labor Day weekend!

B152         August 30, 2008
From: Linda
Thanks Bruce-will try it.

Happy Labor Day weekend.

B152         August 30, 2008
From: Steph
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

It has been back to school for us. Andy and Alani are taking classes at Sierra Jr. College, Max started his last year of High School, and Ian will start Lake Tahoe Jr. College, Sept 22.

August also brought some excitement. On one of our walks, Roxy was running with a pack of coyotes and they had her circled, Dean had to scare them off. Dean found a rattle snake up by the house where the dogs like to rest(picture attached). Andy has an infection that cut his life guarding job a bit short, he is much better now. On a fun note, we had dinner with Mom and Elaine for Mom's birthday at a very cute restaurant in Yuba City(picture attached).

In September, Andy will turn 18.

Rhonda - Thank you for the kind words!

B152         September 1, 2008
From: rhonda
Hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend. We didn't do a whole lot, but did pick Aimee up today and drove to the lake. We looked around and then went out to eat.

Jennifer called me one day last week. I couldn't answer the phone at that time, but called her back later in the evening. We visited over the phone for quite a while. I really enjoyed our talk. Cody is back to school.

That snake is so big!!!! It scares me just looking at the picture. I remember one time, years ago, I was watching TV, and then the next thing I knew, a snake was slithering down a chain lamp. Right in the living room. About 8 feet from where I was sitting. I jumped up on the couch, screaming out for help. My ex-father-in-law caught it and took care of it. I about had a heart attack.

I miss everyone. I'm hoping to take a trip to California within the next year. That is the plan anyway.

God Bless,

B152         September 4, 2008
From: lila
Here it is 2:30 in the morning----woke up and can't get back to sleep. Maybe because I drank tea this eve, or maybe because I am getting over a viral infection. I have been down for a good week. Also, my computer is being very silly. I had to play, "think like a computer" to get it to connect this morning. It has been doing silly things like that for awhile now (the worse being, deleting everything or most everything I wrote). No matter how much I tried to think like a computer I could not get it back. Hummm..... Good to read all the contributions. So many since I last posted. Lots of interesting/scary things.

Dean and Steph gave me a camera:>) I hope to be posting some pictures in the not to far future.

Wonderful that you are thinking of coming to CA next year Rhonda----how about Tim? Dan and Gina are thinking about coming next year, too. They want to come during the snow (Gina & Anthony Paul have never seen snow). Maybe we can plan our gathering if a date works for Rhonda and Dan. What do you all think?

My eyes are heavy---night, night---love ya

B152         September 5, 2008
From: Keith
It's been a while since I've been on here. That is scary, Linda, getting that irregular heart rate, dizzy and short of breath. That was over a week ago; I'm glad you are feeling better. I hope you are totally over it now. Having had A-fib for over two years it made my heart skip a beat when I simply read the words.

Hope your plans work out Rhonda, it will be nice seeing you again.

Sorry to hear you were down again Lila. I too had a few bad days this last week. I woke up with a fierce throbbing in the back of my head. It was centered in that little lump at the back of the skull. It was weird but not painful, just a loud throbbing that kept me from sleeping. I wear earplugs so I know that intensified the loudness. I did have a headache the next day and felt drained for several hours, but am much better now.

I like the picture of the four of you in the YC restaurant. But after looking at the other two I have this vision in front of me of Dean scaring off coyotes and killing snakes. Orangevale sounds like a dangerous place. Do you see many rattlers? You could have probably filled a whole page writing about those experiences.

B152         September 5, 2008
From: Linda
It has been a while, Keith-I wondered where you were. Yes, the irregular heart rate was very scary. When I saw the N.P., she asked me if I had a sinus infection??(maybe people have irregular heart rates with sinus infections or maybe the question was due to my dizziness)anyway--I told her no -that I just had a stopped up nose. Well-2 days later I woke up with extreme flu symptoms. 101 fever, chills, intense body aches, sore throat, ear ache and headache. Kel assured me the symptoms would only last 36 hours as he had the same a few days before and we had been exposed to Logan's bad cold. The bad stuff did last only 36 hours -the fever broke and I medicated with Sambucol for a virus and Tylenol and Zyrtec and we went to Vinita to take Aunt Dottie to the rodeo
(that is another entire story and I hope she doesn't want to go again next year-I can't believe we allow such cruelty to animals at the rodeo). This afternoon is the first time I am feeling better from all of the nose blowing and coughing. Keith, I remember now that 2 days prior to the irregular heart rate-I could hear my heart pounding in my ears and head when I tried to sleep-I think dehydration causes that as well as headache and fatigue.

I hope you are feeling better Lila-just so many people being ill these last 2 weeks.

Have any of you heard about Oklahoma's E-Coli outbreak? The news states it is the largest outbreak in the history of the United States. 206 people were affected, 1 died ( a young man with no history of health problems) several children were on life support. All of the people had eaten at a restaurant in Locust Grove- a little town about 30 miles north of here. They still have not found the source of the bacteria and it is a rare strain.

I enjoyed reading of everyone's adventures over the past week. That was an excellent picture of Dean, Steph, Lila and Elaine.

Dean looks so fearless with the snake (I did have a few nightmares of snakes after seeing those pictures and reading Rhonda's story). Now I think I need Dean Coyote to come to my house and scare away the foxes. Kel called me and told me to look out my kitchen window-there was a rather large fox in the back yard and then I saw a smaller one in David's Secret Garden that went into the cement block building. I am thinking they may have a family in that building and I am too scared
too look in the building. I did read that the babies are born in the spring and leave the parents in the fall. I will probably just wait until fall and have Ken or Kel go with me for a look-I don't want to disturb them but hope they decide to leave.

Happy Birthday to Andy #18! Also Happy Birthday this month to Dean, Kiani, and Jeremiah. My family
has Logan who was 4yr on the 3rd, Kristopher(my oldest son's youngest who will be 17 yr on the 14th-same as Dean's) Rick(my brother) will be 64 on the 13th. My mom would have been 88 on the 19th and of course-David would have been 69 on the 20th.

B152         September 12, 2008
From: Bruce
I don't remember hearing about an E-Coli outbreak. Wonder how long it has been going on. Apparently the national media must not pick it up until it has spread over a wider area. Unless I just missed it. The spinach E-Coli outbreak last year got huge coverage.

Yes, does sound a bit like the wild west out there in Orangevale with rattlesnakes and coyotes on the prowl. Beautiful looking snake - too bad it has to be so dangerous.

Kathy dropped a weight on her foot and was down for a while. She was taking it out of the trunk to go to her exercise class and plopped it on her toes. I would post a picture of it but it's not a pretty sight.

Here's an invitation to all you lurkers out there (you know who you are). Make a special guest appearance and post a note.

Hope everyone is well!

B152         September 13, 2008
From: Keith
We, in CA, have had no budget for 40+ days now and I have been on "furlough" during that period. It's been nice but I'm ready for it to end. I pray that this November all the State Assembly members and State Senators that are up for re-election will be bounced, but I really doubt that will happen. There's a move by the Prison Guards to impeach the Guvanator, unrelated to the budget. Wouldn't that be something?

Linda, I hope you have not had anymore bouts like the last one you described and are all better now. Has that E-coli situation calmed down? Did they ever find out what was causing it?

I was surprised to hear that some of Arkansas may be hit by Ike. What are you experiencing Rhonda, Kirk? Nothing I hope.

I empathize with Kathy. The most pain I ever experienced in my life was when I dropped a heavy table I was moving right on my great toe while wearing only shower shoes. It got a lot greater. I should have done a before and after picture. That reminds me...

I never would have thought to put the following story on the PAGE but when I related it to Lila she thought it pageworthy so here it is:

I had not been getting many emails from Elaine since she shifted to the library so right after I emailed her with an item I thought she might be interested in and I received an email back with Elaine in the FROM column, I naturally thought that would be my sister's response. When I clicked on the email there was only a website address. I clicked on that and there was a picture of an attractive, well built young man and a pretty young girl. The man was pulling his pants away from his waist and the young girl was looking down into his pants and she had a big smile on her face. I wondered why Elaine would send me this. I scrolled down and there was a before-and-after picture of the young man standing nude. In the picture on the right his penis was considerably larger than it was in the other picture. It was an advertisement for a power drink.

At that point, of course I realized this was SPAM. If you find this offensive you'll have to blame Lila.

The thing that really hurt was when Bev suggested I check it out.

B152         September 14, 2008
From: Linda
Ft. Gibson survived tropical storm "Ike". The winds blew and the rain slapped everything but I only have 5 limbs down this time. The driveway is covered with leaves and twigs. My rain guage shows 3 inches-about the same from tropical depression Gustav. I had to quit reading at about midnight because the lights kept flickering. I put a pillow between my headboard and the windows and promptly fell asleep to the music of wind and rain. All is lovely this morning-some sun and very wonderful cool breeze-perfect for pulling weeds.

I am feeling better from the "bug" but still have a wet nose and cough-probably should have had antibiotics but now am glad I suffered through it and let my body have time to do it's immunity thing.

I liked your story, Keith. What a shock, after thinking it was from Elaine. Bev didn't really want you to check it out-did she?

That is a long time to be on furlough. I remember when the feds did that several years ago but they wouldn't let me take the furlough because I was needed in ICU-so we worked without pay until the budget was approved and then received the pay all at once with our next paycheck which just increased our taxes.

When I read about Kathy's accident-my toes ached in sympathy. Hope all is back to normal now.

The E-Coli outbreak news continues but no more acute cases. They are just finding people now that were ill but didn't require medical care. Strange that it didn't make National news since it is rated as the the largest outbreak in US history. The count is up to 291 now-with 1 death. I guess it didn't require national coverage since it was a local outbreak. The CDC is involved and they still haven't determined what food caused it.

Talk to you later-have to pull some weeds while we still have this cool breeze.

B152         September 14, 2008
From: rhonda
Keith, that was so halarious! I can just picture you looking at that email, and wondering why in the world Elaine would be sending you something like that. Bev's comment was great! he he

Aimee and Sam have changed their wedding date to May 15th. Aimee was worried about the weather we can have in Sept. She also doesn't want to risk facing a Hurricane during her Honeymoon.

I think I'm going to have to take Oliver to the vet. tomorrow. He has a growth on the inner side of his paw. There use to be a nail there, but now it's a large round, red growth, and it feels hot to the touch. He is constantly licking it. I wonder if it's an in-grown nail.

When Tim retires, we are plannning to travel, and one stop will be California; however, I was thinking of trying to make a visit before then. I would love to see Danny and his family again. Maybe that will all work out.

Well, going to pick Tim up for lunch. Later,

B152         September 15, 2008
From: lila
Between my computer problems, and my feeling so very slow I have not been to our page for awhile.
My computer seems to doing well for now, and I seem to be speeding up a bit.

I found PK's story hilarious, and I can just picture the thoughts going through his head, and then----the light bulb! Too good to keep to yourself, PK.

Hope your little Oliver is doing okay now, Rhonda.
Wondering what it was--never heard of in-grown toe nails on cats or dogs. But they do seem to get most of our ailments now a-days. I am feeling a bit sad, because my Sherman has disappeared. I ran an ad, and asked around the neighborhood. All to no avail. Just hoping someone took him in---he is such a sweet, gentle guy.

Was that e-coli outbreak the one where they blamed tomatoes, and then switched it to jalapeno peppers, Linda? That was in the news awhile back, but I don't remember reading that so many were hit with it, and that there was a death, or that it was in OK. I don't think it has been resolved yet, but a lot of tomato farmers were hurt!

I, too, empathize with Kathy's poor toes. In 1961 I dropped a bed on my big toe---had to have a hole drilled through the top of my nail. That spells----relief.

B152         September 18, 2008
From: Linda
Lila, this E-Coli outbreak wasn't the one that was related to the tomatoes. This was related to a local restaurant-'The Country Cottage" in Locust Grove,OK. They say it is over now-11 days with no new cases. They had a total of 310 people ill, the one death, and still several people in the hospital after 1 month. They knew it came from the restaurant because that was the only thing all of the people had in common-either eating there or at events that were catered by that place. They still have not found the food that was the cause.

I hope everyone is staying well and safe. Is Oliver better now?

Got the message that Aimee and Sam are to married on May 15th. Where is the wedding to take place?

Keeping my fingers crossed, but think I am finally over the last "bug"-lost track of the time-it lasted either 3 or 4 weeks. My brother has had it for 2 weeks. He took antibiotics with no relief.

Kind of scarey reading and listening to all of the news on the economy-especially that piece about the money market funds being minus 3%. I am thinking about taking the small amt I have in the money market and returning it to a savings account at the bank where it will at least be FDIC insured-if that's even a sure thing any more.

Lindsey has had a really bad cold the past 5 days and she looked so miserable with her big blue eyes
all teary and constant sneezing and congestion. She was looking and sounding much better today. She is really amazing-in spite of being so sick, she still had smiles and did not cry.

I asked Logan if he wanted to spend a night with me this weekend. His reply was " well probably not this weekend -we are going to Tulsa Saturday to buy me an art easel-maybe next weekend" This from a little guy that just turned 4. I wish I could turn the clock back and have more baby days him.

Our weather has been beautiful the past few days-feels like Fall and so nice to have dry weather and clear blue skies.

B152         September 20, 2008
From: Linda
Today would have been David's 69th birthday. I just found some of his poems he had written to me during our early years and want to share this one with all of you.

Do you know the world was dying, for a
little bit of love?

Everywhere we heard the sighing, for a
little bit of love.

A love that rights the wrong, and fills
the heart with a song.

We have waited oh so long, for a little
bit of LOVE.

B152         September 20, 2008
From: Keith
I tried twice to put this message up but it would not take. Hope it doesn't show up three times now.

Yes, today is Dave's 69th. I woke up thinking about him. I just played "Alonzo" and it was good to hear his voice and see his face again. How many of those poems do you have Linda? I'm glad he found the love he was looking for.

To answer your question, yes Bev really did say that, but she had a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face when she said it and whenever you have that combination you can get away with saying stuff like that.

Nice to hear your weather report, ain't fall sweet and lovely?

Lila, glad you're coming out of the "slows" and that your computer is behaving better.

Ronnie, Lila and Linda, I'm happy you were able to laugh at the story, we all need laughter to keep us going. That reminds me, Bev and I saw a funny movie last night--Ghost Town. Don't enjoy many movies anymore but that one is pretty good if you're in the mood for an outlandish comedy.

B152         September 20, 2008
From: lila
Dave's poem is very lovely----right from his heart. Thanks for sharing it with us, Linda. He has been on my mind today, too. Thinking about how blessed he was, and how happy he was with his life----I think that poem says it all----love.

B152         September 23, 2008
From: rhonda
Getting ready to go with my mom for a thallium stress test, then to work. She is having problems keeping her blood pressure under control.
Linda, I enjoyed reading the poem. I am happy that the two of you were able to find love and happiness.
Hope everyone is well.

B152         September 23, 2008
From: Bruce
I spent a strange weekend trying to keep my balance. Must have been something in my inner ear that was making me dizzy. Seems like it has passed and I have my sea legs back.

I was thinking of one of the movies Lila took of David cutting a birthday cake. Was it called David's 17th birthday? For some reason that's how I always think of him on his birthday. Happy Birthday to the bard.

B152         September 25, 2008
From: Linda
Yes, David and I were very lucky to have found that love and happiness-he always said if everyone could be as in love as we were, there would never be any wars.

Keith, I do have quite a few poems that David wrote. Thanks for the mention of the movie "Ghost Town". I asked Kel to try to get it for me on DVD. I just finished watching the X-files movie "I want to believe"-was good and brought back fond memories of the series.

Sorry you have been dizzy, Bruce. Kel has that problem with his inner ear and it comes on very fast and really knocks him down-literally. He vomits if he turns his head too quickly while the rocks are moving around in his ear. I found a medication for nausea and dizziness OTC but behind the counter-I think it was meclezine (probably not spelled right-but it is generic for Antivert and you don't have to have a prescription-just ask the pharmacist for it)

I really hope Kel gets that movie for me this weekend as I am in need of a good laugh after all of this political and financial craziness. If David was still here, he would be wanting to move
to a secluded area with no contact with the rest of the world.

Lila, did little Sherman ever come back? He was such a sweet guy. I was thinking about you today as I was playing with Sheba and her new toy- a cat spa- which she loves.

B152         September 26, 2008
From: Keith
Ronnie Baby, what's a thallium stress test? I looked up THALLIUM and there were three meanings listed, none of which seemed to work for a test a human would be taking. I have an old dictionary. Anyway I hope it went well for Marge and she is healthy.

Linda, if you watched Ghost Town, I hope you enjoyed it. It has a silly premise but they make it almost believable. Not too many people have the same taste in movies as I, so you're taking a chance listening to me. Usually I hate everything out there so when I endorse something I might be the only one that likes it.

Elaine (my sister, not the porno woman) was supposed to be coming to Sacramento Wednesday with Lila but she got sick. Bruce, Lila and I wound up having a great Chinese lunch at PF Chaing's and Lila was the only one that thought to bring a camera. Should be getting a couple of pictures up soon, yeah Lila?

Elaine, hope you are doing better and will make it over soon to check out the Gluten Free Market. The owner said their plan to move into the larger space should be completed Sunday and their selection will start getting larger once they get in there.

I have had a nagging head cold with a sore throat for the last several days. Starting to feel like I'm getting over it today. Hope I continue to improve and that all of you are well and happy.

B152         September 27, 2008
From: Keith
Rhonda, I got more curious so I looked it up on Google. Here it is if anybody else is as ignorant as I about it.

Thallium and sestamibi stress tests (Doctor-reviewed Article)
Thallium and sestamibi stress tests are nuclear imaging methods that provide a view of the blood flow into the heart muscle, both at rest and during activity.

These tests are also called MIBI stress test and myocardial perfusion scintigraphy....

I didn't know that test existed. I think I'll ask my Dr about doing it. It's been over two years since my surgery; I'd like to know what it's looking like in there.

They probably won't do it without symptoms but actually I have had a couple of angina type pains in the chest over the last few months.

B152         September 30, 2008
From: lila
No, Sherman has not returned. There was an ad in the paper---"found cat"---sounded a bit like Sherm. I have called the # 4 times---left messages, but no one calls me back. Is that strange or what? I will try again.

Yes, I have a real good picture of BL & PK at our lunch. Driving home from Sac on Hwy 99--I heard a loud bang---sounded like a gun shot. I guess a rock hit my windshield. It was pretty shocking.
It looked like someone punched the windshield--Not just a little ping-thing.

I also have a good picture of Ruth. As soon as I learn how, I will post them. (pls don't hold your breath). Saturday Ruth will be 95--I will spend the day with her.

Thanks for the info on med for dizzy spells, Linda. I am going to check it out. I have had dizzy spells for years----always figured it was something with my inner ear---tried taking dramamine, but that always makes me sleepy.

Elaine is down again. She has a real bad cold. This is her second set of off days that she has been sick. Such a drag.

Summer seems to really be on its way out, and that is fine with me. Seems that we may even get some rain next week.

B152         October 6, 2008
From: Linda
Oh so lovely--this cool fall air! I was able to work outside all afternoon yesterday and also able to leave the house windows open. All closed up today due to rain.

I hope all of you are well? That last bad cold that I had, lasted at least a month. Now feeling much better. Lila, that medicine "meclizine" will probably make you sleepy-Kel was in bed for 2 days with the nausea and the medicine made him sleep a lot-he then just took it at night for the rest of the week after he was able to be up and around.

Kel hasn't got the "Ghost Town" movie for me yet-probably forgot about it. Since I have been babysitting Lindsey every day, one day just blends into the next. Here it is Oct. 6th and I was suprised to look at the calendar today and discover it was Oct. Happy birthday to Austin who had a birthday on Saturday.

This whole economy mess is very scary. I found a place to order non hybrid seed and ordered a batch for next spring's veggie garden. I also plan to puchase a pressure canner so Crystal and I can do some canning next summer. I have ordered a book about how to build solar panels and a wind generator. Kel was very interested in the alternate energy sources as our electric and gas bills just keep climbing so he will help me with that project. Our electric company just sent out notices that everyone's electric bill will have $4.00 added to it each month to pay off the new plant that was bought in another part of Oklahoma. This new plant will be of no benefit to our location-so why do we have to pay???

Looking forward to viewing your pictures Lila. I am still looking for one of David to post that I don't believe everyone has seen.

B152         October 8, 2008
From: Bruce
Yes, we are cooling, very enjoyable right now. The only bad thing is the tomato crop will soon wind down. So great to have fresh salads and sauces. Might expand the garden for next year but it will be a lot of work.

I am glad now that I didn't move into the stock market when I was thinking about it a year or so ago. Still a little concerned about the retirement annuities and maybe even banks failing. It couldn't really get that bad could it?

So it was the meclizine that made me sleep so much when I had a recurrence of dizziness. I thought I was sick and that is why I was sleeping all day although I didn't feel bad. It is apparently going around; one of my associates just came down with the same symptoms. Wish I knew exactly what was causing it.

Anxious to see the pics from lunch with PK and Lila. Great lunch, tea, and atmosphere. Probably the decor won't be noticeable in the pictures but it would be cool if it does come out.

B152         October 12, 2008
From: lila
I am here with Lila and we are going to see if her service will up be able to upload images. If not, we will upload the images from Dean's wireless computer.

B152         October 12, 2008
From: Dean
Hi All:

Am posting these photos for Ma, as Steph was not able to do it.

B152         October 12, 2008
From: Dean
Hey Bruce:

Tried sending you an email, but never got a response. Maybe I have an old address? Was wondering if your online traffic school class was available in Solano County. I got a ticket for pulling a u-haul trailer in the #2 lane. The lady CHP officer said I was also speeding (60MPH) but let me off on that issue. As we all know, when pulling a trailer 55 MPH is max speed.

Anyway, there was such a long list of traffic school options, so I just closed my eyes and clicked....came up with Rocket Traffic School and got it done last night.

Anyway, please send me an email so I can check for an error on my end.

B152         October 13, 2008
From: Linda
Great pictures Lila -looks as if the decor of the restaurant came out good also. Ruth looks so sweet and happy. Looking at the pictures, I feel as if I am there with you-good to be sitting here with Lindsey and there in CA also. I am glad Dean was able to get them posted-now do you know how to do it, Lila?

Bruce, how do retirement annunities work? My retirement funds are with Edward Jones and some of it is stocks and some bonds in the IRA but it is not paying me anything. I have another account that is bonds invested at 6% that does pay about $160/month. Half of that account is a bond with Freddie Mac which I guess I would have lost if the gov hadn't bailed it out.

Thank you Steph and Dean for the photo file. It was so much fun to watch. Your wedding pictures made me remember to look for the pics of David at Kel and Crystal's wedding 5 years ago. This was just after he returned from CA-the time he injured his elbow in Dean's pool. I will attempt to post those.
If it works--the 1st is of David and Kel just before the wedding-2nd is David escorting Amar (the bridesmaid)-3rd is David and I with Kel and Crystal just after the vows.

B152         October 15, 2008
From: rhonda
I've taken the day off!!! I'm not sick, just needed a break. Here in a few minutes, I'm going to head over to one of the rental units and learn how to spray texture onto the walls. We've hired a man that is good at all that construction stuff. I'm trying to learn as much from him as possible.
Keith, I see you figured out about the stress test. My mom's test turned out fine. I ran an overnight pulse-ox on her, and found out that her oxygen level does drop some at night. She was set-up for oxygen, just to wear at night. She's not very compliant, so I'm not sure how much she is wearing it. I am still trying to get her to stop smoking. If she would stop smoking and start walking, she would probably feel a lot better.

Aimee is wanting to bring Sam over. I told her to try and figure out a Sunday that would work for them. I'll let you know something soon.

Well, I better get off my behind and go see how well I do at spraying mud. hehe

B152         October 15, 2008
From: Steph
More Hawaii pictures :)
I love this picture of Linda, her cute dimples are showing!

B152         October 16, 2008
From: Keith
Lots of really good pictures out there. The one of Linda reminds me of a foreign actress from the 40's, can't recall her name (Ida Lupino?), she was often Bogart's girlfriend.

I looked at Kel's and Crystal's wedding pictures before I read the note and I didn't recognize Dave in his tux in the top photo. It's a good pic but just didn't look like Dave at first. The other two are great of everybody.

I hope you had a wonderful day off Rhonda. I went to the doctor and asked him about having that test done and he told me that's what I had that led to the angiogram that led to the 5-way bypass. From what I read about the test online I thought if you had that you would not need the angiogram.

Glad your mother's test results were good and she is okay. I hope you find a way to get her to quit smoking; if you do let me know and I'll use it on Bev. She tried the patch and the nicorette gum but the mindset is the most important thing and the most difficult to bring around, only the patient can do it.

Bruce and Lila: It was good to see Bruce and me in a picture where we don't look like gangsters. I expected to see one of you from the restaurant Lila. I looked up P.F. Chang's website to try to get a take out menu and while I was on there I saw some comments posted by customers. They were all negative except one. The typical complaint was that it is not authentic Chinese. One said it is to Chinese food like Denny's is to American food. I don't like Denny's but I thought PFC was pretty good. Especially the Dragon Eye Tea. I noticed their website showed they have a couple of restaurants in Little Rock, have you ever eaten there Rhonda?

Tim, Julie and the boys will have been here a year next month. Hard to believe that. Garret is now 21 months old and yesterday I overheard Julie telling Peyton if he didn't do such and such she will have to punish him and Garret began to joyfully chant; Spanking, spanking. I cracked up. They really do love each other.

B152         October 16, 2008
From: Bruce
Dean, my traffic school is approved but it isn't in the court system yet. Should be online soon in five counties. Enjoyed the pictures - Rite at Makapu. All the other photos were fun too. How many times was Dave in a tux? And he looks so good in it. The misleading thing about the picture of Keith and me is that my beard looks grayer than his, like a reverse universe thing. Email:

Linda, annuities, at least in the sense that I understand them, are funds that start paying out monthly when you decide to annuitize them. They are the same as an employment retirement plan that pays a monthly retirement. They are considered less risky than other retirement savings plans, but usually don't pay as much in return as stock funds. I'd really be ticked if my choice for a conservative investment goes belly-up.

Rhonda, spraying texture sounds like a good way to unwind on a day off. Is that on the outside or inside? Our bedroom needs some wall texture; it's old lathe and plaster and is starting to shift making cracks and lumps. Maybe some day I'll give it a shot.

B152         October 17, 2008
From: lila
Enjoyed all the pictures----that is another special picture of Linda, Steph. Dave in a tux. That is very special. Another beautiful bride, and another handsome groom. David looks so good. Hard to believe that was only 5 years ago. Can I post pictures now?? Nope, but I am signed up for a class in Nov. I am determined to get this down.

Steph printed the picture of PK and BL for me, and it is so much sharper than the one here. I do believe that it is a great picture, and the restaurant decor shows up nicely. BL, your beard looks more grey than Keith's because it is longer.(my opinion). Your mustache is definitely darker:) The picture of you and me,PK, was too dark. The flash did not go off, and we forgot to take another one--it looks like it was a good one too.

Good for you, Rhonda. Sure wish I was more handy at carpentry and that sort of thing. Your Dad certainly did get into it (he had a good teacher),
and I believe it was in his blood--waiting to come out.

How is everyone holding up with all the financial stuff going on? I am thankful that I pulled a big portion of my money and fixed up the houses. I was a bit leery doing it, but it turned out to be a good thing. We are thinking too bad we did not do that with the car, too---but, oh well........ Most of what I left in my IRA is gone---maybe it will come back maybe it won't. But we are okay.

Yes, to Ida Lupino/Linda, PK. She was one of my favorite actors---I did not realize she was foreign. Bet no one else reading this knows who we are talking about, sigh.......

B152         October 18, 2008
From: Linda
Well--I'm P.O.'ed. I just spent 20 minutes typing a message here and accidently hit a wrong key and the whole thing disappeared-just like the finances have disappeared. Will try it again tomorrow. I am stuck inside on this beautiful sunny day that I had very much looked forward to being outside to enjoy. I finally gave up and went to the Dr. yesterday-I have a sinus and ear infection and was instructed to stay inside and take my medicine because the NP is afraid my eardrum is going to rupture. So I have antibiotics, nasal steriod spray, Mucinex, and a Neti Pot. The Neti Pot is to be my lifelong friend on a once to twice daily basis for the rest of my life. Bummer, a real "pot" pot would have been much more fun.

Anyway, the lost part of the message will have to be reconstructed tomorrow or when my fingers are more willing to follow my brain.

B152         October 22, 2008
From: Linda
Thanks for the pic comments everyone. Ida Lupino-I do know who she is because David watched all of the Bogart movies. David used to say I looked like Eva Braun and especially since my father's family came from Germany, he thought I may have been related to her.

Thanks for the info on annunities, Bruce. I remember now that was an option at retirement-but I didn't take it because I needed easy access to the funds in case we needed more for David's medical care.

I think the picture of the two guys at the restaurant shows those hit men are working undercover now.

David in the tux--first and last time ever. He said he had never even worn a suit so this was a very special honor to have him agree to dress up and be a part of Kel and Crystal's wedding. The best part was- he did so with minimal grumbling.In the 2nd picture, looks as if he had a bit of a grimace-he was nervous but not nearly as nervous as Kel was.

Glad you are learning the "fix-it-up" business Rhonda. Maybe you can share your expertise with me. Hopefully, if I get over this sinus infection, I am going to clean out that old cement block building and see if it is worth the effort to repair it.

Lila, when does your class start? Maybe they will give you links to photo programs. I use Paint Shop Pro to resize my pics for posting and have another program from HP that I use to fix pictures. In the HP program, you could fix that photo that came out too dark by just clicking on a button "digital flash". Have fun with it.

The financial situation???? I think I will be o.k. as far as monthly income but the emergengy and fun money appears to have vanished into thin air-(guess it's out there with all of those e-mails and postings that have vanished). Maybe, some day, it will return-the shares are still there but just not worth much.

Keith and Bev-have you noticed that time passes even more quickly when you have the kids and grandkids with you? Kel's family lived with me for 13 months and now it seems to have been such a short time. Lindsey will be 6 months in a few days-times a flying.

Speaking of the little angel-she just woke up so I have to go.

B152         October 23, 2008
From: Keith
That was a good comparison, Linda, disappearing letter and disappearing finances. The letter is gone forever but hopefully the finances come back.

After taking all that medication I hope your ear is all better and the fair weather lingered so that you had a chance to get out there and enjoy it.

That look Dave had on his face in that second picture does not look like a grimace to me. I've seen it often and I think it showed up mostly when he's concentrating hard on something. Like if we were playing chess and it was his move in a tight game.

Yes, Linda I have noticed the time goes faster with the kids in my life on a daily basis. When you're having fun ...

I guess you weren't counting on Dave's love for old Bogart movies Lila when you said nobody else would know who we were talking about. I was surprised too. Since I've gone under cover I've been overlooking things like that a lot.

Have you already started those classes Lila?

B152         October 24, 2008
From: Bruce
Although I hadn't thought about it before, Keith's comment about Dave's expression in the picture reminded me that I had seen it before too. I agree it was an expression of concentration or resolve more than anything.

I recognize the name Ida Lupino, but I don't know anything about her. I'll have to find some old Bogey movies and check her out. Great name though. I like the way it rolls off the tongue.

I haven't heard of Neti Pot. An herb?

I feel sorry for one of my associates here. He bought a house about a year and a half ago. Paid about 300k then and it is worth nearer to 200k now. He hasn't technically lost anything, but it must be disheartening to see it drop like that. At least it's not a foreclosure like so many home around here are.

Not only is time fly'n but for those following the World Series, there is a fly'n Hawaiian on the Phillies. Sounds like it might be a good softball name for Dean. Don't know if he still flies around the bases in senior softball, but he had some pretty good wheels in his pre-senior days.

B152         October 25, 2008
From: Linda
A neti pot looks kind of like a tea pot. My little neti pot is bright blue plastic and holds 1 cup of water. I mix filtered water that has been warmed with a little packet of salt and soda and then comes the fun part. Dean was right when he told me that ocean water was really good to clean out your sinuses. Supposedly this neti mix is even better as it has a small amt of baking soda added and the mixture doesn't cause any irritation to the nasal passages. I hold my head over the sink -sort of tilt head to the side and with forehead slightly higher than chin and mouth open-place the little pot spout in one side of nose and pour. The solution comes out the other side of nose. Then you tilt your head to the other side and repeat the pouring.

I had heard of this neti pot and wondered if it really worked but was afraid to try it for fear of drowning myself. I am extremely afraid to have my head under water-so pouring water in my nose just didn't appeal to me. The NP prescribed it and said it would help prevent the frequent sinus and ear infections. I finally worked up the courage to do it-surprise- I didn't drown or even get choked and was actually quite soothing to my stuffy nose. This is suppose to wash the allergens/pollen/smoke out of the nasal passages before they can cause irritation and inflamation.

B152         October 25, 2008
From: Keith
Reading your description of the neti pot application gives me the desire to try it. If a person were to go to a drug store would he be apt to find it, or is it only available through the hospitals?

The housing crisis is very well represented in my neighborhood. At one time we had 14 abandoned homes with Bank Sale signs in a four block area. Most of them were purchased by illegals with no money down. One couple with three kids I really felt bad for actually put a nice size down payment and then when they got the house they completely redid the interior and spent a lot of money doing it. As the adjustable rate mortgage climbed they couldn't maintain the payments and are now renting an apartment.

I'm hoping they get to the bottom of the root cause of the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac collapse and prosecute the perpetrators if applicable. From what I've seen and heard it is fairly obvious what happened and the FBI is investigating but the investigation conclusions will not be known for a long while.

I think the public is being misled on this one so far, but we'll see.

B152         October 25, 2008
From: Linda
The neti pot is available at Walmart pharmacy-so probably will be in other pharmacies also. I had Kel get it for me when he picked up my prescription for antibiotics-don't know if it was on the shelf or behind the counter. You can also make your own solution-boiling the water and adding fine grain non-iodized salt and baking soda but I don't remember the receipe and the packets that come with the pot are very easy to use. I just use a cup of water from the Pur Filter jug and warm it for 20 seconds in the microwave-the NP said to not use cold water or it will give you a headache and make sure the water is not hot or it will scald the sensitive tissue in the nasal passages. I woke up this morning with a really bad sinus headache-used the neti pot-and the headache subsided.

This housing mess is very sad for many people-so many either losing their savings or their property. Okla has not had as many foreclosures as the other states and the economy was not too bad until the price of gas started dropping. The lower prices are great for most people but the news reports say it is going to be bad for Okla because we have so many oil businesses. The neighbor in the mansion across the road from us has had his place for sale for the past year-he is asking 3.4 million.

The lightning strike to Kel's house was a blessing in disguise. The electrician found out that the builder had not wired the house safely-this thing has been ongoing since July and still has not been fixed by the builder. Kel was finally able to talk a state inspector into getting involved. A meeting was set up at Kel's house for the electrician ,state inspector, the builder and Kel. The builder didn't show up and that really ruffled the inspector so he scheduled another meeting and said if the builder didn't show for this meeting then he would be supeoned
to the state inspector's office in OK City. He did show up and is to fix the problems and be in contact every week with the inspector to let him know what the progress is.

The bank was more than happy to give Kel a loan to have the house built and approved the builder. The bank sent out their inspector after each building phase was completed and before giving the builder money for the next phase. We thought the inspector from the bank was also checking to see that building codes were being adhered to--but not. The builder had hired a subcontractor to do the electrical and plumbing and the guy didn't have a license for either. So--I figured if the electrical wasn't right, the plumbing may not be also. Kel and I dug a hole at the main water line and discovered the pipe ditch was only 12 inches deep and the pipe just covered with 6 inches of dirt(supposed to be at least 18 inches underground for OKla). That is another problem for another State inspector. Winter is fast approaching and I just hope the problems get fixed before we have freezing weather.

So we have been having our own little crisis here in addition to the larger housing and finance crisis. Also, I was still ill this past week but taking care of Lindsey and she came down with a stomach virus. I went with Crystal to take the baby to her peditrician in Tulsa because Kel couldn't miss the meeting about the house stuff. Poor little tyke was spewing at both ends- I took care of her in the back seat of the car so Crystal could just concentrate on driving and not worry about Lindsey aspirating. She is doing better now and we three big people have been able to get a little much needed sleep. So far, Logan has not caught the virus.

One last note-I am so tired of being phoned several times each day by the pollers. I finally caught one that was not a recording and told him I was on the "no call list" and he said that didn't pertain to politicians and the calls would decrease after Nov 4. I will be happy when the elections are over but have lost hope that either candidate is going to improve the mess we are in.

B152         October 27, 2008
From: Dean
Wow, I am surprised about Linda & Kel's experience with shoddy workmanship. When we had the pool built, the inspector was out at every step of the way and had to sign off on the electrical & plumbing before anything could be buried or covered up. Guess they do things a bit dirrently out in OK.

"Flyin Hawaiian" on the Phillies eh? Was not aware, as have not watched any of the games. Still enjoy playing ball. However, the 53 year-old hamstrings remind me that I am no longer 20 something.

We drove up to Tahoe yesterday to visit Ian. He is renting a room (via Craig's List) and attending South Lake Tahoe CC. Andy now wants to transfer up there next semester, and Max is considering the same when he graduates from HS next year. Next September we will have all 4 kids in College...yikes!

B152         November 1, 2008
From: Bruce
I looked at a video demonstration of the neti pot. It did look a little strange to see that water flowing in one nostril and out the other. I'm wondering if that would help with sinusitis like I have. Maybe I'll give it a try.

Kel's building experience sounds like quite an ordeal. Sometimes you just have to persevere and eventually get to where you need to be. I remember the stress of having subcontractors doing their thing, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. After a while you just accept the process. That said, we need a lot of work on our place here, more aesthetic than functional, but the thought of dealing with people working inside our house is challenging. Kathy said, let's just do the outside for now. That is fine with me and much less stressful.

From what I read, Hawaii was behind native son Shane Victorino in the World Series. Now he must be the conquering hero since the Phillies took the series.

Tahoe sounds like a great place to go to college. I didn't know they had a college up there. Is that in California?

The race for prez is so one sided here (Obama by a landslide) that fortunately we haven't been subject to the onslaught of TV ads. Obama must have more money than he knows how to spend though since there have been a couple of his ads that I have seen. I have heard that he is flying people out to Indiana from California just to work on the campaign.

Nice picture Dean posted. That must have been 2006?

Hasta la vista.

B152         November 8, 2008
From: Linda
That is a beautiful picture Dean posted-just beautiful! The trees in the background makes it look like Colorado mountain area.

Yes, Dean, I do think they do things differently in Okla-at least in rural areas. That is one reason why Kel doesn't like living here. Even in Tulsa, they have strict building codes to follow.
Here in Muskogee county, we just have low standards and corrupt politicians and office holders. Yesterday's newspaper had stories about the Feds taking over embezzlement case against former county employee and news about the trial for former state Auditor and his wife on conspiracy and bribery charges.

Still no work has been done to correct Kel's problems-the builder's insurance company still hasn't decided if they have to pay or can get out of it.

I am waiting for the boys (Ken & Kel) to get here today to help me with some heavy work. I rented a disposal bin and we are going to tear a tool shed off the back of the house (David built it in '91 and it is coming unattached from the house). Also, planning to take down the 1 car garage (it also is falling apart). When that garage goes then I will be able to see the cabin and Secret Garden from my office windows. Speaking of windows--I didn't realize there were so many in the house until I started closing all the blinds at dusk and raising them all each morning. David always did this routine and when the Kids were living here -I just took care of my bedroom blinds. I have 20 windows with blinds and 3 more that need blinds-guess that's my daily stretching exercises.

Bruce and Kathy, have you started the work on your house yet? I wanted to start my projects earlier but had to wait for cold weather so the wasps wouldn't be such a bother. I have noticed this fall many more than usual wasps-especially around the outside doors. The only chemical free solution I found was to hang a brown paper lunch sack filled with wadded newspaper in the middle of the back porch. This helped quite a bit-only one or two brave enough to approach the fake nest.

Tahoe college sounds like the ultimate dream-especially with having family members together.

The housing foreclosures have had one positive effect-Aimee and Sam were able to purchase a foreclosed home for a great deal. Aimee phoned me Thursday night and was so excited. I can't believe our little girl is all grown up now. She is still in college, working, planning a wedding and buying a new home.

Lila and Elaine, are you still out there? Miss hearing from you. Are you two well? Has Elaine gone to her 3 day work week now?

Kirk and Sindee, are you guys still in Ft. Smith?
Did the boys receive their birthday cards? Has Kirk done any work on the old farmer's pickup truck?

Keith and Bruce-did you get the neti pot? It really has helped my frequent sinus problems. I hope it keeps helping once I start up the pellet stove. I tried to clean up the stove last week and the dampers were rusted shut-so had to have the hardware store take it in for repair. So nice-to have small town service. They came out and hauled it in to the store to work on it so it wouldn't make a mess in the house. The young man, that David was so fond of, returned the stove yesterday and went over the operating instructions with me again. The pellet stove was David's baby and he did all of the routine cleaning of it. We didn't use the stove last year because needed to keep the entire house warm for the kids. I can't afford those high gas bills this year so will use the stove and looking forward to it's warmth this year. So far, have been keeping thermostat at 68 and dressing warmer.
Have to up the thermostat when Lindsey is here but tomorrow will start up the stove and that will keep us comfortable in the living room.

Guess I better sign off for now and get bundled up to work outside.

B152         November 8, 2008
From: Keith
Linda, I did buy and use the neti pot. After I got it home I read the instructions and was surprised to see a little entry on there describing the pot as the less effective alternative treatment. It said the most effective treatment is the squeeze bottle system. I saw the squeeze bottle on the shelf and it was $5 cheaper. However the pot came with a coupon I can send in and request a free squeeze bottle.

Anyway I did use it. I didn't feel any immediate relief but a few hours later it did seem to have helped. When I get my squeeze bottle in the mail I'll let you know if it is more effective.

B152         November 8, 2008
From: Linda
Glad you tried the neti pot,Keith. I think the NP just wanted me to use the pot and not the squeeze bottle because my ear drums were bulging and she was afraid the left one was about to rupture.

Ken, Kel, and Sherry did an awesome job today. They started work at 11:30 and are now finished. The garage frame was still sturdy, so we left it up and I will put lattice on the sides and metal roofing on top. The little shed is now off the back of the house and I can see to the garden from the kitchen window and the office windows.
It was a good thing we waited for cold weather-there was hundreds of yellow jackets and red wasps under the siding and shingles of the garage.

B152         November 11, 2008
From: Keith
Linda, I'm glad I tried the pot too. I actually enjoy the feeling of that mixture rolling through the nostrils. We old folk have to take our pleasure where we find it. I'm going to do it every three days seasonally and see if it keeps me clear.

I saw an article in the neti-pot box about the advantages/disadvantages between the pot/bottle. It confirmed what you said concerning the NP having you use the pot. It warned against using the bottle if you can not handle the pressure in your nasal passage.

In a little over 2 months from now we'll be inaugurating a new president. I find it amazing that people spend millions of dollars and innumerable hours of their time to get a job that allows them to suffer humiliation, slander and horrible caricatures in political cartoons for four years and then they go back for four more. At first I thought they may cut the first black president some slack, wrong! I love those ears.

If the U.S. is not unique in that regard, at least I think we are the most extreme.

B152         November 14, 2008
From: lila
OMG---The comcast guys just left, and we now have a wireless connection (I think Floy has it on her laptop, actually I know she has it in my house- hope she has it in her house). I'm sure being on the computer will be a much more pleasant experience now.

Appreciate your comments on the presidential process, PK. I am still in awe that the American people elected a black man as president. Surprised myself, as I watched on Tues night, I found it to be an emotional evening. My head would say....I wish Mom was here with me, and then it would say....I wonder what Nat would have to say about all this?

BL, I know there is something I was suppose to talk to you about---hope it comes back to me. Is there something you have been waiting to hear about from me? Sort of a joke, but sort of serious :-)

Elaine is using the neti-pot, too. She has been up and down with colds and/or allergies. She is now working only 3 days a week.

I love the picture Dean posted, too. That was our last visit with David---2005, I think?

Dan, Ginna, and Anthony Paul are coming to Sac. on Jan. 29th. On Saturday the 31st Dean and Steph have offered their home for a family pot luck get-together...late lunch. Starting between noon and one. So mark your calenders, and I will bring it up again. Have you been working on your trip out here, Rhonda? Would be great if those dates work for you. Let us know as soon as you have your dates.

I have been down for awhile now---been going to my NP, but am starting to accept that it is just allergy stuff (affects my breathing)and old age, and to just live with it. I am making a Thanksgiving resolution to get myself on the computer and this page more regularly than I have been doing. I do appreciate reading all of your entries, and this fine page very much---know that even when I am down, and don't write---I have read!

B152         November 17, 2008
From: Linda
Glad you have wireless internet now, Lila. Have you had time to play with it and do you like it better? I hope Elaine will join our conversations on this page-now that she has a couple of extra days off work.

My weeks fly by so fast now and I look forward to the weekends that are warm and dry enough to allow me some outdoor time. I think I am going to request a stroller from the kids-so I can at least get outside with Lindsey for a few minutes when the weather is nice. I am afraid to just carry her outside-fearful that I will fall down with her in my arms. It is rather stressful now being inside all week. The sun goes down about 30 minutes after Lindsey goes home-so no time for yard work. I did enjoy working outside Sunday afternoon. I mowed about half of the acerage and would have mowed more but my front tire picked up a 2 inch thorn and went flat. After the riding mower was disabled, I resorted to the push mower to mulch the leaves that I had raked away from the fences.

I am looking forward to the inauguration and hoping we will see some positive changes. I like his ears too and I like to hear his voice. The new First Family seems very refreshing.

Have you tried the netti pot, Lila? It is supposed to help with allergies. After I mowed those leaves and dirt on Sunday, I came in and did the netti pot thing and was able to sleep with no breathing problems.

Now I have wasp problems-caught 15 yellow jackets in the house today and 2 red wasps. I don't know where they are getting in-all windows and doors tightly closed and still they keep coming. It is getting eerie.

B152         November 17, 2008
From: Keith
Congratulations Lila. I remember how good it felt when I was finally able to get the high speed. Such a difference.

If you think your problem is sinus why don't you try the Neti Pot? If it looks too freaky, don't be fooled by that, it is not at all troublesome.

I think Mom would have been very pleased with the election results and though it seems I remember Nat saying he had never voted(true?), I think he would have voted this time.

If you're on there Floy, Congratulations on starting your three day work-week. Working toward your retirement in increments. Three days, two days, one day, blast off!!

I decided not to do the Medi-Benefits program. It's too much studying and I'm just too old for that kind of stuff. At least that's the way I'm feeling today, may change my mind tomorrow.

The 31st of January will be here before we know it; looking forward to seeing everybody. Hope you make it Rhonda and bring Tim and the Kirk/Sindee household.

B152         November 17, 2008
From: Keith
Linda, we did it again. How uncanny; I think that's four times now. I just punched my comment in and went out and back in to see that it had posted and you had slipped in there again. What are the odds?

B152         November 18, 2008
From: lila
Yes, having wireless is good. I am taking the class, but it is not what I thought it was---we do not even go on line. Oh well, I will finish. I'm sure I will learn something. Not sure if I will even attempt the next classes---just don't find the "class" setting very satisfying.

I meant to mention, before, that 11/13 would have been Dad's 100th birthday. Gives me a bit of a different perspective on time and age.

Had a real nice visit with Ruth today. Her new set up is working real well. Her worker was sick one day, and the company set another worker. No stress for Ruth or Jerry---Ruth is covered every day except for Tuesday, and I am trying to cover Tuesdays. And of course Ruth insists she can handle one day a week on her own. Most likely she can---probably welcomes it.

I have used the Neti Pot in the past. Perhaps I'll give Elaine's a try--I have no idea if I have sinus problems or not. I am feeling thankful that I am feeling an upswing these past few days. I'll take all the natural "ups" that come to me.

Nat never did vote, and I would be surprised if he would have voted this time. But....Micah did vote; he actually did it:-). Yes!

B152         November 21, 2008
From: Bruce
Ruth is amazing. That was a good picture of her with Lila a while back. She seems to have rebounded nicely.

Now with the high-speed wireless Internet Lila should be able to upload pictures. Lila, I don't remember if there was something you were supposed to get back to me about.

Wow, that 100 year mark for Dad really snuck up on me. 1908 always seemed like ancient history to me but a 100 years just doesn't seem possible.

I haven't tried the neti pot yet. Things have dried out here so my sinuses aren't too bad right now. I'll get one if I remember to look for it, . . at a drugstore?

B152         November 23, 2008
From: Keith
I am glad to hear your swing is on the upward side these days, Lila. Hope it stays up there.

I got my neti squeeze bottle in the mail and just got through using it. I like it better than the pot. I got through it much more quickly and was amazed that immediately afterward I began to feel younger and smarter. I think I'm also starting to grow hair on the top of my head! Wish I'd have found out about this years ago. Whether it helps with the sinuses, I don't know, seems to.

It was nice to see the stock market shoot up at the naming of the new Treasury Secretary. That was a major concern since he'll have all those remaining billions to be used at his discretion.

It would be so delightful if our President-Elect gets the economy back on track and the January stimulus package contributes to its success. Not too comfortable with this socialistic trend we're in, but what are you going to do?

Bruce, I got my neti pot at Longs Drugs and it came with 50 premixed packets. It included a form to fill out requesting the (free) squeeze bottle which it says is the most effective method and as you can see from the above I agree with that.

Linda, did you find where those yellow-jackets are getting in? I guess that's one good thing about the freeze, it eliminates them for the season; I read they all die except for the queen. She must get lonely.

B152         November 25, 2008
From: Rhonda
Wow, a lot of talk about sinuses.hehe I hope I don't end up with allergies and sinus problems. Every once in a while I get a sinus headache (yuk)
We are doing fine here. Aimee and Sam are still planning to marry on May 15th. As Linda wrote, Aimee and Sam have bought a house and just got moved in last weekend. It is really nice and in a wonderful neighborhood. It's 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 gar garage. It's 1,800 square feet. and has a huge fenced in back yard. The master bathroom needs to be finished (comode, shower, sink, vanity,flooring) and it needs some touch ups; otherwise it is in great condition. The bank was asking $90,000 for it, but took $87,000. She is so happy.
Sam's birthday was Nov.19th, twelve days after Kirk's. It seems imposible to think that Grand-dad would have been 100 years old.
Lila, I really want to make a trip to Ca. I still don't know when it will be. I will check into it and let you know.
Well, better get moving. later

B152         November 26, 2008
From: lila
Happy Thanksgiving to all. The time to pause and say a few thank you(s) for the goodness in our life's. We all do have much to be grateful for. As starters, we have each other. Thank you all.

So happy for Aimee and Sam---their house sounds lovely. A happy way to start ones life's together.
Looking forward to your trip out here, Rhonda. Just keep us posted. Would be way cool if Kirk & family could make it out at the same time.

I am having no luck trying to send pictures anywhere on the computer. I can go to Walgreens and make prints when someone sends me a disc, and I can mail pictures in an enevelope----Sigh.......

B152         November 26, 2008
From: Linda
A very happy Thanksgiving to everyone-I am so thankful to have all of you in my life!

Yes, Keith, I am thankful for the freeze too. Still catching 2-3 yellowjackets a day but they are becoming more lethargic and not dive bombing me. I think (but won't know for sure until I climb in the top of the closet)-that they are coming in around the return air duct. The duct comes up through the floor and goes into the attic
and is enclosed in the closet.

I kept Lindsey and Logan this past week end and was totally exhausted but emotionally satisfied.
The past 3 days have been spent outside-patching the 4x8 foot hole in the siding on back of house-where we tore down the old tool shed. I squared up the hole, insulated and caulked, put up new siding and painted it.

Thursday will be a day of rest. Love y'all. By the way, did you hear the talk where Obama said "y'all"

B152         November 27, 2008
From: George and Abraham

Thanksgiving Day Proclamation
By the President of the United States of America
October 3rd, 1789

As President, on October 3rd 1789, George Washington stated the following proclamation and created the first Thanksgiving Day designated by the national government of the United States of America:

" Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor, and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me "to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.
Now therefore I do recommend and assign Thursday the 26th day of November next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be. That we may then all unite in rendering unto him our sincere and humble thanks, for his kind care and protection of the People of this Country previous to their becoming a Nation, for the signal and manifold mercies, and the favorable interpositions of his providence, which we experienced in the course and conclusion of the late war, for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty, which we have since enjoyed, for the peaceable and rational manner, in which we have been enabled to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national One now lately instituted, for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed; and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and in general for all the great and various favors which he hath been pleased to confer upon us.

And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech him to pardon our national and other transgressions, to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually, to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed, to protect and guide all Sovereigns and Nations (especially such as have shown kindness unto us) and to bless them with good government, peace, and concord. To promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and Us, and generally to grant unto all Mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as he alone knows to be best.

Given under my hand at the City of New York the third day of October in the year of our Lord 1789.

By the President of the United States of America.
A Proclamation.
The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature, that they cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever watchful providence of Almighty God. In the midst of a civil war of unequaled magnitude and severity, which has sometimes seemed to foreign States to invite and to provoke their aggression, peace has been preserved with all nations, order has been maintained, the laws have been respected and obeyed, and harmony has prevailed everywhere except in the theatre of military conflict; while that theatre has been greatly contracted by the advancing armies and navies of the Union. Needful diversions of wealth and of strength from the fields of peaceful industry to the national defence have not arrested the plough, the shuttle or the ship; the axe has enlarged the borders of our settlements, and the mines, as well of iron and coal as of the precious metals, have yielded even more abundantly than heretofore. Population has steadily increased, notwithstanding the waste that has been made in the camp, the siege and the battle-field; and the country, rejoicing in the consiousness of augmented strength and vigor, is permitted to expect continuance of years with large increase of freedom. No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy. It has seemed to me fit and proper that they should be solemnly, reverently and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one voice by the whole American People. I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens. And I recommend to them that while offering up the ascriptions justly due to Him for such singular deliverances and blessings, they do also, with humble penitence for our national perverseness and disobedience, commend to His tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in which we are unavoidably engaged, and fervently implore the interposition of the Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may be consistent with the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquillity and Union.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States to be affixed.
Done at the City of Washington, this Third day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and of the Independence of the Unites States the Eighty-eighth.
By the President: Abraham Lincoln

B152         December 3, 2008
From: Elaine
Thanks to Lila, I am now able to be on line on my own computer in my own home. The library experience was not what I had hoped it would be. I am very impressed with the ease of high speed. Though, I admitt I still find myself reluctant to spend so much time at the computer. This is only my second attempt since the high speed has entered the scene. Was happy to hear all the family news and catch up with everyone. I was a bit puzzled by the George and Abraham entry and thought I had gotten on the wrong site. But I guess I am learning perseverence and patience, cause here I am.
Yes, I am now only working three days a week. It is wonderful, fabulous, delightful. I have energy to have a bit more of a life. But it may not be enough! I was attacked by a patient last week. Got some bruises and a scratch and my glasses needed fixing. It was shocking and I didn't react quickly enough to get out of harms way. So now I am not feeling confident that I can do better if it were to happen again. Of course, the odds are....well I don't know what the odds are; but this is the first time in three years. Still, it is a very stressful environment. Maybe time to get out the netti pot again. Aloha Y'all

B152         December 3, 2008
From: Keith
Elaine I am glad to hear you are so tickled; both with the 3-day work week and the high speed 'net. That is scary about that attack. I can understand your reservations. I liked your line about the "odds are."

Were you confused by George and Abraham because when you first looked you didn't recognize the names? Who are those guys anyway? Sorry about that. I am responsible for their intrusion. I invited them in and felt it would be appropriate since it was Thanksgiving Day and thought it would be nice to read what they had to say in their Thanksgiving proclamations from so many years ago. I know they were lengthy I hope nobody was troubled by them.

You and I have something in common. We are both working 3-day weeks now. I will be working M-W 4 pm to 8 pm. Don't know how long it will last, it is a sales job, but the commission is very good so I'm giving it a try.

Lila, thanks for your consistent Thanksgiving optimism and show of gratitude, it is nice.

Linda, every time I read one of your posts my muscles ache just thinking about all the work you do. How are your muscles holding up?

Rhonda, that sounds like a real nice start for Sam and Aimee. There are plenty of houses out here in that same price range. Two or three years ago they were going 300% to 400% higher. Same out there? Wish I had some extra cash to swoop one or two of them. They may never get back to where they were but I don't have much doubt they will go up sharply before too long. Never know though and that's the catch.

Was anybody else out there thrown off by G and A? I noticed it went blank for a long time.

B152         December 6, 2008
From: Bruce
Elaine, that is shocking to hear that you got attacked by a patient. It does seem like the odds would be pretty low that it would happen again.

Congratulations to Aimee and Sam. Getting a house is always a big thrill. Hope they make a lot of great memories there.

I didn't hear the y'all statement from Obama. What was the context?

Kathy and I went to Tahoe last week. It was nice and sunny. We could walk around with only sweaters. There were people riding the lifts up for snowboarding, although we didn't see much snow.

B152         December 9, 2008
From: Linda
So glad to hear from you, Elaine-I missed you. I need to work more on my perseverence and patience.
I wrote to this page last night but forgot to hit the submit button before the exit button-so all was lost including my patience. Sorry to hear about your attack and I do understand how you feel about the confidence issue. Your confidence will return. It is just really sad when you realize that you can never let your guard down. At least now it is only 3 days/week and you went 3 years of full time before it happened-so that should increase the odds of it not happening again.

Bruce and Kathy-Glad you were able to go to Tahoe. I have found memories of our trip there with you. As to Obama's talk with the "y'all" statement, I don't remember the context. I just heard him say "y'all" and thought that was so cool and then I couldn't remember anything else he said.

Keith-my muscles are getting stronger from the physical work. I still have some aches and pains for a few days after but just mostly in my hip and knee. Especially yesterday, with the knee, after I climbed the ladder to look on the roof for any limbs or piles of leaves and then cleaned the gutters while I was up there.

The past week end was lovely in the afternoons and I was able to be outside several hours each day-had to winterize the mowers and clean the garage so now I can once again get the car in the garage.

Lila-I know you must be anxious for January family time. If Danny and family want to see snow-they could come here. Yesterday the temp was 64 and balmy and now is 32 and dropping with sleet now and snow flurries for later tonight. Are you still going to Ruth's on Tuesdays? Aunt Dottie is just about as determined as Ruth. We went to Vinita to bring her here for Thanksgiving and she is still going strong but does appear more frail than even 3 months ago. She informed me she will be 88 in May (I thought she was going to be 87).

Rhonda- are you going to help Sam and Aimee with the touch ups on their house? It was so good to hear from Aimee and hear the excitement in her voice. Tell her to take lots of pictures of the house now, so later they will have before and after pictures to jog their memories.

Dean and Steph and family- I think of you often. I have the family picture sitting here by the computer.It is great to look at the family in front of the ocean with toes in the sand while I sit here with my now cold toes.

Keith, I almost forgot, I did enjoy reading the Thanksgiving Day proclamations. I was confused at first and thought "oh, oh, one of Bruce's lurkers has made a guest appearance".

I just found out that my digital TV converter boxes do work. One of the local Tulsa TV stations
just did a trial run for 10 minutes and I received a good picture. I still have the old (very, very old) antenna that was present when David and I moved here. It is rusty and the wire hits the window when the wind blows-but it still works. The TV's are both very old and have small screens but they still work.

I liked the picture with the peace sign-did take me a minute to figure it out.

B152         December 9, 2008
From: Linda
oops! The found memories were also fond ones.

B152         December 15, 2008
From: lila
A couple of months ago I joined Netflix--2 movies a month for 5 bucks. Suits me well. Then Netflix started offering me a free "instant" movie (on the computer)a month too. I tried to do it, but nothing.I started playing with it tonight, and lo and behold: I just watched a movie on my computer. I am thinking I can do it now because I have the wireless connection.......nice. This is a strange new world....and I am a part of it:>)
I have been doing a bunch of doctor stuff. I finally scheduled to do that colostomy (sp?) thing. Will do it next month. I have resisted for a long time---told my doctor I will do it (fully not expecting anything to show up), and that will be it---never again. Gads, I feel like backing out. Then I started seeing flashing white lights. Seems that I strained my eyes--it was feared a detached retina was the cause, but no, inside my eyes are fine. Have eye drops, and was told not to do anything strenuous for at least 3 months. Had all the blood work stuff done. Was all good. The only place I did not do well was the breathing test. Now the doctor is thinking I don't get enough oxygen when I sleep--another test coming up. Sounds strange to me---feel a bit silly about it. But over-all I am satisfied with the results, and the docs. This 73 year old body is doing pretty okay. I have definately received the message, my body is slowing down, and I need to accomadate it. Big Sigh.

B152         December 17, 2008
From: Elaine
Lila, Did you put in the upside down dog? Is it Poppy?

Cold and cruel that is the winter weather to me. I just got a popup saying that my connection is very low. So I guess I better get this finished up before???? Anyway, I have been back to work and carrying on, but I'm thinking I need to find other means very, very soon. PK, your situation sounds good. Hope the wasp problem has been resolved Linda. I have a similar problem with ants.

B152         December 18, 2008
From: lila
No, that is not Poppy. It is Wendy--taken on Thanksgiving day. Wendy & Poppy do look alike, especially up side down. I did not mention the picture, because I did not think I could actually send it on our page. Just gave it a whirl. I will try again, hopefully I can remember how I did it!

B152         December 18, 2008
From: Linda
Great picture of Wendy! Good for you Lila-glad you are now able to post pictures. And you are watching movies on the computer. I have not done that yet. Sounds like the docs are giving you a thorough check up. It is good you are happy with the docs-I think you probably have much better health care in CA than we do in OK. I only had one NP that wanted me to have a colonoscopy and then he was dropped from my insurance. I know I should have it done but just haven't followed up on it. Let us know how you do with it and maybe I will work up the courage to do it. Good that they are checking your night time oxygen level. If you aren't getting enough O2 at night, that would certainly explain your periods of tiredness.

Elaine, the yellow jackets have slowed down but still finding a few-had one this morning in the kitchen floor but it was really lethargic. I am surprised any are still alive after our freezing weather. Sunday was a beautiful day with crazy weather. We set a new record high temp of 75 (the yellow jackets were active outside) then at 6 pm, the Blue Northern hit and the temp dropped 50 degrees in 5 hours. The north sky had turned a very dark blue color about 4pm, so I knew it was coming. The wind had been very strong from the south with gusts up to 40 mph. When the Blue Northern hit, the wind suddendly changed from the south to the north and the change caused our ears to pop and our noses to immediately become stuffy (maybe there was a pressure change also). Then , just over Muskogee and Fort Gibson, a big thunderstorm erupted. I don't know how the indians ever survived this crazy OK weather-maybe they were able to predict the weather changes better than our weather people do now.

Elaine, what kind of job are you going to search for? It makes my stomach do fip flops to think about job hunting.

Kel is not very sure of his job and one of the supervisors told him that his job will be outsourced next year (hope Obama puts an end to all of the outsourcing). One of Kel's options is to move to Boulder, CO and the other is to take a different position with a salary cut and have to drive to Tulsa every day. I am trying not to even think about him (and my babies) having to move.

B152         December 18, 2008
From: lila
Opps, will try again

B152         December 18, 2008
From: lila

B152         December 18, 2008
From: lila
I just can not get the picture small enough to be accepted. I did it with Wendy--How???
I am going to try sending one of Autumn that I think I made small all ready.
I do believe when I did Wen I made it 50%, & 50% again, & then 20%. As you see I tried it 3 times. This is #4---do believe this is a small, so I won't have to mess with the % thing.
Any suggestions or ideas on what I am doing wrong anyone?

B152         December 19, 2008
From: rhonda
Hi everyone,

It's hard to believe, for me anyway, I lost my job 2 days ago. I refused to sign a write-up against me, it was based on lies, the manager didn't want to hear the truth, so I am without a job. He let me go. To try and make a long 8 month story short, I was the victim of office bullying and harrassment. I had one other therapist (co-worker) that previously to my hire was written up for harrassment. She harrassed the therapist before me, but for some reason is still working there. She didn't like me from the very beginning and turned two of the customer service reps. against me. It has been three against one from the beginning, but I was determined that they were not going to run me out. I enjoyed the duties I was doing. We had been without a manager almost the entire time I was there. The Regional manager was suppose to take care of issues. He always would say to me when I complained. "You worry to much", "just womans drama" It went as far as them setting me up to fail. The final for me was they had set me up with the wrong paper work. I comfronted them about it, called the Regional manager, and documented it. The regional manager told me not to worry, no big deal. Then 2 days later he informs me that they said I yelled at them, which was a lie, so he was writting me up. I refused to sign and now I am without a job. Had to go to the Unemployment office for the first time in my life. I really would like to do something to put a stop to what is happening over there. It's not just happening to me, but I don't even know where to begin. There has also been affairs take place in that office, and I didn't want to be a part of that. Unbelievable!!!!

Love looking at the pictures on-line.

Lila, I know that it's hard to imagine wearing oxygen, but it's so vital to do so when you are not getting enough to your organs. The brain, heart, kidneys are so effected when they are deprived of o2. It's a great preventitive of other major health issues. Hopefully, when you are tested, you will not have a drop in oxygen, but if you do, please consider wearing it.

I won't be taking any trips soon, but I am hoping to come to CA. in the summer. Maybe Linda can make the trip with me. I'd love to have time to sit and visit with y'all.

Well, going to end this.

B152         December 19, 2008
From: Bruce
Wow Rhonda, that sounds really frustrating to have to go through such an ordeal at your workplace. I don't know much about it, but there are attorneys that deal with such matters in "Employment Law." Hope it works out for you.

I'm feeling good today; now that this week is over. I seldom have stressful weeks but I had several hearings and one big one, along with a web presentation. Now I can relax for the weekend.

Have to give Lila props for getting the pics up on the web. I also thought of Poppy when I first saw that shot of Wendy. She looks bigger when she is upside-down.

The only bit of advice I can think of that might help with the posting of web pictures is to check the size of the pictures in kilobytes, usually abbreviated as K or KB, like 20K or 30KB. The Family Page will now take pictures up to 60KB. For example if you go down to the picture of Autumn, you can right-click on it. Then click on "Properties." When I do that I get a some information that says "Size of File: 25.19 KB (25798 bytes)." So if you can do something similar when you are resizing your picture you will know how much you have to reduce it. Hope that helps.

B152         December 19, 2008
From: Bruce
When I checked the file size in Internet Explorer it didn't have the size in KB, only 25798 bytes, but that would be the same as 25.798 KB. Anyway, once they are under 60 KB or 60,000 bytes, they are OK.

B152         December 20, 2008
From: Keith
Rhonda, that is terrible what you went through. I think you should consult with an attorney, like Bruce mentioned, one that specializes in Employment Law. Since you have documented that situation with the wrong paperwork and you know at least one other employee (the therapist that went before you) that suffered the "bullying" treatment; I would think you have a good case. If you don't get your job back maybe there would at least be a settlement of some sort.

When you said you went to the "Unemployment Office," was that to draw unemployment insurance, or just to help you find another job?

I wouldn't think you'd be out of work long with your resume. I'm praying and believing that it will all work together for your good in the end.

Elaine, I hope you're able to find satisfying employment soon. I know you were not too happy with that job before the incident, now going to work must be that much harder. My sales job didn't last very long. It could have been a good job and it certainly offered a chance to make a lot of money but going door to door is tough and there was another main downside to it that made me decide to drop it. I have an interview in January with a rain gutter company, it is a sales position too but it will be responding to leads that they receive from their advertising--a whole different concept of sales from going D to D.

Lila, glad to hear your 73 year old body is doing pretty ok and congrats on your accomplishments of dog and cat picture posting. You make me think I should give it a try, but I really don't want to so I guess I won't. I knew that was Wendy right away, but I wasn't very familiar with Poppy so was less apt to be confused by her similarity.

Bruce, glad to hear your stressful days are behind you and you're feeling good about it, at least for a season.

Linda, I'm sorry to hear about Kel's job uncertainty and I pray something comes up to alter the proposed job outsourcing. Such a shame if they have to move now after all the work of building the house and moving, etc. And a special shame for you, losing your family's closeness, I can relate to that one. The only real reason we stay in Sac is because of family.

B152         December 22, 2008
From: lila
Rhonda, sorry to read of your work situation. Hopefully, it will all work out satisfactorily for you. Very stressful, I'm sure. I have found that when I have a serious problem---I need to do what needs to be done (take the steps), and then let it go, and trust in the outcome.

I woke up this a.m. with no phone service. Called repair (from Elaine's phone), never spoke to a "person"---just pushed buttons. Now I can not leave the house this morning, because the message AT&T gave me is that a repair person will be here today between 8 & 8. I am so irritated--but right now I shall change my attitude, and appreciate the fact that I will be home all day, staying nice and warm, and doing what needs doing around here....Sigh. OMG, I just discovered that my cell phone is not working either.....what is going on?

Thanks for the info, BL. I shall give it a try.

Thinking about each of you as this year comes to an end. Wishing all a peaceful holiday filled with love. May 2009 be a good year for all.

B152         December 22, 2008
From: lila
Well, as you can see, I sent 2 of the same picture. I had made that picture smaller the other day, and it was not accepted---said it was too large. Perhaps I should have waited a while before trying to send it, because it went through just fine this time. The thing is I never know if the picture goes through until I go completely out of the family discussion page, and then go back to read the postings. Two is better than none....right? I can help you give it a try, PK ----that is a joke

B152         December 22, 2008
From: lila
I meant to try again

B152         December 22, 2008
From: Bruce
One thing I just thought of: When you resize a picture it sometimes helps to give it a different name when you save it. I don't know why but it seems to confuse the system to leave it with the same name. So if you save autumn.jpg after resizing it, save it as autumn2.jpg. I know - this is getting weird but . .

B152         December 23, 2008
From: Linda
Hoping and praying for a peaceful 2009 and a solution to problems.

I appreciate the phone call from Lila on Sunday night-I guess we talked so long that the phones went into a rest period?

Also appreciate the visit from Rhonda on Monday! I am hoping all turns out well for you, Rhonda.

Wishing each of you a happy holiday and much love.

Pics of Lindsey. The one in pink was taken by Logan.

B152         December 23, 2008
From: Linda
One more lapse of memory. I had my calendar marked and forgot to look at the calendar. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Keith. Love you!

B152         December 24, 2008
From: Keith
Merry Christmas to all!!

Thank you for the birthday wish Linda. Nice pictures, looks like Logan is an adept shutter bug.

I got a video camera from Bev and it is a very technical piece of work, which would be fine, but I'm not a very technical type of person so I'll probably have to read the book three times at least. Maybe after that I'll be able to post pictures. It comes with a TV and Internet connection, but I don't know if that will make it any easier. If I struggle with it I know I can count on you, Lila, to hep me out, right? That's what you meant by helping me try again, I think. And thanks Lila for the delightful B-Day card.

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas day and consider the reason for the season.

B152         December 31, 2008
From: lila
Today is overcast/foggy, and cold. A good day to stay inside. Christmas was a beautiful day here, inside and out. We enjoyed a lovely visit with Steph, Dean, and Roxy. I was totally full and satisfied (physically, mentally, and spiritually)
as, I believe, all were. Even all dogs were smiling (kitties, not so much).

The next time you come up, bring your camera, PK. We can compare and share what we know. I don't know a lot!

Love the Lindsey pictures, Linda. The picture Logan took is so precious---Lindsey is so precious!
You are right, BL, posting/picture is weird. I will give it another try, but I don't have a lot of confidence in success. My computer is weird. Notice the "a" I inserted above? For some reason I cannot insert it where it belongs. Something I did, I'm sure. Have no idea what it was. If no picture comes through you will know I tried, but..

B152         January 2, 2009
From: Linda
Happy New Year!
I actually cooked Christmas Eve dinnner or Kel and family and Aunt Dottie. I even tried a new receipe which Crystal, Logan and I all liked but Kel preferred the turkey breast. We had to hurry a bit on Christmas morning to get Aunt Dottie down to my brother's house and then make the drive to Kel's Aunt and Uncle's home (a 2 hour drive).That was a nice visit with ex-relatives and my ex-husband managed to be polite for the day.

New Years Eve, Logan spent the night with me and we did stay up until midnight to "watch the ball drop". During the evening, he kept me greatly entertained and even amazed. He showed me a new web site that has a blank map of the United States
and a game that he had played only 2 times before.
The game puts up a random name of a State and then the shape of the state and he clicks and drops the State in it's proper place in the blank outline of the U.S.A.-very impressive that he dropped the first state in it's exact location and continued until he had placed all 50 States. He reads the names of the States and knows the east coast and west coast, north and south. He is learning the capital cities. I have discovered that he does his best learning from programs that are musical.

Lila, you a doing a wonderful job taking and posting pictures. You and PK are making me think I need to buy a camera. I see something I want to get a pic of and the camera is at Kel's house. Maybe I will find a good sale. Was the picture of Elaine and Steph taken at that park close to your house?

I loved the slide show, Keith. It was totally inspiring and uplifting-thank you.

B152         January 3, 2009
From: Bruce
A Happy New Year to all. We rang in the new year in Napa. It was mostly overcast but the sun popped out every now and then. Had a great meal in Calistoga.

Glad to see all the pictures being posted. Lila, I do believe you've got it! Looks like a nice sunny Christmas day in Terra Buena. Also, love that picture of Lindsey holding up her toy. What a nice array of colors, looks like it was composed according to the rule of thirds, if anyone has heard of that.

I thought I had better get in the act of posting a picture so here is one of Kathy in the wine country.

B152         January 6, 2009
From: rhonda
I went to the employment office to sign up for insurance money and to put my name on the job list. I'm going to try and take a break before starting back to work. Although I don't have a job, I have been just as busy on the rental property. Mud, taping, and painting walls. I love it. My knee's are hurting for the first time, but I think it's from using those not so often used muscles. Probably from moving up and down the latter.
Thanks to all for the advice. I made an appt. with a lawyer, but cancelled it today. Tim was going to print my documantation, but he forgot to; therefore, I wasn't ready to see the lawyer, I'll try again later.

Great news!! Aimee is pregnant! I am going to be a Grandmother. hehe Her due date is the end of August. I have no idea at this time how this will effect the wedding.

B152         January 6, 2009
From: Keith
Congratulations Grandma Rhonda. That is exciting news. If the wedding date is still in May I don't see why the new baby would affect that. I'm sure it will all work out well however Sam and Aimee decide to do it.

Nice picture of Kathy and the garden Bruce. Don't be looking for any pictures from me anytime soon. The camera actually turned out to be pretty simple, but I don't think it's going to help me when it comes to posting. We'll see.

I'm glad you enjoyed the slide show Linda. I really enjoyed it too. Happy camera hunting.

I'm sorry I failed to communicate with so many of you about Bev's surgery. At least I've got an excuse---OLD. We got home at 6:00 this evening and even though it was just a day and a night it seemed forever and it was good to be home.

After the surgery the doctor told me her voice would not be affected (he had told us that losing her voice would be a possibility)but when I first heard her speak afterward she sounded like Foghorn from Spanky and Our Gang. It has slowly improved and tonight she sounds a lot more like Beverly.

When I come over with my camera, Lila, we can name the visit 'Blind leading the Blind.' Actually I guess I can't say that because you're doing well with it and Bruce says it looks like you've got it going on. I reckon the blind moniker, as it relates to cameras, will only apply to me for now.

B152         January 8, 2009
From: Bruce
Wishing all the best to Aimee and Sam (and Grandma-elect). Y'all must be thrilled and excited.

I just saw this picture of a dog that reminded me of our old dog, Buddy. Of course Buddy could never have held still long enough to create a picture like this.

Keith, despite your plea for diminished expectations, your first vid is anxiously anticipated.

B152         January 9, 2009
From: Linda
Great picture of Kathy and the beautiful flowers.At first I thought those bricks were at the walkway level, but after looking again, that appears to be a raised bed?? The picture of Buddy's look alike is good too. I only remember Buddy in the jumping mode.

Congratulations to Aimee and Sam,Rhonda and Tim.
Very special blessings to the little determined soul who has chosen your family to be born into.

Tonight, I am a very tired grandma. Little Logan has pneumonia and I have been taking care of Lindsey extra hours while Crystal has been taking Logan for Dr. appointments and making runs to the pharmacy. I talked to him for a few minutes this evening and he is feeling better. He doesn't like the medication or the nebulizer breathing treatments but has decided the oral medication is better than the two big antibiotic shots that he had to take yesterday.

I was in hillbilly heaven last Sat. when the temp set a new record of 75 degrees and I was able to spend the entire day day outside crawling around on the ground cutting down little tress that were coming up in the honeysuckle fence line.

We are having rollercoaster weather and setting a few records for new daily high temps. The 60's and 70's are very nice but then we pay the next day when temps drop back to the 20's and 30's. Today was another nice day but right now another cold front is hitting us with high winds and a 15 degree temp drop in one hour.

Glad Bev made it through the surgery and only had to spend one night in the hospital.

B152         January 9, 2009
From: lila
Love the picture of "Buddy"---thought it was her.

Welcome to Grandma-hood, Rhonda (for me it was life changing). And congratulations to Aimee and Sam.

Must tell you all--Elaine has written on this page twice now, and both times something happened, and her writings disappeared. Those experiences have not endeared the computer to her heart---hope-fully she will try again.

I am reminding all that Dan & Ginna will be here this month. They are coming straight to Yuba City from the airport so we will gather here in YC on that Saturday (31st) instead of OV. A potluck---serving at 3 pm. Please plan on arriving by 1 pm.

Bring your camera, PK. I am going to try posting now--if nothing comes through--oh well. I have not tried getting the pictures from the camera to the computer, yet, so I am just useing the ones in there.

B152         January 10, 2009
From: Linda
Happy Birthday to Bruce-still a kid-long way from 60.

B152         January 10, 2009
From: lila
Trying again. My problem is still the size. Telling me the size it has to be does not help, because nothing tells me what size I have made my picture.

Here goes.

B152         January 10, 2009
From: Keith
Thanks, all, for the well wishes for Bev's recovery. She has had a good day today and I think it's going to be all good from here on. I cooked dinner last night and everybody liked it, even the kids. I had the advantage of low expectations on me side, so once I got by without burning anything up, I was in. It was a casserole with: brown rice, mushrooms, chicken breasts, celery, onions and half a cup of white wine. It is my kind of meal; requires not any talent whatsoever and still comes out tasty.

Now that I can cook maybe posting pictures will be next. Probably not though----Keeping the expectations low. I honestly just haven't had any time to put in on it.

I too wondered if that was Buddy, Bruce. It's a super cute picture. Looks like he's really steering and loving it. I was thinking about you on your birthday throughout the day.

The picture of Dean's Roxie sure reminds me of our late Roxie. Every time Bev sees a Roxie look-alike she gets overwhelmed with sadness. She wants to get another dog. She says she wants a poodle-lab mix. I forget what they are called. We saw one the other day; she researched them and now she wants one.

You're doing so good Lila. In the picture with Dean I recognize Linda but with those glasses and that hat on I can't tell, is that you under the other arm?

I disagree with you Linda, about Bruce being a long way from 60. It's going to seem like yesterday when you're wishing him his happy 60th in 36 short months. You have to remember the world went into fast forward several years back, or was it just yesterday?

Very sorry to hear that Logan has pneumonia, Linda. I hate to see little children get sick. I pray he whips it in a hurry and is all better soon.

I hope you get a job when the time is right Rhonda and that you get some satisfaction over that other job debacle. I have a confidence that it will work together for your good in some way.

B152         January 11, 2009
From: lila
I just read your posting on the 9th, Linda. You and I posted the same day, and I missed yours, totally. Will check out postings more carefully from now on. Sending get-well hugs to little Logan. Hopefully Lindsey and you adults will stay well.
Dan says Pauly came home sick--cold, and temp. Now he and Ginna are down with it. Talked to Dean yesterday, and he has some bug. I feel very blessed right now, because I am feeling pretty good---just a little allergy stuff. Wishing a healthy rest of winter to all.
I discovered why I was having so much trouble re-sizing my pictures---I was skipping the step that asks if I want to keep the changes I made. Mystery solved!
Yes, that is me with Dean and Linda...taken at Makapuu---where Dean and Steph were married.
I notice that your "Buddy" picture is big, BL. I guess I only have to go as small as I did to post 3 pictures---? That is pretty small---seems I remember PK's grandboys pictures being bigger??

B152         January 11, 2009
From: Rhonda
I haven't been to see an attorney yet, but still plan on doing so. I hope it will keep that from happening to anyone else. The thoughts of being a Grandma have brought great peace and happiness to my mind and heart. I don't dwell so much on what happened at that crazy job. I still want to have the satisfaction of seeing justice done.

I went with Aimee to her first maternity visit. The OBGY was shocked because she thought we were there just for the cyst on Aimee's ovaries. She was a little upset that Aimee wasn't sent sooner, due to the fact that there was a chance that the cyst could have been a tubal pregnancy. That would have called for urgent removal. Fortunately, it wasn't and all is well. I have pictures of the little peanut. It amazes me, it already looks like a small baby inside of her. We will get better ultrasound pictures in April and also find out if it's a boy or girl. I'm totally satified either way. He due date is August 16th

I bought the Wii Fit and really enjoy it. I hope I will lose some weight and also be in better shape after playing on it for a while. It has yoga, aerobics, strength training, and balance on the disk that comes with it.

Nothing else new here,

B152         January 16, 2009
From: Elaine
Joy to all you family members out there in computer land. So much news to catch up on. Jobs and babies and weddings and photos and birthdays. Life is amazing and time is utterly incomprehensible. I revel in all the good news and empathize with the sadness. And congratulations to all the birthdays celebrated in Dec. and Jan.
We have had a warm week too. What a blessing to be sunny and warm.
Have been volunteering with HICAP, counseling people on medicare benefits. Every month, we have a training session in Sac. Last month I was a bit late entering and was quite suprised when the manager, who was addressing the group of about 50 people, said,"Oh good, there's Elaine now. Elaine Washington is going to speak about dealing with fraud when Mary finishes her report." She and everyone in the room are staring at me. My heart was racing my breath was rasping and there was a roaring in my head. I was so disoriented. I had no idea what she was talking about. It was a moment that lasted an eternity until a woman behind me spoke, acknowled the introduction and all eyes returned to the manager. I was able to sit down and gather myself. THen I noticed on the agenda that Elaine Wonatona would be speaking on fraud.
What a trip. One of the thoughts that raced through my mind during that eternity was that I must be dreaming. Such a strange experience. Wonder what my facial expression was. Another thought I remember was, I gotta get out of here.Makes me laugh every time I think of it now.
Okey, gotta go. and hope that this posts.

B152         January 17, 2009
From: Bruce
Elaine, that sounds like a real mind-blower. Good thing you didn't immediately respond when you thought you were being addressed.

Lila, posting three pictures doesn't change the size limit. Each picture can be up to 60K whether you put up just one, or whether you put up three. The picture of the horse is only 15K, so it could have been quite a bit bigger.

Linda, you have a sharp eye. I don't know if the brick in that picture of Kathy is flat or raised. When I went back and looked at it, I did the same thing you did. At first I felt sure it was flat, then the more I looked at it, I started thinking it must be raised.

Rhonda, how does the Wii Fit work? Is it an interactive type of thing?

While 57 might not be heaven, it is getting close. Actually, I have always wanted to be 60 and it has seemed like it would never come. It's taken a lifetime just to get this far. Now I'm in the home stretch.

B152         January 17, 2009
From: Linda
Ahhh! So good to read everyone's postings this week. Really helped to keep me centered while I have been so concerned about the sick little ones.
Will have to keep it short tonight as I am pretty much exhausted and in the midst of also being sick with the bug.

Logan is much better today and has reduced the breathing treatments to every 8 hours.Lindsey caught it and went to Dr. on Monday-Dr. said just a bad cold and started her on the breathing treatments every four hours.. I went to their house on Thursday to take care of her because I didn't want them to bring her out in the cold weather. She was much worse and went back to Dr. on Thurs. eve and now has ear infection in both ears. I took care of her Friday and today and I think she is finally getting better.

Now Grandma gets a day off and I am going to crash for the next 36 hours and hope for a better week.

B152         January 24, 2009
From: rhonda
Bruce, yes the Wii is interactive. I purchased a board that I stand on and then I put in the game. It weighs me, tells me my mass index, and even creates a character from my information. My character is bigger than Aimee's, it's quite acurate. hehe Then the fun begins. If I pick yoga, an instructor is viewed and she speaks to me. I follow her instructions while I am on the board. She tells me if I'm shaky or doing well. When I choose balance, I am balancing on the board while I snow-ski down a slope, or I may be in a bubble on the river, ect... During aerobic I hold the remote and jog with my character on the screen,or holla hoop. Strength training is just focused on certain mucles. There is so much more, but it would take forever to go over all of it. It'a a lot of fun and keeps me off the couch.

Aimee is starting to show a little. I can't wait for that little one. I talk to it all the time.

Tim and I are doing fine.

I saw a lawyer that specializes in employee law, only one I could find in this area. He was really nice and informative. Unfortunately, Arkansas doesn't support employee's that well. He directed me to send all information and forms to the EEOC. I did, and now waiting to hear back from them. I hope they do an investigation of the place. Thanks again to all for the good advice.

I finally received payment from the unemployment office. I'm keeping my eyes open for the job I want. Until then I will draw unemployment benefits.

B152         January 25, 2009
From: Linda
So frustrating--I have been typing for 10 minutes and then suddendly everything disappeared and lost internet connection and when I got back on, all of the message was just lost.

Little ones are better and I am almost normal or at least think so as I have forgotten what normal was supposed to be.

Rhonda, the Wii Fit sounds like fun. Does the board rock? Is it something I could do or would I fall off? Can you surf as well as snow ski? Just think, in 3 months you will know if Aimee's baby is boy or girl! Then you will be getting lots of exercise shopping for the baby.

Elaine, your experience at that training session sounds like my panic attacks feel. I am glad you can laugh about it now and wish we could have seen your face.

Bruce, I was always eager to reach that blessed 60-to take early retirement. Happy birthday (yesterday) to Kathy and also to all of the Januaries.

Keith, I am still waiting for a pic of you and Bev. Are you still helping with the cooking?

Lila, I have been working with that resizing pic thing. Had to resize the pic several times as can't find out the size unless I save it first. There must be an easier way. I did the math percentage in my mind but the computer didn't reduce the picture accordingly. I suppose the big problem is with my brain. Any how, will try to post a pic and I have no idea how large it will appear after posting. It was originally 8x10, then I cropped it and resized it several times to come close to the 60KB.

It is very cold here and we have a winter weather watch for Mon-Wed. I hope we don't get the ice storm again but looks like that is what we will get. Hope Danny and family enjoy the California snow-or Nevada--or-where do you go to find the snow??

How are Steph, Dean and family? Has it just been around 6 months since Hawaii? It feels like such a long time has passed. My TV show "Lost" has just started it's 5th season and was so much fun to see all of my friends again and to walk the island with them.

B152         January 26, 2009
From: lila
Dan, Ginna, and Anthony Paul will be here Thursday evening, and we will gather here, in YC, Saturday. A reminder: Potluck---arriving around 12 noon. Wish Linda, Rhonda, Kirk, and all were going to make it. Trying to get Gail and Bobby over here too---maybe later this year. Keep us posted on you plans, Rhonda.

Great Christmas picture of the kids, Linda. So darling---looks like their hair is the same color.

I know just what you are talking about, L. That is exactly what I go through when I send pictures.
Elaine and I went to see Bev and PK last week (?). I took my camera---wanted to get some new pictures to post. The camera stayed in my purse the whole time---never entered my head once! Ageing is such a challenge. Must say Bev looked great---seemed to be full of vim and vigor.

I know we need the rain we have been having, but I am hoping it will be sunny and clear for Saturday, and for most of Dan & Ginna's time here. Although the cloudless skies will mean cold weather, and that is hard on Hawaiian's too.

Dean is pretty much over his bug---still coughing a bit. I guess Elaine and I missed that one. We both seem to be doing okay. Of course the allergy stuff seems to be there all the time---on the fringe, at least.

Waiting to hear updates on the baby, Granma, Rhonda.....boy or exciting.

B152         January 28, 2009
From: Linda
Yesterday and today, I am encased in a beautiful icy winter wonderland. I still have electricity for now-may lose it when the wind picks up this afternoon. The tree limbs are heavy with ice and the least wind will cause them to break and land on power lines.

This has been the most beautiful morning that I can remember in a long time. I wish I could send a picture of it but the camera is at Kel's house and I can't get out and walk on so much ice. I have tried in the past to capture the sparkling ice in pictures and they just never come out well.
Just imagine everything you can see being coated and wrapped in glass. When the sun peeks through the clouds, there are millions of sparkling diamonds,with a few rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Even the brush pile and the garage frame have been transformed. The garage roof frame now has a ceiling of thousands of icicles. I stood at the window for at least 30 minutes last night observing the yard light shining on all of the new ice sculptures. This morning, I haven't done much but look out the windows (except the north windows which are completely covered in ice).

There has only been 3 or 4 trucks go down the road in front of the house and none have traveled
the road on the west side of the house. I suspect some of my tree limbs are blocking that road. I can see one limb that is across the road and that is just at the back of the house-will have to wait for some of my young neighbor men to use their chain saws to clear the road. I have many broken limbs in the yard by not nearly as many as 2 years ago. When the beauty is gone, then the work begins to clear up the mess. This is the first year I have been able to fully appreciate the beauty of an ice storm as in the first time I have not had to worry about driving to work.

Glad Danny and family are coming from the west-sounds like travel from the east is very difficult for a few days.

Lila, the little ones do have almost the same hair color. The color never comes out true in the pictures. Logan is dark strawberry blond and Lindsey is very light strawberry blond and she has dark blues eyes and Logan has dark green eyes.

B152         January 30, 2009
From: Bruce
That does sound like quite a winter wonderland in Oklahoma. I have seen a few dazzling pictures of ice storms, but none that captured it the way Linda described it. That would be a challenge to get that effect in a picture.

Looks like we'll have pretty nice weather for the Hawaiians this weekend. It doesn't get much better than the mid 60s for January weather.

That is a nice effect of the glowing tree ornaments in the at picture of Lindsey and Logan. The size came out just right.

The Wii does sound like fun. That would give you more incentive to keep exercising.

B152         February 7, 2009
From: Steph
Congratulations Aimee!

We had a wonderful time at Lila's house last Saturday for the family reunion. It was really nice to see everyone. Linda, Rhonda and Aimee - we miss you.

We are enjoying having Danny, Gina and Anthony around. We have lots of pictures to share.

Let's start with these pictures.
1) Jeremiah learning to play washers with the big boys at the family reunion.
2) Dan, Anthony, Gina, Steph and Spike on a hike.
3) The boys getting ready for a day of skiing and snowboarding.

B152         February 10, 2009
From: Keith
Linda, I can relate to your frustration of writing a long entry and losing it. I thought I had done it three times one night. Woke up the next morning and it was on there three times. I am sorry I have not gotten that picture to you. Please don't hate me; there's just been so much stuff going on...anyway will get it to you this week, I promise.

Very nice pictures of your grandchildren. They look like very happy kids.

Nice pictures from you too Steph. When I clicked onto the Page this morning a very beautiful saxophone version of My Funny Valentine began to fill the air, it was great. I suppose you must have gotten that on there somehow? Or did my computer just decide to give me that treat? I have not heard sound come across from a regular comment submission before, only from Bruce's ALONZO.

Julie, I and the kids spent the day eating pizza and drinking tea with Lila, Danny, Gina and Anthony Paul yesterday. It was a beautiful day and we had a nice quiet (except for a few outbursts from the kids) visit. They're well on their way to Hawaii by now.

However Julie woke up sicker than a dog this morning. She threw up and is feeling terrible. I hope she recovers quickly and nobody else gets it.

B152         February 10, 2009
From: Bruce
Those are nice shots. Did Dean compose that hiking shot? Here is a picture of Jennifer on Lila's front porch during that balmy January day. I put the song on the web site. Wanted to see if it would work and to celebrate Valentine's Day.

B152         February 10, 2009
From: Dean
Nope, I did not compose the picture. Everyone was in mid-stride and Ginna did a little impromptu side-step, resulting in a pretty cool photo.

I did have one question about this site. How come everyone, including my wife, has a little photo icon....but none for me?

Danny, Ginna, Anthony, Steph and I went exploring up into the Yuba Gold Fields last weekend. Great fishing, hiking, rafting and OHV area. It also has the last remaining floating dredge ship, but it is on private property and we could not get to it. Apparently there was some dispute over public access a few years back, and the public won! Will post photos later.

B152         February 11, 2009
From: lila
Great pictures, and I am looking forward to seeing more. I will be trying to post a few of my own. I enjoyed the day with you all very much. It was a good time. Sorry to hear that Julie is sick, and wishing a quick recovery for her. Enjoyed having her and the kids here---I have a good picture of all the kids I will try to post.

How come I did not get the music, BL? Was it only for one day?

The kids flew home yesterday---feels very quite around here. It was a lovely visit---great weather (esp. for Feb), and great visit. Plus DP took care of a lot of jobs around here for me.

Your description of your icy world is lovely, Linda. I do enjoy "weather". But what am hearing about Oklahoma City weather---something big, but my mind has gone blank on it right now. Anyway I was wondering if it included you folks?? I just talked to Dan and Ginna this eve, and a tornado had just hit a golf course on Oahu. I tell you, it is getting strange. Who ever heard of a tornado in Hawaii?

B152         February 14, 2009
From: Linda
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I enjoyed viewing all of the great pictures. I especially liked the one on the hiking trail-I kept thinking "Who is Spike, I don't remember a Spike" then I finally spotted him just over Ginna's shoulder.

Yes, we are all still here and missed the bad winds, although, did have some strong winds that brought down a few more limbs. I tell you, I am so tired of dragging and sawing limbs! Last Sunday was an emotional day as it would have been my and David's 26th wedding anniversary. I was in luck and the weather was beautiful and in the 70's so I spent most of the afternoon outside working with the limbs until I was exhausted enough to come in and go to bed early. I first went to the Secret Garden and saw a really large limb about 12 inches diameter and 20 feet long that was down. I came in to have have a cup of tea and cry for a bit over the damage to the garden. Then I went back out and discovered David's hellibores were all in bloom with pretty purple, lavender, and pink blooms-cheered me up greatly. Then I decided I just had to do something with that ugly limb, so I found David's chain saw (electric) and just sliced that limb into little pieces. Now I need to learn how to use the gas chain saw so I can work on the limbs in the back pasture.

We had to pay for the spring like weather by having the tornadoes but they all stayed west of us. The line of severe thunderstorms came over us-the same line that had produced the tornadoes- and we were under a tornado watch but thankfully just had normal storm winds and 2 inches of rain. I had never heard of Hawaii having a tornado-just really, really strange things happening these days.

Aimee called on Thursday and we had a nice visit. She is really getting excited over the baby. Aimee's 22nd birthday was Friday 13th and Happy Birthday also to Bev, Sindee and Eddie.

Thanks Keith for the picture of you and Bev-it's just perfect for my wall of family pictures. I hope Julie is feeling better and that no one else caught it.

I just returned from a Rhyne family breakfast at a local Muskogee diner(for the family to be together one last)time before my grandson, Kris, leaves for basic training. He is 4th generation Army. I pray that he returns safely as did the previous 3 generations.

I am looking forward to seeing more pictures from California.

B152         February 14, 2009
From: Dean
Thanks for the icon - now I feel complete!

Sharing more photos:

B152         February 22, 2009
From: Steph
Sharing more photos:

B152         February 25, 2009
From: Linda
Really great pictures-makes me even more lonesome to see everyone again. Anthony Paul looks like he had a fun vacation in California.

About the pictures--What game is Bruce and Keith playing? looks like horseshoes but that one in Bruce's hand looks small.
Where is the winding road that Danny's family is walking. Is that a headstone that Danny and Dean are standing by and if so, whose is it?

In Lila's pictures is that Anthony Paul in the 3rd picture? and if so, what did you do to his hair??

Things here are pretty much routine.

B152         February 27, 2009
From: Bruce
Well, after searching everywhere, I have to conclude that I deleted the pictures we took on January 31st or put them somewhere unusual and can't find them. I'll try to put up an old picture I came across when looking for them. Not sure if this one was ever posted before.
Linda, that game is like horseshoes but you throw washers into a hole on a board. Dean has a friend who manufactures the components. Glad the severe winds missed Ft. Gibson.
Lila, not sure why you didn't get the music on the web site. If you got the soundtrack for Alonzo, you should also have gotten the music. Is is the same technology, Flash.

B152         February 27, 2009
From: Dean
In response to Linda...regarding the location of the photos, the winding road is up along the Yuba River, they call it the Yuba Goldfields.

Very perceptive observation about the headstone. Dan & I were having a beer with Grandad. We also drove by the old properties. Browns Valley looks pretty much the same, although there is a new trailer. Oregon House is incredibly different...big guarded gate to the winery just above the pond adjacent to the old property.

Mom would not be pleased!

We are visiting "The Lurker" in Hawaii now....very windy, but alot warmer than Sacto.

B152         February 28, 2009
From: Linda
Thanks guys, for the picture explanations. I don't think I ever knew there was a grave for Paul. I just supposed he had been cremated. He died just before David and I met. David told me a lot about him but don't remember him ever mentioning the grave-where is it?

David used to visit my mother's grave-really quite often. He would go during the day while I was sleeping and have a talk with mom if anything was bothering him or if anything new had happened that he wanted to share with her. While I would be getting ready for work, he would casually mention that he had been to visit Lucy.

Dean and Steph-I envy your warmth in Hawaii. I just finished reading a library book in front of the pellet stove. It is 30 degrees outside now and snowing (just light snow not accumulating),the north wind is brutal.
Tonight the temp will drop to 18-just 2 days ago we had a record high of 81.

That is an old picture, Bruce, but brings back good memories. I told Keith and Lila that I feel like I see Keith every weekday morning. Since I am cooped up in the house babysitting Lindsey, I have started watching CBS Early Show (morning news show). One of the co anchors, Harry Smith, reminds me of Keith. Bruce, I didn't get the Valentine music either-but I did get the soundtrack with Alonzo.

B152         March 1, 2009
From: lila
I finally remembered to check out Harry Smith on the morning show, and I do see the resemblance in Harry and PK. They both have that very sincere, relaxed way about them. As well as similar looks.

Dad's grave is in Browns Valley, Linda. Your temps sound very cold. We are getting our much needed rain. It must be coming from Hawaii, because our temps are nice.

What is "The Luker", Dean? Does not sound like anything I know in Hawaii---in fact it sounds quite dark.

I am on my way to Ruth's. Just went yesterday. Had a good time. She totally skunked me in Yahtzee---she was on a streak---could not miss. Anyway, I had pulled some money from the bank for her, and somehow it got mixed up. I ended up with her share, instead of mine. So I need to make it right-----guess we'll just have to play some more Yahtzee:).............oh, well.

Well, BL, what do you think happened to my and Linda's valentine music?

B152         March 3, 2009
From: Keith
I finally saw Harry Smith on a video from youtube. Frankly I see no resemblance. I'm sure he would be much less flattered by the comparison than I am. The only reason I would have for taking offense is that (I just counted them)I have at least 32 hairs on the top of my forehead and we can all see that Harry (the name kind of reminds you of the Fuzzy Wuzzy story, doesn't it?)has nary a one. Check out Bruce's picture of Cody and me in the hot tub. I'm sure you'll agree 32 is on the conservative side.

Also I was told by a successful attorney in Sacramento that Fuzzy Wuzzy is 15 years my junior. Making him the same age as my baby brother. I just thought I'd throw that in as a coincidental sidelight.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to undergo a ct scan that was ordered by my doctor after an X-ray showed a large asymmetric area of lucency in the left sacral region. Finding may represent a lytic process. That's the reading that was in his report. What he told me verbally is that it shows bone deterioration in my lower leg.

I'm hoping the X-ray was inaccurate and that that is borne out in tomorrow's pictures. The odd thing is that I went in because of right knee pain and my knee showed "unremarkable" which is good news, the bad news X-ray result is of the left leg which was not even an intended target of the X-ray.

I have a caption for the picture of Dean/Danny.

Unseen in the picture is a couple of 6'10" 300 pounders that just got through making fun of Danny's cap. The caption:

Danny: If you don't like it you can lump it.

Dean: Yeah, he's my brother and you should know I've got a gun in my pocket and am not afraid to use it.

B152         March 4, 2009
From: Keith
I just returned from the ct scan. Apparently there is some mix-up. The radiology guy did not shoot my leg at all, only my butt. I asked him about it and he said that was all that was ordered. I was a little suspicious when I saw the 'sacral region' being referred to in his report. I suppose all you nurses out there spotted that right away. I'll be calling the doctor tomorrow. This may become an ongoing saga.

I hope you made a Yahtzee comeback on your return trip to Gridley Lila. Was Ruth worried when she noticed the error with the money, or did she figure out what happened right away?

Linda, that's very interesting. I'd never heard that Dave would spend time at your mother's grave. The two of them must have had a very close relationship. What year was it and how old was she when she crossed over?

B152         March 5, 2009
From: Dean
The "Lurker" I was referring to is my Father, the famous/infamous coined by Bruce. This term also refers to the others out there who view the site, but do not post.

Well, we are heading back home to California today. It has been a nice visit, though very cold by Hawaii standards....spring conditions by Oklahoma standards.

I was finally able to get into the water yesterday...Danny and I froze out there, but it was a good dive.

Keith - good luck on your doctor issues. Docs are like mechanics, except the consequences are a bit more serious when they screw up.

B152         March 7, 2009
From: Linda
Ah ha -"the Lurker"- I had forgotten about that little episode from last year, I thought this time that Dean was referring to some cove or bay and didn't think that name sounded very Hawaiian.

So It's back to California now for Dean and Steph. Hope your weather is good. Ours is just continually crazy-up and down-but it is still winter. The flowers and shurbs are blooming today after warm weather for past 3 days but will get nipped back next week when another cold front blows through.

In answer to your question, Keith, Yes-David was very close to my mom. She died in 1989 at the age of 68 and David commented that he had only known her for 6 years and felt like he had know her all of his life. My dad died at age 65 and David had only met him one time (just an introduction at the nursing home where we both worked). Dad died on the trip back to Oklahoma from Arizona just 2 weeks after David met him. So with my parents genetics, I am not expecting to see age 70.

Keith, did you get the report back on your CT scan? I liked the caption for Dean and Danny's picture as they do appear to be making a statement.

I am just totally exhausted today. This babysitting gig just became so much more involved now that Lindsey is crawling and Sheba (my cat) is more interested in the activity. Lindsey has tasted the tip of Sheba's tail and her ears and Sheba licks the drool off Lindsey's chin and all of this happens before I can get out of my chair and cross the room. Last weekend I had to find something to protect the buttons on the TV from little fingers, I found a little shelf that I placed under one side of the TV set in front of the buttons and it works but does have a weird effect on viewing because now the screen is at an angle. This weekend I am going to have to tape up all of cords behind the entertainment center to get them off the floor and up behind the folding screen so Lindsey can't chew on them.

How did the Yahtzee game turn out , Lila? Sounds like Ruth is as dedicated to Yahtzee as Ellie was to Scrabble.

B152         March 9, 2009
From: Bruce
Those winds in Hawaii were strong because they blew all the way to CA and brought a lot of warm rain. Even Folsom Lake is starting to finally fill up.

We are thinking of putting in a fireplace insert. The city is offering a rebate as an anti-pollution measure. Not sure if we will go with electric or gas. Has anyone had one installed?

I put up a way to turn on and off the background music for this site. It is in the black box in the right column. Thought maybe that would jump start the systems for those not getting it.

B152         March 9, 2009
From: Keith
I just heard from my doctor and he said I must have misunderstood his words. I’m sure he’s right about that. His English is good but his enunciation leaves something to be desired.

Anyway he said the bone is in the spine (left sacral region). He has not yet received the results of the scan so I don’t know anything further at this time. I wonder how long that takes.

You’re right Dean; I’d rather have my mechanic screw up than my doctor. Thanks for the luck wish.

Bruce, I saw that, sound on—sound off box, a few days ago. At the time I was not getting music so I clicked it on but nothing happened. Today I clicked it again and now it is working. Good music.

Linda, are you babysitting on a daily basis? How many hours? It sounds like you may be over matched. Those little ones can move quickly from that crawl position. One good thing about being around them is, if they don’t kill you off, they'll keep you feeling younger. I think you’ll clear 70 and beyond.

That’s so good that Dave had that relationship with your mother. It sounds like she was a blessing in his life.

B152         March 15, 2009
From: Linda
Nice music Bruce-thank you for that-sooths my jangled nerves.

Keith, I would think that you should have the results of the bone scan by now-it only took a few days to get results when David had the whole body bone scan. In answer to your question about the babysitting, I am doing it fulltime plus. I do at least 8 hours daily and some days more if Crystal decides to stop at the store on the way home or goes for a walk with her friends. Then I do a weekend (overnight) about every 6 weeks. Yesterday was 6PM to noon today. The overnights are the hardest because Lindsey still wakes up during the night for a bottle and then dosen't want to go back to bed. Noe I am getting ready to zone on some TV and then crash. This week I get to be free due to spring break and have a lot of outside work that needs to be taken care of.

B152         March 16, 2009
From: Keith
I still haven't gotten the scan results. It looks like you have your hands full and will for a while Linda. Does Crystal have an alternate in the event you need to take a "time out week” maybe once a month?

A funny thing happened last night. Background: Bruce and I have been communicating via email on a daily basis for the last few years. After going two days without receiving a letter I figured my last letter may have gone astray so I resent it. Two days (4 in all now) later I still had not received a letter. Last night I called his house to see if I could find out what was going on. The phone rang four times and then the voice of, what sounded like, a young girl, said "Hello." Immediately after came the answering machine message and I heard a click as she hung up. I called back and the phone rang over to the machine. I called again, same result. At that point I knew something was awry and suspected foul play. Because obviously somebody was in that house and why is not that somebody answering the phone? I had a vision in my head of Bruce and Kathy in chairs with their hands tied behind their backs and their mouths gagged while their home invading captors took control of the house. It was a sickening feeling. I called the police on my way out the door and headed for Bruce's house. Halfway there I got a call from Bev saying Bruce had called to let us know they had been visited by the police.

It turns out Kathy’s voice was the teen-age girl I thought I had heard. When Kathy picked up the phone the answering machine came on and she thought she was receiving a sales pitch. When she hung up and the phone rang right back she ignored it.

Sounds like something we might see on a Seinfeld skit. I would be George of course.

B152         March 16, 2009
From: Keith
I'm happily surprised that photo got on there. I went through so many different hoops I don't know that I'll be able to find my way through there again.

That's a picture of Peyton and me and I'm using the remote to snap the photo.

B152         March 16, 2009
From: Keith
Trying more photos...

B152         March 16, 2009
From: Keith
One more.

B152         March 16, 2009
From: Dean
What a great story Keith. It is too bad Seinfeld is no more, or you could have submitted that story for a show.

So, Bruce, did the police demand to be let in the house and have a look around? Someone in our office dialed 911 by mistake when attempting to send out a fax...the Police showed up and demanded to look around. They were not amused!

Sounds as though Linda might want to put in for some OT pay........

Nice photos!

B152         March 17, 2009
From: Bruce
No, oddly enough, the police did not want to look around. I did kind of wonder about that afterward. The officer probably felt he had the right party based on my response. He started out by asking if I had a brother named Paul. I said yes, and then he just let it hang there for what seemed like an eternity with no response. Thinking back, I must have looked very concerned, having the police come to the door and asking if my brother is Paul. At that point I was thinking that something happened to Keith (Paul). Then he finally said Paul was worried about me. That was quite a relief, and again, I am sure it showed. So, he probably concluded that I was the legit Bruce and he didn't need to investigate further.

Good job on the pics. Keith, it looks like you have the hang of it.

Hope you enjoy spring break Linda. Sounds like you deserve it.

B152         March 19, 2009
From: lila
Such a funny story, but a good one..........I told Elaine that if Keith sends her an email she better answer it or the police will come knocking on her door.
Linda, I don't know how you keep up with your place. Now that spring is popping out all over the place, I have been working outside---a lot. I love it, but house and everything else is getting neglected. First thing in the morn I say I am not going outside until I at least get some inside work done and or some computer stuff done. Next thing I know,there I am,outside, planting/weeding etc. Oh well, I say, I'll catch up after dinner. I wake up on the sofa later that night, and stagger to bed. But, I am not going to complain-I am loving this wonderful Spring weather. I am going to plant a Grapefruit tree. Hope to have some grapefruit by next year.
Good job, PK. I have not done any pictures for awhile. I will give it a try with this posting. Have to keep it in my brain. Have you heard from your doctor by now, PK?

B152         March 19, 2009
From: Keith
Lila, Elaine can rest assured I would not call the cops unless she and I had been faithful to write on a daily basis then she went several days without writing and without explanation, etc. In Bruce's case he actually did answer but for reasons we have not yet figured out, I never got his response. ☻.

No, I still haven't heard anything from my doc. I kind of hate to call him because when I last emailed him he wrote back and said he will contact me as soon as he gets the results. I'll give him until Monday then I'll call his office.

I love that picture of Wendy, Sadie and, is that Dean's Roxie? Dogs are so loving and patient; that picture captures both those qualities.

I terminated the Farm Fresh To You agreement. Part of the deal was the fruit was supposed to be vine ripened. I got some strawberries that were tough and tart. I got some pears that were no where near ripe. The veggies were all good, but not worth the price overall.

Dean, I had a houseful of grandkids a few years back and one of them dialed 911 and we got a call back but the cops never showed up. On the phone the operator said it was a child's voice and all that was said was "Help," and then the kid hung up. I still don't know which one did it, they were probably all in on it. I got a long lecture over the phone but no action.

B152         March 20, 2009
From: Linda
Great cop story! I could just picture Keith's and Bruce's expressions. It is good that you check with each other on a daily basis. On the weekends that I am not babysitting, I don't usually have contact with anyone from Friday evening until Monday morning. This week has been total silence except for Tuesday afternoon and yesterday.

I was out in the Secret Garden on Tuesday attempting to do some weeding and just got totally overwhelmed and frustrated and knew that I couldn't get it cleaned up in just this week. Kel just happened to walk by on his way down his driveway to pick up his trash cans (he usually doesn't do this until late evening), he saw me standing in the garden and came over and asked if I was depressed. I just lost it and started crying. Anyhow---long story-- but I think now I will just be babysitting part time so I can have more outside time. Springtime does call very loudly to me to come out and enjoy and I was not able to do that for the past 2 years. Last year, I tried to play catch up during the summer and it was very hard on my body due to the heat.

Yesterday Kel took the day off and his dad came over and they helped me load and dump 3 trailerfulls of limbs and rotten lumber. The trailer was also somewhat rotten as it had been sitting with limbs piled on it since the big ice storm when David was sick. Then we had the ice storm this year which resulted in more limb piles
plus the brush piles from my fall pruning. So now all of that is at the back of my acerage -dumped behind the neighbors garage where he tore up the ground with heavy equipment and I couldn't mow there anymore because of the large ruts in the ground.

Today is cool and cloudy, so I have taken the day off to rest and even managed to get a nap. The weekend is going to be nice so I hope to get some more cleaning done.

I have been totally enjoying all of the pictures.
Lila, your new deck looks great and Sadie and Wendy and -who is the other one?- look very pleased to have a deck to sit on.

I will try to get a picture of David's hellibores tomorrow. Those little plants are just so wonderful. I haven't done anything for them except watered them one time this past summer and they are thriving on the neglect. After our extreme rainfull last year, we are now very dry and have been under a burn ban for the past 2 months.

B152         March 22, 2009
From: Bruce
My hellebores all bit the dust, just too hot in the summer I guess. Maybe a little more benign neglect would have helped. I think I had one that was supposed to bloom at Christmas. Would like to see how your plants look Linda.

Wow Lila, that photo really grabbed me. I love finding natural ways to frame things and those window panes are perfect for the dogs. Also, like the way the door looks black, dramatic contrast. Would those dogs sit so still in any context other than waiting patiently for the door to open?

Here is the culprit smiley face that I put in the email to PK that sabotaged the process. Seems kind of appropriate considering the series of events it set off.

B152         March 22, 2009
From: Linda
OK-will try just one pic first-the hellebore garden. This is the first time I have taken the picture and downloaded it by myself. The light wasn't very good today.

B152         March 22, 2009
From: Linda
Well, that worked so will try 3 more individual hellebores

B152         March 23, 2009
From: lila
I love that picture of the dogs, too. Elaine took it. Yes, that is Roxy; lives with Steph & Dean. It would have been perfect if Roxy had moved to the right a bit. But, maybe, it is perfect in its imperfection. For sure, the dogs are appreciating the deck, (if only because it means that they can sit closer to the door--begging to come in) and I am loving it. I had forgotten that you had not seen it, Linda.
The hellebores are quite lovely---are they a shade plant? Maybe they like humid weather, BL. I just planted more impatiens in Dave's little garden---wondering if the hellebores would do well there?
Perfect little head-slapping smiley face, Bruce. I am surprised that you were able to identify the culprit in the "cop escapade".
Any word from your doc, PK?

B152         March 26, 2009
From: Keith
No, I still have not gotten ct results from my doctor. I called his office on Monday and was told that he is on vacation.

I like your characterization of the photo Lila, perfect in its imperfection. I agree with that.

Good looking hellebores Linda, the thumb and the finger look good too.

I first had misspelled hellebores and got the red underline and it gave me spellings to consider changing it to. I chose the one I thought was it and hit enter and went on. Just noticed that it changed to hell holes. How funny if I hadn't caught that. I went back and added it to the dictionary. Kind of odd because I've seen several of you folks using it on here, did you not get the red underline, or you just ignored it?

Yes Bruce, you're right, that Smiley was the perfect representation for what ensued.

B152         March 27, 2009
From: Linda
I don't get any red lines for spelling-guess I don't have that option or it's just not turned on.
I spelled it hellibores the first time and then changed it after Bruce's message-figured Bruce wouldn't be wrong.

Lila, I don't know if the hellebores would grow with the impatients because you will have to water the annuals more frequently than the perennials. I wish I could be planting flowers now but have to wait until after May 1st due to our late last frost date.

We have had severe thunderstorms yesterday and today and then turning to light snow tomorrow and temp down to 28 degrees.

I had a phone call from Rhonda yesterday and the hail was coming down very stong at her house while we talked. Had a letter from little David last week --nice.

Is Elaine still able to get online or should we call the cops to check on her?

B152         March 27, 2009
From: lila
I don't think I get a red line for mis-spelled words, but I try to remember to do a "spell check" before I hit send. I am the world's "baddest" speller! When I was a kid (RC) I sent Dad, with a grocery list, to shop. I wanted spaghetti---he did not get it because he and several people at Purity Mkt could not figure our what I had spelled. Have no idea how I spelled it, but must have been way out there. I'm thinking he was not amused.

I'm listening to your music, BL. So nice--thank you. Takes me back.

I will check out the hellebore's the next time I go out. The main thing I need is a shade loving plant. I don't believe the sun ever directly hits that spot. I am anxious to plant some vegies. May start some next week.

I have been hearing about your weather out there, Linda. I heard you are on tornado watch--is that right? Yikes, too nerve racking to me.

I was just telling Elaine (she can get on line) that Rhonda and Kirk have not posted for ages. Was hoping all was well with them.

Going to see Ruth tomorrow---she is doing just fine. Very happy when I left her last week end, because she was yahoo champ---it wasn't even close. Remember the Dictionary game we use to play? Lets do it again the next time we get together..................

B152         April 1, 2009
From: Bruce
The hellebore plants look great. That must be the perfect environment for them in OK. Lila, I think they are pretty much shade plants. I put them in a place where they got about an hour of mid-day sun and that proved to be too much for them.

I do get the red underline for spelling. You can try this little exercise if you want to add it to your computer. Right click on the white comment box above and if there is an option for check spelling, click on it. If my theory is right, you will then get the red underline for misspelled words.

Kudos to Elaine for her artistic photo. I nominate it for the perfect imperfection category. Nice work on those recent photos Lila - looks like you have the size thing mastered.

B152         April 1, 2009
From: Keith
I found out my doctor won't be back until the 13th of April. When I called his office last week they said they would arrange to have another doctor read the results and interpret them for me. I did get a copy in the mail but no call yet. The good news is that there is no cancer; I didn't even know he suspected there might be. In essence the only bad news is that there is evidence of hardening of the arteries. It also showed arthritis and some deteriorating discs but that's old news.

I like your pictures Lila except I noticed that my hair was all messed up. I wonder how that might have happened.

I've heard so often, people saying Danny looks like Dad, and I've agreed but as he's aging it is becoming more true.

B152         April 1, 2009
From: Keith
Trying to make it larger.

B152         April 2, 2009
From: lila
Love the picture of Tim and, is it, Peyton? It is really good--did you take it, PK? I love that picture of DP & Ginna---puts me in mind of the famous, farmer, wife, with the pitchfork, picture. Yes, I can see Dad in Dan---still. But, strangely, enough, to me, Dean & Dan look more alike as they mature. And I just saw a picture of Dean, where I saw a lot of Bruce. I guess it is a family thing.

Yes, I am pretty pleased with my picture posting. I seem to have it down (finally). But that picture of PK and Bev is not the one I meant to post----will try to get the right one with this.

I have forgotten how to put pictures from my camera to the computer. Will sit down and play with it, and maybe it will come to me. If not will give Steph a call----she is a very good phone tech.

How is the weather out your way, Linda? Have not heard OK mentioned on the news lately. Thinking that is a good thing. Gads, my allergies are knocking me down right now. I have not been able to do any planting yet---the news said Mulberry Trees are the big factor right now (we have several around here). When we get those strong winds blowing, I just tend to stay inside, doing pretty much nothing. That is such a drag. But I remind myself to be grateful that I am able to do that when I feel the need. :-)

B152         April 3, 2009
From: Linda
All of the new pictures look great--coming out nice and clear and I finally remembered how to save them to a folder. I keep going back to look at the pictures of the dogs--I think Elaine should submit it to one of the pet magazines.

The weather today is nice and maybe I will go out for a bit after while. I am pretty tired again as I babysat Lindsey for the past three days because she had another ear infection and was too sick to go to daycare. She is crawling very fast now and puts everything in her mouth. Logan did not put things in his mouth but Lindsey is always picking and eating carpet strings and any little bit of anything she can find on the floor.

I received a call from a very excited Aimee last night with a full report of the sonogram--but I will leave the details for grandma Rhonda to report to you.

Lila, I think the hellebores would grow nicely in your shade garden but just not with the annuals because of the different watering requirements. I wish I could see mine from the house because they are evergreen.

This past Sat., we had big fluffy heavy wet snowflakes which looked very pretty with the red bud trees in bloom and the forsythia and spirea shrubs still in bloom. The apple tree was just budding but it caught the freeze and now the buds are all brown-so maybe no apples this year.

Keith, that is great news--no cancer! The other age related stuff can be dealt with.

Bruce, I tried the exercise you suggested to check the spelling but that option didn't come up for me. I then looked on my tool bar and "surprise"
I found something that said ABC check and it worked. Now, if I can just remember to use it.

I am a little bummed out today. My brother called to give me the opportunity to pay my half for a new roof for Aunt Dottie's house-which, of course, I did. It seems like Aunt Dottie has outlived her savings.

B152         April 3, 2009
From: Keith
That is Garret with Tim in that photo. He and Peyton look so much alike if they were the same size everybody would think they were twins,some do anyway. We have to write their names on the backs of their pictures otherwise down the road we disagree over who it is.

Lila, have you tried those face-masks for when you have to get out in the wind, or even for doing yard work? I recommend them, if you decide to try them get the one that specifies grade N95.

I was shocked when I saw the last picture Lila posted of Bev and me. I do look like Harry Smith! You were right Linda. Funny I never saw it until that picture, now I drop down to that other picture and he's there too. I think it's because I don't really see myself looking like that in my mind's eye. I still see the dude with hair and NO wrinkles. I know about mirrors, but I've managed to overcome them.

I messed up my settings after I posted that last picture. I tried to enlarge a picture and it didn't take and then I couldn't even get back to where I had been. Bruce sent me some suggestions, kind of complicated but I'm going to see if I can get one on here.

B152         April 3, 2009
From: Keith
Bums me out I can't get them larger. Oh well at least they're on there, I'll keep trying.

The 5 year old brown haired handsome is Jeremiah.

The hooded knight is Garret.

The somber faced passenger is Peyton.

B152         April 3, 2009
From: Keith
I'm tired, should go to bed but trying once more.

B152         April 5, 2009
From: Rhonda
Our computer had some problems and then lost the web site address. I just finished talking to Linda and she gave it to me, again. hehe

Aimee is going to have a girl. Her name will be Ashlynn Renee Vandergriff. We couldn't see much of her face during the ultrasound, but saw her little hand waving at us, it was so precious.

We are so excited! Tim and I bought her a really nice crib, Sam and Aimee registered at several stores yesterday for the other things that they need. I am going to give her a baby shower in June. Aimee is going to decorate Ashlynn's little room in Lady-bugs.

Well, got to go pick Tim up for lunch. He is having to pull drill this weekend, poor guy.

Will read and send more soon.
Love Rhonda

B152         April 6, 2009
From: Keith
That's good news Rhonda. I'm glad your computer is fixed and you're back on board. Do you remember Steve's daughter, Rebecca? I think she and Aimee were born the same year. The coincidence is that she is having a baby girl too and her girl's name will be Jailynn.

I think Aimee and Rebecca met briefly when you folks were out here one summer and they were high schoolers.

B152         April 9, 2009
From: Bruce
That red line for misspelled words only works in my Firefox browser not in my Internet Explorer browser. That makes me wonder if you are getting it in Internet Explorer, Keith.

I like that shot of Beverly in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Looks like the bridge is supporting the fog. It looks too big in the background to have been taken from the East Bay. It that taken from Angel Island?

Ashlynn and Jailynn will have something in common; they are both Lynns.

B152         April 10, 2009
From: Keith
I only get the red underline on Firefox. When I go on Internet Explorer and right click on comment box it does not give the spell option.

The picture was taken from Angel Island during a break stop on the tour bus.

Funny how names run, huh. Sixty years from now those youthful sounding names(Ashlynn & Jailynn) will be looked at by the then youth as we looked at Matilda and Gertrude in our youth--old ladies names. While other ladies names are ageless, Mary for instance.

B152         April 16, 2009
From: Bruce
Hi everyone. I am just testing the system to see if it is posting properly.

B152         April 16, 2009
From: Linda
Thanks Bruce-I am trying again. I think last time I was putting my name first and then the code-helps if I would follow direction. I tried 3 times to post and lost it all so will make this one brief.

The last two weeks have been tough-everyone ill and 3 trips to the Dr. for Lindsey. One Dr. appointment each for the rest of us. I was still feeling a bit down this morning but then viewed You Tube. If you haven't seen it yet-go to You Tube then search Sandra Boyle. The video really lifted my spirit and now I feel like signing today.

Hope Kathy is feeling better and everyone else is well.

B152         April 16, 2009
From: lila
Good to read from you, Rhonda. Good to know that all is well, and that you are all busy getting ready for the arrival of Ashlynn----your first exciting---love to Aimee.
How interesting that Rebbecca and Aimee have picked such similar names. I know, that is how it goes.
I saw the Sandra Boyle video, it is great.

I, too, have not been doing great----feeling a bit fragile right now. First I had to take Audie (cat) to the vet, because Alfie (cat) attacked her. That scene was a nightmare. Audie is "on the wild side". I was trying to get her out of the carrier, at the vets. She flipped around and bit me (hard). I was in shock (literally). She and I are both on antibiotics. The vet sent her home with one of those collars on---"keep it on her". I got her home--opened the carrier door, and she came charging out did some kind of a somersault, and the collar was off. I am not putting that collar back on her. Just re-grouping from that episode, and I had a dead-rat/moth ball episode. The smell was sickening---I'll just say the rat is gone, the moth balls are mostly gone, and the smell is gone. After a miserable, sleepness night I had to hire a guy to come and take care of the situation for me. I am very gratefull that he was available to me right then, and willing to do the job. Just re-cuping from all that, and today I had a shopping-day from hell. That's #3---that should do it, yes? I am getting a massage tomorrow morning.

B152         April 18, 2009
From: Keith
Hey, Lila or Linda please email me the actual address for the youtube shot of Sandra Boyle. I punched it into the youtube search and got a lot of Sandras and Sandys also a lot of Boyles but no Sandra Boyle. I hope they didn't take it off.

I'm taking a Life-History-Writing class and a poetry class at the Senior Center where Mom used to go to play Scrabble. I'm also currently enrolled in a 10 week poetry workshop. They are a lot of fun and I'm sorry I didn't start 17 years ago.

In the class there's a man 92 and also a lady somewhere in her 90s. The lady wrote her first poem when she was 88. It is never too late.

B152         April 19, 2009
From: Linda
Sorry Keith-my bad. The name was Susan Boyle.

I just finished taking care of Logan for the past 24 hours and we really had a fun time. I had several kid card games to teach him and also slap jack which was his favorite along with Crazy 8. He is now at the game age and is able to live without constant DVDs or computer.

Our antibiotics are finished and we all woke up with the sore throats, coughs, sneezes and stopped up noses this morning. Probably due to the erratic weather. We had horrific thunderstorms last night and Logan and I had to sit in the laundry room for about 15 minutes while a really bad one passed. We had a total of 5 1/2 inches of rain with 3 inches of that during a 30 minute period and then out toilet stools wouldn't flush until this morning-after the standing water drained off the septic field.

Last Friday, Ken and Sherry brought me one of their older TVs but it is much larger than the one I had and the sound is better. At least I could be a couch potato while I was feeling poorly. Now I am attempting to program a universal remote to take the place of the 4 remotes I was using.

Hope you are feeling better Lila, after your massage. Were the antibiotics for the cat bite?
How is Audie doing now? Where are you using the moth balls and is it to cover the dead smell or to get rid of the rats? They have some electronic device now to rid houses of mice and rats.

Ashlynn and Jailynn are both really cute names-finally we are getting more girls. I am going to sort through some of Lindsey's furniture and see if Aimee or Rhonda can use it for Ashlynn. Logan is still able to sleep in the toddler bed but will have to give it up soon so I can return it to a crib for Lindsey.

Keith, that life history writing class sounds interesting-I might check that out and see if Muskogee offers anything like that.

B152         April 19, 2009
From: Keith
I just got through watching Susan Boyle. What a surprise, I had myself prepared for a dynamic inspirational speaker judging from what Linda and Lila had written. When she first came on I suspected something was wrong and maybe I had gotten the name wrong again. Then when she came across as somewhat of a lovable buffoon I almost changed it, but thankfully I didn't. She touched a cord inside me that warmed my soul. She has a version of Cry Me a River on youtube also which is worth listening to.

I'm sorry I overlooked your post last time Lila. That nightmare with your cats sounds like a very trying ordeal for you. Hope you both heal rapidly.

Glad to hear you got the rat/mothball dilemma resolved. You had told me on the phone that he spread the whole box of balls up there in the insulation; how long did it take him to pick them all up?

Yes, Linda, the writing class is very interesting. You can write anything you feel like writing, but their recommended format is autobiographical. In the first class you start with the day you were born and of course that's all second hand information, then go on to your first meaningful memory and proceed in that fashion. After you write it then in the next class you read it to the class. They want you to hold it down under five minutes so they're pretty short readings. If you get carried away (as I'm doing now) and write a whole lot you can break it into different readings over time.

I think you should move to California Linda. Every time you write you have had some sort of calamity out there. We'll try to make you more comfortable. Of course suffering your calamities may be better than putting up with the CA Legislature and Governor so maybe it's a wash.

It must have felt good to flush that toilet in the morning!

Jailynn was born at 10:20 this morning. Everything went according to plan. She was 19" long. Weighed 7.5 lbs and most of that is hair. Naturally she is very cute; parents, grandparents and great grandparents are all pleased as punch.

B152         April 20, 2009
From: Linda
Welcome to the world Jailynn! Congratulations to the parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Yes Keith, it was a wonderful feeling when the toilet flushed. I do have some enzyme drops that kept the stink to a minimum. I would love to move to California-just haven't found a way to do it in this economy. At least this house is paid for so don't have to worry about any foreclosures and still have enough land to support an outhouse if necessary.

Glad you were able to watch Susan Boyle. When I first started watching, I thought it was going to be a comedy--and then she started signing and I could have hugged her. I hope her fame doesn't change her too much-she is precious as she is.

B152         April 21, 2009
From: Keith
I'm hoping that when I come back on here there are some baby pictures waiting for me. Here goes...

B152         April 22, 2009
From: lila
Welcome to the beautiful little girl, and congrats to all. Good picture, PK...lots of hair--so nice. Elaine and I just spent time with a week or so old baby girl. So tiny, and sweet smelling. We had her mom in the preschool back in the early 80's.
Yes, Audie and I are pretty much healed. The antibiotics were for the bite. I was given those strong antibiotics, that you take for just 5 days, and they really did the trick. I did manage to get most of the antibiotics into Audie, and she is pretty much healed, too. No collar, but thank goodness, no abscess either.
I asked the rat-man to put some moth balls up there because, I remembered the skunk man did that to help get rid of the skunk smell (under the house). But I was shocked when he threw out the whole box into the attic. I tell you it was very bad---I do not recommend it. I called the rat man, and told him I don't think he should do that ever again----even if someone asks him to. Jim did not get them all, but enough to make it livable. Jim said the rats had eaten some--makes me nervous--don't want more dead rats up there. Also he thinks he found where they were getting in, and closed it up. Did he close some in there? This, too, shall pass..............
My massage was just what I needed, and I am scheduled for another on next week.
Hope things have mellowed out there in OK. I told Linda that she should, at least, come out for a visit this summer. A change of scenery can be a perker-upper sometimes.
Your 90 years plus class mates are very inspirational to me, PK. Good for them, and good for you.
When is Ashlynn due? Soon, I think.

B152         April 22, 2009
From: Bruce
That song Susan Boyle performed took me back about 20 years. Amazing how well she did it.

Lila, getting bit by your cat at the vet must have been traumatic. Glad to hear that both of you are recovering. I think Ashlynn is due to arrive at the end of August.

I asked Keith to send me a copy of his story about Papa's and Nora's farm. If you haven't noticed it yet, there is a link to it on the right navigation bar.

Kathy and I took a little trip down to the town of Murphys. It's one of the small mining towns from the gold rush similar to Nevada City. It has
become quite touristy now, but one benefit is that it can support a gourmet vegetarian restaurant named Mineral. Some really creative dishes there. It wouldn't be for everyone, but if a watermelon soup with coconut milk and fresh basil in it sounds good to you, this might be your kind of place. The soup was great and oddly enough it didn't have a coconut flavor, lots of other flavors in there. Great on a hot day and it was pretty warm up there last Sunday.

We also went to Calaveras Big Trees which is near Murphys. Lots of giant redwoods and they have a 1.5 mile walk which is virtually flat.

Will try to post some pictures.
(1) Kathy in the middle of an old fallen redwood.
(2) Murphys with Kathy's head in the flowers.
(3) Frog sculpture (lots of frogs up there)

B152         April 24, 2009
From: rhonda
How exciting, looking at the picture of Jailynn. She is beautiful! All that hair, wow. Ashlynn's due date is August 16th. Aimee is so naturally petite, that her belly looks as though she is further along then what she is. Bless her heart, I don't know where it's all going to go.

Tim and I just got back from walking. The sun's out and it's warm, however, there is a nice breeze to go along with the heat. Makes for a nice walk.

It sounds like everyone is doing well. I am happy to hear that.

My days are really busy with the properties. I meet Mussett (our handy man that just retired from the guard) every morning of the week and we work on houses or duplexes. I am mudding, taping, sanding, painting, texturing walls, changing locks, plumbing, electrical, etc..... I enjoy it much more then Respiratory.

Kirk and family are doing fine. Sindee had to have surgery the other day. They removed some sort of benign tumor off her eyelid. Kirk and Christian will be in Ok. tomorrow for a ball game.

B152         April 27, 2009
From: Linda
Lovely pictures! What a beautiful head of hair for baby Jailynn. I love that view of Kathy "parting the tree" so her followers can walk through it. The trip to Murphys sounded very inviting.

Now for another Okla. Calamity Jane adventure. When I last talked to Lila and Elaine I had a sinus and ear infection. The N.P. started me on a Z-Pack-the strong antibiotics that you take once a day for five days and then it keeps working for days 6-10. By day 3 of the antibiotics, I was feeling really good and that lasted until day 11. I actually felt great for a whole week!. Then on the evening of day 11 I had a really bad sore throat and headache and earth shaking cough. The next day I was aching so bad all over and having chills that I checked my temp and it was 102. Phoned the N.P. and she was on vacation for the week and I didn't feel like driving to the one in Muskogee. So that misery lasted for four days before the fever broke on Thursday afternoon.
It took me all day Friday to pack a small bag for a trip to western OK to attend my cousin's funeral. My brother was driving so I slept in the backseat of the car for most of the trip and when we arrived I was feeling better. Visited with the family Friday night and then attended the funeral Sat. morning. We drove back home late Saturday-just ahead of the severe thunderstorms and tornadoes that were hitting western O.K. Sat. night. I spent all day yesterday resting and coughing, Today, I think, is going to be better.

While I had the fever, I had some pretty vivid dreams. One dream I remember I was telling someone-"I need a mother to take care of me-where is my mother" (Where is my mother-is the title of one of Logan's books). Then I dreamed I was at Lila's house and she gave me a special tea to drink and said it would make me feel better. After that dream, I woke up all sweaty and weak-the fever had broke. I was so weak that all I could do was change my gown and roll over to the dry side of the bed. I slept and then was able to get up and around. So---thank you Lila---- for that healing cup of tea.

B152         April 28, 2009
From: Keith
The story Bruce put on the right navigation bar, Papa and Nora, is from my Life History Writing class if you haven't already figured that out.

I am having so much fun in that class I'm very happy I found out about it. I really can't explain what it's done for me, but it has definitely filled a void.

Lila and Elaine, they have computer classes there as well. I thought you might be interested in that. They only meet once a week, so maybe you could consider making that drive in your fuel efficient Fit. I hope to take the Photo Shop class that they will be offering on their next calendar.

These classes are aimed at seniors (55), and though you qualify, Bruce, I think you would probably be better suited as an instructor than a student. From what I understand the classes are very basic and this one is like 'computers for dummies' such as I.

If you wanted to do some volunteer work maybe you could teach a class. I'm wondering, with all the cutting the State is doing, if some of these freebies may be going to fall by the wayside.

That picture of Kathy 'tween the trees is wonderful and her smile is enchanting. I had a hard time finding her face in the flowers. I thought you must have been putting us on until finally I saw it behind that (is that a) flower?

I think that is so neat Lila and Elaine, that you had the chance to spend time with the daughter of a girl that was a student in your preschool. That's probably tantamount to first becoming a grandparent so far as what it does to make you realize how old we've become.

There is obviously a foul spirit manipulating events in Ft Gibson. I'm glad to hear that Doctor Lila has come to your rescue, Calamity Jane. That was pretty clever on your part to seek her out in a dream. How did you find out about her healing powers?

I want you to know that I do have authority over those foul spirits and have cast this particular trouble maker into outer darkness. If you are troubled by others, let me know. I can give you the key to locking them up.

B152         April 28, 2009
From: Keith
Rhonda, I meant to mention how impressed I am with all the handyman tasks you're mastered. My grandsons watch a cartoon titled "Handy Manny" and every time I see them watching it now I think of you.

You should just forget about the job you're not happy with and keep up the handy stuff. If handiness = happiness, just go for it!

I'm glad to hear that Kirk and Sindee are well and that her surgery was a success. Are they no longer on the internet? Hoping to see them get back on.

I wish everybody would comment more, but I know it's not easy to find the time. So many tasks, so few minutes.

B152         April 30, 2009
From: Linda
Keith, I finally got to read your story about Poppa and Nora. It was very well written and entertaining-I could picture it all in my mind just like on a movie screen. Maybe you should write short stories. What did your mom and dad say when you came home minus your two front teeth?
I'm sure you looked very cute in your little suit, cowboy hat and no front teeth.

Lila and Elaine-that is just the most wonderful thing in the whole world-to hold a new baby. I could spend hours just watching every little breath and movement that Lindsey made. I can't believe that she is already a year old.

I am very much looking forward to holding Ashlynn in August-just a few more months but I know to Aimee it seems an eternity. Grandma Rhonda has become such a handy-woman! If you ever get caught up on all of the rental properties, maybe you can start your own business-by women, for women. You also have learned some great skills to pass on to the children and grandchildren. In fact-I think I would like to learn to mud and texture. Do you by any chance do heating and air? I got one estimate so far for the new heating/ac system-$7500. I may just have to do with ceiling fans and the pellet stove.

Kristofer's days in the Army may be coming to an end. He has developed tendinitis in both lower legs and after 2 weeks with no improvement, they will give him another 2 weeks and if still no improvement he will receive a medical discharge. He is pretty bummed out about it all because he was looking forward to a military career.

Good to hear that Kirk's family is O.K. I wish he would call sometime. If Christian ever plays in Muskogee, I would like to see the game.

B152         April 30, 2009
From: Elaine
Oh my heart is singing and so is my mouth. Sometimes life is just so sweet. Like now...getting on the computer, no complications, no warning pop ups... It seems amazing. Maybe it will last.
New babies are a joy. Would love to see both the lyn babies. I can't remember the name of the baby Lila and I were with.... but she was very sweet and for some weird reason, Lila and I were the only ones wanting to hold her. I remember when I was afraid of new babies, but now I'm not. Of course the mom was right there so that makes it safer. In the picture, it looks like Jailyn had a tube in...were there complications? I have not been on this page for a long time, so may have missed that info.
Well the honeymoon is over. I just had a bit of a glitch with the computer. Thought I lost this, but apparently it is okey.

Lila was very sick last week and then I was sick Mon. and Tues. Not as bad as you sound Linda. But am definitly wondering about the "swine flu".(which has nothing to do with swines). I too had strange dreams and woke the second soaked.
I agree that it sounds like you've found your second calling Rhonda. I know I'm usually good for about five years with a working enviornment, and then I need a change. Very difficult to change though when skills are limited. I tried doing construction work years ago, but I was so unskilled,I felt like I was more of a hindrance than a help. I felt guilty cashing my pay check.

Lila and I walked the dogs this morning out in the rice fields. It was nice and cool when we started. Such a beautiful scene. The swallows were swooping over us. The cranes or egrets were feeding and the red winged blackbirds were singing. The buttes were so close. I wished Lila had her camera. Neat pictures Bruce. I have to go back to see the one of Kathy in the flowers I missed it. I enjoyed the frog...most unusual.

I feel very lucky right now to have this little house. The computer is working and while I am writing this, I get to look out and see green trees and bushes and sky. Doesn't take much to make me happy these days.

Thanks for sharing your stories PK. I enjoy reading them. Lila said she doesn't remember much about the dance. I do remember a similar night at our house in Gridley. I think Bruce was a baby. May not have been the same party.

I must go. Don't know what has come over me. I could go on and on and on?????

B152         May 4, 2009
From: Keith
Thank you Linda. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I have written a couple of short stories, and I am writing a story now. However it's kind of on hold while I'm taking a poetry workshop and a Life History writing class and another poetry class. I know I'm no poet, but I am taking the classes just to learn about poetry. The classes have been enlightening so far. You know, I don't remember Mom & Dad saying much about my teeth missing when I got home. Perhaps P&N called them and prepared them. I really don't remember. However I do recall hearing Mom make a couple of comments over the years that led me to believe she was not happy that Papa pulled the teeth without taking me to a dentist.

I never heard of a discharge from the service because of tendinitis. How long has he been in? I hope things will turn around for him.

It was good to see you back on Elaine. Glad the computer's cooperation has lit up your life. I could almost hear your singing. Also thanks for the nice words about the story--yes that would have to have been a different party.

Bruce, I just got through listening to Is You Is. It is nice to have the option, I'm going back and forth. That song goes back a long way. I love this version.

Rebecca brought Jailynn over yesterday. She slept for all but maybe ten minutes while she was here. Just long enough to get some of mommy's milk and drift back off. I didn't hear a cry but lots of grunts.

B152         May 5, 2009
From: Linda
Enjoying the music, Bruce. David always used to ask me "is you is or is you not my baby".

Glad to hear from you Elaine and glad to hear that you are signing. I also wondered about the "swine flu". I don't think our physicians in OK are really doing much testing for it-we really have a poor health care system here. During my Dr. appointment yesterday I told the NP that I had 102 temp and flu symptoms the week before and all she asked was if I had visited Mexico. Gave me more antibiotics and prescription cough med since I still have a sinus and ear infection.
That is another story--such a difficult time getting the meds. The NP called the prescription to Walmart about 2pm and I had to keep calling to see if it had been filled and that didn't happen until 7pm and then I was dizzy so Kel and Crystal drove to Muskogee to get my meds. Crystal called me to ask if the meds should be &119.00. I told her "no" and stayed on the line to talk with the pharmacist. Seems like they had lost all of my records from their computer and were just going to charge me the full price. So---I had to drive over there this morning to show them my insurance card and have all of information placed back in the computer-savings of &69.00. I called Crystal and thanked her for being so alert to question the price of the meds.

Keith, the poetry workshop does sound interesting. David used to send me a lot of cards with his own poetry-I don't know if he actually thought of it or if he copied some of it but whatever, it was still very heartfelt.

As for Kris and his army discharge--I talked to Ken again and he said Kris was just at entry level and had completed the first few weeks with honors before the tendinitis set in. He has been on crutches for 3 weeks now and they are sending him to a holding station to have physical therapy. And--the discharge won't be a medical discharge but a failure to adapt discharge. He will be eligible to re-enlist in 18 months. They gave Kris the option of staying in the Army but he would have to go back through the same training that he has already done (whenever his tendinitis has resolved) so he told them he just wanted to go home. I think he had a little taste of it and decided he would be better off at home under his parents care. At age 17, I think he is a
little too young to know what he really wants to do. He will come back to his job at Pizza Hut for now. At least he got his GED while still just a Junior in High School. Now, if we can just get him motivated to work his way through college????

Have to close now and shut down computer as more storms are just 30 minutes away.

B152         May 5, 2009
From: lila
I have not been on the computer for quite a little spell----enjoyed reading all the "posts". I did try to check in a while back---got as far as, "I don't see Kathy in the flowers". After I typed that sentence I scrolled down to look again---could not see her---felt exhausted--went to bed.

Like Elaine, I had one of those moments of gratitude the other day. It was rainy and cold outside. Inside was so warm and cozy---five cats snuggled up in their special spots, two dogs stretched out on the floor side by side, and me curled up with a book on the sofa. I felt so content and comfortable. I like to savor those special moments.

I have something to run by you all. The month of May always brings up Mom for me, and we seem to have chosen that month for our gatherings. A time to remember and honor Ellie. Elaine mentioned that we have never done a similar honoring of Dad. I understand how that happened, but I feel that I would like for us to do that. Dean has always made his place (with Mom's tree) available to us in May. I would like to make my place "open" in November for Dad. His grave is close to here (Browns Valley)----if anyone is wanting to visit. We could just know that every May and every November we, Mom and Dad's, children, grandchildren, et al. will gather in their memory. How do you all feel about that?

It is May, we need to set a date, yes?

I just discovered what Ellie's Web is. Bruce, that is so cool---I am fully enjoying reading Ellie's web site, and I am continually impressed by her.

B152         May 9, 2009
From: Bruce
That Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby song was given to me by a distinguished emeritus who said it played an interesting role in his earlier years. Maybe that is a common thing if David used to refer to it too.

Yes, May makes me think of Ellie too. She loved this month with Mother's Day and her birthday along with the typically nice weather. One of these upcoming weekends looks good to me. Kathy was going to go to San Diego but she canceled her trip to have some dental work.

Elaine did you ever find out if you had the swine flu? I heard some people are have swine flu parties where one infected person attends to intentionally transmit it to everyone else. The idea is that they will get the mild flu that is going around now and have an immunity when it comes back around in a more severe form. I wouldn't try it, but those that have had it might have an advantage?

B152         May 9, 2009
From: Keith
I hope everybody is well. Glad you finally got your meds Linda. I didn't realize Kris is only 17. I hope he gets interested in college and gets a good education. I think that will serve him better than the military experience unless he had a specific type training in mind they have to offer him. Laura's son, William (18), is going into the Air Force in June and after basic training he will be taking survival training for the purpose of going on to teach survival training. I hope that works out for him.

If you're still interested in finding Kathy in the flowers, Lila, locate the green light pole at the end of the row of flowers, then look just to the left of the pole and you will see her head. Her face is partially covered by a flower, or something.

We have three more week-ends in May, any one of them is fine with me.

I appreciate your offering your place for a meeting in November. I remember we did mention once before that we meet for Mom's memory in May but not for Dad's. I believe it was you, Elaine and I and we expressed the thought that the reason we do it for Mom is that keeping the family in touch with one another was her notion and we were doing it for that purpose as a motivator. But I think doing a Dad memory in November as a family is a great idea too. I've never been back to the burial site. Don't even remember how to get there. Hard to believe that was 29 years ago this December.

I know that guy you're talking about Bruce, I met him at a Swine Flu party. He has a weird sense of humor and some people don't like it so much. Personally I think he's right on.

B152         May 9, 2009
From: lila
Okay, it is official: Family Gathering in Ellie's memory in May, and Family Gathering in Dad's memory in November.
I will be seeing Dean & Steph tomorrow----will check with them if May 30th would work for them. That is not the 3-day holiday---Memorial Day is the earlier week end (25th). If that is not available lets go with the first Saturday in June--? Would be lovely if any of you Oklahomans (Arkansas, Texans, etc) and any of you Hawaiians, that includes you, Ed, could make it?? If not this May---how about in November? (Dad's birthday is the 13th). It is a bit of a shock to realize that this Dec makes 29 years since Dad died. For me, December also means 28 years of living clean and sober---big smile.

I see the spot that is Kathy, PK---thanks for pointing that out. I think I really need to do my cataract surgery. There is no way I can actually see Kathy.

Appreciate the Alfie music, BL, and it suits my bad-boy Alfie. He is such a puzzle, but he is my baby. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby transports me right to Redwood City. It was a very popular song back then, and I can picture Mom singing it around the house. I guess that does not qualify me as a professor emeritus, huh?

Ms Linda, is you or ain't you doing good by now? Hoping those antibiotics have you up and about. I really think a trip to CA might be just what you need.

Everyone----take care of yourselfs, and please stay away from any swine flu parties.

Talked to Micah. He said he can see flames from his apartment in Santa Barbara. Has not had to evacuate........yet.

B152         May 11, 2009
From: lila
The date for our May Gathering is May 30, Saturday around noon, Pot Luck.

I am going to TRY and send some pictures
Hope I am able to find them

B152         May 11, 2009
From: lila
I can't believe I did it--amazing
These are Mother's Day pictures---taken at Lake Francis(Dean and Steph)and Colgate (plus the boys and Roxy). The last one is of Roxy--swimming. She does not normally swim---but followed Dean (reluctantly). Another one from Colgate...........

B152         May 11, 2009
From: Bruce
Nice work Lila. Everyone looks good! Why doesn't Roxie swim much? I thought it was instinct with a lab.

If you wanted to make a poster out of a digital picture, there is a web site that will do it and make it so you can print it out on a regular printer. See the photo below. You can try to blend it perfectly or leave lines between the separate pages. Actually the lines create an interesting effect. Again see the picture. The site is at

Keith, did that guy at the party tell you why that song had a special meaning to him?

See you on the 30th.

B152         May 12, 2009
From: Linda
Yes, Lila, I is doing better now. The NP nixed my idea of flying to California-can't fly until the fluid behind the eardrums decreases and I still have some dizziness when the fluid sloshes. I totally agree with you that I need some time in California and it would be sooo nice to see some sunshine. Today we have had 18 days straight with some rain every day and very few peaks of the sun-expecting at least another 2-3 days of rain before we get at least one day clear.

Yesterday and the day before, we only had heavy clouds and sprinkles-so I mowed for 5 hours (on the rider) and couldn't get it all because part was still standing in water. Anyhow--I am better and only occ coughing now and no fever.

The pictures and everyone look great and healthy.

Thanks Bruce, for the website address-I will try that poster making.

For the second anniversary of David's death, I watched one of his favorite movies "to Dance With The White Dog"-a Hallmark movie. The guy in the movie reminded me so much of David.

You guys had me stumped with that word "emeritus". I don't recall having ever heard it and if I read it, I must have just blocked it out. I had to check the dictionary to see what in the world you were talking about.

I will be thinking of all of you on the 30th and be there in spirit.

B152         May 12, 2009
From: Steph
More pictures of Mother's Day with Lila:
1) Andy on the rope swing
2) Dean on the rope swing
3) Lila and Dean

B152         May 13, 2009
From: Elaine
Good morning on this blustery day. I am having major allergy symptoms....but still I FEEL GOOD. The sun is shining. Was thinking of going to the river, but now with the wind, I probably won't. I am determined to get out in the great outdoors more this year. Got all the gear and am now looking for good camp grounds. Linda, I'm warm sunny thoughts to you, maybe you can send some rainy thoughts to us...we are in a drought I guess. The mother's day pictures are great. Where was the rope swing? Was that at the lake? Well Bruce, I'm not sure what kind of flu I had. Doubt if it was the swine flu. Just had a fever and ached for acouple days. But if it protects me from the real thing, then I guess it was worth it.

B152         May 13, 2009
From: Keith
You shouldn't use the "Kathy in the flowers" test as a measure of your ability to see, Lila. She is not easily spotted in there. Have you heard from Micah the last couple of days? I see where they don't expect to have those fires contained for another week.

Great photos Lila, Bruce and Steph. It was fun looking back and forth between the rope jumpers. You can almost see Andy turning in to Dean's position.

That picture of Roxy makes her look too long and the angle is wrong. That must be a black rock sitting up there looking like her back end?

I really like the effect of that picture poster with the lines, Bruce.

The guy at the party refused to give any info out but let me know it was a very silly thing.

I is glad you is better Linda, but that fluid between the eardrums sounds bothersome. Hope it clears up quickly. I think you shared some of David's poetry with us before, was that on this site, or did I dream it?

It is nice, Elaine, that you are feeling so good that not even major allergy symptoms can derail your happiness spirit. I like that attitude. I believe you're working three day weeks now, is that making that job easier to take?

B152         May 16, 2009
From: Linda
Elaine, I have been sending rain thoughts your way and ever which way--just away from here. It is official now-22 days straight with rain each day. Some days had only a trace of rain and one day had 5 1/4 inches and way too much cloud cover. Had another big storm last night and this morning and now solid clouds. Tomorrow will be the beginning of a 4-5 day break and I am so looking forward to having sunshine. We did have some sun yesterday and very windy. The allergies are really bad here also. I am glad your allergies aren't getting you down this year. I planted a few flowers by the backdoor yesterday and then came in and collapsed on the couch. When the sun was shining, it was like a long steam bath outside due to all of the standing water. Hopefully, next week we will dry out a bit.

I had a semi emergency with the big tree at the back of the house. My electricity went out for about a minute on Tuesday evening--and it was not storming at the time. After I reset all of the electronics, I was thinking that it was like that during the ice storm. I looked out the bathroom window and saw the electric line was snagged on a tree limb and when the wind blew the line was pulling. I got up early Wed. morning and called the tree trimmer guy and he came over that afternoon with his bucket truck and trimmed the tree just before another storm hit. This guy and my lawnmower guys have been so great to come quickly when I have a problem. I went to high school with all of them and they knew and liked David.

Keith, I did post some of David's poetry to this site last year. I thought that picture of Roxy was a really good action picture--looked like she was really working to reach the bank and droplets of water above her head and under her jaw. I think that is her tail floating on the water behind her.

Perfect picture of Dean and Lila with such a beautiful background. For the first and only time, I see a glimmer of Ellie in Lila's face. Dean reminds me of Ken before Ken got so heavy.

The rope scene pictures are so good that I get dizzy when I look at them. Speaking of dizzy---I am getting used to it and just have to get up slowly and wait for the fluid behind the eardrums to settle before I walk. I hope that this too shall pass. Just takes time and maybe some sunshine will help.

I haven't had a chance to try the poster yet, Bruce. I have to keep turning off the computer because of the storms. I will try it but not sure my computer is enough up to date.

I will be going to Fort Smith June 7th for Aimee's baby shower.

B152         May 18, 2009
From: lila
For our gathering on the 30th I put the time wrong. Starting at 2, and eating around 5 is the schedule. Bring swim suits. If this weather continues like this I may even jump in. Actually I am more of a hot tub kind of person.

I, too, had a tree incident, Linda. A huge branch broke off of one of the almond trees in my big yard. Again, I was lucky to get a hold of Jim, and he came out the next morning, chain sawed it up, and hauled it away. These old, untended, trees are making me a bit nervous. I'm thinking I may have to call the tree man.

Yes, I can see my resemblance to Ellie in that picture. Actually, that is quite appropriate, as it was mother's day, and we were at one of our favorite places, AND she was on my mind a lot that day-----remembering.

I have talked to Micah, and all is okay---fire is gone. He said the air was still not good.

Yes, PK, that is Roxy's tail you see in the water. She is a lab that does not like to swim. When Dean first got her he thought she would jump right in for a swim---never happened. I guess she did not get that instinct, BL.

Saw Ruth yesterday. She was doing pretty well. She has a touch of something. Coughing. Says she is going to the doctor by Wed. The dice were good to me----finally. Ruth has been big winner the past few times. Like 3 yahtzees in one game!

B152         May 21, 2009
From: rhonda
The rope swinging looks like so much fun. I haven't done that in years. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. One day I might get set-up where I can also send pictures. Lila, I think that your mouth looks like Grams in that picture of you and Dean.

I just got home from painting on one of the houses. I really do enjoy this so much more then working in a facility. I love the results!

As Linda has said, we have had so much rain. I was glad to see the sun shine today.

Linda, glad to hear you are going to make it to the baby shower. I thought you were, but wasn't a 100% sure. Linda, Sam's mother,(that is her name also) has offered to help me with the shower. She's found some really cute ladybug decor.

Tim's parents are in town. His dad is going to his 53rd school reunion. WOW

Well, they are going to take us out for dinner, so I better end this and get ready.

B152         May 22, 2009
From: Bruce
That shot of Andy and the rope swing is classic. Great form, give it a full 10.

Wow is right for a 53rd high school reunion. That's the highest one I have heard about. I remember when Lila came over from Hawaii to attend her 15 year reunion; I thought that was ancient. At that time I wondered how people could even remember each other after 15 years. Hope all you folks out there in the heartland are drying out.

My tiny garden is off to a good start. The squash and cucumber and tomatoes are growing by leaps and bounds. The eggplant and melon are coming along almost as well. Hope it keeps going.

Senior campers are happy campers.

B152         May 26, 2009
From: lila
My teeny-tiny garden is doing well, too. Hope to enlarge it soon.

No one mentioned that on Andrew's next swing the rope caught on the tree as he was going out. Jerked him pretty bad, and he went into the water very close to the land. Quite a scare---everything went silent as we all watched. Thank heavens Andrew was not hurt---scraped his arm. That was the end of rope swimming. I was taking a picture of him at the time, but it blurred as I must have moved the camera. I will try to send it. I also hope to share a picture of a beautiful little plant on my front porch. It comes back every Spring--I love it. Steph gave it to us the first year we moved back here (2005).

B152         May 26, 2009
From: lila
I'll try the flower one more time. I am having a problem about the name of the folder????
If this does not do it I am going to bed--sigh

B152         May 26, 2009
From: Steph
I tried Bruce's suggestion and made a couple of posters for Max's graduation using the following site:

Take a look!

B152         May 26, 2009
From: Steph
Maybe this image gives a better perspective of the size of the posters

B152         May 27, 2009
From: Elaine
Ladybugs and baby showers....sounds like spring. Glad the rain has moved on, but unfortunately, it didn't come to us. But I must say the weather is beautiful and I am enjoying it.
Sounds like the graduation party was perfect. The posters are great. Lila said it was also Ian's birthday. Sorry I missed it all. I thought I might get off work early and come over, but as it turned out I ended up going to Urgent Care because my eye was bothering me. The Dr. thinks it is pink eye (but my eye isn't pink). The meds. she gave are very effective and by the next day the pain was gone.

I had my first camping trip last week. Went to Wilbur. Everything was perfect. Although the night was very cold, I stayed warm and toasty in my new bag, my new pad is the best...slept very comfy. And the tent has "skylights" so I could see the stars. Oh sweet dreams are made of these. It was nice to get up into the hills. Had a beautiful hike and of course suffered for a couple of days with tight muscles. But it was well worth it. Happy camper.

B152         May 31, 2009
From: Linda
I am enjoying the music "Misty"-very soothing.

Sorry you guys aren't getting rain. Ours is sporadic now and we have had a few nice low humidity days. Last Saturday, Kel and I finally got to burn the big limb pile and then early Sunday morning I finished it up after adding another 5 wheelbarrows full of dead limbs from the roadside.

I spent Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning sitting on my backside-digging grass and weeds out of Kel and Crystal's large front flowerbed. It is between their house and the sidewalk and the crazy builder guy planted grass in it last year. Now have to find some shrubs and flowers to plant in front of Lindsey's bedroom window.

I have talked to Rhonda and Sindee several times past few days. We thought we were going to get to visit today but Christian's ball games finished last night so they won't be playing in Ft. Gibson today. I would have liked to go to the games yesterday but I was babysitting Lindsey from 5pm Friday night to 5pm Saturday. Poor little girl's reflux problems are getting worse and I have been talking to Rhonda and Sindee for advice since they went through all of those problems with Christian.

Those posters from rasterbator look really good. I still haven't had a chance to try it.

Happy camper sounds like she is enjoying her life more now that work is down to part time. Did you go to Wilbur alone or did you have company? It sounds like great fun but I think I would be scared to do it alone. That does give me an idea-I should take Logan camping in our back yard one of these unstormy nights.

Last Sunday evening, I had dinner with my brother and his family on their patio. We were just sitting, visiting, and sipping margaritas when a very large black cloud came up suddenly from the east (very unusual for us as most spring storms come from the west)-it was very sudden with lots of thunder and lightening and strong wind blowing the rain horizontal. It would have been a great picture to view the rain blowing that way over Rick's pond and the wind actually making waves on the pond.

Lila or Steph, do you know the name of that pretty flower in Lila's picture? I would like to find one, since it comes back every year.

I finally got to put out a very few veggies in the middle of David's veggie garden. The trees have grown so much in the past 2 years that I don't think my plants are going to catch enough sun. When we planted trees, we couldn't imagine them getting so large. Now, most of the sun plants are in the shade.

I am looking forward to seeing Kirk, Sindee and family in July when Christian has more ball games
in Ft. Gibson. Kel will be driving Crystal, me and the little ones to Aimee's baby shower next Sunday. Kel and Logan will go to the park while Crystal, Lindsey, and I go to the shower. IF I can remember to ask Kel for his camera, I will get some pictures to share.

B152         June 2, 2009
From: Steph
We have some really great pictures from Saturday. I will post a few each day.

We did get some rain today :)
The name of the plant in Lila's picture is "Passiflora Passion Vine"

Check out the links below:

B152         June 3, 2009
From: Bruce
Here are a few more shots from Ellie's Day.

B152         June 8, 2009
From: Linda
Great pictures of Ellie's day-I would have loved to be there and dip my toes in the pool. I still need to try making one of those posters. This week my computer time will be limited because of morning and evening thunderstorms.

Aimee's baby shower was very well attended and she received many lovely gifts and keepsakes.

#1-Rhonda, Margaret, and Aimee
#2-Aimee and Lindsey-my only two grand daughters
#3-Lady in waiting-2 months to grow

B152         June 8, 2009
From: Linda
next try

B152         June 8, 2009
From: Linda
Had trouble resizing this one of Aimee and Lindsey
My computer said it was 59KB but this site said it was too large.

B152         June 12, 2009
From: Bruce
That picture of Aimee and Lindsey is great of both of them. Lindsey seems to be particularly intrigued with something. Haven't seen Marge (Margaret) in so long; she looks good. I have also noticed some 59KB files get rejected. I tweaked the programming so hopefully now it will take them. If I can find a 59KBer, I'll test it.

Farm Report: I harvested my first cucumbers, squash, and eggplant yesterday. It's been so long since I have grown those types of veggies, I had forgotten how quickly they mature. They first appear as miniatures and then in about three days they are full grown.

The family channel is now taking requests for background music. If anyone has a favorite, we'll check our voluminous archives and add it to the list.

B152         June 12, 2009
From: Bruce
Trying a 59KB file:

B152         June 12, 2009
From: Steph
Aimee looks so cute!

Here are more images from Ellie's Day

B152         June 12, 2009
From: Steph
Dean and I were looking through an old photo album.

Take a look, the images made us smile.

B152         June 16, 2009
From: lila
Great pictures----Aimee is glowing, and good to see a picture of Marge. Lindsey is a little doll. Makes me want to reach out and take a hold of that little hand. Such good pictures taken at Dean's place on Ellie's day. Ours were not so good. That was a good day. Enjoyed watching all the beautiful kids having such a fun time. I felt like my Mom.
How about that picture of Rhonda and Dad? Wondering what car Dave has there---when that would have been? And BL, do you remember ever being so young? Time marches on, and changes happen. When I was younger I never understood that I was actually getting old. One morning I woke up to being old. And that is okay, but when I see these images of the past, I do admit, I get a bit of a longing for "the good old days". As Ruth reminds me----when I get to be 95 these will be the good old appreciate life and the now.
I had to call the tree guy----huge branch, on the Mulberry tree, broke. It was sort of sitting on the roof of my house. Had that taken care of and 2 almond trees and 1 walnut tree thinned out. So depressing----the Mulberry tree. The difference is totally shocking. I was told it will grow fast, I hope so.
We have had one zucchini from our garden so far. Have tomatoes, and egg plants growing. The okra looks good, but no okra yet. Have any of you eaten okra greens? They were being sold at the farmers mkt. Think I'll give it a try.

B152         June 16, 2009
From: lila
One picture did not make it---will try again

B152         June 17, 2009
From: Dean
The black & white photos Steph posted are circa 1965.

The photo of Rhonda & Grandad was taken at Bluebird Lane.

Dave's photo is at the old gas station that used to be at the corner of Howe & El Camino. I belive the car was the Red Pontiac LeMans. It was the first car I ever drove. I think I was all of 10 years old. I swiped the keys from Mom's purse and took it for a spin down Howe Avenue all by my lonesome. Lucky thing I didn't get caught, but there really was not all that much traffic back then. I cannot remember how Dave broke his arm/thumb?

The photo of Bruce (what a hunk eh!)was taken in the converted garage at Bluebird Lane.

B152         June 21, 2009
From: Linda
Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads and Happy first day of summer to all.

The cat picture (is that Pickles?) just makes such a clear statement. I feel just like that after coming in from mowing the yard.

I just keep scrolling through the pictures-makes me homesick for California and the family. How can I be homesick when I am home?? I guess this just doesn't really feel like home anymore.

Dean, I won't tell Logan that you drove the car when you were 10 years old-WOW. However, I also won't tell him that David let Kel drive in the desert when Kel was 12.

The photo of Bruce-what beautiful eyes! The photo of David-He told me the story of his broken thumb and said it happened while he was catching a baseball in the park and then he got to take off work (said the state paid his wages?) until the cast was removed.

Rhonda, I will try to save the photo of you with your grandad.

Since Rhonda has not had time to write I will tell you the latest. The day after Lila called me (can't remember which day that was)-Rhonda called and said Aimee had been in the hospital and the Dr. thought she had pre-eclampsia because her blood pressure was elevated and thought they may send her to Little Rock hospital and take the baby early. After another visit to the DR. it was decided that her blood pressure was only elevated when she was up and moving about--so now she is home on bed rest until Ashlyn arrives. Not fun being on bed rest but at least she will be able to stay out of this heat and high humidity.

The family group picture looks like everyone has just turned to say hi to Ellie and Kim is just starting to get up to greet her. Then Lila and Dean are presenting her with a Magnolia blossom.

All of the little ones look so cute and cool in the pool-such a grand place for them to make memories. My earl childhood memories of water and wading were in a creek or muddy lake-but it was still fun to get wet and cool off.

Lila, your back yard looks sooo inviting. Are those new shrubs?? They look very lush and healthy. I wish I could just twitch my nose and travel there to sit on the deck with you and sip some ice tea. I am wishing your Mulberry tree a speedy recovery-is the loss of limbs going to affect the shade garden?

Last evening, I looked out my kitchen window and saw a deer standing on it back legs to break a small limb out of my peach tree and then it proceeded to eat all of the peaches it could reach. I have just seen two deer together this year instead of the usual 6-8, but this year they seem to be more active during the day. They run through the yards in the middle of the day. We used to just see them in late evening or at night.

Your gardens are producing far ahead of ours. I have golf ball size green tomatoes, 2 inch long yellow squash and zucchini and so far not even any blooms on the okra. I was late getting the garden planted due to our 22 day stretch of rain.

Lila, I have never heard of eating Okra greens-must be the spineless variety. I used to hate picking Okra because just brushing against an Okra leaf would cause intense itching for a day or two.

Thanks, Steph, for the links to the passion flower. I thought that plant looked a bit familiar. We used to have a passion vine but its petals were more purple and I loved it but David took it out because it became too invasive and was coming up in the yard. I think I want another but maybe in a big pot.

Where is Keith and Bev??-haven't read any comments from them in a very long time.

B152         June 21, 2009
From: Bruce
Hope all the dads had a good day. We went up to Latitudes for brunch in Auburn to celebrate the first day of summer. Champagne and tofu Florentine.

I should know when that picture of Dave was taken, but I'm not sure about it. I think the LeMans was a 1967 so it was probably '68 at the earliest. Was that the same summer 2001 A Space Odyssey came out and Dave took Dean and me to see it? He was around a lot that summer so that makes sense that he was out on disability. The broken bone might have kept him out of work, but he still played football with it. I remember taking a few shots to the head with that cast.

Lila I do remember that person but it doesn't seem like it is me when I see the picture. It seems like there is a time when you can remember the fires of youth and you try to recapture them. Then a point comes and you are so far removed from them that can't remember how it felt to be so young. I think I am at that point.

I got hung up looking at the items on the bed behind me in that picture. I'm pretty sure there is a camera but the other things look like a stack of cassettes and a fanny pack. However, I don't think either of the last two had been in existence at that time.

Dave let me drive his car at an early age too. It was in Redwood City when I was about 14. When I saw a cop I made a right turn from the left lane without stopping at a stop sign.

B152         June 22, 2009
From: Steph
I just had to post these cute pictures. Charlene is visiting (from Hawaii) and it was so nice spending time with her and Lila yesterday.

B152         June 25, 2009
From: lila
Good pictures, Steph. Charlene is back down in Ventura----she went on Amtrac yesterday. Said she was an hour late---that is pretty good for Amtrac. She was on one of those bus, train, bus trips, and coming up the bus broke down some where around Bakersfield. She was suppose to get into Marysville at 7:30 pm. She got here around 11:30 pm. But Amtrac sent her by taxi, from Sac., right to my door. It was a fun time---watched old movies at Dean and Steph's place. Movie's of the summer Tommy and Charlene came over, and we did the Dunsmuir trip.....our "young days"....with Charlene and me wearing our hair up in silly looking buns.....sigh.
Very good explanation, BL. Understand totally---I was thinking, who was that person wearing that silly looking bun, and drinking Moscow Mules?? I kind of remember her.
That is Pickles, Linda, and I do appreciate his humor in that picture. Hope Amiee is doing well, with her bed rest---the positive side is getting to be waited on, and catch up on reading or what ever one can do while lying in bed. Remember, Linda, that back acre is here ready to put a trailer on anytime you want. Elaine and I were just talking about how nice it would be to have you here.

B152         June 30, 2009
From: Linda
Yes, excellent pictures, Steph. I imagined myself stepping into the pool while we were having our 4 day stretch of 100+ temps. It is unusual for us to have days that hot in June.

Thank you Lila--I always have that back acre in my mind. I just have to wait and see what these kids are going to do. If they move, then so will I-just don't want to run out on them while they still need me.

Rhonda called yesterday-said Aimee is doing well but had some protein in her urine and the blood pressure had gone up slightly so the Dr started her on steroids and they doubt she will go full term. If she doesn't go into labor by mid July, they may do a C-section.

I have been having computer problems for the past 2 weeks. It was getting slower each day and I was so frustrated with it. I was tempted to call Kel to the rescue but decided since he is so busy, I should attempt to solve the problem by myself. Finally I took a few hours to play around with it and now it is fixed and back up to speed.

Friday evening I stepped back to a previous lifetime for a few hours. Last year, Kel came across a "My Space" page for a long lost childhood friend who now lives in Northern Idaho.
We first met these people in Tulsa when Kel was 4 years old and then again in Colorado when he was 5-6. We were together in Arizona but lost track of them after we moved back to Oklahoma. The girl, April, and Kel have kept in touch over the past year. April and her family came back to Tulsa this past weekend to visit a grandfather.
We all got together at a Mexican restaurant in Tulsa. We ended up with a table of 21 people and got to do some visiting and catch up on the lost years. It just felt a little weird but pleasant to see these people that we had lost contact with 26 years ago. All of this-from a page posted on the Internet. Very strange and exciting--this new world of ours. All of those people texting each other for times of arrival and directions to the restaurant--and 26 years ago we didn't even have the bag phone for the car. Makes me wonder how we ever survived-especially when Ken, Kel and I made the move to Colorado pulling a trailer and then to Arizona and back to Oklahoma (all without a cell phone or the Internet).

B152         July 2, 2009
From: Keith
It's been so long since I've been here, so much to comment on. Many great pictures. If we were having a contest it would be impossible to pick a winner. The ones from Mom's day are all so good; a lot of photogenic people in there, captured in their essence, especially the young folks

Jeremiah with his muscle man pose and that great expression cracks me up.

The group photo would be perfect except that Peyton has his back to the camera.

The pictures of Bruce, Dave and Dad/Rhonda sure bring back the memories. Bruce looks like a young male model posing in a Sears Catalog ad.

David was working in the Bay Area (I think) when he broke his arm playing football in Sac. He suffered with it through the weekend then on Monday he went to work and faked an injury; that's how he got state disability to pay for his time off. Good picture of him with his Pontiac.

Pickles is the obvious winner for the funniest photo, no doubt. The picture with Tim and Lila is also great of the property, looks like it's in the woods.

I would never have recognized Charlene. It's been 40+ years yeah?

I don't have a real good excuse for not writing for so long. I had an inexplicable bout with depression that lasted too long then I got so far behind that the thought of catching up was overwhelming--it took a phone call from my big sister threatening to kick my butt to spur me on.

I'm taking a Photo Shop Elements class at the Senior Center. Maybe I'll learn to do some good stuff, we'll see. I feel a lot like an old dog whenever I try to learn something new. How did Mom do it so well for so long?

I like the Summertime version Bruce. How about something from Barbara Streisand when you get ready to replace the vocal Is You Is?

B152         July 3, 2009
From: Keith
I meant to comment on your letter last night Linda, but got weary and shut it down before I got to it. What is the significance of protein in the urine? I hope Aimee delivers before they have to do a C-section. That is so interesting about finding a long lost friend like that. I've heard of it happening a couple other times too. The internet really is having a large impact on lives isn't it? It sounds like you had a wonderful visit/dinner.

What is a bag phone for the car?

B152         July 4, 2009
From: Linda
Glad you are back Keith--I was missing you. The bag phone for the car was what we had before cell phones. It looked like an old fashion cord phone except it was portable and came in a bag you could carry over your shoulder and had a very large, heavy battery in the bag. It was very clumsy but we were so proud of it and excited about being able to make phone calls from the car. I don't remember when they first came out but we didn't have one until after 1985. I know we didn't have it on the first car trip we made with Kel to California. It would have been so good to have had it then as we had car trouble on the 1st day of the trip.

The protein in the urine is an indication of pre-eclampsia. Aimee only had a small amount so they will be keeping close watch to make sure the protein amount doesn't increase. If the protein level in the urine increases to a dangerous level-then they will admit her to the hospital for observation or go ahead and do a C-section.

Yes, the Internet really has made a large impact on most people's lives. It was a wonderful surprise to be able to meet the people we had been friends with when all of the children were young.
I have another friend in San Diego that reconnected by finding me through that led him to my brother (they had been best friends in high school and room mates in college and then lost contact after they both married).

I am eager for 4th of July to come to a close. In this rural area, no fireworks permits are required. The kids around here have been doing fireworks every night since the fireworks stands first opened. It was so hot yesterday, that we couldn't get out to mow until 7pm so I helped Kel with his yard. He mowed his front acre and I mowed his back acre and we finished about 8:15. He just had enough time to shower before Crystal's sister and family arrived-they combined all of their fireworks for a display that lasted until 11pm. This old grandma watched from the comfort of my home until I got tired and then went to bed and read a book until the noise stopped so I could go to sleep.

B152         July 4, 2009

B152         July 5, 2009
From: Keith
Nice picture Casper, you silly ghost you.

The Way We Were is good too.

B152         July 13, 2009
From: elaine
hI, this will be brief, as I just lost what I was typing(about 20 min) to cyberspace. Happy to hear from everyone. I am no longer working so will have lots of time (I am imaging) until I get another job. Had a wonderful vacation in the olympic forest. So beautiful and so much water, even though it is a drought for them. Spent three days in the Hoh rain forest and no rain. No pictures. Happy to be home.

B152         July 13, 2009
From: lila
That is quite a July 4th picture---it does not look "for real". I believe that is in Sacramento?

I do understand bouts of inexplicable depression. I go there every once in awhile myself. What is that about? No rhyme or reason----just zap. Very depressing!

On the 29th I am going to have cataract surgery on my left eye. Dr. says we will talk about my right eye after that. I will be glad when it is over, and look forward to the results. I was so hoping not to have cataracts----neither Keith or Eddie have any signs of them. I am jealous. I have also been going to physical therapy twice a week. I have a "frozen shoulder". All this doctor stuff is wearing me out. Welcome to being old.

Here come the triple digits temps again. Just hope we are through the 105, 108, & 111 temps.

B152         July 16, 2009
From: Keith
Thank you for the welcome back Linda and I know the bag phone. A friend of mine ran a business from his home; his wife acted as his secretary and packed one of those things everywhere she went. I didn't know they were called bag phones. Hers was like a big box.

I worked a week in a fireworks booth leading into the 4th and that was one long week. I think I won't be doing it again. One of the days was 108 degrees and there was no air conditioner.

I don't have cataracts Lila, but I have developed a crazy floater in my left eye and it is very distracting. Jennifer took me out to lunch on Father's Day and that was the first time I noticed it. I thought there was a gnat flying in front of my face and I kept trying to grab it out of the air. Jennifer asked me what I was doing and I told her. She said she didn't see any gnat and then I realized what it was.

Jennifer told a funny story when we were at her house for Cody’s 14th birthday. I’m going to try to relate it.

I don’t know how many of you knew that Mom had a clock that had different birds on its face that represent the numbers. Jennifer inherited that clock and it had been in her garage for the last four+ years.

The clock is designed to chirp every hour and the sound it makes corresponds to the sound that particular bird makes.

Jennifer came across it in the garage and decided to put some batteries in it to see what it sounds like. After she did that she listened to the various bird sounds then set the clock down on a table on the porch just outside their bedroom window and left it there.

After about three days Kim began to comment about this new bird that has begun chirping outside the window at exactly six o’clock every morning. If I had been in Jen’s place at that moment I think I’d have died laughing right then. However she is much cooler than I and she just nodded to Kim and went on about her business.

Kim is usually at work at six p.m. but this particular day she happened to be home and when the bird sounded she jumped up, looked at her watch and exclaimed, “Exactly six o’clock! That same bird chirps at exactly six o’clock a.m. and p.m."

Jennifer remained cool but Cody was there and heard Kim. He suggested: “Maybe it’s that bird clock outside your window." Kim was a good sport and laughed at herself. End of story.

B152         July 17, 2009
From: Bruce
Hope Aimee is doing well. The due date of August 16th is coming up quickly.

That bird clock of Mom's used to fake me out quite often. I would think there was a bird outside her window suddenly chirping away. When we were in Japan they had recorded chirping bird sounds at intersections to aid the blind, long before we had anything like that over here. I was befuddled for the longest time about the birds that would start chirping on cue when the light turned green.

The Fourth of July picture is real, although it is a time exposure. It's easy to do, just leave the shutter open and you will get several fireworks in one picture even if they go off at different times.

A rain forest sounds like a nice refreshing spot to be about now, considering our several days of 100+ temps.

B152         July 17, 2009
From: Linda
The 4th of July picture was very good. I actually ended up having a quite nice 4th. Kel, Crystal, the little ones and I went out to dinner then to a fireworks display put on by a large church group. We parked on the back of the church's acreage and watched from the comfort of the car and sat for a while just in front of the car. We were just far enough away not to be so noisy and yet able to see the beauty and best of all-it was free.

Sindee and Christian came to visit me for a few hours Monday. Christian had 2 baseball games in Muskogee and they came to my house between games on one of our triple digit days. Christian looks the same but much taller-still very sweet and has a soft voice. Sindee received a text message from Rhonda while she was here and Rhonda said Aimee was OK(had just been to the Dr.)

The forest does sound like a very good place to be right now-are they in California? We just today have some relief from the triple digits-a cool front came through with no rain for us so the air tonight is very refreshing-cool and dry.
Will last a day or two.

That was a funny story about Jennifer and the Bird clock-I think David and I sent that to Ellie as we also have one.

Sorry about your cataracts, Lila. I have them too but not bad enough for surgery yet. Is the physical therapy working for your shoulder?

I spent the day with Crystal-took Lindsey to Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa for her barium enema-very stressful for Crystal and I but as soon as the procedure was over and Lindsey could have her bottle, she was happy and laughing again.
She goes back tomorrow just to have one film take so won't be too bad. Probably won't get results until her next Dr. appointment on Aug. 12th.

Has anyone heard of a MLM plan called Efusjon? If you have heard about please let me know as soon as possible what you know about it. Ken and Kel are planning to do it and I would like to know the pros and cons before I do it.
My info is that it is an Acai Berry dietary supplement health drink and the cost for the marketing plan is $156/month with no time contract.

B152         July 21, 2009
From: Linda
Aimee and Sam became the proud new parents, last night, of Ashlyn Renee Vandergriff. Baby girl weighed in at 5lb 13 oz. Aimee called me today and said "well it was a hard night last night"-she said Ashlyn has lots of dark hair and looks like she already has a tan. The Dr. induced Aimee's labor (no C-section) and told Aimee and family that the baby probably wouldn't come until at least 11PM but Ashlyn made her appearance before 7Pm. I plan to go to Ft. Smith Sunday to welcome the newest family member. I haven't talked to Rhonda yet. Aimee says she is feeling fine and the Dr. said the baby is perfect.

Today is a great weather day for us. We had thunderstorms last night with a little bit of rain and today a wonderful north breeze with high temp this afternoon only 85. It has been so refreshing to leave the windows open all day and take a nap with breeze instead of air conditioning blowing over my body. I drifted off for a nap while pretending I was lying on the beach in Hawaii.

B152         July 22, 2009
From: Bruce
Welcome to Ashlyn Renee! Glad everything is fine with Mother and daughter.

B152         July 22, 2009
From: Keith
That's good news Linda. Congrats Aimee and Sam! So good to hear the baby is perfect and the mother is well.

I had never heard of Efusion but I've seen the acai berry advertisements and I was buying a product that has that ingredient in it. I found it at a gluten free store next to the Senior Center. It was inexpensive but I could not testify to its effectiveness one way or the other.

I never could do well with the MLM, the essence of that beast is recruiting and that was not something that came natural to me.

I hope this next week goes by quickly for you Lila and you get that surgery over with. It should be a breeze, but I know the waiting is the worst thing.

The first time I read your post Elaine, I didn't click on the olympic forest but I just now did. Pretty interesting.

B152         July 23, 2009
From: Keith
I read the words Mom left behind in her journal from time to time. She didn't leave very much but her last entry was especially touching. I don't know how many of you out there that read this page ever had the opportunity to see it. I think probably Lila, David, Elaine, Bruce and I are the only ones.

Anyway I thought it would be nice to put those words on here, so I wrote a short synopsis of her last day and included her own words in the last paragraph.

I asked Bruce to add it to the list at the upper right and I see it is there "The Day She Left."

B152         July 24, 2009
From: Linda
"The Day She Left" is very touching, Keith. Thank you for sharing it.

B152         July 26, 2009
From: Dean
Hi All...Enjoyed visiting with everyone during Dad's visit earlier this month. Thanks to all for bringing such great food. When all was said and done, I ended up with a couple of extra serving dishes:

1) White ceramic tray
2) Large Glass Bowl

Anyone want to claim these?

B152         July 26, 2009
From: lila
Congratulations to Grandma Rhonda, and to Sam and Aimee. And welcome to the baby Ashlynn. Look forward to seeing some pictures.

I don't remember reading Mom's journal, PK. Those days after Mom was gone were very surreal for me. Your synopses is quite beautiful, Keith, as well as very touching. Ellie's spirit seemed (to me)to often take her to special places/spaces.

I told Elaine I checked out the rain forest from her posting---she knew not of what I spoke. I'm thinking that you must have set that up, BL?

I have been doing some running around--getting ready for my eye surgery next Wed. I had to do blood tests, have a general check up, get registered, and (a surprise) get an EKG. All done. I am deemed healthy enough to have cataract surgery. Now I just have to remember to follow all the, before surgery, directions. I am totally looking forward to my new "sight".If I understand correctly I will be doing the same thing to my right eye after my left eye has re-couped.

Went to Gridley yesterday----played 3-handed pinochle with Ruth and Grayce. Good fun--lots of family-pinochle memories. Ruth tells how Gram was a champion pinochle player. Ninty five year old Ruth is still a champ, herself. She keeps count way better than I do. Any one up for a game?

B152         July 29, 2009
From: Bruce
Greetings from San Diego. Kathy and I are going to be here for a few days. Nice change from the intense heat in Sac.

We took a segue tour of the city today. Here are some shots I took of Kathy riding on her favorite mode of transportation.

I did put the link to Olympic Forest on there. I didn't know where it was so when I found it, I thought others might be interested.

Thinking good thoughts for your operation today Lila.

B152         July 29, 2009
From: Linda
Hope the surgery went well, Lila.

Bruce, I did connect to the link after Keith mentioned it-now I know where the Olympic Forest is. I do so want to go to San Diego! My friend lives there and he was just here last week for a family reunion and very eager to get back to cool San Diego. Beautiful pictures of Kathy and her little friend.

I have pictures of Ashlynn and wish there was some way to preview them before posting. I have no idea how they will look as I really don't understand this resizing business. Is there any general rule of thumb for the resizing? Also these were taken with a new camera and the picture with Rhonda didn't come out clearly-still working on understanding how the camera functions. Ashlynn is quite jaundiced but beautiful and has a full head of black hair.

B152         July 29, 2009
From: Linda

The next two are of Aimee and Sam with Ashlynn and Rhonda with Ashlynn. All of these pictures were taken on Sunday when Ashlynn was 6 days old.

B152         July 29, 2009
From: lila
It looks like Elaine's last post did not make it. She told me she tried, but feared her posting was lost to cyberspace.....PK just told me of a way to save ones posting---so if it goes to (who knows where, one will have a copy. I am going to give it a try..........

Thanks for the thoughts, BL. I had the surgery this morning. Took the patch off at 5 this evening. So far, I believe it is very successful. I will have to put drops in my eye for about a month. That's all the maintenance required. Of course don't rub etc etc. Pretty amazing. Right now it feels like I have new glasses on--every thing looks shiny and clean. I go see the doc tomorrow. Elaine has been chauffeuring me, and taking care of things.

San Diego and Kathy look beautiful. Seems that Kathy is a champion segue--er. Do you ride one too, Bruce. I would be interested in checking it out sometime.

My body is still feeling the effect of whatever was put into it today----in other words I am a bit out of it. Chow (wanted to say good bye in Japanese, had to settle for Italian)

B152         July 30, 2009
From: Bruce
What a cutie Ashlynn is! A perfect reflection of the parents. Here are some of Kathy's revenge, shots of me on the segue tour. I seem to be at that awkward age. Glad the surgery was a success.


B152         July 31, 2009
From: elaine
Trying again. For days now I have been unable to get the comments on this page. All I could get to was this comment box. Finally I decided to go ahead and enter a comment even though I didn't know what what was going on. I submitted the comment and the commputer said it was successful, but it wasn't. Lila had several suggestions of what to do next time. So while she was here just now I wanted her to see what it is doing and OF COURSE, it came right up.
Moving on, WELCOME to Ashlyn and congrats to mom and dad and grandparents too. Wish I could get a dose of baby cuddles. Babies always manage to make me feel happy. They are just so innocent and fresh. Babies of all species. I once read that babies have to be adorable or we wouldn't
survive cause they are a lot of work too. Of course I don't know that first hand, except kinda with Danny and Jennifer......I helped, but I wasn't the responsible one. However, I have first hand doggie baby experience and even that is exhausting. Right now I have a dachund? like a weenie dog. He is just one year old and quite a handful. But his innocence and adorableness keeps me loving him.

B152         July 31, 2009
From: lila
Little Ashlynn is a real beauty (with a full head of hair----great pictures, Linda. Did I say congratulations Great Grandma Linda? I was just saying: Linda has not posted for awhile, when I discovered I had totally missed your last posting with all the pictures. I guess we posted at the same time, and I did not check after my last posting----thinking that was the last one--will pay more attention from here on in. I do have an excuse. I know I was really out of it when I wrote that last post:>)).

Saw the doctor yesterday---all is well. The doc gave me a photo of my eye just before surgery and just after surgery. Made quite an impression. I wonder how I saw as much as I did with all that "stuff" on my eye ball.

Kathy takes excellent pictures---San Diego is very photogenic.

Sayonara, Sayonara (such a beautiful word. THX, BL

B152         August 1, 2009
From: Keith
This is just a test. If it comes through, it is Peyton--taken last year.

B152         August 1, 2009
From: Keith
I was trying to get it on there larger. I failed. Oh well, I will try again another time.

Glad your surgery is behind you Lila, when do you do the other eye? Did you get to keep that photo the Dr. gave you of your eye? I'd like to see it, curious to see what you mean by, "...stuff on my eyeball." Next time I come over I'll bring Mom's journal.

It is good to see you got on Elaine. I'm so surprised you got another dog. The last time I spoke with you (just days ago) you said you will not be getting another. What changed your mind? Let me guess--somebody was giving away puppies, you held him and that was it. Congratulations! I might be getting another myself.

Nice pictures of you in San Diego, Bruce. It looks a slight bit different than it did in 1955-56.

Aimee looks happy holding little Ashlynn and Sam looks proud while changing Arkansas to Kansas on his shirt. I don't think I've ever seen Rhonda wearing glasses before. I would not have known that photo was of her. In fact Aimee looks more like Rhonda in those photos than Rhonda does. The photos of Ashlynn in Linda's arms are precious.

Thank you for your comment on The Day She Left, Linda and you're welcome.

B152         August 7, 2009
From: Linda
It is sort of fun posting these pictures when you never know how it is going to appear on this page-at least I never know. I reduce the pic from large to postage stamp size and then it comes out somewhere in between when I post it. The picture of Peyton is still very good and he looks so sweet and thoughtful.

Lila, I would like to see your eye pictures-can you post them?? I just came home from my eye appointment. My cataracts don't need surgery yet but I do have to get new glasses because the left is eye is worse than last year.

It has been a very busy week with Dental, Medical and eye appointments. I needed to get them all done before beginning my babysitting next week. Even with all of the planning, I still ended up having to take Lindsey with me on the day of Medical appointment. That was the first time I have had to wait 30 min to see the Dr. and Lindsey was great during the wait. BUT----when we walked into the exam room, she started screaming and crying even though I was telling her the visit was for me and not for her. I finally decided that in her young age of 15 months she was just not understanding what I was telling her.
I ended up sitting her in the floor and giving her my shoes to play with and then she was more than happy and even smiled and laughed at the Dr.
Once she was on the floor and I was on the exam table, I think she finally realized it wasn't for her.

Yes, Elaine, these babies are a lot of work and worry and we do it just to get a smile, laugh or hug and kiss. Next week I start the full time babysitting again. I will have Lindsey all day and Logan for half day every weekday except when school is out for holidays. Is your weenie dog a new addition to your household or the one you are
dog sitting?

Bruce and Kathy, I think I need one of those segues--One with 2 remote controls. I could ride it and give each grandchild a remote so I wouldn't have to take so many steps back and forth between the two of them.

Ashlynn is a real beauty and I hope to be able to see her again, soon. They just change so quickly in the first year. I left a voice mail for Rhonda today asking how everyone was doing but haven't heard back from her yet.

I tried out my new camera a few nights ago and managed to transfer the pics to the computer. This photo will be really grainy as I was using the max zoom and since it was night the photos came out completely black except for the alien's eyes. I put the photos through the FIX program and was surprised to see it change the lighting so well but still fuzzy looking since I was standing on the back porch and the aliens were past the back of David's cabin---anyhow, I think that was the problem but really don't know for sure.

B152         August 8, 2009
From: Bruce
Linda, I like the shot of the aliens, looks like there are at least five of them. It does have an other-worldly look to it. As far as getting the size of the picture on the web page, it depends on your photo editing software. If you have control over the width of the picture in pixels, you can set it to about 400 pixels and it should fit nicely in this column. If you can't set the pixel width, you can try setting the pixels per inch at 72 and then make the width about six inches. If you don't have those controls I can't think of another way to know the width before you post other than trial and error.

I mistyped on my earlier post. Those little vehicles are not Segues, but Segways. Sometimes it seems like my fingers have minds of their own.

How about a picture of Elaine's dog?

B152         August 9, 2009
From: Linda
Thanks Bruce. I do have a control for pixel width. I will try that next time. Yes, there were at least 5 of the mother aliens and two babies in the pic. There were two more babies and another mom that were too far to the side of the main group to get in the pic and the big buck was at the far edge of the back yard hiding in the tall grass.

B152         August 13, 2009
From: lila
Linda, I love your is so eerie. I saw it the day you posted....was all set to write to you all when I got distracted----life started happening, and I did not get back to the computer until the next day. Then my computer was acting really stupid----I got so frustrated with it that today is the first time I have tried again. Lo and Behold----no problems, so far. That picture puts me in mind of one time when Micah and I were walking home from the hotel at Wilbur. It was very dark, we were using a flashlight to follow the road. Suddenly I had goose bumps up and down my spine. I turned to my right, and flashed the light there. And six or eight of those glowing eyes were standing stone still---staring at us. It took my breath away, but in just a flash they were gone.

Heavens, BL, I was so happy to read that the word is spelled segway! I thought we had another crepe/crape Myrtle on our hands!

I wish I had thought to take a picture of Elaine's little Scoopy-do dog, but he has gone home----she dog sat him for 3 1/2 weeks. He is very cute, very smart, very loving (to Elaine). I will take his picture the next time he comes!

B152         August 18, 2009
From: Keith
I didn't realize Elaine was just dog-sitting. I thought she had taken in a full-time buddy.

Sorry to hear you were having computer problems Lila. They're almost as bad as car problems but not as necessary as a car.

I had a neat experience last week. Tim has been telling me I need to go on Face Book but I had no desire to do so. Then I found out you can put a photo album up there so I decided to do it. Once I got on I saw a search slot so just for the fun of it I typed in the name an old Navy buddy I hadn't seen since 1959. I got several hits on the name but only one of the pictures looked like it could be he. I sent him a line and was stunned to find it was the right guy. I have heard of that happening with others, never thought it would happen to me.

I'm going to post a couple of pics. One is from a picture of Jennifer and Ned from 1987 where I took Ned out so it is a solo shot of Jennifer the other is Jailynn our latest Great. I'm curious to see how they come out.

B152         August 18, 2009
From: Keith
My computer locked up and would not post the pictures. I had to get out and come back in. Anyway I have a large photo album on Face Book if you're interested.

B152         August 21, 2009
From: elaine
Hee,hee,hee, Ain't life Grand? Just feeling quite thrilled to have energy again after a few days of being ill. It is a beautiful, warm morning. Chickens are calling to Mr. Neilson, and it just makes me laugh, as of course, there are no Neilsons around, that I know of.
Yes, PK, I was only dogsitting. I am very relieved that scooby is back with his family, though I do miss him a wee bit. It is too much for me to have that neediness constantly. If you do get a dog, I suggest getting an older one AND not just one. Little Scooby would be so upset anytime I left him alone, but I think if he had a buddy, it wouldn't have been so bad for him. Of course, the cats hated him. That didn't help. Anyway, hoping you had a fun trip and will be posting pics. The "aliens" pic was beautiful. Bet it would win in a contest.

B152         August 22, 2009
From: Keith
I didn't know you had been sick again Elaine, but it sounds like you've made a great recovery.

I do have a Mr. Neilsen in my neighborhood, but he has no chickens.

Are you dogsitting professionally, or just doing some one a favor? I remember you and Lila had spoken about starting a dog walking business, is this related to that?

B152         August 22, 2009
From: Keith
Testing 1-2-3-4...

B152         August 22, 2009
From: Keith

B152         August 22, 2009
From: Keith
Looks like I managed to get a big one on. Didn't think it would be that big.

That's the view from our bedroom window in the cabin we stayed in at Lake Tahoe.

I'll try a couple more.

B152         August 24, 2009
From: Keith
These are: the only island on Lake Tahoe.

Emerald Bay Hermit, Julia, Bat Masterson, Mark Twain

B152         August 24, 2009
From: Keith
Forgot to change the name! Trying again.

B152         August 25, 2009
From: Bruce
Tahoe looks as grand as all life. Mark Twain appears to be the character I had imagined him to be. Nice big pictures PK!

Maybe Mr. Neilson was supposed save Chicken Little and the rest of the clan? Well, the chickens might as well have been calling for Jimmy Crack Corn for all the good it would do them.

I've been doing a lot of wheel-spinning while programming my traffic school site for a new agency. Have to learn a different "language," that of XML. Like I heard someone comment, I should be able to get it; it's not rocket surgery.

B152         August 27, 2009
From: elaine
Rocket surgery sounds right.....if you think about it. Taking things apart and putting them back together. Speaking of which, Lila had her right eye surgery yesterday. Today her eye is black, but she seems to be seeing okey. I'll let her tell about her ordeal.

I don't know if the chickens are aware of Chicken Little, but Jimmy Crack Corn might be helpful, what with his positive attitude and all.

I was just dogsitting for a friend, but who knows, maybe someone else will ask me, and I would be delighted to get paid for taking care of dogs. I did try, although rather half heartedly, to get professional. Maybe now that I am not working I will be less half hearted in my efforts. Also have been brainstorming with a friend about doing an enrichment program for children. Am also signed up for a computer class. Just trying to get my resume updated was such a nightmare. Finally found someone to help me. But I am definitely motivated to at least try to learn about this computer system. I admire you Bruce for jumping in....could we call it computer sugery? And would that imply superior mental powers? Seems like it would. In fact, I admire all you fellow family members who are posting pics. Yes, Keith good, big photos. Shows two different moods, it seems. PK, kinda pensive and Bev excited and ready to go? Maybe?

B152         August 28, 2009
From: Keith
Those characters on the Tahoe Queen were fascinating, they all did a great job. They started the cruise by milling among the passengers then on the return trip they put on a very entertaining skit. When I was unloading I walked right past Bat and I told him what a good job I thought they had done. Only trouble is I called him Bart. It was noisy maybe he didn't notice.

I was sorry to hear that you had a bad reaction to that pain medication Lila. I hope you are totally over it and your vision is perfect.

I have to admit I'm lost not knowing how Chicken Little, Mr. Neilson and Jimmy Crack Corn fit in those conversations?

I found an old photo of Mom and Dad in my email draft folder I had forgotten all about. I'm going to try to post it...

B152         August 30, 2009
From: Linda
Great photos Keith. Did you learn how to post them from your class? You, Bev, and Tahoe look wonderful.

Now that Keith has confessed, I will too-I am totally lost about the Chicken Little, Mr. Nielsen and Jimmy Crack Corn statements. I am glad you are feeling better, Elaine. Hoping Lila is back to normal and vision is still good.

I have been having some ups and downs due to allergies. Our weather is very strange for late August. We are usually hot and dry but, this year, the past two weeks have been spring like. We have a lot of pollen in the air and some of my flowers have started re-blooming. It is very nice with the grass returning to green and the morning air has a cool nip.

Logan and Lindsey have been keeping me very busy. I had not planned to be babysitting full time this school year but life just doesn't always go according to one's individual plan. They are both happy and full of energy. Logan is in pre-K and the school is trying to decide if they are going to break their rules and promote him the K-or just let him stay where he is. This "no child left behind" is great for the slow learners but in view of all the Federal guidelines and requirements-the quick learners are just left on their own with no programs to offer them a challenge.

Logan is so grown up at times that I have to remind myself he is still a little kid. Yesterday, we were shopping at Lowe's and I whispered to him " Logan, I really need to go. Do you know where it is?" He said--"I hear you grandma. Follow me." He took my hand and led me through that large store right to the restroom and told me which door was for the girls. The sad thing was---I really did need to go and didn't even know that part of the store was there.

Technology just seems to be progressing so much faster these past few years. XML "language", texting, i-phones---all out of my reach. I am reverting to sitting in the floor, clapping and singing. The ABC song and the dog named BINGO just keep playing over and over in my mind. It's great to be old and do things I never got to do when I was a kid!

B152         August 30, 2009
From: Bruce
To clear up the confusion about Chicken Little and Jimmy Crack Corn . . There was once a wee lass whose grandmother had taken to calling her Chicken Little. The little lass was not particularly fond of this nickname and eventually rebuked her grandmother by saying, "Don't call me Chicken Little. You can call me Jimmy Crack Corn if you want to, but don't call me Chicken Little! The little lass now resides in Terra Buena with her older sister.

B152         August 30, 2009
From: Keith
Thanks Bruce, actually I knew Elaine had a thing going on with Jimmy CC, but I forgot the Chicken Little part. So who is Mr. Nielsen?

By the way, I don't know how old Mom and Dad were in that picture, but they sure made a nice looking couple, didn't they?

On the day he left his hair line was exactly where it was in that picture. Too bad he couldn't have passed that on to his boys. I can hear my son Tim shouting and grandsons. He's at the age where that still counts.

Actually Linda, I purchased Photo Shop Elements, and that is what the class was about. It is so much cheaper than the full Photo Shop. Still it is a large program and somebody such as I will hardly ever use all that it offers, but who knows with all these grandkids maybe I'll make photography a hobby. I have never been a picture taker and usually have a hard time even remembering to take a camera when I go to an occasion that would demand it. But anyway PSE has a feature under FILE (Save photos for the Web)that allows you to adjust the kb and that's essentially all I needed to know--get it down below 60k.

B152         August 31, 2009
From: Keith
Linda, I keep forgetting to ask you if you were able to access my photos on FaceBook. I noticed your entry on there and expected to hear something from you.

I actually just went on there to practice posting photos. I hated practicing on here and having failures. As it turned out it didn't help because FaceBook does not have the size restrictions, I guess they have a system that automatically sizes.

B152         September 1, 2009
From: Linda
Keith, I finally did access your photos late last night. Really great way to share your photos. I signed up for face book last week?? and then only got as far as clicking on your profile before being interrupted.

My time is so limited now that school has started. I had thought my weekends would be free-wrong. My first week turned out to be a nine day stretch with two 24 hour days on the first weekend. The second weekend was semi free and then last weekend I had an extra 8 hours of baby sitting. Hoping and actually quite determined that this coming weekend will be just for me to catch up on house and yard work.

B152         September 1, 2009
From: Elaine
Bruce I never imagined you knew the jimmycrackcorn story. To answer PK's question, Mr.Nielson is your neighbor! Just kidding. I thought I had told everyone about our neighbor's strange chickens, actually roosters. Unlike all roosters I have known, these roosters do not crow cock-a-doodle-do; they crow Mr. Nielson.Very strange. So that's that.

Linda, we are having,(as a native born Californian would say) most unusual days too. Weather-wise that is. Even though the thermometer reads in the nineties, it is not HOT and the mornings are downright put socks and sweater on. I'm not pleased. I had plans of spending much more time on the Yuba river. Hope your energy holds up for your long hours....even though it is so much fun, there has to be some rest time too. Yes?

B152         September 1, 2009
From: lila
Great job posting pictures, PK. The beautiful Tahoe pictures make me feel like going some place. But when it comes down to it, I always end up not wanting to actually go any place---just so much to do/take care of that it seems like too much of a hassle---sigh. Dave sent me that picture of Mom and Dad, and he told me it was taken when they were going to Mom's retirement dinner----that would be around 1973 or 74, yes? It is a good one.

Enjoying the music, BL. Have always liked Canon in D---had no idea that that was the name of it. Wondering who that is singing Twisted? Good for you, Bruce, keep that mind working, learning new things. I'm pretty sure it will pay off in the long run----like in 16 years you won't be sitting there thinking, what the heck is XML? As your eldest sib is doing---don't anyone tell me........

As Elaine mentioned, I had the cataract in my right eye removed last Wednesday. When I came out of surgery I had some eye pain---I put it at a #4. I was given some pain med to drink before I left (think it was oxycontin (sp?). As I drank down the stuff---I was picturing myself having a nice mellow, layed back, in and out kind of a day----wrong! I was so very sick all day long, throwing up, and miserable....all day long. I knew codeine would do that to me. Guess I just can not handle those heavy pain meds any more. It took 2 or 3 days to get it totally out of my system, and my body was exhausted for longer than that. Even though my brain was unaware of the surgery, my body must have been very aware, and it was stressed out. Thank goodness, that is the end of it, and thinking I should not have to go through that particular experience again. In fact I am hoping that will be it for me with major doctor stuff for now, actually for the rest of my time.

I'm with you, Linda, sitting on the floor doing A Dog Named Bingo, etc, etc. Although I would probably sit in a chair.....the floor is hard for me. Such a gift you are giving.............

B152         September 4, 2009
From: Linda

B152         September 4, 2009
From: Keith
I Hope your determination pays off and your week-end works out as per your plan Linda; it sounds like you could use the rest. Are you going to put together a photo album?

Now that you mention it Lila, I recall that it was a retirement dinner. I somehow got that photo on my drafts folder on Outlook and then forgot about it. How are those eyeballs doing? I hope that by now you are seeing perfectly and enjoying it.

Rebecca just left from a two hour visit. She brought some photos of Jailynn. I'm going to try to post one. I still don't understand how the sizing works, but I sized this at 17K and won't be surprised if it comes out as large as the Tahoe ones. Neither will I be surprised if it comes out looking like a thumbnail. The only thing I change when I size photos for the net is K-bytes and they don't affect the size in inches so that's why I'm expecting large, but will not be surprised with whatever.

B152         September 4, 2009
From: Bruce
Kathy had an implant yesterday. Not the vanity type, but a toe joint. Now she is wearing a boot that is more like a removable cast. The pain seems to be minimal so far and she can walk fairly well on it.

Well, Keith that picture came out about the right size. It's a great picture; looks like a professional pose. That picture is 300 pixels wide so for future reference if you can see the dimensions in pixels you will have a frame of reference. The Tahoe pictures were between 500 and 600 pixels wide. Did you put the red frame on it?

On the picture of Paul and Ellie, I'm going with Dad's 25 year award given by the Carpenters Union. That would have been while he was still working. He was still thin then. To me he seems genuinely thrilled and Mom looks like she is just going through the motions. I do remember that when he got his 25 year pin, to he considered it quite an honor.

This version of Twisted is by Joni Mitchell. That song was written about 1950; I hadn't realized that it is older than I am.

Linda, in Sacramento it is now TGIT. Everyone is furloughed on Fridays.

B152         September 5, 2009
From: Keith
That's good that Kathy can walk around on that boot/cast, I hope your healing is rapid and complete Kathy.

Thanks for the info on the pixels Bruce, I'll file that. Yes, I put the border on Jailynn's picture and the photo was taken by a professional. I scanned it last night.

When I found that pic of Mom and Dad, I was thinking it was Dad's retirement, but when Lila said Mom's I wasn't going to contest it. That would have involved dredging up dates and I hate that more with each year that passes. So I'm glad you cleared it up--Dad's 25 year award.

I'm putting up another photo of Peyton. It was kind of dark even after I enhanced it. I did it at 350 pixels wide just to see how big that comes out.

B152         September 5, 2009
From: Keith
Wow, quite a bit larger. I'll go back to the 300. I don't like the blue border much. Should have gone with yellow.

OK, that's it, I'm through practicing.

B152         September 8, 2009
From: lila


B152         September 8, 2009
From: lila
I had no idea that was Joni Mitchell, and she is one of my favorites. Went to check it out, oops, it is gone. Good luck to Kathy on the implant. Seems like it is a success----a toe joint, that is pretty amazing. Is it going to make a big difference for her?
I had implants done eyes. I was given a card to keep in my wallet, stating that I do have implants. Did Kathy get that too?
I am very pleased with my new eyes, still. I have to wait for 3 weeks to get new glasses.
You are doing great with the pictures, PK. I shall try to send a picture with this posting. It is of Jen, Kim, and the kids. They came over this past week end and painted our fence--such a gift!
Such a beauty, little Jailynn is. Too precious!
TGIF.......TGIT.......How about TGAD

B152         September 8, 2009
From: elaine
TGI am free of the 8-5 routine. For now anyway. I am interested in the music?? I know it was discussed before, but I didn't have the energy for it. Today I clicked on "Guitars" and was treated to lovely music. Is that what you are talking about Lila? And so I guess if it is, Bruce has been putting different selections on each day?

B152         September 8, 2009
From: Linda
Yes Lila-TGAD!(It is TG all days, right??) Last week was just really tiring since every night I was wakened by thunderstorms. Not just distant thunder but the loud, cracking, window shaking stuff. Also, Logan decided not to take any naps last week since he is now 5 years old. He made up for it today by taking a 2 hour nap--JOY.

I have been enjoying all of the wonderful music while I read the posts. Just can't listen while I am typing or my mind wanders.

All of the pictures are coming out great--Jailynn looking so squeezable; Peyton with the big innocent eyes; Jen, Kim and the kids-how sweet of them to paint the fence!

Kathy, I didn't even know that they could do toe joint replacements. I just knew about hips and knees. Do you have to exercise the toe as part of the rehab?

I am happy you are pleased with your new eyes Lila and that you are done with the surgeries. I will never forget that time David got glasses (about 6 months after we moved here). He put them on and looked at me and said "You have wrinkles!"

Will try a couple of pictures of Lindsey---What a difference a haircut makes. The topknot pic was taken last month and the new do pic taken last week. Will try to get one of Logan for next week.

B152         September 10, 2009
From: Keith
It looks like they did a wonderful job on that fence for you Lila. Did you say they had power washed the house too?

Will your new glasses just be for reading? If so are you able to read through your old glasses now?

Those pictures of Lindsey are too adorable. So many words come to mind: precious, delightful, endearing but none is adequate. Such a cutie.

After Dave's first comment with glasses on, how did you feel, Linda? I hope your sense of humor saw you through and you laughed out loud. Or was Dave on the couch for a night or two?

Bev is going to go back to preparing tax returns and if she likes it then she might retire from the Dept of Ag. I think it is a good plan and am rooting for her to like it. She did it before but that was yesteryear times nine.

Elaine, if you're like I am in this regard it will probably not appeal to you, but if not you might consider taking a tax prep class. It's almost a certain job when you get through and though it doesn't pay a great deal the hours are very flexible. I considered taking the class but I hate working with numbers.

B152         September 10, 2009
From: Kathy
McKibben said I'd be able to move the toes after it heals. I'll let you know after he removes the tape. We haven't discussed therapy yet. Any suggestions would be apprecipated. I'm just getting bored dragging the boot around the house while kicking the furniture etc. hee yee at least I haven't destroyed bruce's toes yet. Thanks for the comments from you all. love, kate

B152         September 11, 2009
From: Keith
Hey Kate, that was pretty impressive; a recently retired nurse had never heard of toe joint replacements. They must be a new thing. Now I don't feel so bad that I'd never heard of it.

Did McKibben give you a time frame for the healing? I hope it heals quickly and you can get rid of the boot. In the meantime it might built up those leg muscles.

B152         September 11, 2009
From: lila
TG all days works, too, Linda. I was thinking TG another day, as opposed to: Oh, my God, another day (I have been there--many a day ago). Gosh, Lindsey is so big--I forget how fast those babies grow......such a doll.
Yes, Elaine, that is the music I was talking about, and BL is responsible for it. I really like the "Guitars", too.
Is the joint implant in your big toe, Kathy? Wondering what could have happened to your toe to need an implant? Where you put out? Pretty amazing---what doctors can do now a days. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Yep, those kids did a great job on our fence, and I appreciate it every time I look out front. I did not realize how it looked before, until I see the difference now. And, yes, Kim did power wash the house---that is a great tool to have.
No, I do not need glasses for reading---only for distance.
Good luck to Bev---sounds like a good plan. I did not think Bev was old enough to retire--or can one retire after so many years, regardless of age?
On my last posting I was not ready to "submit"--hit something on my keyboard, and it submitted. I said (to me) I guess you said enough. The entry just before that was something weird too--I was dusting my keys, and there it went---submit. Now I am finished----I shall submit---I may try to sent a picture---I may not.

B152         September 19, 2009
From: Kathy
The implant was put in the second, or index, toe and they straightened the big toe because it was pointing outward. The healing is supposed to be about a month. McKibbon said I should be able to go back to aerobics after a month passes.

B152         September 20, 2009
From: Linda
Just a quick note-will try to write more this evening. Today would have been David's 70th birthday. I have been listening to "You Raise Me Up" and watching David's beloved mocking birds doing acrobatics in the apple tree. Please join me in sending loving thoughts to David today.

B152         September 20, 2009
From: Keith
Hope that's a quick month for you Kathy with no complications.

I'm wondering how old you thought Bev was Lila. She will be 60 next February 20th. If she were to retire today it would be with something over seven years because though she's been working 10 years she just does 0.7 time or 28 hours per week.

Jeremiah looks like he's being squeezed out of that picture. Very cute picture.

Thanks for the invite Linda. On my 70th birthday Dave sent me a list of particular memories he had about some of the things we did together. It is a two page list and each thought stirs several other memories with it. As I look at it I know in my heart that he lives on.

B152         September 20, 2009
From: Bruce
That picture of Jeremiah works. The back lighting on the hair looks cool.

Kathy got out of the house for lunch for the first time since her operation. Here is a picture of her with the new footwear.

Thinking of a few fond memories of Dave today too.

B152         September 21, 2009
From: lila
I spent Dave's birthday with Ruth. Keith helped get a dvd for her---she wanted it because Josh Brolin (sp?) sings You Raise Me Up on it. It took me an hour or so to set up the remote so she can play it when ever she wants to. Listening to it kept you and Dave in my head & heart, Linda. Sad, but uplifting, too. Hugs to you.

That is quite a boot you have, Kathy. Who would think all of that for a toe. Looking good (as always).

I really wasn't thinking about how old Bev is---I just thought she is too young to retire---and I was right :-)

That is a great picture of Jeremiah....I am not sure, but I think Elaine took it.

B152         September 25, 2009
From: Linda

Thanks to everyone for remembering David on His birthday. Glad you could get Ruth set up with the remote, Lila.

That is a precious picture of Jeremiah--looks like his halo is glowing.

Kathy, I have a boot just like yours--in my closet for now. I called it the iron leg. When I fractured my ankle, I had to wear the cast for 6 weeks and then the boot for another 4 weeks. I kept the boot just in case I should need it again and one of my friends borrowed it for several weeks and then Kel used it when he fractured a bone in his foot and wouldn't go to the Dr. because he didn't have the time.

Keith, I don't think I ever answered your question re: how I felt about David's comment on my wrinkles. I had my feelings hurt for just a few minutes and then told him just be sure to take off his glasses at bedtime.

Good luck to Bev with the tax prep. I just hope I can find the time to do my own this year and just doing that one is a challenge.

Elaine, are you still a lady of leisure? I have one month down and only eight months to go. I don't receive pay and don't get any sick leave but did get a spontaneous half day off today because the kids had to make an afternoon trip to Tulsa.

Keith, can you get the pictures you want off this site or do you still need the e-mailed?

#1 is Logan on Sept 23rd-tying his shoes for the first time without help.
#2 Lindsey with her Linus blanket
#3 Lindsey with her sidekick Sheba

B152         September 25, 2009
From: Keith
I laughed at your response to Dave's first observation through his new glasses.

You've gotten so many great photos of those kids lately. I never would have thought to copy pictures posted on here but thanks for bringing it up. I got them all, just made a copy and pasted them on Word. I don't know why it never occurred to me to do that.

By the way, Steph, I never did get that follow up photo you said you would send. Wondering if you sent it and it went astray. I know sometimes I'll get an email from somebody as much as two months after the date it was sent. What happens to cause that I'll never be able to figure out. It's not like it could get delivered to the wrong house as per snail mail. Anyway now that I know, maybe I can dig some good ones up on here; you guys posted a lot of goodies. Still let me know if you did indeed send something.

Jeremiah's 6th BD is tomorrow. They celebrated it last weekend; I showed up minus my camera and missed a lot of good opportunities. I'll go over tomorrow and try to make up for that.

Bev said thanks for the good luck wish. I don't know if I mentioned it already, but this not her first go around with taxes. She worked for H&R for two years, about ten years ago. I also don't know if I mentioned that I decided to try my hand at it as well. We have completed two of ten weeks and so far it's not as bad as I thought it might be; it's kind of neat doing it together, of course the best is yet to come, hope I can hang in there.

I like the photo of Kathy. If I were to make up a caption it would be: I came, I saw, I conquered. The boot is her exclamation mark. Great combination of colors too.

Several pics of Jeremiah remind me of a movie actor. This is one of them. I wonder if anybody anybody sees the same guy?

B152         September 28, 2009
From: lila
Really nice pictures, Linda and Keith--beautiful. Your caption for Kathy's picture is perfect--gave me a chuckle. The picture of Jeremiah reminds me of our baby brother, BL.

Ruth will be 96 years this coming Sunday (10/4). She is going strong, and doing well. Ruth says her longevity is due to her "Smith" genes. Jerry and Jo Ann are having a gathering to celebrate.

Elaine was driving home from walking the dogs last week, when the van died on her. Had it towed in---it is the alternator and battery. Will cost almost $500 to fix. So with E not working we are a one-car-family for now. So far it is working fine---the hardest thing is remembering that we have only one working car.

Our big challenge right now is cleaning Wendy's ear twice a day. She got what is called a hematoma on her left ear. Surgery--to drain the blood, and two tubes to keep a blood pocket from forming again. She would act like we were killing her, jerk her head all over, and totally freak out. I took her back to the vet to have it done on Friday--we struggled doing it over the week end, but surprise, this morning she was so good about it. Hopefully, it will be like this from now on---she is suppose to have those tubes in for 4 weeks! I guess she will have one floppy ear from here on in. I just tried to take a picture of Wen---dead battery. Will send this, and try a picture later...................

B152         September 28, 2009
From: lila
Here comes a picture of Wendy, I hope

B152         September 28, 2009
From: lila

B152         September 29, 2009
From: Keith
Good pictures of the Wendy dog Lila. Roxy had that same problem and resulting surgery probably 10-12 years ago. Her ear went floppy like that afterward and we thought it would stay that way, but it didn't. After a few months it came back and looked normal. Did your Vet suggest it would be floppy permanently?

The reason the Vet said Roxy got the hematoma is that she had an ear infection and was scratching the ear so hard she caused it. We had to medicate her but it was just to control the ear infection, nothing to do with the surgery as I recall. I know I may be wrong about that because my memory is excellent but only for about seven hours then it starts fogging up.

Anyway I hope Wendy's ear shape comes back and she doesn't have any other problems related to it.

B152         September 30, 2009
From: Bruce
Looks like Lindsey and Sheba are good playmates. Nice composition. I'm not very good with movie stars, but if I were to take a guess I would say the Jeremiah looks a little like Charles Bronson. In that middle picture of Wendy, she looks more German Shepard with those big straight ears. She's still cute, with those flaps down or flaps up. That picture of Kathy was taken with the camera a about ground level, that's why is has a little different look to it. I heard that General MacArthur required all photographers to shoot him at that angle to make him look larger and more powerful. I didn't do it for that reason though, just trying to focus on the boot.

B152         September 30, 2009
From: Keith
No, not Charles Bronson. That picture I chose was not really a good one to show that likeness. I've got some better ones I'll try to get one up later, right now I'm going to put up what I call Peyton's stern stare.

B152         September 30, 2009
From: Keith
I don't know how that got so big. Must be because I upped the quality. I never even noticed that option before and when clicked on it it showed 48% so I upped it to 65% just to see what it would look like.

B152         October 6, 2009
From: Linda
Peyton's stern stare appears to be saying "WHAT DID YOU DO!" Reminds me of how my mom would look at me when I came home too late. I still haven't thought of a movie star who looks like Jeremiah--any clues?

Poor Wendy-I hope she gets her ear back up, but even if she doesn't, I know she will be just as loved as always. Four weeks is a long time to have to be cleaning the tubes. The pictures of her came out really good. Kel's little dog (Teddy) got beat up by a larger dog many years back. We had to make an emergency run to the Vet on New Years Day and Teddy ended up with half of his neck sutured and drain tubes . Kel really surprised me--He was only a Freshman or Sophomore in High School but he faithfully irrigated those tubes-I think it was only for 2 weeks.

Sorry to hear about Lila and Elaine's car problems. Hope you can get it fixed soon. David and I had that situation for a while and it was not fun. He had Thursday golf game every week and that fell on my day off every other week-so I was home bound for the entire day. Even if I didn't have any plans, I still didn't like to be without transportation in case I needed to make a trip to the store.

Last week was another busy one. Lindsey had another ear infection and chest congestion and took another round of antibiotics and breathing treatments every six hours. I took Logan to soccer practice on Tuesday evening and then went to his Sat. 9 AM game. He has started swimming lessons this week. The High School swim team members are teaching the classes.

B152         October 6, 2009
From: Keith
After I put that up there about Jeremiah looking like a movie star, I have not been able to locate those photos. There were two of them. Now I'm thinking maybe I saw them in Tim's pictures. Bummer, Lila and Elaine tried to get me to say who the star is but I wanted to take one more look through my pictures, which I did without success. I will post a couple that I found but they don't really look like the guy so I'll tell you who I had in mind. It was Jim Carrey.

When you got that stare from your mother, Linda, was that as far as she went? No whupping?

We had a great time at Ruth's 96th birthday Sunday. She is doing well. Jerry said she had been sick and was still down on Saturday and they contemplated calling the gathering off, but he prayed for her and Sunday morning she was feeling great. I never would have believed she had been sick. God answers prayers. We supply the faith.

I saw people who are now in the 40s that I hadn't seen since they were children. I'll never know how they got to be older than I, and I could believe that if it weren't for those pesky mirrors.

I found a couple, neither really does the trick but let me know if any one of you sees it.

B152         October 6, 2009
From: Keith
Oh brother, (odd, I just heard Bruce ask,"Yes?")

I edited two Jeremiah pictures for the web and then when I was uploading them I saw another and decided I liked it better than one of them so I uploaded it instead, forgetting that I had not limited the pixels. Thus the size.

The first time I read your post, Linda, I overlooked that last paragraph. I hope Lindsey is improving. We'll be praying for her.

Does anybody recognize that bottom photo? No answers from Facebook people. Here's the photo I rejected last time.

B152         October 9, 2009
From: lila
Okay I can see the Jim Carey connection, but Jeremiah is much cuter.

The picture is you with hair and a beard--yes, PK?

Yes, Ruth had a very nice 96th birthday celebration, and she was very pleased with it all. I took some pictures--they did not do well. I will try sending a 3 of them--one of Jerry, Melinda (Grayce's daughter), and Keith. One of Ruth and Melinda's daughter. And one of Elaine, Sharyn, and Grayce. Wish they were better! Jerry sent me 2 pictures---I emailed them to Bruce, and asked if he can post them.

I will now try to attach those pictures

B152         October 9, 2009
From: Bruce
Here are the picture Jerry sent.

B152         October 9, 2009
From: Keith
I'm going through one of those cycles where things that used to work easily and fine are no longer working at all. Pithes me off. Yesterday I tried to load some pics from Ruth's 96th and it seemed to be working. It was making all the right noises but when it was through there were no pictures, only blank frames. I tried again today and same-o, same-o. Also last night my tele kept telling me it is searching for signal. I tried to help it out but I couldn't find it either.

Ruth looks more tired in those pictures than she did in person to me. I thought she looked so much better. That's a nice picture of Alley (SP).

I agree with you Lila, Jeremiah is much cuter, and yes that's me after my photo shop alteration application. I had it on Facebook and got the comment--"Photoshop Abuse."

B152         October 16, 2009
From: Bruce
Nice to see Ruth doing well and enjoying her birthday. She is amazing!

I do see Jeremiah's resemblance to Jim Carey in that picture. That young guy with the dark beard does look familiar.

When it rains, it pours. Now that Kathy's foot is starting to heal, her knee has gone out. She could hardly put any weight on it for few days but it's gradually coming back.

B152         October 18, 2009
From: Linda
I have been without Internet for a while. Kel has been attempting to correct a problem that occurred a year ago when Internet explorer updated to service pkg 3 and caused my scanner to quit working. Also Kel had to place the parental control on my computer after I discovered that Logan had suddenly learned how to do searches on Google and I found an open window with some objective photos.

I see a slight resemblance to Jim Carey in Jeremiah's photo but Jeremiah is much more handsome.

I also see my eldest brother-in-law's resemblance
to the guy with the black hair and beard. I hope he doesn't try to board any airplanes in that condition.

Sorry about Kathy's problems. That is what happened to me when my leg was in a cast but it was my hip instead of knee. Then went to the knee from the hip. Took a couple years of chiropractor treatments to fix the problem.

I was going to make an appointment to get a massage on Friday since I had a day off from babysitting but my back and shoulder pain had become so much worse that I went to chiropractor. I had a displaced rib and 3 displaced thoracic vertebrae and some long medical name thingy that meant a crick in the neck. He did the treatment and made appointments for Mon, Wed, and Fri, for additional treatment. Fortunately I was able to get appointments at 5PM so I don't have to take the little ones with me.

Ruth looks very well and happy-sure wouldn't think she is 96. Wish I could have been there-tell her Happy Birthday from me. I didn't get to the store to buy a card-it has been really busy past few weeks.

We went to Aunt Dottie's family reunion last Sunday-in Vinita. Aunt Dottie is about the same but younger Aunts and Uncles are not doing very well---sad.

Keith--about the stare--no, I never got spankings from mom. Mom would say "Just wait till your Dad gets home!" Then the spanking would come from Dad--that was when I was younger. By the time I was staying out too late, I just got the stare and then grounded and extra chores.

Thanks for the prayers for Lindsey-she has improved and has her energy back. She is into everything now and I continue to move stuff up out of her reach and she keeps reaching higher. She is just now able to wear the shoes that I bought for her in Hawaii and she loves them because she can run faster when she has those shoes on.

B152         October 18, 2009
From: Elaine
Short days but warm and muggy. How about that storm? We lost electricity for a few hours. And two big walnut trees came down. Poor Lila had to deal with all the ramifications of that. Insurance, contractors and neighbors. But she got right on it and things are pretty much back to normal.

We also got the van fixed. Back to two cars is really very convenient.

Sorry about Kathy's knee. Did it just go out or did she do something to it? I had knee problems last summer. Was worried about hiking in the olympic mountains because of it. I didn't do anything that I was aware of, they just started aching and I couldn't bend the right knee at all. I bought those wrap thingies and some walking poles for the trip, and I did fine. Until I got home...then the pain came back worse than before. I suffered with it for a while and eventually it cleared up.

Linda, how did you end up with your physical injuries? Pretty alarming about Logan getting into "stuff" on the computer. Hope he doesn't figure out how to delete the parental control.

PK. I knew that was you because you told me the story of putting it on facebook. Otherwise I wouldn't have guessed it in a million trillion years. Actually, I told Lila what you had done, and said, "But that isn't Keith". She, however,
knew it was you.
Thanks for the sax music BL.

B152         October 19, 2009
From: Keith
Sorry to hear about Kathy's knee. Hopefully when that heals it'll stop there and not go progressively up to the hip.

I figured you were having computer problems Linda, you usually don't go so long between posts. Again I agree, Jeremiah is much more handsome. No wonder your pain got worse, how did you manage to displace a rib and three vertebrae, do you know? Good to hear Lindsey is doing better.

I'm surprised Elaine, that you didn't recognize that picture as me.

What I wrote about not being to download my pictures, I was not talking about to the Family Page. I was talking about from my camera to the computer. I still cannot download them that way but I had the pics put on a CD and have successfully loaded them. I don't know why the other avenue has shut me out, the only change I've made in the computer was to add 2GB to the memory. I don't see how that could mess anything up. Anybody have any suggestions?

I'm going to post three pics from Ruth's BD.

B152         October 19, 2009
From: Keith
These three are of Grayce, Elaine and Sharon. I'll put the rest up another time.

B152         October 20, 2009
From: Dean
Was good to catch up on everyone's doings, except for the part about displaced ribs, knee and foot issues. You folks have become quite the photo experts - good stuff. Here are a few shots from an awesome hike that Roxy & I made with some friends recently. This is a lake up at the top of the Trinity Alps - best fishing I have ever experienced. Grandad would have loved it!

B152         October 20, 2009
From: Dean

B152         October 20, 2009
From: Dean
3rd time is a charm

B152         October 21, 2009
From: Keith
Beautiful pictures Dean, boy, I'll bet that lake is cold. Concerning your catch, how many, what kind? Not going to ask you how big, why make an honest man lie?

B152         October 22, 2009
From: Bruce
That is a beautiful picture of that lake in the Trinity Alps. I worked there one summer. It was a great place to work. I think I worked on a couple of beers down under that big pine tree.

Kathy doesn't know what caused the knee to go out. It just suddenly gave out and she could put virtually no weight on it for a couple of days. Now she is moving around better with the aid of a cane.

Keith, I am guessing that those pictures you posted might include Julie with the blond (my computer didn't like the spelling "blonde") hair? And the guy in the plaid shirt looks familiar, Jimmy?

B152         October 22, 2009
From: Keith
Bruce, the blonde with Ruth is Julie. The plaid shirted guy is Jerry's son Joe. Which Jimmy were you thinking of?

My computer squawked too with the final "e" but my Websters dictionary shows with or without the "e" they are on equal ground so when offered the options I selected "add to dictionary."

B152         October 22, 2009
From: Linda
The pictures are all very good. The lake picture is beautiful. What kind of fish did you catch, Dean?

I thought my injuries were from lifting and carrying Lindsey so much while she was sick but the chiro said the pattern indicated I had been pushing or pulling something way too heavy for me.
Then I remembered--the riding lawnmower. I had been pulling really hard with vice grips to get the cotter? pins out so I could replace the wheels on the mower deck. The next day I had to push really hard to get the mower out of hole by the roadside-and I was so proud of myself for being strong enough to push the monster (it is a Kubota mower and much heavier than a regular riding mower).

Today, Logan has been diagnosed with the H1N1 flu. Fortunately, the pharmacy in Tulsa still had a few doses left of the pediatric Tamiflu. The Doc also wrote a script for Lindsey for Tamiflu.

Sorry to hear about the wind storm, Lila and Elaine. It is always so sad to lose a tree-especially a nut or fruit tree.

B152         October 23, 2009
From: lila
Sorry to read that Logan got that H1N1 flu. Is it going around at his school? Is he feeling real bad? Hugs to him, praying that Lindsey does not get it, and you, Linda, and Kel, and Crystal.

Those are beautiful pictures, Dean. I bet Roxy enjoyed it---is that a back pack she has on? You "getting old" guys did good---looks like a very challenging hike.

Your pictures are nice and sharp, PK---that is Jerry's daughter, Jeanie, with Ruth---not Julie. Maybe she looks like her aunt. I have not seen Julie since she was a little kid--in 1962.

I dreamed of the old days the other night. Bruce was a baby----Mom and Dad were there. That's all I can remember, but it was a "happy dream" felt like we were in the house we lived in when BL was born. Which is just around the corner from Ruth, by the way. Hope Kathy is feeling better now. Knee problems must be painful :-(

I'm still dealing with insurance and contractors. Will be happy when agreement is reached, and the work begins. I am staying grateful, because it could have been so much worse. The biggest thing is the weather mast---the branch landed right on it, and it needs to be replaced---electrician work.

Some one moved off and left a big/lovable tom cat. When he first appeared he looked a bit freaky, because he was so skinny with a huge head. I call him Mugs--he is so gentle--wants affection/love--never uses his claws when playing--never bites---he does not spray. He is not neutered---I am trying to make arrangments for that. He needs his own person---I am putting it out there, if you or if you know of anyone who might be interested get in touch with me. He is a unique, very special, cat.
Hope to post some pictures.

B152         October 23, 2009
From: lila
Opps, Julie is Jeanie's cousin--not aunt!

I'm frustated here---I posted the picture of Mugs. Then this lovely computer would not let me post a picture of the tree on my house.

It kept saying: that name is used all ready--re name. I tried---nada. HELP

Will try again

B152         October 23, 2009
From: Keith
Looking at those pictures I'd say it is true that you are right for being thankful, it sure could have been a lot worse.

Thank you for that correction Lila. I knew that was Jeanie and I know who Julie, the real Julie is. But in that instance Julie sounded right. Know what I mean?

Hope you find a nice home for Mugs, The name's a fit for sure.

Sorry to hear about the little ones Linda. What is the availability of the flu shot In OK? Have you taken, or will you be taking, it?

B152         October 23, 2009
From: Linda
It is very difficult to find the seasonal flu shots in OK right now. I received mine 2 weeks ago at my NP office but now they are out. Crystal just received her shot yesterday at the school and Kel had to go to IBM in Tulsa to get his. The little ones had appointments at the pediatrician's
on Wednesday for the seasonal flu shots and when they got there, the office was only giving the shots to age 2 and under because they were almost out of the vaccine. So Logan is the only one who did not get one but the Dr. did examined him because he said he has a scratchy throat -had no fever.

When the kids got home from Tulsa, Logan was not feeling well and had 102 temp--so--next day (yesterday) Kel took Logan back to pediatrician and they did the test for H1N1 flu and it came out positive. Another child in his class at school had it last week.

As for the H1N1 vaccine--it is almost impossible to get and people have been standing in long lines for the clinics that do have a few doses. Logan won't need that one now. I suppose none of us will take it if it does become available since we have already been exposed to it.

Lila, you are so lucky no one was injured. I am trying to orient myself to your house--is that the side your deck is on? I don't remember two doors on that side.

B152         October 23, 2009
From: Dean
Ouch, trees are so beautiful, but it is best to keep them away from houses.

Our houses were down with the flu about a month or so ago. Everyone got it except me (knock on wood). None of us were tested for H1N1, but it was nasty bug! Am hoping I am immune.

Yes, Roxy carries her own food when backpacking. She loves the trip, although she gets pretty stiff after a hard day on the trail. We caught lots of Trout at the alpine lake, mostly Brookies, but a few Rainbows, as well. They were small, ranged from 6 - 10 inches, but so plentiful that we caught one on almost every cast. Mostly did catch & release and kept a few for dinner. It was a tough steep terrain, but that is likely why the fishing was so spectacular.

B152         October 26, 2009
From: lila
Taking Muggs in to be neutered tomorrow. Here is (I hope) a better picture of the big boy. And here is a picture of whats left of the other tree I lost in the storm. The leaves you see are not from the walnut tree. Suppose to get my last estimate this afternoon. Hope to get this job done before the rain starts again. Also we are suppose to be getting some more strong winds tonight and tomorrow---yikes

B152         October 26, 2009
From: Keith
Linda, I hope Logan is well by now. Is Kaiser insurance offered in your area? I ask because I have Kaiser and as far as I know there is no shortage out here. So I was wondering if Kaisers out there wouldn't have it also. My doctor is pushing me to take it, but I haven't taken one for so long and have not gotten the flu either so I'm not overly motivated to get that juice squirted into me.

Nice pictures Lila. Wendy looks like she's really enjoying her floppy ear and Sadie, as usual, is only half there. Sorry Sade.

I'm putting some more photos from Ruth's 96th. Joann, I think the gal with the leaf in her hair is Jeff's wife, I'm not sure either of the name of the young lady. Maybe you can fill in the blanks Lila.

B152         October 26, 2009
From: Keith
ooops! Here she is:

B152         October 26, 2009
From: lila
The green leaf lady is Joe's wife--I forget her name. I think the young lady in blue is Jeanie's daughter either that or Jeff's daughter. Good pictures, PK.

Yes, Wendy is very pleased with her floppy ear. Gives her character, I say. Sorry about Sade--I was not even focusing on her. But it was Roxy that was only half there before...not old Sadie.

I am getting one more est. tomorrow afternoon. Yikes....I am sick of this.

B152         November 1, 2009
From: Linda
Wendy does look like she is smiling and happy to be even more unique. Muggs is adorable. Right now Sheba is sitting on my lap as I type-makes typing more difficult but better than having her walking in front of the computer screen. She is so lost on the weekends when Lindsey is not here to keep her entertained-or else she is just happy to have me all to herself.

The green leaf lady-I don't believe I have ever met her?? but she looks so familiar-maybe reminds me of someone I have seen on TV.

Logan is back in school but still has a nasty cough and still taking breathing treatments-has to transport the breathing machine to my house for the noon treatment and then back to their house for the evening and next morning treatments.

Keith, I don't think we have Kaiser here. We are still waiting for the H1N1 shots to become available for Kel and family-I am not going to take it but the little ones need it as they both go into pneumonia so easily and need the shots instead of the nasal vaccine.

We are having a sunny, lovely weekend after several days of rain. The ground is still saturated but at least I can go out and soak up some of that wonderful sunshine.

Dean, Your family probably did have the H1N1. They are saying if anyone is having flu symptoms now, it is the H1N1. I think Logan was one of the last patients that the Dr. actually ran the test on-the nurse told Crystal a few days ago that they are not testing anymore because so many people have it.

My brother is on his way to the ER now with shortness of breath and chest pressure.

Hope everyone stays healthy.

B152         November 1, 2009
From: Bruce
Those are sharp photos of Ruth's 96th. Looks like some good fall color in those flowers behind Wendy and Sadie.

That tree on the house does look scary. I guess the weather mast is the overhang? At least it didn't hit the main part of the house.

Maybe it just depends on your doctor as far as H1N1 vaccine availability. My doctor said that he didn't have any and I wouldn't be a high enough priority to get it when they did get some. So I just got the regular flu shot.

Linda, hope your brother is OK.

I have been riding my bike about four miles down to the Air Resources Board about four days a week as a volunteer. It is a pretty rigorous ride but feels good, haven't gotten that much of a workout in a long time. It's funny but when I am on the back residential streets I feel kind of fatigued, but when I hit the big streets with the heavy traffic, the adrenalin must kick in and I feel full of energy. Dangerous but invigorating.

B152         November 3, 2009
From: Bruce
I call this, The Party's Over.

B152         November 7, 2009
From: lila
Great picture, BL--the end of the jack-o-lanterns,
& here comes Autumn. I, personally, love Autumn. The lovely yellow flowers, behind W & S, I call my "David" plant. I call the lovely lavender one my "Linda" plant.

What is the Air Resources Board? Good for you, brother, volunteering and exercising---two things I have been wanting to do. I want to volunteer with Hands of Hope (helps the homeless), but my energy level is so flaky I'm nervous to make the commitment. Guess I just need to do it, and see how it goes for me. Elaine is volunteering at our museum. And....exercising, well, you know how that goes..........sigh..........

You have not met the green leaf lady, Linda. Wonder who she reminds you of. It is a great picture that Keith took---that green leaf just sets it off.

My roof is fixed. Glad for that---don't have to worry about rain now. The over-hang (that's what I call it) is the actual roof---not the part that is actually over the living quarters. The weather mast is some kind of rod that all the electric wires go into down to the "box". The rod should be standing straight up. Because the tree fell on it---it is lying down. This part of the job will start on Tuesday---will envolve PG&E and inspectors. And I will be without power while that is going on. Hope it goes fast and smoothly.

B152         November 8, 2009
From: Linda

That is a great picture of the jack-o-lanterns, Bruce. It looks like a picture that needs to be followed by a news story.

Such an honor, Lila, to have a plant named for me. Of course, lavender/purple is my favorite color and yellow was David's favorite.

I wish I had all of you eager volunteers here at my house--then you could volunteer a day of baby sitting. As for the exercising--I know I need to do it but all I want to do is get rest and quiet.

This weekend is wonderful temperature wise and sunshine but very windy. I had planned to mow the leaves but decided to just rest the back and stay inside out of the wind--the quiet has been wonderful!

The picture of the green leaf lady still haunts me. I think she looks like someone I have seen on TV-will have to ask Kel if he knows who she is.

Glad your house is almost back to normal Lila. My stuff with the new ac/heat unit is just beginning. I am just going to use the existing duct work under the house but the repairmen will have to replace some of the duct work and that will be a hassle as they will be working while the little ones are here. I will have to keep Sheba on the sun porch and keep the baby gate up to my office door. The men will have to come in the house-in my office-and use the hatch that is in the floor to get under the house.

My brother is out of the hospital now-spent 4 days. He was diagnosed with early congestive heart failure.

B152         November 12, 2009
From: Keith
I don't know how many of you are aware of the fact that Beverly never knew her dad and has wondered all her life what he was like. Well we had another Facebook moment a couple of days ago. She knew his name, Ronald Donnelly, so I typed it into the search and three names came up. We sent each of them a letter and got one response with a picture. The response we got was from a Ronald Donnelly Junior and he said his dad was in Germany in the time frame we specified. Sadly he died in January this year after suffering with Alzheimer's for four years. The picture was of Ron Sr. when he was either in H.S. or just out. It looked a lot like our son Tim. We wrote to Junior and explained why we were searching for Ronald. He called us and he and Beverly talked for a long while. She came away misty eyed. We are pretty sure this is the man and that Junior is Beverly's younger half brother. There is another brother and a sister as well.

Isn't that exciting? They live in Florida so we probably won't be seeing much of them, but for Beverly it is very meaningful just to know she has them out there.

We were going through some photos to send them and I will try to post three. Bev at 9 and as a teen and Tim, Laura and Steve together.

Congrats Lila on the completion of the house.

Here's hoping everybody is well.

B152         November 13, 2009
From: lila
How exciting and wonderful for Bev to have made that family connection. I'm very happy for you, Bev. Certainly understand the misty eyes. I would like to see the picture of Tim's grandfather. That Facebook thing is pretty darn fascinating. Super job you did posting the pictures, PK. I would like to learn how to do that. Such fun to see Laurie, Steve, and Tim----I remember those days! Was that around 1980 or '81? I recognize the teenage Bev, but would not have recognized her as a 9 year old:-).

Dean just made contact with Robin---his high school buddy from Hawaii. He was one of the ones who spent the summer with Dean at Mom and Dad's in '73----

Yes, yes, the work on my house is complete. Wrote the check this morning. I am very fortunate, I did not have to pay the thousand deductible. Well, I paid $77----nothing compared to $1,000. And I am thinking they did a good job, were professional, and considerate. I would recommend Cleanrite-Buildrite any time. How is your place coming along, Linda?

As I dated the check, I realized it is Dad's birthday, and it is Friday the 13th (the day he was born on). A lucky day for us sibs. Then Elaine reminded me that we planned to get together in November. Sorry to say I totally forgot. Would next Saturday be okay or too soon for you all? That's the 21st---the 28th is very close to Thanksgiving (& it is Steph's b-day), but Sunday the 29th would be okay for us. You? Or we could just go with December 5. Let's set a date!

B152         November 13, 2009
From: Keith
The picture of Tim's Granddad is not in great shape, but here it is.

Actually I had not forgotten about getting together in November, I just didn't realize it was November already. What year are we in now anyway? Your problem is a lesser one than mine.

We could make Sunday the 29th but Saturday the 5th of Dec would work better for us.

B152         November 15, 2009
From: Linda
Very exciting Facebook story! I hope Bev gets to meet her half brothers and sister. I do see Tim and his granddad's resemblance. I see Bev more in the 9 year old picture than the teenage one-what a cutie. Something about the way she is looking up in the 9 year old picture reminds me of her now.

Glad your house is finished, Lila, and that you didn't have to pay the deductible.

The men finished installing my new ac/heat on Friday. They went under the house and checked all of the ductwork and insulated in some places that David had not been able to reach. The new unit cost $5,600 and should be more efficient than the old one and definitely safer.

Autumn is almost over for us-just a few faithful leaves on the trees and a few roses in their last bloom. Yesterday was a beautiful day so I stayed outside from 10AM until dark. I finally forced myself to wash the outside of the house and was wishing for help from Jennifer, Kim, and the kids.
Then I mowed the yard one last time so I could mulch the leaves. Today it is raining again and the grass that was under the leaves is green.

Kel took Friday afternoon off work to take the little ones to the Health Dept for the flu shots. I decided to leave the men working on my ac/heat and go with Kel. He was so glad I could go because Logan really pitched a fit. He watched Kel get the shot and then he went to the table that put the most distance between him and the nurse and he clamped on to it. Kel had to pry his fingers from the table and hold him down to get the shot. When it was over, he didn't cry and just said "I'm glad that's over". We haven't told him yet that he gets another shot in a month. Lindsey did well in spite of having watched Logan's antics.

B152         November 17, 2009
From: Bruce
That autumn chill is in the air, but I still work up a sweat while biking downtown. Now that I am getting better at it, I can usually catch about four green lights in a row just before arriving at the Air Resources Board. It is a pretty good workout to get to the last one before it changes. But after a shower, I feel refreshed and energized. The Air Resources Board is part of the State Environmental Protection Agency. A lot of what they do deals with emissions and things like the Clean Air Act.

Yes, Paul Steven would have been 101 last Friday the 13th. I looked it up and it is a fact, Nov. 13, 1908, was a Friday. A later date to celebrate his birthday would probably work out better for us, hoping more time will give Kathy's knee time for improvement. The doctor said the knee looks sound, so she is not a candidate for a joint replacement. They will be looking for the cause of the pain in upcoming months.

B152         November 18, 2009
From: Keith
Linda, you are the only one who has said you could see Bev in the 9 year old picture besides me. I don't think the chances a meeting between Bev and her new found family are too good. At least not in the immediate future. I know it would be very difficult to get Bev on a flight to Florida and her relatives have not given any sign of coming out here. You never know though. Maybe if Bev retires and we win a new motor could happen.

I'm glad you ladies, Lila and Linda, have gotten you places ready for the winter.

Nurse Linda (and Danny if you happen to be lurking) I would be interested in hearing your more qualified opinions of the health care bill the House passed. Who knows what it will look like out of the Senate. It sounds a little scary for seniors with the severe cuts to Medicare and the millions of more patients, it seems that would have to hurt when it comes to making services available.

I was at Jennifer's house a few days ago and got this shot of two young boys contemplating their futures while oblivious to the fact that I was there taking their picture. The other two are of Steve Sr. with Jailynn in her flower hat; Steven Matthew hiding behind Jailynn wearing his hat.

B152         November 19, 2009
From: Keith
Just messing around.

B152         November 20, 2009
From: lila
Good job, Pk---I did post that picture sideways, didn't I? Loved the pictures---makes me want to hold and hug that baby Jailynn---such a doll! Is that a picture of Granpa Steve holding Jailynn??

Sorry that Kathy is still going through problems with her knee. Hope a pain-free solution will be the end result, Kathy.

So lets, definately, go with December 5th. A pot luch gathering here in YC---does that suit everyone or want to go out? Shall we plan on taking a drive up to BV---have a few special words to/for Dad? How do you all feel about it? I favor a pot luck, and going up to BV.

Ever heard of a Maine Coon cat? It seems that old Muggs is one (or mostly one). I looked it up on the internet after 4 people told me that is what he is, and he does look like one. I will be taking him to an adoption place this week end.

B152         November 21, 2009
From: Linda
Wow, Keith, I am honored that you would like to hear my opinion of the health care bill. I will have to disappoint you for now as I have not found the time to read the entire bill. I can tell you that my own insurance premium will increase by $80/month in January and will provide less coverage than it did this year. I just pray that there will be a solution provided to end the suffering and despair of so many good people that can not afford any health insurance.

The pictures were adorable! Maybe Jailynn will be able to make it to the December gathering so everyone can get a good baby hug. Those baby hugs are the best medicine for whatever ails you. Lindsey has a lot of hugs, kisses and laughs for me every day--and some days that is all that keeps me going.

I hope Kathy's knee problem improves. I have discovered that my ankle and knee pain are much less if I remember to eat 6 sweet cherries every day. I just buy a large bag of the frozen sweet cherries and add 6 each morning to my oatmeal and blueberries. I forgot to buy them last trip to the store and have been without for a week and today the pain is worse-so I am off to the store today. Also, wearing shoes with really good arch supports helps. If I spend too many days in a row just walking barefoot in the house, my ankle and knees start hurting. The next day I will wear my shoes all day and the pain goes away.

I never heard of the Maine Coon cat,Lila. I remember reading the name somewhere and just assumed it was a raccoon from Maine.

B152         November 21, 2009
From: Elaine
Boy what a lot of news....haven't been on for quite a while.

Very exciting to find family members you didn't know you had. I can't even imagine. I guess it would give a sense of connection.

Hope everyone is well and manages to stay well through for the rest of the coldy flu season.
The thrill of fall for me is the goreous leaves. I simply cannot resist pressing a collection every fall. I always think I will do something creative with them, but I never do. Just put them out to admire the colors and shapes.

Nothing new with me. I just recovered from another abcessed tooth. I swear I've had so many abcessed teeth in my life, I didn't think there were any left to abcess.

Oh, the surprising news is: I scored so high on the computer test that I was offered a job teaching computer skills. NOT!!! The truth is though, I did earn a certificate of completion for a beginning computer class. Now I am on to intermediate level. Hard work for me.

Also, I just had a hearing exam where it was discovered that I have an unusal pattern of hearing loss. Very rare in women and found mostly in men who have been exposed to loud noises related to their jobs. The doctor was puzzled that other than being in a classroom with young children for 20 plus years I was not consistenly exposed to loud noises. He concluded that it must be inherited.(he didn't think children were loud enough). He is recommending a certain kind of hearing aid. It is possible I could get help from the State Rehabilitation, because I am unemployed. If they don't offer help, I porbably won't pursue it until I get back to work.

B152         November 21, 2009
From: Keith
The funny thing about that sideways picture, Lila, is that when I transferred it onto Photoshop it came out right side up. I didn’t have to straighten it. So I thought when I posted it that it might come out on its side again. I was glad to see it didn’t, I guess it’s because I re-sized it. No, I had never heard of a Maine Coon Cat. Looking forward to seeing you on the 5th.

It was not a disappointment to me, Linda, that you had not read the entire health care bill. I hope you didn’t think I had expected that of you. I figured since you are a nurse you probably have a lot of friends in the medical field you converse with and there would be some pretty strong opinions you would be exposed to. I don’t know anybody that is opposed to universal health care, only the vehicle that can get us there. There are two medical doctors that are members of the U. S. Senate. They have a Twitter spot where they talk about it. I have heard their opinions and am mostly interested in seeing if it is prevalent among doctors and nurses. I agree with you about baby hugs, kisses and all things babified as good medicine.

How long have you been pressing leaves Elaine? I would be interested in seeing your collection in December, remind me if I forget. I have to admit you got me with that “surprising news” line. I was so happy for you until the big NOT jumped in there. Anyway that’s good that you got the certificate, what will you be learning at the intermediate level?

I didn’t know you had a hearing problem. How expensive would that aid be if the Dept Rehab doesn’t cover it for you? When I worked at the post office I was exposed to loud noises every day for about 5-7 years, or however long I was on the LSM (letter sorting machine). That was in the late 60s and early 70s. I have a hearing loss but it only affects my ability to hear very high pitched sounds and alarm clocks.

One good thing about having abscessed teeth is it means you still have teeth.

B152         November 21, 2009
From: Keith
That picture came out so scratchy I cannot believe it. I was going to see if anybody agreed with me that he resembles Leonardo Di Caprio (however her spells it) but I forgot to put that line in. With the way it came out I doubt anybody would have noticed it anyway.

B152         November 22, 2009
From: lila
Yes, I do think Tim resembles Leonardo, and I also see a resemblence to the picture of Bev's dad. And, in person, I see Jerry Gorton in Tim, but not in pictures. Good looking young Man, that Tim. What makes a picture come out scratchy like that?

Yea, Yea, Yea, Big Muggs got a home yesterday. I am so happy for him. His new Mom, Lyn, was just walking by us at Petsmart, and she fell in love with the beautiful Muggs. Not only did he get adopted, but Lyn exchanged phone #'s with another women who wants him if it does not work for Lyn and her family. I told you he was a very special cat.

It would be great to meet baby Jailynn at our gathering on the 5th. How about that PK & Bev? As we have said, all family/friends are invited. Spread the word to all. You did not tell me if Steve Sr. is Granpa Steve or is that Steve's son, PK?

I am going to try and post a picture of my treeless/fixed house, and a picture of a new friend----sometimes I call her Pumpkin, sometimes I call her Princess. She is a honey.

B152         November 22, 2009
From: Floy

B152         November 22, 2009
From: Keith
Lila, The repaired house looks great. You move one cat out and another in. They're both fortunate there is a Lila in the world.

I called Steve and told him about the pot luck; he said it sounds good, so hopefully you'll get to meet Jailynn then I told him to bring the whole family.

Sorry I overlooked your question yes that is Steve Senior. To answer your second question I will refer you to a photographic expert, his reasoning is as follows:

"Speaking of artifacts (here in the digital photography sense), I would say that the photo of Tim has some. If you look under his right eye you will see a strange pattern. I'm not 100% sure, but that is what I think is referred to as artifacts. It usually comes about when you edit and save a jpeg file several times. Every time you save it, the compression eliminates some of the pixels and at some point strange patterns start occurring. You can usually get away with saving a file as a jpeg a few times, but then it starts noticeably degrading. If you plan to make a lot of changes and save several times it is good to first save it as a tiff or psd file which won't degrade. Then save it as a jpeg after you have finished working on it."

Nice pictures Floy, I can see Lila snapping the first one and then commanding you to smile for the second one. Then you could not decide which one you liked better (because each is so good) so we get them both.

B152         November 22, 2009
From: Dean
Guess who?

B152         November 22, 2009
From: Dean
Guess who?

B152         November 22, 2009
From: Keith
Shirley Temple and Micky Rooney would be my first guess but upon further review I'm wondering could that be LL & PK?

B152         November 23, 2009
From: Dean
Yes...look at those innocent faces! Would that have been taken in Redwood City? Late 30's?

By the way, we are good for December 5th - what time are you thinking?

B152         November 24, 2009
From: lila
December 5th---let's plan on eating around 2pm.
Arriving around noonish. It will be a pot luck. PK and I were thinking after the eating/visiting we and anyone one so inclined will take a drive up to the cemetery in BV. Wondering how Kathy is doing---hoping she is up to making it. See you all soon.

I'm thinking that picture was taken in Mt View, around the time Dave was born (1939). Dad took care of us during Mom's recouping (10 days back then), and she always said my hair looked like a bird's nest that whole time. Love that picture-so hard to identify with that chubby little mop-topped girl. The chubby little boy is more familiar to me.

B152         November 25, 2009
From: Bruce
December 5th should work. A road trip "up the hill" sounds interesting.

I think the little guy living at 423 1/2, looks a lot like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

B152         November 27, 2009
From: lila
Happy Thanksgiving to was a lovely day here in N. CA, and we had a lovely day in OV with Steph & Dean----And Alani & Tim (her beau) & Andrew & Roxy, Tess, Angel, & Spike. We all had much to be grateful for---especially the 4 dogs. Such a happy bunch. I am going to post some pictures---seems that I am a "shakey old women" now a days. But I will share any way. One of Roxy, playing with Tess--didn't get Tess in it. One of Elaine, Steph, Dean, & the 4 dogs getting ready to go for a little hike. Can you find Tess (she is a brown lab)? And one of Alani, Tim, and Andrew. Will really try to do better the next time.....I was feeling a bit off kilter...Sigh

B152         November 27, 2009
From: Elaine
yES, I do see L. D. in the pic. of T.S. too. And how adorable are little PK and big sister LL. The two photos of me were posted by big sis LL and not by Floy. I had just gotten my hair cut and Lila thought it looked so cute. So she flattered me into posing forthose pics. When I got to Aunt Ruth's that afternoon, she also complemented me on the cute hair cut. So, I figured it was a historical moment in the history of my hair! I had Lila take several pics of my head from different angles. So next time I get the hair cut, I can show rather than describe ( how many words is a picture worth?) Lila was a bit skeptical saying it ain't necessarily so helpful, as we never know from one moment to the next what the hair will do. Sure enough, the next day my hair wigged out. And I remain cosmetically challenged.

PK, sounds like you have the same range of hearing loss that I have. Have you considered getting hearing aids? I'm not sure what the cost would be, but I'm thinking a couple thousand.

The intermediate computer class is just more details of the beginning class; which covers, Word, Excel, something else that starts with an A and Power Point. Oh yeah, Access, that was the one I really didn't get. I was shocked when the instructor said I passed the test (open book) cause I had no idea what I was doing.

B152         November 30, 2009
From: Linda
Your new haircut is very becoming, Elaine. I may visit your stylist the next time I visit you.

A belated happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I had a good but very hectic day. Kel, Lindsey and I went to my oldest son's (Ken) house for dinner with Ken, Sherry and my grandsons Kenny and Kris (Kenny had his 21st birthday on Saturday). Also my children's grandfather and his wife were there.
Then we drove to Choteau to meet Crystal at her grandmother's house and to pick up Logan. Then back to my brother's house to pick up Aunt Dottie who stayed the night with me. Kel had the little ones overnight so Crystal could go shopping at 4AM with her sister. Friday-Kel, Logan, Lindsey, Aunt Dottie and I feasted on leftovers from Ken and Sherry. Then I stayed home with the little ones while Kel took Aunt Dottie back to Vinita. Then Kel and Crystal both arrived back to my house that evening and we feasted again. Saturday, I helped Kel and Logan put up Christmas yard ornaments at their house and stayed for a feast of turkey taco's. Now--I am sitting here in my pj's because I am to fat to fit into my jeans.

So many good pictures posted. I do see Leonardo in Tim. I see little girl Lila but that little boy does look more like Arnold than Keith. The pictures at Dean's-everyone looking healthy and happy.

Lila, I am glad Muggs found a good home-do you still have Pumpkin?

Sheba is finally back to normal after having to share her home with Aunt Dottie's little dog. It took about 4 hours without the dog before Sheba would come out of her room on the sun porch and then she just slinked close to the floor and sniffing everywhere before she finally decided it was safe enough to sit on my lap. AND---we will do it all again on Christmas.

B152         December 3, 2009
From: Linda
Kel, Crystal, Lindsey and Logan wish everyone a happy holiday.

B152         December 6, 2009
From: Bruce
Thanks for the holiday wishes; great family picture of K, C, L, & L.

I have a whole new system on my computer and I am going to try to post a picture of the family at Peoria Cemetery yesterday, just catching the last rays of light. Hope it comes out OK. Great day except that Keith and Bev were sick and couldn't make it.

B152         December 7, 2009
From: Steph
We missed Bev & Keith and the group Saturday.

The food was great and the company even better.

B152         December 7, 2009
From: Steph
One more image

B152         December 9, 2009
From: lila
Wow.....great pictures. I won't bother posting mine----they are pretty much the same, and these are better. I have a I remember it Bruce took his picture at the cemetery before Steph took hers...right? So how come it looks much darker in the picture Bruce took? Really good pictures of everyone--except for me. Looks to me like LL has an attitude in those 2 pics.

Lovely picture of Kel and his family, Linda. Did you take it, or was it taken at a studio? Does look professional. Your babies are not babies any more. They grow so fast.

Saturday was a lovely day for me. We all missed PK and Bev, of course. Thanks to you all, and I do look forward to the next time. We talked about getting together again in May or June (coordinating with Linda's trip out here). And we were thinking of meeting at Lake Tahoe---where PK and Bev had stayed. Is everyone up for this? Do you have info for us, Keith? I am wondering if I can take my dogs. Let's spread the word to all the kids......start making plans.

B152         December 9, 2009
From: lila
decided to send a couple---only one went through.
trying again

B152         December 11, 2009
From: Dean
Answering your question about the differences in photo exposures, our camera needs replacing as it is washing out every photo. Although it appears to work great at dusk!

Here are some photos from '05.

B152         December 12, 2009
From: Elaine
Sure enjoy seeing the photos. I especially was touched by the one of BL, LL, and DA. They all look so happy. And how adorable of Roxy loving on her dad!

Linda, I will be delighted to treat you to a hair cut when you come out. I just lost the stylist that I had been going to for a couple years and just lucked out with Rosa. This was the first haircut I got from her.

I am starting a new adventure working at the Marysville library. I will be working 18 hours a week. I get to do a story hour with preschoolers once a week and am not sure what else I will be doing. Thurs. was my first day and it was very mellow. I observed storyhour, put up a bulletin board, organized a barn and animal display. And that was about it. But when I came home after 7 1/2 hours I felt wiped out! Just not used to not being able to do what I want, when I want. But I have to say, the feeling of wipe out was nothing compared to how I felt after comming home from working as a mental health worker. The recovery time is much quicker. I think this might be close to a perfect situation for me.

I read an interesting idea about mortality. Wonder if anyone(oldsters) can relate.
"In her youth, the topic of death was philosophical. in her thirties it was unbearable, and in her forties unavoidable. In her fifties, she had dealt with it in more rational terms, ... Now, in her sixties, she was back to being Philosophical."

Somehow, I have skipped the rational stage. That is I think about it rationally, but haven't acted on it yet and I am pushing 70. Lordy, lordy.

B152         December 13, 2009
From: Linda
Such great pictures! Makes me feel as if I am right there with you.

Bruce, what is your new computer program? That evening picture in the cemetery almost looks 3D.

All of you are looking so happy and healthy and young.

Congrats on your new library job, Elaine. I always thought that a job at a library would be the ideal--especially every time I was ready to quit my nursing job.

I don't know where I am on the mortality issue--I suppose to the rational stage as I am thinking about getting my affairs in order---just thinking I need to but haven't had the time to do it yet.

Lila, I don't notice an attitude in the pictures but noticed no glasses-do you not need them anymore since your eye surgery?

Dean, good memories from '05. I just finished watching a video that Kel took of us and the land from 1988. Also watched a tape of David from the early 90's--one he made for the family box with himself as "The Answer Man". Logan was here and was looking through my old sign language book and I was trying to find the video of David signing The Lord's Prayer. I never found that video but found the others and one of the Secret Garden. Logan said he knew it was Poppa's voice. Logan sat on the couch watching that video of flowers in the garden, listening to David talk about the flowers with the birds chirping in the background and after about 20 minutes, Logan was sound asleep.

Oh yes, Lila-your question about Kel's family picture-it was a studio photo. Their first family photo with Lindsey-she was 19 months old but she does appear older when she is dressed up. Logan was 5 years 2 months at the time of the picture.
Kel is 38 and Crystal 31.

I am looking forward to last week in May or first week in June. I will start looking for airline tickets after the new year.

B152         December 16, 2009
From: Linda
Bruce, thanks for the Jingle Bells piano music.
Very peppy!

B152         December 16, 2009
From: Keith
Here is the web site address for the cabin rental information at Zephyr Cove, NV.

Prior to last year you would need to make reservations several months ahead to get a cabin, last year there were actually empty cabins right into the summer. Hard to say what it will be like this year but if it was because of the economy thing then there will probably be vacancies late again.

Last year Bev and I stayed in Cabin A. The picture makes it look like it is two separate cabins but that is not the case, one door for the kitchen and one for the bedroom all the same cabin.

I think it would be hard to beat the prices of these rentals for what you get. Check 'em out.

If we are going to do it we should try to set a date right away so we can figure out who will be staying with whom and make reservations accordingly.

The date that would work best for Bev and me would be any week in August.

I enjoyed all the pictures. Logan is a good looking boy and that Leslie cracks me up every time I see a picture of her. She looks like she's ready to jump up and start rockin' and rolling.

EF: I didn't see any picture of LL, Bl & DA. The only pic with DA in it is with LL & PK. Did you think that was Bruce of did you get confused on the initials, or did I miss a picture?

By the way, I'm sure that will be the only time I'll ever be compared to Arnold.

B152         December 16, 2009
From: Keith
Meant to put on some pictures I took at Tim's the other day.

Trying it now.

B152         December 17, 2009
From: lila
Totally enjoy the jingle bells music. A beautiful young family----wondering who took the picture, PK? Tripod?

I still need my glasses to see---Elaine took a picture of me with them on, and "reflection". So I took them off there after. That might be why I saw the "attitude"---perhaps it is just straining, that I see.

Mortality---here I am in my mid-seventies, and my thinking has gone something like this: I read about something that is going to happen in 20 years or so, and I think----I will probably not be here when that happens. It was quite a shock at first, but now I'm getting use to it. Is that rational or philosophical? Maybe acceptance? As far as acting on it---me too (tomorrow).

Will check out the web site.

B152         December 22, 2009
From: Linda
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. I will be gone for a while. Going to Vinita tomorrow afternoon to spend time with Aunt Dottie. Her hip and leg are too painful for her to sit in the car to make the trip here and she is scheduled for a MRI on the 28th. She said she is having trouble getting dressed.

So--I will be making the drive by myself to Vinita before the snow arrives (hopefully before).
Guess we will have some turkey TV dinners for Christmas. I will stay as long as necessary until
Jan 4th-have to be home then to take care of Lindsey and Logan.

Wonderful pictures of Keith, Bev and family.

Lila, the cat (I forgot it's name) looks so royal.

B152         December 22, 2009
From: Keith
Hope you beat the snow and have a good trip Linda I also hope your Aunt Dottie has some good days health wise and is able to enjoy your being there.

I'm posting a picture of Cody taken sometime in '95 I think. He's not sitting in the outhouse as you might think, that's actually a cabinet in Jennifer's kitchen at the time. I think that's Parker kissing the back of his arm.

B152         December 23, 2009
From: lila
I am flying to Santa Barbara this morning. Micah is in the hospital---he is doing better than expected, but is still critical. He was hit by a train yesterday. The accident is reported in the SB newspaper---on line. Gail, Bobby, and the kids are there now.

Will be in touch when I have more info. Love you all. Pray for Micah.

B152         December 23, 2009
From: Elaine
I just talked to Lila and Gail. The news is much better than when I last spoke to Lila.
Micah is alert though of course the pain is unimaginable, but his mind is clear as can be expected. Gail feels that he is receiving the very best of care. His doctor knows Micah and adopted his dog from him. The main concern continues to be the pelvis.... but his doctor told Gail that he thinks Micah will walk again.
There is such an outpouring of support from the community and a trust fund has been set up for him. Apparently he is well known and loved there.
Also an outpouring of support from friends in Hawaii too.

Anyway, some of you have asked for Lila's cell number. She asked me to tell you that she is worried about the min. So if you only call the cell on weekends no weekend min.
Also, her motel number is not a problem.
Lila's cell: 808-393-7302
Motel room: 805-682-7277.

Lila and Gail say please pray for Micah.

B152         December 24, 2009
From: Kel Rhyne
First of all, just want to say that we in Oklahoma are all sending our healing energy and positive thoughts to Micah, and are so happy to hear that the news of his condition is better. There may be a long road of recovery ahead, but he obviously has a LOT of loving friends and family to support him along the way.

My mom is taking care of our Aunt Dottie in Vinita for a few days, and is unable to call out from there, so she wanted me to pass along her number there. It is 918-256-5437.

Lila, I will give her your hotel number and see if she can call you if she charges the call to my number.

Also, if you need to relay a message through me, my number is 918-478-2690 (or cell: 918-616-0848). It looks as though we may be snowed/iced in for Christmas, so we'll be here.

Merry Christmas to all,

B152         December 26, 2009
From: Keith
I just spoke with Lila and am convinced a miracle has taken place in Santa Barbara. I will not try to relate all that she shared because it was so much but I emailed her the web address and she will be able to get her email from the library computer and will share it herself. Hopefully she will get that today, but the library may be closed until Monday.

I knew Micah was a special soul and now I know he is also especially blessed in many ways.

B152         December 29, 2009
From: lila
Thanks to all for the prayers for Micah. He has had his third surgery now, and the doctors are pleased with the results. We are hoping he will get out of icu today. I believe the two major things are going to be therapy to get him walking again, and his back grafts, and maybe plastic surgery. Managing his pain is a bit of a challenge. His doctors and nurses are great

Gail is calling---will return

B152         December 29, 2009
From: lila
I am back. I had to go with Gail to meet a young women who is setting up a meeting for Gail & Lindsey (M's gf) with a Santa Barbara newspaper reporter. They want to do a story on Micah. That will be at 1 pm tomorrow.

I want to share the words that a SB policeman wrote to Micah:

While you don't know me, we have met. I am one of the police officers that arrived at your accident. I am not quite sure what to say to you other than to let you know that there are many of us that wish you the very best.
You may wonder why this happened to you and how you will overcome the difficult journey that lies before you. I can only offer this, you were blessed with the gift of life. You will still have the chance to tell your family you love them. Remember this when you are tired and hurting. That is a gift.

I was very touched by this man's words, and his compassion. There seems to be lots of these kind of people, here, in SB. So many people care about Micah---actually love him. People he grew up with in Hawaii, family people, people he works with, people he goes to USB with, and people who just met him. He has a powerful spirit.

I am feeling a bit sad---he is not getting out of icu yet. It is because of his back side. It is very bad, and very painful for him. I am staying in touch with the "gratitude attitude" as much as possible. Thank you, he is alive and alert.

Eddie is coming in a while---he plans to stay for a couple of weeks. That will be good for Micah-Mouse.

Check out the web site.

B152         December 30, 2009
From: Linda
Glad you are back, Lila, and glad Micah came through the third surgery so well. I will keep up the prayers. It is wonderful he has so much love surrounding him.

I got back last night just before another(mini) snow but enough to make the roads slippery. Aunt Dottie was improving every day I was there until after the MRI on Monday and that just wiped her out so much that I had to change her clothes for her and help her to get into the bed. She had a good night's sleep and was able to get herself up and about by Tuesday morning.

I am glad to be home and warm for the first time in a week. I did get good exercise scooping snow and breaking ice and scattering rock salt. I was at least able to clear the porches and walks so we could safely walk to the van that the hospital sent to pick us up. Walked to the neighbor's house and had a good visit with them and with two of Aunt Dottie's friends who check on her every day.

I got some of her business straightened out, did some cleaning, bathed her and trimmed her toenails, stuffed cracks around the windows, etc. I came home with a long list of things she needs and another long list of of people to contact. I needed my computer today but had unplugged everything when I left and when I plugged it all back in-It wouldn't connect to Internet. Kel just got it going for me so I have just read all about Micah.

I appreciate Elaine and Lila calling me at Aunt Dottie's to keep me updated. That was such a touching story about the policeman. I am glad Micah is alert and able to know how much he is loved. Yes, he does have a powerful spirit and is a very, very special soul.

Hugs and kisses to Micah and all the family and friends.

B152         December 30, 2009
From: Elaine
Just checked out a website created to update Micah's condition on a regular basis: friends of micah. com or You can read the updates and you can post too. I tried to post, but couldn't get it to stay?

Dean and Steph are driving down to S.B. this weekend. Lila will drive back with them on Sun.

B152         December 31, 2009
From: Bruce
Good to hear that Micah is doing as well as can be expected. Thinking good thoughts for his recovery. The frieds of Micah web site is a great idea. I put up a copy of today's newspaper article under "Micah" on the navigation listing on the right side of this page. Or click here: Micah

B152         December 31, 2009
From: lila
Good news: Micah is out of icu. It is so good to have him in a regular room. A room with comfortable chairs---a room with windows---a room with a bath room :-) I just left his room. He is in a lot of pain right now---his stomach. He had to drink a bunch of stuff, and they are going to do some kind of test to see what is going on in there. It is hurtful to see him in pain, but, for me, this seems minor after what he has been through. I am just so grateful to have him with us, and I am sure this is just the beginning of a long journey for Micah---a journey filled with many ups and downs. Thank you for all the prayers and healing thoughts.
Thanks for posting the article, BL. I had just finished reading it in the paper. It is a good story. We liked the reporter very much.

B152         December 31, 2009
From: Keith
I looked at the site Lila, a great idea. It adds a lot to all the support he's getting, and that has to help. I really enjoyed the letter from the policeman. I'm praying that all the surgeries are a great success and the skin grafting goes flawlessly. Has the doctor given any kind of time line for his recovery period?

Welcome back Linda, sounds like you had quite an experience with your aunt. Glad she improved during your stay, how old is she?

Bruce, that Micah article was great, enjoyed seeing the pictures too, it's nice to have a face to attach to Lindsey's name. I really appreciate your putting it up there, thanks.

B152         December 31, 2009
From: Keith
Lila, I just posted and went back in to see that it got on and lo and behold you must've posted at the same time. Anyway I'm glad to hear Micah is out of ICU and things are more comfortable.

B152         January 4, 2010
From: lila
I just got home from SB this morning. I am very tired, but want to post some pictures---will write later.
The first is when Micah was in icu
next is Micah & me
last ia Micah out of icu in his own room

B152         January 6, 2010
From: lila
I talked to Gail and Micah today, and the good news is that Micah may go to rehab from the hospital---he is so strong. The word was that he would probably have to go to a nursing home first. That word made him cry.
Mich's surgeon, Dr Shepard, brought "Giblet" (chaiwala (sp?) he adopted from Micah) in to visit Micah this morning! That put a big grin on his face.
Danny is with Gail now---he is a head nurse, in Hawaii, on the same type of ward Micah is on now. He is able to communicate with the doctors and nurses, and explain things to Micah and Gail. Ed has rented a place in SB, for family to stay while there. He will be there for 2 wks in Jan & 2 weeks in Feb. Dean was able to get a good deal at an Extended Stay Hotel through his Key Housing business. I will return to SB when Eddie gets ready to leave this month, and hopefully in Feb. I am wishing I could pack up my animals and move to SB for a spell. That won't work----thank God for Elaine. She makes it possible for me to be gone---knowing all the guys and gals are well taken care of.
I read Colin's letter on Micah's page (M's brother in law)---touched me deeply---I don't know Colin very well, but I feel much love for him. I really want to hang onto the feelings he talks about---stay with graditude. Sometimes it is hard---I start to go into----this can't be happening---fearing what is ahead for Micah. But, I stop, and focus on life and living it (as Colin points out), and knowing that Micah is still here, and that he will never be given more than he can handle. And I repeat, Thank You, Thank You.

B152         January 10, 2010
From: Linda
Thanks for the updates on Micah, Lila. He looks good in the pictures and so do you. I agree with you, Colin's letter was very touching.

We have been in a deep freeze for 5 days with temps down to 4 degrees and wind chills -5 to -10.
School was closed Thursday and Friday due to the extremely cold wind chills. I have been running the central heat and the pellet stove to keep the pipes from freezing. We are supposed to get above freezing this afternoon and a heat wave with temps maybe up to 50 in a few days.

But all that is happening here now seems so insignificant in view of Micah's struggles. I keep sending healing thoughts and prayers on the wings of angels. Thinking of all of you every day. Love to all.

I read the note on Micah's wall from Alan and thank him for reminding me about the "white light". Now I surround Micah with the white light also.

B152         January 10, 2010
From: lila
I just talked to Gail. Danny left this morning, and both she and Micah miss him already. He was such help to both of them. His surgeon gave Dan his home phone number---seems they made a good connection. The big concern now is his back. They want to get it cleaned out,and want his white blood count down. There is infection in there, and the fear is it might get in the bone. I am anxious to get back down there. Thanks for sending Micah all the healing thoughts, prayers, and the white light. I told Micah his guardian angel is always with him, and was on his job on the 22nd. Micah said he knows that, and his tears came. My heart aches for that boy.

Gads, Linda, I can not even imagine being in such cold weather. This is a bit extreme even for OK, yes? Guess our little freezes are nothing to get upset about. I had told Gail that SB would be cold to her, but not to me---wrong, I was cold almost the whole time---more than she was.

Elaine is working, part time, at the library, and she is going to start one on one tutoring soon. I think she has dropped the computer class. Dean & Steph have been down to SB---I caught a ride home with them. They plan on going again while Ed is there.

Wondering what is going on with everyone else. How are all the kids and doing, PK? Have you and Kathy been on any new adventures, BL?

B152         January 11, 2010
From: lila
Yikes, I look as awful as I have been feeling in that picture with Gail, and I see I blurred the one of Kainoa. Headed for a haircut this afternoon----hope that will help. Headed to the doctor tomorrow morning---want to be "well" when I head to SB

B152         January 11, 2010
From: Keith
Sorry to hear about the infection situation Lila. I hope that is arrested quickly and doesn't become a big problem.

I love the letter from Kili(the puppy at the shelter)on Micah's wall. The whole family now has K9 namesakes.

I looked for Alan's letter to see what's up with the white light but didn't find it.

Hope you are staying warm Linda, Dave told me he used to be in thermals around the clock out there in the winter.

I guess this current cold wave is breaking all records. Apparently the globe has not heard it is warming.

The kids and grandkids are all fine, Lila, thanks for asking. Bev has been struggling with the pain that comes from scoliosis and the Dr says it will only get worse. Nice positive thought. However he did finally give her a prescription for a drug that is helping and has scheduled her for acupuncture treatments, hope they work.

When are you heading back to Micah's?

I don't think you look awful in that picture.

B152         January 11, 2010
From: Danny
Got back to Hawaii last night. Got my first good nights sleep in a week. It was a rather exhausting stay in S.B. But wish I could have stayed longer. I will try to make it up there again later. Spoke with my boss this a.m., she was very supportive, no problem for the shifts I already missed, and said to just let her know the dates if I need to go up again.
Micah should be in sugury as I write this. He was scheduled to go for an I&D this afternoon. They will clean out his wound, cut out any dead tissue and reapply the wound vaccum. The vac sucks out the drainage and promotes wound healing.
His treatments seem to be on the right track now. His wound is infected, that is causing his white blood cell count to be up. The rehab facility in SB has already accepted him. So when medically cleared he will go there. That will be when the infection is well controlled. Down the road he will need some skin and muscle grafting. But that will be when the infection is out and good granulation tissue is in the wound. It will be a while yet. The main concern right now is preventing the infection from reaching bone (osteomyelitis). Once in bone it is very hard to get rid of.
Neurologicaly Micah continues to slowly improve and it is looking very positive for a nearly complete neurological recovery, but only time will tell. It could take as long as a year for nerve function to reach it's maximum potential.
Micah has the right attitude and needs to keep it up over the long haul that his recovery will be.
Whether you call it prayer or positive energy or whatever keep sending it Micahs way

B152         January 11, 2010
From: elaine
Danny, I talked to Micah just before you got there and he was concerned about the lack of agreement between the dr.s about his condition. We both agreed that it would be great to have you there with your level of understanding. I know your presence gave him great comfort. And me too.
I am continuing to love on him from a distance that seems too far. I am thinking I will get a chance to be with him next month between Eddie's and Lila's stays.

My life was getting a bit complicated this week. Have been enjoying the library work very much.
I have done two story times. The first one had one child attend and the second had 22 children. What a shock. No idea what this week will bring.
Will also be starting the tutoring program. I have four children. Thought I could do each child once a week, but turns out I have to do each child twice a week. Now...I wonder, where will I find the time? Then to top it off, I received a jury summons. Supposed to show up tomorrow at 8am. Too much. And thank goodness I finally read all the info on the summons. Gave a number to call to see if you have to show. Low and behold, I don't have to go. Yea.... but onthe other hand, what's up with that?

B152         January 11, 2010
From: lila
Alan is "Lazy J Critter"---I think he was just before Kili Puppy.
Eddie gets to SB tomorrow (Tuesday). He will be there for 2 wks. I will go sometime before he leaves.
So good to read that you are hoping to make it back to SB, Dan. That is very good news.
More good news: the college called Gail and told her that Micah has medical insurance through them too. They had forgotten all about it.

B152         January 14, 2010
From: Bruce
It was great to see the pictures of Micah and everyone else. How cool that there is medical coverage through the college.

Wow Linda, those temps are daunting. Was the 4 degrees a low temp or the high temp? I remember seeing that the high in Tulsa one day was 17. Way back when we had the big freeze here, the low was 19. That was devastating! I can't imagine the high being that cold.

I forgot to answer Linda's question about the photo program that comes with the Linux operating system. It is called GIMP, Gnu Image Manipulation Program. If you are really ambitious you can get the Windows version free at:

Elaine, some jury systems just require you to be on-call for a week. It's possible that they won't need you, so you don't have to report. And if you get assigned to one trial, that is the most you will have to do. Much better than olden days when you were stuck for two weeks no matter what.

B152         January 16, 2010
From: Linda
Thanks for the info about the photo program, Bruce. I think I will probably have to wait to get more involved with the photography. I wrote down the link to save. Seems like my life is being consumed now with taking care of the grandchildren and Aunt Dottie. Also my brother---the last hospitalization revealed no problems except mismanagement of his medications. Last night he called me to say he was experiencing some burning pains in his left neck and numbness in his left arm and some chest pain. Of course, I told him to call an ambulance but he said he thought he would just have his wife take him to a hospital in Tulsa and he wanted to pack a bag because he knew they would keep him overnight. All the time I am telling him "No-just go now" anyhow--they made it to the hospital and so far (many phone calls back and forth) his EKG and lab tests are all normal. He is still determined to leave Sunday afternoon on their planned vacation to Mexico. He is planning to look for a place to rent with option to buy in Mexico as he has decided America is going down the tubes. Strangely--the MRI and CT scan of his brain seem to be normal??

Our low temp actually got down to zero for an hour and then was up to +4 at 7AM that morning and the high was in the low teens. We had that cold spell last week while my friend from San Diego was here visiting his family. He was most eager to get back to California after spending the morning under his sister's house helping to replace frozen broken water pipes. Now we are having highs in the 50's and maybe up to 60 by Monday or Tuesday.

During the cold spell, I was running the pellet stove and the central heat at the same time. I couldn't stand to wear the thermals because that still left my hands and feet frosty so I was wearing 3 pairs of wool socks (David's socks over my socks). Sheba was grateful for the advice from Lila and Elaine about the heating pad. She would run out to her litter box on the porch and come back to warm her cold feet on the heating pad instead of attempting to burrow under the blankets with me.

Lila, I am glad you posted the note on Micah's wall that he is not back in ICU. I was just about to call you about that.

I will be going to Vinita tomorrow morning to take a care package to Aunt Dottie and to take her to the doctor on Monday and then back home Monday afternoon to be here for the grandchildren on Tuesday.

Elaine, sounds like you are very, very busy again. I really had thought that retirement would be restful--wrong! I think that one child that heard your first story must have been really impressed and informed all of his/her friends about the new story lady at the library.

Danny, your report was excellent. You made all of the medical terminology understandable to the average person. I don't know if all of you who read this page know how difficult that is. Sometimes it seems as if medical people are speaking a different language. It takes a very special type of nurse to explain the medical procedures and conditions so the average person can understand it. I guess that is why Danny is head nurse.

I received a letter from David Paul and he wants Micah to know that he is thinking of him.

Keith--about the white light--I suppose it is different for each person just as religion is. My white light is just a visualization of Divine energy that is sent out to wrap or surround a person that needs healing or protection. I meditate and see that person and feel the love that is with the light and then direct that energy
to the person.

B152         January 16, 2010
From: Keith
Wow Linda, you have so much going on. My life seems so boring now. But boring is good. I don’t know about that white light phenomenon but I’m in serious prayer for you, your brother and your Aunt Dottie.

I’m curious, is the --MRI,CT brain scan-- line relating to his decision to leave America or just to his choosing of Mexico as the place of which to flee? Or maybe just that he hasn’t altered his plans after those symptoms hit him? If it’s only the former you might have to leave room in that bag for me.

I applaud what you had to say about Danny’s evaluation of Micah’s situation. I saw it as very thorough and encouraging, especially this part “Micah continues to slowly improve and it is looking very positive for a nearly complete neurological recovery.” Now I also know it shows a rare skill on Danny’s part to have related it in a way we can readily understand it.

How is David Paul doing? Haven’t heard from Rhonda or Aimee for so long, have you?

Elaine, that is great that you’re reading to school kids at the library. It’s so good to be doing something you enjoy and getting paid for it. I remember how much I loved being read to when I was in grammar school. I couldn’t wait to get to the library, I treasured that time. I also remember how horrified I was when they cut the program. I hope you read for a long time.

Lila, thanks for the Lazy J Critter info. I still needed Linda’s comment to clarify the white light though. And yes, that is wonderful that Micah has medical insurance through the college. That is in addition to his job, right? Hopefully that will cover the bulk of the expense.

B152         January 16, 2010
From: Linda
Keith, it was about him not altering his vacation
plans after being in the the hospital twice in past 2 weeks. His wife called about an hour ago and said they are just waiting for the discharge orders and then they will come home and leave at 2:30 in the morning for the airport.

I talked to Rhonda a couple of weeks ago to tell her about Micah. She said they are all fine -just busy. I am still waiting for pictures of baby Ashlynn. David Paul is still having a few problems living by the rules. He had earned time off for good behaviour but lost it after sneaking food out of the kitchen and for getting some new tattoos. He said he now weighs 220#. He still sounds like the sweet kid I used to know and says he never wants to go back to that place. He thinks he may be out by December if he doesn't break any more rules. Thank you for the prayers.
I agree with you, Keith, boring is good. How about just sitting on a beach in Mexico watching the clouds float over the ocean?

B152         January 16, 2010
From: lila
I am headed back to SB on the 22nd (one month exactly since..) . Dan and Anthony Paul will get there on the 20th. Gail will fly home at that time---no dates on that, yet. Dean & Steph are driving down, and I am catching a ride. Ed will be there until the 25th. Some one wrote to Micah, if you wanted your family all come visit, why didn't you just ask them. Cute, yes? :-)

I will be there at least 3 wks, and Elaine plans on going for about a week, after I return. Hopefully Micah will be out of the hospital and in the PT place by then.

In fact the latest word is he will be going to PT on Monday. This has been such a roller coaster ride that we are taking a wait & see attitude. But, would be great. His back is still a problem for him and the doctors. It is good that Dan will be there right now. Plastic Surgeons are going to be checking it out. His back has to be completely healed before they can start doing skin grafts (sp?). As far as I know the infection is still not under control.

Gail said one hospital bill has come in. It was for the first day he was there----it is for (ready?) $10,000, And Gail said if she is understanding it that is just for the xrays they took on the 22nd. Amazing........

I am dreading the three storms that are suppose to hit---I think, starting tonight. After my roof-tree experience, I get nervous. Sure would hate to have some major thing come up while I'm gone.

Here on Monroe Road things are nice and normal. I am feeling much better. All the fff are fine, and I have been getting much loves them--- well, most of them. Tomorrow I will go see Ruth, and play some Yahtzee---nice and normal. The only down thing is since E. is tutoring she is very busy again. But it is just for awhile.

Keep my guy in your prayers, white light, and send those healing thoughts. Thank you.

B152         January 21, 2010
From: Keith
I think I may be having to go car shopping soon. My car started sputtering and jerking and the "check engine" light came on. When they took it off the computer the news was not good. $1500 to get me fixed up. I have put a lot of money into that vehicle the last 18 months and I think I've reached my saturation point. They got it to where it's running okay for now so I'm going to take my time and hope it lasts until I can make a wise decision and get a good deal.

Sitting on the beach in Mexico sounds inviting Linda, especially with the cold we're having. Nothing like what you've experienced, of course, but enough to make me attracted to some sun and ocean.

I hope you folks have a smooth trip to Santa B tomorrow Lila and when you get down there you find that Micah is free from infection.

That is a cute line about the family request. I guess you'll be seeing Danny and Eddie this time around, give them a hug from us and know that we're all praying for continued improvement for Micah.

B152         January 24, 2010
From: Linda
Hope you had a good trip to SB, Lila. I have been reading about all of the "weather" in CA and wondering if you even made it to SB. I am still praying for Micah's recovery and still sending the white light.

Sorry about your car problems Keith. I am also fast approaching that point. Little problems keep popping up every time I drive, I had hoped to at least wait 2 more years to go car shopping.

Elaine, are you going to SB during spring break?
I am so looking forward to that week and hoping the weather will be warm enough for me to get some outside time.

B&K, where did you go to celebrate your birthdays this year?

B152         January 27, 2010
From: lila
The drive to SB was pretty uneventful---a good thing. We were in and out of some rain, nothing bad. Dean & Steph drove back Sunday. Eddie, flew home that Monday, Gail, DP, and Pauly went on Tuesday. Had some quality time with Pauly boy---he was really good for me and for his grampa. Micah is doing well in rehab---does get depressed some times, but I think his attitude is "over all great". They cleaned up his back wound today. The doctor is happy with the progress there, and he will be going in for skin grafts Tuesday morning. He will be back in the hospital for 5 or 6 days before returning to rehab. I'm thinking this will be a rough time---he will be spending more time on his stomach. I am praying they stay on top of the "pain" issue. He had a bad time with it this afternoon. It is important to take the meds before the hurt comes.
It was a beautiful day, here in down town SB. I took a walk. Went to the hospital cafeteria for a salad. I came out a different door--from the one I entered, and I got totally lost. I finally had to ask a lady for directions to the rehab. I was not even close, and even now I could not explain to you what I did or where I was.....sigh......

B152         January 27, 2010
From: Steph
Attached is an image of Micah and his dog, Abby. I took the picture with my iPhone so it is not the best but you can see how much Abby loves Micah. The picture was taken Sunday.

B152         January 27, 2010
From: Keith
That's a good report, Lila, that Micah is doing well in rehab. When you say the doctor is pleased with his progress can we assume that means the infection is under control? I hope.

Sad to hear about the depression bouts but obviously it would be more than a bit difficult to be totally free of them. The good thing is the way family and friends have rallied around him and I'm sure that has helped him to keep the depression at bay.

That picture of Micah and Abby is delightful, Steph. I do see the love in her eyes but I also see, what looks to me like, a protective attitude. It is such a wonderful thing that they can bring the dogs in to be with him. I read a magazine article some time ago about a guy who has a "hospital dog" and he takes her mostly to hospitalized seniors and youngsters; they love it. It seems to help them, dogs are so loving.

I am sorry you too are having auto difficulties Linda. I've been looking at Ebay, never have done business there before. At least my car is running well right now, that's kind of funny because at the shop they supposedly didn't fix anything. Maybe they scared the problem away but the check engine light is still on. I'm going to keep driving it as long as it'll keep running.

B152         January 30, 2010
From: Bruce
The California "weather" was mostly in Southern California. It never rains in Southern California. It pours, man it pours. We got a lot of rain here in the north, but not enough to flood anything. I heard there is a big storm hitting Oklahoma right now; keeping my fingers crossed that the damage is minimal.

It looks like getting Abby to cuddle up with Micah was good therapy for both of them. Hopefully they can get together more often as Micah progresses through rehab.

We were thinking of going up to the mountains for Kathy's birthday but it was a little too wild up there so we just went out to dinner here in Sac at one of her favorite Japanese restaurants. She wants to go see the King Tut exhibit in SF so we might head over that way and check it out.

B152         January 30, 2010
From: Linda
Abby looks very happy to have her Micah holding her again. Best wishes for both of them.

Oklahoma weather sucks AGAIN! I am very grateful that we haven't lost electric power. This is most unusual for us to have 2 big snow/ice storms just 4 weeks apart. Kel bought a generator and has it set up and ready to go if the power goes out.

1st pic is the secret garden and 2nd one is Kel and family behind the left window watching the crazy grandma sprinkle birdseed in their backyard.

B152         February 1, 2010
From: lila
Very cool pictures, Linda. It may be miserably cold, but it is beautiful. I love the picture of Micah and Abby, Steph. Micah was hoping to have a visit from the dogs today, before he goes in for surgery tomorrow. Don't know if that will happen or not.
Micah is a bit anxious about his surgery, but looks forward to having it over and done with. It comforts him to know that Dan will be here for this transition. Dan will arrive tonight.
Lunch time.....chow, for now

B152         February 3, 2010
From: lila
Micah is back in the hospital. He had his surgery Tuesday morning. Dan is here---keeping his eye on Micah, and helping him a lot. The doc says all went well. In a day or so they will uncover his back to see how the graft is doing. They also took the pin out of his hand while he was out, and they manipulated his fingers. He had a lot of pain in that hand when he first came to. That and the thigh they took the skin from were the painful things for him. His thigh looks like a very bad case of road rash. He is now lying on his stomach with a heat lamp on his thigh--to help it dry and heal. He needs to spend a lot of time on his stomach now---for his back & thigh. He is still in good---well, pretty good, spirits. It is kind of rough right now.
Lindsey did get the dogs in for a visit the day before he came to the hospital. They spend a few hours in his room with him---was good for Micah and the dogs.
Another beautiful day here in down town Santa Barbara...............

B152         February 4, 2010
From: Linda
Well, I just did it again--was typing and the screen flashed and all went away. I think the problem is that I hit the control key by accident when aiming for the shift key. It is cold in my office this morning and that left little finger is just a wee bit stiff.

Anyhow---was saying thank you, Lila, for the update. I do remember that my skin graft patients always complained more of discomfort at the donor site than the recipient site. I am glad Danny is there to help Micah through this.

So glad the weather there is nice. Maybe grandma Lila can get outside for a walk on the beach. You do need to take frequent breathers when staying with a person who is in pain. Let the ocean breezes cleanse your heart from Micah's pain and then you will be refreshed when you return to him.
Hugs and kisses to all of you.

B152         February 6, 2010
From: elaine
Weather and's little challenges. But noone besides me is sick? Come on now, you know misery loves company. Just another cold for me. Not too bad, except I am now doing two jobs, and not feeling well makes it more of a challenge. Though I am enjoying both jobs.... library and tutoring.

Talked to Lila last night. My heart aches for Micah. Wish we could fast forward him through this hard time. Not sure when I am gooing to SB. Originally planned to go in a couple of weeks, but when talking to Lila, we realized that we can't overlap our time there. So Lila will talk more to Gail aabout timing. I think they are looking for someone to be with him soon. When is Spring Break, Linda? Is it possible you could come then? I know your expertise would be appreciated, as well as your TLC. But I imagine you have your hands full with grandkids. Or should I say arms full?

Happy Birthday trips to B and K. What is the deal with your Prius? Not on the recall list?
Thanks for the Funny Valentine.

B152         February 7, 2010
From: Steph
We have a cold (all of us but Andy). The picture attached of Cody cheered me up, he looks like a California beach boy.

Still thanking God for Micah and the miracle.

B152         February 7, 2010
From: Steph
Attached is a recent picture of Lily and Anthony at the beach

B152         February 7, 2010
From: Steph
Oops - It is Lila (not Lily) :)

B152         February 7, 2010
From: Linda
I want to be there--Hawaii or Santa Barbara--just where ever it is warm.At least the pictures bring me inner warmth. More cold rain and snow coming here tomorrow.

Yes, Elaine, you have lots of company for your misery. All of us have had a cold this past week. Logan went to the Dr. on Thursday just to make sure his wasn't pneumonia again and it wasn't. He is finally old enough to get a prescription for cough medication so that with breathing treatments is beginning to help.

Elaine, I wish I could come during spring break (week of March 15) but I am already booked for that time. Will do an overnight baby sitting the 1st weekend and then Aimee's wedding is the 20th and in between those times, I have to go to Vinita to take care of some business for Aunt Dottie.

Rhonda, Aimee, and Ashlynn came for a visit today. They all look great and it was so nice to be able to hold that precious baby-now 6.5 months.
I believe Rhonda said that the outfit Ashlynn is wearing is the one Lila and Elaine sent to her. I have these pictures that were taken today and will try to scan some Rhonda brought me and post them later.

B152         February 9, 2010
From: Keith
Hoping Micah has had a good healing week since his surgery, and that they have gotten that pain level under control. What is your return date Lila?

The secret garden looks beautiful in white. Nice pictures Linda and Steph. Grandma Rhonda and Mommy Aimee look mighty proud holding that little doll. Ashlynn is so lovely. Anthony Paul and Cody are very handsome. Cody looks like he’s trying hard not spill a drop, and that look of anticipation on his face makes me wonder if there’s something other than a soft drink in there.

I had another Facebook moment. A friend I had in high school contacted me. I had last seen him in the early 70s. Lila, you remember Paul Haury don’t you? He and I were on the tennis team under Frank Farr. He lives right here in Orangevale about two miles from Tim’s place.

Tim and Julie brought me some pictures of their boys Sunday last. I will attempt to post them.

Here's hoping everybody's good and getting better, especially Micah, we are sending our prayers daily.

B152         February 11, 2010
From: elaine
So many great pics. Keith, "I can't believe" Jeremiah is six years old. NO, Really! When I saw the pic of Rhonda, I saw Ellie!
I figured you would be "booked" Linda. Just wishful thinking on my part. But maybe this summer we will all plan to meet in So.Ca. instead of Lake Tahoe?

B152         February 11, 2010
From: Bruce
Nice job of posting pictures; I'm overwhelmed!

Agents 3, 6, and 4 (Garret, Jeremiah, and Peyton) are looking good. Good work by the photo manipulator too.

Ashlynn looks quite photogenic; the camera seems to like her. Wow, those three generations sure went by fast.

Inviting picture of the Santa Barbara beach with Lila and Anthony. Not quite like a Hawaii beach, with the hood on, but it is a great look for Anthony.

I would love to get some shots of the trees right after a big snow storm, like Linda took. It probably doesn't feel as nice as it looks, but what striking patterns it makes.

Elaine the story with the Prius is that when you get pulled over for speeding or running a stop sign, you just have your recall notice handy. It's like a "get out of jail free" card. Actually, I don't think my model is in the recall yet so I haven't been through the repair process.

I think we will be going to see King Tut on Valentine's Day and then dinner in the City. How romantic is that?

B152         February 13, 2010
From: lila
Really great pictures....those Snipes brothers are so big---so fast! But they are still beautiful. And, that baby Ashlynn is a doll--sitting there with her proud Grama and Mom.
Sorry you are having that cold-cold weather, Linda. From what I hear on the news it is not going away soon. Ed was suppose to be flying to D.C. this week end...have not heard if that is happening or not, yet.
Love your Prius explaination, BL. Glad to read that your car has not been involved in the recall process.
I like your idea of meeting in SB, this summer Elaine. Would that be a possibility for everyone? It would be a treat for Micah, I'm sure.
Micah is back in rehab---I won't go into detail, but it has been a rough time. Actually, things were going well while Danny was here. He left a few days ago, and, of course, problems happened. But it is good he is back in rehab--good for Micah. He needs to work out---good for him physically and mentally. The skin graft is struggling---I heard that 40% did not take. Per Danny: it could still fill in. I am back to taking it a day at a time.
Loves and hugs to all.

B152         February 17, 2010
From: Linda
We are into week 2 of runny noses and coughs-enough, enough, I say.

The snipes boys are so adorable-I love the backgrounds too. Great picture of Lila and Andy too. I think all of those beautiful/handsome boys
could be movie stars.

Elaine, did you see Ellie in Rhonda or Ashlynn? I see Ellie in Ashlynn and also a bit of little David.

I guess my next car is not going to be a Toyota. Consumer Reports didn't do very well with that one.

Bruce and Kathy, how was the King Tut exhibit-did they have the DNA reports posted while you were there?

Keith, I took another look at surfer boy Cody and he does seem to be especially interested in that drink he has in his hand. The Secret Garden has melted for the moment but more white stuff coming. Even the weather reporters are getting frustrated with our exceptionally cold and wet winter.

Lila, I know you and Micah are having some good time together in spite of the discomforts. Yes, the graft may still fill in and 60% take is better than less.

Kids are out of school and Crystal doesn't have to work Monday--so I will off to Vinita again to take Aunt Dottie to her Dr. appointment and do some cleaning and laundry for her.

Love to all

B152         February 19, 2010
From: elaine
That long cold Oklahoma weather does sound like a drag. We have had a few beautiful days here. And i got ESF (early spring fever). Today the clouds are back and rain is predicted for the next few days. But it's really not that cold. I haven't even turned on the heater today,

Bruce, your" get out of jail free card" reminds me of my teenage attitude when I discovered my car breaks were dead. Just pulled over briefly to write a sign "NO BREAKS" and had a jolly old time driving through stop signs and holding up the sign. How I did I survive this long?

Linda, when I saw the picture of Rhonda, I saw Ellie.

Talked to Micah last weekend. His dogs had just come to visit him and he sounded very up. Lila sounded very tired. She will be coming home this weekend; catching a ride with Dean and Stephanie.
Eddie will be with Micah now for a couple weeks I guess.

B152         February 21, 2010
From: Keith
I’m with you Elaine, I can’t believe Jeremiah is six already either. However believing that is easier than believing that Jennifer is creeping up on 48. If she keeps that up she’ll pass me in no time.

I was glad to get your positive report on Micah, that he “sounded very up.” Is that a true story about the “no brakes sign?” If so how large a sign did you make? You survived through those youthful years the same way I did …The Lord watches over fools and drunks.

Bruce, I always thought you had the romantic bug in you; after seeing King Tut where did you and Kathy go for dinner in the City?

Lila, I pray that other 40% of the skin graft has taken and we get a report on that soon. Also wondering if Eddie got his trip to D.C. in.

Linda, I hope you guys have all gotten over the runny noses, coughs, etc and are getting warmer temps by now. Reading of your experiences reminds me of The Cremation of Sam McGee. Shut that hatch, it’s cold out there!

Yesterday was Bev’s birthday and the kids did a surprise party for her. When I brought her home they had decorated the house and were all hiding in the dark when we walked in. She was genuinely surprised. Over the previous week Steve and Angela had arranged for all the grandkids and great grandkids to have a portrait taken and then they framed it and presented it to Bev for a BD gift. She loves it. It is 20” X 15” and she’s going to hang it in the front room.

I am attempting to post it. From upper left: Brandon, Jailynn, Becky, Cody, William, Jeremiah, Steven Matthew, Garret, Peyton, Markanthony

B152         February 24, 2010
From: lila
I have been home a couple of days now---got a ride up with Dean & Steph. I talked to Gail today. She said Micah will be out of the rehab a week from today---Wednesday. Dan will be there to over-see the transfer. Gail will go before Dan leaves. I am praying that it will all be good for Micah---he is a bit nervous about leaving. I was a bit shocked, myself. He is making progress every perhaps it is a good thing. The insurance is making this decision.

Love the grandkids picture, PK. So lovely, Bev must be very touched.

It is late, I am tired, will post a couple pictures from SB, and write more later

B152         February 27, 2010
From: Keith
Seeing those pictures of Micah is a real blessing. He looks so good, happy and healthy; that is nice to see. The dogs look like they're in paradise.

Continuing to pray for a complete healing.

B152         February 27, 2010
From: Bruce
It is so good to see Micah out of the bed and working out on the bike. Looks like he's ready to go home and get back some degree of normalcy.

Well it seems like everyone in Northern California had the same idea we had for Valentine's Day. The Tut exhibit was way overcrowded so we didn't go in. But we did pick up a few souvenirs - note the King Tut shirts below.

We went to the Japanese Tea Garden which was right next to the Tut Exhibit and then to Pacific Catch for dinner. They brought the wrong entree to Kathy so she got it free. That's a first.

B152         February 28, 2010
From: Linda
Micah looks great making progress.

That is a wonderful picture of Keith and Bev's grandchildren and greats. So good of Steve and Angela to arrange all of that.

The King Tut shirts are impressive-at least it looks like you went to the exhibit.

Elaine, I really laughed at your "No Brakes" story. Made me want to put a sign on my windshield saying "Beware- Toyota".

In response to the questions about Santa Barbara for a reunion place this summer--that sounds great--shouldn't be too hot and would love to see Micah. Whatever all of you decide, just let me know a few weeks in advance. I will be free after June 5 to August 8. Don't plan anything special for me, I just want to see all of you and visit.

B152         March 1, 2010
From: elaine
It is good to see Micah sitting up and working out. I hope the move will be good for him and that he manages to get to the gym to work out regularly? I think that is what helps keep his spirits up. Right now it is looking like I will get to SB the end of April to spend aweek with Micah.

Linda, I'm glad you are up for SB this summer. I think it would be a lovely place for a reunion. It will probably be a bit more expensive than Lake Tahoe though. There is a house on the beach maybe ten miles south of SB. They rent it out fairly reasonably compared to SB prices. Not sure how many people it holds. But if people are interested, I will check it out. I think they allow dogs too.

Too bad King Tut exhibit was so packed, but the tee shirts are cool anyway. Haven't been to the tea gardens for years. That was always a must visit place when in SF all those years ago.

I guess your toyota has not been called in Linda? I don't think the no brakes sign would be the answer.

B152         March 3, 2010
From: Keith
I hope you're enjoying being home Lila. No matter how good the provisions are there's truly no place like home when you get weary, at least I know that's true for me. I guess Micah is out of rehab today. I hope that goes smoothly for him.

I mentioned last month that I had another facebook moment; last Monday I got together with the guy that located me and another guy who was a year ahead of us in school.

It was a fun time, we were all on the tennis team and all in the chess club. I know, resident nerds; except, with the exception of Bob, we weren't great students. Isn't that a nerd requirement?

I'll attach a photo of my classmates and me. From left to right: Bob Newell, Paul Haury, me.

B152         March 6, 2010
From: lila
Bruce & Kathy look cool in the King Tut shirts. Also, BL, that tree makes it look like you have a pony tail again (?)---I like it.

I say, yes, Elaine, check out the house in SB. July sounds good to me....actually any time is fine with me....lets set some dates.

It is good to be home---especially enjoying my own bed again. Still moving very slow, and accepting my "slowese".
Wow, PK, I would never had recognized Bobby N, but since I know it is him---I can see the kid in there. I don't think I knew Paul H. Pretty interesting.

Much to share on Micah. He called me, from the apt that Ed rented for him, last night. He was tired, but happy to be there. Danny got him moved in that afternoon---it did not happen on Wed. Micah was very pleased with the set up, and looks forward to his cat, Casper, joining him there. The dogs will visit him off and on. Dan plans on leaving on Monday, and Gail is hoping to get out today (Sat). Micah's back wound is still the big concern right now. Dan & Gail had asked for a consultation with a plastic surgeon before the last skin graft(recommended by M's surgeon)---Dr Waxman did not believe that was necessary. He thought he had things well under control. He is the head of the trauma team (who saved M,s life). So he had his way. Waxman wanted to do another graft in a week or so---Dan, again, said he would like have a plastic surgeon's opinion. Waxman got "upset"----said he would not call one in---if that is what Dan wanted, he could call one he did. According to the pl. surgeon the wound is much deeper and wider than we believed. He said it is going to take at least 3 months to heal, could take