Attorney Sylviane Elessie

Attorney Sylviane Elessie

Attorney Sylviane Elessie is originally from Cameroon. She graduated from St. Mary’s Honors College of Maryland in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She was a member of the softball team, the gospel choir, and the black student union. After graduation she was admitted for a dual degree program at Valparaiso Law and Valparaiso Graduate School. She was awarded her Juris Doctor in 2013 and her Masters in Psychology in 2014.

After graduating, she was admitted to practice law in the state of Maryland. She worked with the Embassy of Cameroon, and as an administrative staff, helped advise and support the consulate department of the embassy. She also worked in a family law firm and ultimately found her passion and her desire to work with fellow immigrants like herself. As someone who entered the U.S. as minor, she has a great passion to help children and families in their legal matters.

She speaks French and English fluently, and she is highly proficient in Spanish. If you have a legal matter you would like to discuss, contact DMV Lawyer 24/7 via phone in Maryland at (301) 585-8400, D.C. at (202) 891-7074, Virginia at (571) 552-4386, or via email for a free consultation or to schedule an office visit.

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