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You’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault – yes, you should pursue a claim. Personal injuries often occur in the blink of an eye, but their effects may be felt for a lifetime. The legal system provides specific rights for victims of personal injury claims, allowing them to seek monetary damages for the harms they have suffered. Without proper legal representation, these victims may not know the full range of the monetary damages to which they are entitled. With us on your side, you can be assured that we will fight for the maximum financial compensation allowed by law for your personal injury. We will be your voice from the beginning to the end.


There are a variety of personal injury claims that we can pursue for you. These include:

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS: When the negligent actions of one motorist injure another individual, filing a motor vehicle accident claim is necessary. In these claims, victims and their attorneys gather evidence, such as medical records and accident reports, to demonstrate how the at-fault driver’s negligence caused injury.

TRACTOR-TRAILER ACCIDENTS: Tractor-trailers are typically engaged in interstate commerce, which subjects them to both state and federal laws. When an accident involving a tractor-trailer occurs, these laws must be carefully studied to determine which ones apply.

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS: When a motorcyclist is injured in an accident, the at-fault driver may try to argue that the motorcyclist was somehow at least partially responsible for the accident. Personal injury attorneys will work to discredit these claims to ensure their clients’ rights are protected.

SLIP AND FALLS: Slip and fall claims fall under the umbrella of premises liability personal injury cases. When an individual enters the property of another individual or entity, the property owner has certain duties to that individual, namely, keeping the property in a safe condition. If an individual is injured due to a dangerous condition on the property, that individual may be able to recover damages.

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: We trust medical professionals to make critical decisions on our behalf. Unfortunately, many professionals make mistakes that cause serious injury or death. Medical malpractice claims are often complicated and require a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology and personal injury law.

PEDESTRIAN & BICYCLE ACCIDENTS: Pedestrian and bicycle accidents are often especially devastating because of the serious nature of the injuries these victims endure. These victims may never fully recover. Personal injury attorneys will work hard to ensure these clients’ current and future needs are taken care of.

WRONGFUL DEATH: In wrongful death cases, the deceased’s surviving family members file a claim. The claim alleges that, due to the negligence of another individual, their loved one was killed. Wrongful death claims seek recovery for pain and suffering, medical bills, and other damages, such as the loss of income the family will suffer due to the death.


Similarly, without a strong personal injury attorney, victims risk being unable to support their arguments in the case. At Sanabria & Associates, our attorneys are efficient, compassionate, and experienced in a variety of personal injury claims. Our legal team has the expertise necessary to provide the representation you deserve. During your free consultation, we will go over your legal options. There is no risk when you hire our firm—you do not pay a fee until we win your case.

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